Postal Service Admits to Major Ballot Error in Key States

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Anti-Trump Judge Emmet Sullivan is furious with United States Postal Service officials who have admitted to a major error in the delivery of mail-in ballots in key states.

The postal service was supposed to sweep postal facilities for ballots on election day but failed to do so.

According to CNBC:

The Postal Service on Election Day failed to deliver a significant percentage of mail-in ballots to several states that could determine who wins the presidential contest between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, a court filing revealed Wednesday.

The states seeing relatively poor levels of mail deliveries of ballots include Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin, all of which have yet to declare victors in their tallies for Trump and Biden.

The Postal Service later Wednesday told a federal judge that it had failed to comply with his order that Potal officials sweep mail facilities in 12 geographic areas for remaining ballots on Tuesday during the time frame set by the judge. The disclosures came in advance of hearing in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

Judge Emett Sullivan, at that hearing, was furious with the failure of Postal officials to inform him on Tuesday of the failure to do the sweeps as ordered, as opposed to telling him on Wedesday, long after poll locations were closed nationwide.

Many of these states remain too close to call and the Trump campaign has requested a recount in Wisconsin.

  1. If the judge is Emmet Sullivan, there is something fishy going that will show up as thousands of Dem ballots being found

      1. There were no ballots – the Ballots have been created becuase more ar needed for Biden. These have b een given to the post office – So the Post Office says – hery look what we just discovered. – and we only found them in the Democrat states that are the problem – no ballots not fond for any other states….

        1. I agree, Postal Unions “endorsed” Biden. They are falsely claiming to not have processed ballots so that “new” ballots that were not there can be turned-in as if they had not been delivered (when they are actually fake).

          1. This is why all ballots (or the signed envelopes they came in) must be confirmed that the signatures reasonably match the signature on the registration record.

          2. I hear that…..the machines that ‘count’ the ballots are ‘programed’ to recognize signatures with a ‘%; if accuracy….like 30%…..40%….and that is what happened……..they should have been programmed to at least 80% or more…..otherwise the machine can count any kind of signature as good

        2. The post mark on the late ballots hand stamped post marked can be marked as Nov 3 2020 with a date adjustable rubber hand stamper. All of the hand stamped post marked ballots should be considered void as fraud or inspected very carefully for fraud.

        1. Socialism is communism with a smile. The Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. The democommunist party is the operable communist party in the U.S. today.

      1. Since you seem to like ‘socialism’…just move to Cuba?? or Russia…you should be really happy there….just up your alley

  2. mail in ballots are just a way for dems to cheat that’s why we need a voter id for registered voters and surely we have a computer that can keep all the results based on that

    1. Actually, Lloyd, even mail-in votes (I’m technically disabled so I had to do it this year), have to re-register with the county, then copy and send in two forms of ID. Mine was my driver’s license and registration card from the state. It was a pain, but I’m glad. If they don’t follow all requirements their vote is not counted.

      1. You mean they are not SUPPOSED to be counted. THAT IS the difference between counting all of the BALLOTS and counting all of the Legal and Legitimate VOTES! I sure would like to know exactly WHO is doing the actual “counting”!!!

        1. You are correct..The old communist saying “it is not WHO votes but who is COUNTING the votes” that determines the “winner”

      2. Some states do have some safeguards in place to protect against vote fraud. However, in Arizona all you have to do it request a mail in ballot and anyone can do that. Once you receive your ballot you simply fill it out, stick it in the envelope provided (postage is prepaid), sign and date the envelope. NO proof of who completed the ballot and supposedly they check signatures. You are on the permanent early voter (mail in) ballot list unless you request to be removed. This year my county mailed ballots out apparently to anyone registered, even if they did not request a mail in ballot. Talk about vote fraud! So everyone got a mail in ballot, but then they allowed people to vote in person too. How many voted more than once, or how many used someone else’s ballot to vote?

        1. I live in Arizona as well i did request a mail in ballot in the primary. Then they sent me a form if I wanted a mail in ballot for presidential election. I said no I want to vote in person, but they sent me a mail in ballot anyway. I kept it and went to vote in person on election day. I was told that I didn’t need to go inside I can just fill it out outside. So I did. Then went to the person who was collecting ballots outside. Signed my ballot envelope in front of them and put my ballot in the envelope, put it in the bag . He did not ask me for my ID which kindove bothered me. I live in Trump territory so I didn’t insist on going in to see if someone else voted using my name in side, but I had to wonder what would happen if I lived in Tucson which is heavily socialist. They or should I say the dem mayor ther tried to turn it into a sanctuary city. It was voted down but she did have blm painted in front of city hall and a blm flag on the roof. Freaking old hippies from Calli. There everywhere🤢

      3. that kind of Voting is not considered Mail in Voting it’s a type of Absentee Voting where you have to Register,
        Mail in voting is where the city/county mails ballots to Every address they have for registered voters weather they live there or not. an it’s Ripe for FRAUD.

        1. Over the years the democommunists have invented several avenues to cheat in elections. First there was: ‘Motor Voter’. Anyone with a drivers license could vote. (notice how the democommies have been licensing illegal aliens). Then they dreamed up the: ‘Provisional Ballot’. Anyone could vote in any precinct, meaning they could vote in many precincts. Early Voting, Mail-in Voting and of course fighting ‘Voter ID’ tooth and nail.

        2. We are registered this time as ‘absentee’…both of us got 1 ballot ( in Northern Cal’) we made them out….and it had a list of drop boxes….1 in front of library and 1 in front of town hall. We mailed very early…..but don’t know if the post office picked these up or someone from the county recorders office? The area and 6 other northern counties are basically known as ‘ The State of Jefferson”….been trying to get this done since before WW2…..

    2. this ENTIRE VIRUS BS is all part of stealing the Election so the DEMS can have complete Power in the USA. Load up everyone the War is coming soon

  3. The key states. Hmm. Isn’t that convenient. Even here in Arkansas, I wondered about multiple candidates in one question. The only box to mark was “For” unopposed Candidates, but it didn’t say who or what seats. I’ve never seen that before. Since we can write-in an opposing Candidate, I added one word to follow the multiple theme of the question. “For” Republicans.

  4. Democrats commit massive voter fraud in every single election and have in every single election for over 150 years. Usually it’s ignored when they don’t win, but we should hold them accountable and send them to prison for the maximum sentence.

    1. Yes they do!! Always been fraudulent, No honesty among the dumb dems!! And once good old dumb Joe gets in we can forget about prosecution for all the crimes committed by Obummer, Perry, the FBI, CIA, Clintons, and the whole lot of these crooks!!!

    2. Some years ago, I had occasion to work on a Democratic political campaign — TWICE!. What I saw and what I heard was enough to tell me just HOW corrupt they were! (and still are) THAT was enough for ME!!!

        1. They are the shadow government and weaponize different agencies to do their dirty work, like the FBI, CIA, IRS, INS, etc.

  5. Why did the Democratic Elect Allow Mail in Ballet’s When They Knew This Cheating Was Going To Happen. Everyone has Always Voted in Person in Our History, except Americans those who live overseas.

  6. How about California, Oregon, Washington st, if polls close at 7pm how can have all ballots counted in 1 hour and results in???


  7. There needs to be a recount in Wisconsin, where there were more ballots cast than there are registered voters

    1. These voters get bused in from northern Illinois (Chicago, to vote as told. These are the same people who also collect benefits from Wisconsin at the same time.

  8. Judge Emmet Sullivan has the idea that he is a judge in the mold of the Old Testament judges that had the power to set rules and regulations as well as the authority to render death as in the way General Kelly is being persecuted!

    1. I think it’s just a setup to make us think he’s finally doing the right thing! By scolding the Postal service. It’s another insurance policy! Democrats! Trump is atill in command and it’s time he uses the military to his and the American people’s advantage. Lock and load them up!

  9. I’m 63 years old this is the 1st time . that I fill my vote doesn’t count
    Cheating a– Dem,s. May not ever vote again.

    1. yes there is, You can stand up and DEMAND your Vote be counted. the left Expects us to just take this BS lying down. they think we are STUPID like they are

      1. That is what we Republicans do best lying down and take it I am 73 yrs old and would go down in the street and not in the hospital with tubs stuck in me LOCK and LOAD my Brothers And Sisters this is our Country

  10. My former postman got a trip to Washington and national recognition for delivering a remarkable 64% of his mail.

    1. WOW, Disgusting and they get paid BIG money to deliver mail. a few years ago in FL I ask this one cute Mail Delivery person how much they pay, well she had been there a few years but she was making $65K Plus Bonus per year, just to deliver mail. this was almost 20 years ago.

  11. Well I have noticed Crap USPS service in my BLUE Montana town in the past 2-3 months, In fact I had a TRUMP flag flying and the person didn’t deliver the mail, he said my dog was out side, which she was NOT because I had been expecting a package that day. I went to the PO to complain and the post master there threatened to call the POLICE on me.

  12. President Trump warned that these types of “shenanigans” would happen.. and HERE WE ARE. HE WAS CORRECT AGAIN.I have never seen so many cases of OPEN voter fraud than I have seen in this election.
    “dumped” ballots, burned ballots, videos of totes of ballots been sneaked into voting areas, “ballot counters” needing POLICE escorts for their safety. We have become a COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED “banana republic” thanks to the “antics” of the corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS that have openly opined they were going to DO and SAY anything to ensure a “WIN”.

  13. We. Need to get a ground game of poll watchers in all key battleground counties. Even in Virginia Trump was ahead until someone FOUND 300,000 ballots for Joe Biden. You can’t make this stuff up.

    1. Sure you can think Shadow Government they want Biden to win they control him already Harris is just a wash .

  14. I would be more comfortable if Trump would win both the popular and electoral vote.
    That both We the People and the Republic give him a landslide.

  15. Emmet Sullivan is a Democrat Bolshevik Operative in Judges Robes. I have not trusted the Postal Service for a long time. The AFGE is rife with Marxist Sympathizers. I remember when the Marxist ANC and Nelson Mandela took over South Africa, the AFGE National Board sent members to Johannesburg to celebrate the occasion with Mandela and his thugs. I totally resigned my membership after that.

  16. SHOCKED!! That USPS “screw-ups” would be only in these exact states…you know, the ones in which Trump is winning and would give another term. Traitors, all!

  17. Any bets on all of the ballots being pro Biden? Not to mention, all of the new ones that will suddenly drop into the mix

  18. Judge Sullivan deserves to be angry with someone else who has failed to do his job. The entire nation is angry with Sullivan for refusing to end the torture of General Flynn. Sullivan definitely deserves severe punishment for his partisan disregard for his duties.


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