Major Error Discovered in Arizona Vote Counting

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A major vote-counting error has been discovered in Arizona and the state’s Secretary of State has confirmed that caution should be used before calling the state.

Town Hall has reported on the Secretary of States response:

…The Arizona Secretary of State is urging caution on the state being called.

The Trump campaign remains adamant this morning Arizona is still in play and that when all of the votes are counted in the Grand Canyon State, President Trump will be the winner.

Last night the Associated Press and Fox News called the race for Joe Biden with millions of votes outstanding. The Trump campaign and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey pushed back.

Now, according to a reporter for the National Journal, there may have been a major vote counting error.

The Daily Wire also reported on issues in Arizona:

On Wednesday, a significant error was discovered that could affect the results of the presidential election in Arizona: Edison Research data, which major news organizations including The New York Times utilize to report voting results, reported that 98% of precincts in Arizona had been counted when in fact only 86% had been counted.

New York Times editor Patrick LaForge tweeted, “An error was found in the data feed from Edison Research (used by @nytimes and other news organizations) for Arizona results – 86 percent of ballots have ben counted, not 98%. NYT has not called the state for Biden, though he still leads.”

Asked what percent of the remaining ballots are mail-in and what percent were cast on election day, Laforge responded, “According to the link, 100 percent of the absentee ballots were already counted, but I think I’d wait for the data outlet to fix its data before taking that to the bank. Arizona is just waking up (time difference) and presumably officials there will be clarifying matters today.”

Flipping Arizona would allow Trump to win the presidency if he can carry Pennsylvania, as well.

  1. Arizona is mostly a retirement state, and the retirees have until the 12th to get their votes in. I wouldn’t be so sure about Biden’s supposed victory, and if there is one, we need to verify the votes to make sure there are none from illegals.


        1. The KKK became the political arm of the Democrat. Together they kept racial hatred and suppression alive and well.

        2. Poor thing……you should get your History/FACTS right!! The KKK were (are) Born out of the Democratic Party. Literally made up of Democratic GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES! (which INCLUDES the FBI/CIA)!

        3. Robert,

          Recheck your facts. The KKK was formed by the Democrat Party and the South was clearly Democrat. They voted that way for many years. In fact until the middle of the 20th century. The KKK was NOT a conservative but a Democrat organization. remember that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the Democrats voted against freeing the slaves.

        4. Do you specifically have the location of the precincts where dead people have been proven to have voted?

          My town has 186 registered voters.
          I know for a fact that are least 8 of them are dead.
          None of them has voted.
          One has been dead for over 10 years, she was a former Selectperson, she is gone but not forgotten.

          Every voter list has dead people on it.
          So what?

      1. There is nothing illegal about ballot harvesting so long as you do not sign someone else’s ballot.

        Here is an example of a Repulsivecunt ballot harvarster:
        What he was describing — ballot harvesting — involves a law that allows third parties to collect and deliver ballots in some states. Though he misstated the details, Mr. Trump was referring to the high-profile fraud case in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District in 2018. There, Republican operative McCrae Dowless was indicted for mishandling absentee ballots in an effort to sway the election for a pastor named Mark Harris. The election was overturned and Harris, who denied knowing what Dowless was doing, withdrew his candidacy. 

        1. Oh I see now, and you lying, thieving, murdering Democrats are solid LAW abiders? So I guess the 2 border patrol agents murdered by weapons sold to the cartel by William Holder under Obama’s direction was all an illusion? And the 4 Americans murdered by terrorists in Benghazi because Hillary Clinton was too stupid to proved security, right? And the Russian collusion hoax perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration was all just a “misunderstanding”. Is that right? You lazy, jobless numbskull!.

    1. The Arizonian retirees are primarily Coastal Elites.
      Arizona is where America’s Whiteheads go to to die.

    2. I vote absentee in Arizona and have not been told I have until the 12th to send in ballots. We vote by email and don’t depend on mail ballots that could easily be lost or stolen. This is what the ballot instructions state: “7. Your ballot must be received by us by 7:00 p.m. Tucson time on Election Day.” So please check your information because there is a huge contradiction here.


    1. JOHN T. FOX
      Now why do you not inform the Republican involved in the election being there are equal numbers of each party involved in each states elections. I would bet the Republican part would love to know all the details you seem to know.

  3. CW2 is the only solution; this country isn’t big enough for demoncrats AND conservatives, who simply want to pursue happiness unfettered

  4. With the problems with California burning ballot boxes and punks getting ballots out of ballot boxes in Georgia I believe they should completely vote all over because of the ignorant left’s actions it was their mobs that were destroying ballot boxes mail fraud . They were sending to some 5 ballots and they were mailing them. We all know PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE WINNER . COREUPT BIDEN AND INTIRER TEAM SHOULD ACTUALLY FACE CHARGES OF TREASON AND BE PUT IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD. .

    1. Ballot boxes in California should be burned.
      They contain twice as many votes for Biden than they do for Trump.

      How many people have been arrested for for burning ballot boxes?
      What is their. party registration?

      More votes mean a higher percentage of Democrat votes, that is why Trump wants to stop the counting right now, he wants the uncounted ballots destroyed.

  5. msm just can’t be trusted, always putting out BS before they have all the facts. All we want is truthful reporting without their hype!

  6. Being 60 years old i asking myself WHY is something so simple as voting such nightmare? maybe we need go back to simple way of life and show our ID then cast our vote. and if have no ID no vote,, Just like going to liquor store no ID no drinkies. Sorry my bad i forgot Democrats say it’s racist ask for ID

      1. A food stamp card is an official state issued picture ID.
        TSA accepts them.
        And Medical Cannabis Cards too.

    1. This is what happens when we trust our lives with machines. They might be very accurate, but the person punching or pushing the buttons needs to be very honest and truthful about his her work. And even having an honest person, the machine can have it’s own problems. Inputting faulty records, and all kind of misinformatipn.

      1. We now trust essentially all of our money to machines (cash is trash) not to mention subject to counting errors (I have yet to catch an ATM in a mistake, I have been using them since 1974).
        Machine error rate is essentially zero, the human is higher.

        Should we go back to a simpler time when ballots were read and recorded by humans, they are always honest and accurate.

    2. I am 74 years old, I have never been asked to show an ID to vote.
      Not even yesterday.
      Voting is simple, it hasn’t changed in my lifetime, except in areas where voter suppression is practiced.
      Voting by mail is the easiest.
      I did my first when I was stationed in Germany, no one asked for an ID.

      1. I had to show my ID and pull my mask down. I guess here in Texas that is why President Trump won even after all the millions the millionaires sent to the Democrats down here.

  7. Plus the whole sharpie thing. Lots of votes didn’t even get counted in Red districts cause they used the wrong pen ?? WTF.

  8. I have said this before many times. They need to start all mail in and absent ballets ,lets say a good time would be July 4th. plenty of time to campaign & work out all the bugs and frauds that may happen and save a lot of CHAOS !!!..MAKE SINCE????

  9. Talking to my son who voted in Mesa (East valley) Maricopa county, a highly Republican area, a man was handing out black ball point pens to people in line and was told to leave. When they made inside to vote they were told to use sharpies to vote, when finished the machine said accepted, but when getting home and checking on line it said not counted. (the ink showed through on the other side) This happened to many people . So vote didn’t count.

  10. With all the large rallies, and plenty of minority pickup from Trump. There was no way Biden would have the lead. Biden supporters could be hand counted. This election was already rigged. Texas guess we are going to have to exit, or fight along our brothers in Arizona.

  11. I was watching “The Sons of Liberty” mini series the other night. There is a scene when General Thomas Gage has taken over Boston and calls John Adams in. Gage gas copies of Adams Law License and property titles. He tells Adams he will take it all away from him unless he and his cousin Sam submit and obey the will of the Crown. It occurred to me this is what the tyrannical Wuhan virus restrictions and the theft of the election is all about. The Democrats are like the British Aristocracy and are going to pound us into submission or take everything away from us.

  12. Arizona is not a retirement state. It does have winter visitors but there are millions of younger, not retired individuals who live and work here. We have been invaded by Californians over the last decade, moving us toward purple rather than red. What I am hearing is that the Sharpie pens provided at polling places are not able to be read by the machines. All is not well here.

    1. Ballots should all be investigated and people must be held accountable. If this does not happen or We The People are not willing to do the work to hold them accountable, then we no longer deserve to be a free people.

  13. Arizona, 6:58PM EST
    Biden 50.3% Trump 48.1%
    Kelly 52.6% McSally 47.4%

    Thanks for the latest up date of major fake news.
    Your pants are on fire, big time.

  14. also in Wisconsin last night…at 3am trump was up by over 100,000 votes and then at 3:15am the dems in Milwaukee dumped their fraudulent load and suddenly biden was up 1800 votes…the only mathematical way that is even possible is if biden took 84% of the votes from Milwaukee – which is absolutely impossible.

    Wisconsin will be found to have added fraudulent dem votes by the ten thousands in Milwaukee and trump will win WI.

    also MI – trumps lead was so great that again biden would have had to have 80%+ from every single precinct outstanding…not mathematically possible given the exit polls and obvious truth.

    Trump is correct again, they are trying to steal it and the dems, pravda media, big tech sat down over 2 months ago to formulate this vote by mail fraud.

  15. Why is Fox showing Biden ahead by 50 Electoral votes?
    264 is scary close to 270.
    For the first time in 4 years I am scared.

    1. I cannot believe so many people would vote for Biden, a known criminal and the communist party. I am really scared too. Shows the people that voted for Biden are even dumber than he is – and they is pretty dumb. Whoever wins California gets a BIG edge over the other candidate, so you have to win more states to compensate. If Biden wins it will be due to vote fraud. He should be charged with a crime already because of his dealings with China.

      1. No matter how this election ends Americans will get the government they deserve. Be it fair or cheating they tolerated massive voter fraud for decades.

    2. Fox isn’t FAIR and BALANCED anymore, due to control by MURDOCK. It is really as unsettling situation. I never would have thought this would or even could happen in AMERICA. WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD FIGHT AGAINST THIS VOTER FRAUD…TRUMP 2020!

  16. I think all that voted for Biden should have a trial period of one year in which they pay much higher taxes. They should also suffer fuel shortages as if fossil fuel has been outlawed. They should have to pay at the pumps double what the price was under Trump administration. All commodity prices and food prices should be doubled if you voted for a Democrat. Now get ready to be mugged, bugged, and horse whipped if you don’t pay for those illegals who are counting on a lot of free stuff, compliments of your pocketbook. I will not mention the dope or humane trafficking or loss of insurance, etc. This should cure you or kill you. Have a poor day. Be sure to throw away any spare cash you have. OK?


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