Odd Poll That Predicted Last Three Elections Gives Trump GREAT News

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A Pennsylvania cookie poll that has predicted the winner of the last three presidential elections has shown Trump cookies outselling Biden cookies 6 to 1.

According to The Daily Wire:

A Pennsylvania bakery currently reports that Trump-themed cookies are outselling Biden-themed cookies at a 6 to 1 rate.

Speaking with Fox News, Kathleen Lochel, owner of Lochel Bakery, says that Trump cookies are such a hot commodity that people are even driving from nearby states just to pick one up.

Does any of that matter? Apparently so. According to Lochel, the “cookie poll,” which began two months ago, has accurately predicted the outcome of the last three elections.

“We plan on tallying them up tomorrow night, to do our final tally,” she said. “But right now, Donald Trump is still in the lead… we’ve sold about 28,000 [Trump] cookies to 5,000 [of Biden’s]. By the end of today’s sales, knowing the orders we have, [Trump cookie sales] should probably approach 29,000.”

The bakery owner has said that this is by far the business election season they have seen at the bakery.

      1. Dementia Joe is so far gone, he realizes something smells but, he can’t remember if what he smells is good or bad and has forgotten he passed the gas sooooo, he wonders where the smell is coming from and he surely can’t remember he is supposed to congratulate DJT but, that’s okay, his Mommy Jill will tell him!

    1. Wow it’s sad to see what TDS does to the brain please get help before you start wondering if you need a sex change or you are a woman

    2. That happened in January of 2017 when dumb ass and his hateful wife left the White House after 8 years, and he still won’t shut his hateful, divisive rhetoric.

    1. Yes, he has his CC license and carries it on his person wherever he goes. Read that after he got the presidency in ’16.

      1. who cares if he carries hell with all the backstabbers in the White House he might need it for protection now out around the public the people like me would protect him from Harm but those fools in office you cannot trust them especially if there is D next to there name

      1. dnav, Um it is tea-total-er…. as in Drinks No Alchohal…. as for Hess he is just One of those whiners whom has nothing good to say and would rather be with His pals In Spandau.


    1. I’m praying they’ll flip those Democrat Seats which they thought were solid. Also, that the Republicans will stay in except Susan Collins. John James would make a great replacement.

  2. I should send one to Nancy P so she can eat it with her $10,000s worth of ice cream and hopefully she will choke on it

  3. Everyone Vote Trump/Pence 2020! Buy lots and lots of cookies too! Pray that the cheaters and liars won’t succeed is stopping our President from getting his Second Term. Pray the House is retaken by Republicans as well as the Senate!

  4. Watched the Pennsylvania Democrat Co-Conspirators news conference this morning. It is plain from the struggling Governors statement they are up to no good. I expect some quisling co-conspirator in the Postal Service to finally find the necessary ballots in a corner of a Post Office somewhere to put Biden over the line. I love America as founded and if these criminal Marxists manage to steal the election which they are trying I hope my home state of Texas leaves the Union. I for one refuse to reside in a Marxist Dystopia. Texas has a better economy than most nations, we can go it along, while the rest of the nation needs us for their punitive tax system to work.

    1. Well, Gideon.
      While I Pray that My President does win. I certainly Do NOT hope for secession…
      And After all is said and Done, May We then Sweep through the houses of congress, and remove all Anti-Americans, Elitists, double dealers (bidens-et-all), druggies, perverts, and Profiteers (bidens again?)…. And prosecute their Anti-American, Criminal, druggie, pervert, children for their crimes as well…. Also Let’s ship that Skinny back to MOG. as well….

  5. Albert Hess, wasn’t he connected to Rudolph Hess another immigrant Nazi scum
    You are nothing compared to President Donald Trump!

    You are probably really ugly too!!🤣😂😅


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