Everyone Claiming They’ll Leave the US if Trump Wins

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Celebrities are declaring they are going to pack their bags and leave the United States if President Trump is re-elected. You may remember similar claims came from stars in 2016, sadly none of them followed through on their promises. Four years later and celebrities and politicos are still fans of theatrics and are continuing to make the outrageous claims they’ll actually leave the United States if Trump remains President.

Check out everyone saying “Adios” to the United States when Trump is re-elected:

    1. No they can pack there own S@?t and leave on the earliest plane, train, boat or whatever will get them the hell out. Good riddance to bad rubbage !!!!!

      1. Good let them all leave who wants nothing but evildoers that have sold their souls to the devil and are not good actors like back then from the 20s 30s and ,40s

  1. I didn’t see one person that I would miss. In fact they have given me a very good reason to vote for Trump.

  2. I’d say that if those celebrities say they’ll leave if Trump is reelected that they had better start packing. (Don’t think that they will be missed.)

    1. These clowns are no more likely to leave than roaches scurrying out of New York City. They are the only people so narcissistic that they think the Nation wpuld grieve to see the last of them. Next year at this time they will still be promising and we will still be hoping they will leave.

  3. Wow! The daily double! We get a great President and lose these idiots. Now can we just hold them to it.

  4. Yes, we love to see them GO as well!! That will helps to make our Nation even GREATER, with the dead woods gone!! When the Heart is not present, it is a Burdern to all that are around! To feed an UNGRATEFUL HEART is like trying to fill a bottomless pit! There is never enough material to fill thoes holes!

  5. I only know one who left & he came back because he feared for the safety of his family !!!..why not hire security ??? lol !!! America is the best and they know it !!! Just a lot of hot air …they think anyone will care ??? LOL !!!

    1. You mean:
      Social Security
      Minimum Wage
      Hours Worked Regulations
      Age Discrimination In Employment
      Subsidized Housing
      Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction.
      Real Estate Investment Tax Credits
      Graduated Income Tax Rates
      Government Owned Highways
      Government Owned Airports
      Government Owned Sports and Recreation Facilities.
      That kind of Socialism?
      How many of the above programs benefit your extended family?

  6. If any of them need a little help to buy a one way ticket and renounce their citizen ship I may have some money to help pay for their tickets

  7. Pull their US passports and citizenship and boot ’em out ! This nation has been very good for them and Donald Trump has been the best leader ib several decades. . . .”dont let the door knob catch them intheir butts on the way out” !!!

    1. How do you pull citizenship from a person who has only been a US citizen?
      What country would accept a foreigner without a passport.
      You are as dumb as Trump.

  8. Others can help them pack. I would like to help them out the door and across the international border with a push or a boot, whichever is appropriate.

  9. They didn’t go last time, maybe we’ll have better luck this time. It’s not like they would be terribly missed. Our children might benefit from their absence. God Bless Trump & God Bless America!

  10. They better leave stick to their promises and word!!! Because trump will win so he is gonna be relected!!! But i’ know they won’t keep their word because they’re just a bunch of democratic hyppocrats!!!! And they know how good they got it here living in the USA!! They know they won’t have it as good as here in the US living any where else!!! They’re hyppocrats but they’re not stupid!!! They can go we don’t need them here!!! This is the greatest country in the world!!! Specially with Donald j. Trump as our president!!!! We’re the greatest country!! In the world!! Keep America great!!! DONALD!!!

  11. Tommy Lee u better start packing !!! Pal get the heck out of dodge go back to your motherland!!! And Ricky Martin even if u go back to P.R u still be in the US so where u wanna go Ricky??? CUBA???? How stupid!!! These people is!!!!

    1. They all said that 4 years ago and you see none left. I doubt most countries would put up with their crap.

  12. Glad to see the Democrats loosing again. Trump will win four more years 2020. Get packing Democrats and Swamp people, and Hollywood celebrities’.

  13. Please provide the number of these guys so that we can get a list of people to get these people out of town. However they must stay for a period of not less than four years to make sure that Trump will be gone.

  14. At the moment Biden is up by 20% in Electoral College votes.
    If horror of horrors should happen and Trump should not secure a second term, by whatever means, will he leave the country?
    He has already admitted to being very bad at losing.
    Some people think that bankruptcy is loosing, when it comes to bankruptcy Trump is a real winner.

  15. This would sure be a BIG PLUS for America if these creeps would leave and get the heck out of our country. Let them all go and make their money off of the other fools who have bought their crap in other countries. Maybe they can all move to commie China or Venezuela and scrounge for survival food.

  16. They are typical lying liberal democrat A$$holes who threatened to leave four years ago and didn’t. They will not lave this time either. Just a bunch a loud mouth, whining, scumbags with zero integrity!!!

  17. Miley heck we all knew there was something wrong with her . maybe a trip to a mental hospital ??? They got great drugs girl

  18. They say it’s to do with the natural color of the hair. And hers is rooted to deep and it sucks the oxygen from the brain. Ding dong

  19. Maybe they need help packing. Oh, wait. No. If they can afford to leave Americas and live elsewhere, they can afford to hire someone to help them pack. So long, sure glad to see you go.

  20. Those threating to leave the country if Pres. Trump wins won’t be missed! Pres. Trump has done excellent work for America and it will be a pleasure to see him continue for his next four years!

  21. Of all the losers promising to leave, like last election they silently ignore their promises to depart. And this bunch is less well known that the past promises. Please do leave.

  22. I hope they all move out ASAP. We will fight the bigoted, racist, fascist Democratic Party. They have gone way too far this time and think we Republicans will just sit back and let them continue to cheat but they don’t realize their Pandora’s box of tricks has been ripped open. Biden is a rapist, liar and crook and is as, far as we are concerned, incapable and too corrupt to be in government as President.

  23. More lying Democrat Domestic Terrorists – they don’t know how to be honest.
    It is nice to see, though, that these everyday working people like us, who the DDT claim to represent, can afford houses in other socialist countries, or just buy an island. If only I could just buy every one of them an airline ticket and make sure they use it.

  24. Those globalist puppets don’t need to leave the usa, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden will bring their third world schitt hole to the usa .

  25. Well, I’ve threatened to leave if Dumbo Sloe Joe wins. I don’t want to live in a socialist country. I don’t know where I would go though. I don’t have the resources or means to do that, but I’m so bummed right now thinking Slow Joe will be president. I had to put up with Obutthole for 8 long, miserable years and I don’t want to go back to that crap.

  26. Do not let the door hit your butt as you leave the monies earned stay here Stay here . So live up to your motor mouths. good bye losers.


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