MSNBC Host References Supreme Court Justice with Racial Slur

Luke Harold, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

MSNBC host Joy Reid used a racial slur when discussing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, referring to him as “Uncle Clarence.”

In a report from the Washington Free Beacon:

“If somehow [the Trump campaign] manage to stumble into the Supreme Court, do any of you guys trust Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law? No,” she said. “It is a completely politicized Supreme Court that you can’t just trust that they’re going to do the right thing.”

The “Uncle Tom” slur derives from the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin and is a derogatory term for an African-American man viewed as overly deferential to whites. The staunchly liberal Reid has also referred to “Uncle Clarence” in a pair of recent tweets.

Reid also came under fire in 2017 and 2018 after homophobic blog posts she wrote from the 2000s came to light. She later denied she had written some of them and blamed hackers for inserting the offensive content onto her blog. But she also admitted there was no proof any hacking occurred.

Her star, however, has since risen at MSNBC. Formerly a weekend host, Reid was promoted to hosting the weekday show The Reidout in July, and she has helped lead MSNBC’s political coverage throughout the year.

Despite Reid openly criticizing the Supreme Court and calling the Justices “politicized” she then noted that “the Court’s have actually been pretty good.”

  1. reud, being the black liberal celebrity goddess that she is can do whatever she wants.
    She called Justice Thomas an “Uncle” Clarence because SHE’S the racist!!!
    She also like to lie about things she has done and said in the past.
    She should praise America….after all, where else could she get away with this….other than over in Europe!!!! lol lol lol

  2. It’s funny the only black people that I like are the ones that disgusting liberals call uncle Tom. The more conservative normal ones that don’t play the victim/race card like Justice Thomas and John James and Candace Owens

      1. Amen! Candace Owens 2020! She knows her “facts” and is not intimidated by the left. She’s smart, quick on her feet and takes no prisoners!

    1. Every single human being is made of: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! That is the
      Truth aboout the HUMAN NATURE! But, not all share the exact same way in all three! Everyone has whos own to express each Imperfection! Those are different ways for self improvements or Self Destruction! They are CROSSES! “Carry your cross and follow me! I am the WAY, theTruth and, the Life!” The different skin COLOR is used as : “Love yoiur neighbor as yourself!” Once we can looking pass the skin colors, and we are all working for SELF IMPROVEMENTS! We encouraging each other to become better… The World woud be in PEACE! Then, we will say: EVERY LIFE MATTERS!

      1. Blacks…do not agree…..They kill their own babies, “MORE”, than whites! Disgusting, Un-Godly, & totally un-acceptable! Current **abortions**, in America..{ funded by *Demoncrats, & Planned Parenthood….Will “soar”…..Hman babies will be murdered!…..{ all paid for by demoncrats, & taxpayer dollars}….&, even “Foriegn” abortions….paid for with American tax dollars!

    2. I am with you on the ones I like too.
      They have been given ample opportunity with preferential treatment for over 50 years, and I’ve seen it. She and her type I wouldn’t give the right time of day to.
      My day is too full to deal with this woke crap, politically correct crap, white privilege crap and whatever else the left is trying to feed our country.

  3. And one wonders why no one likes the news anymore. They don’t report the news just their slanted garbage and they get away with it.

    1. They are Lucifer’s Mouth Piece. They are Public Enemy Number One and the Democrats, socialist, and communist, and progressives are their arms and hands. They get their marching orders from their bosses, the Fake news Media and big tech. The FCC and the DOJ are guilty of not doing their jobs.

  4. The so called “hosts” on MSNBC and CNN are all wannabe elitists. They are all AHOLES. The black female ones are the worst racists, they all spew out the BS as dictated to them by the DNC. Then there are the AHOLES on the view, Behar being the biggest clown.
    Then we have the SQUAD of Congress. They all belong to the same club,

  5. Ok guys, what happened to the big crowds that kept showing up at the rallys?
    Did everyone vote RED up and down the ticket? I don’t even know how to feel this morning?
    I’ll give slow joe the typical blue states.
    CA, NY etc., etc. But Pennsylvania should of gone out right to the President???
    Ok, everyone will get exactly what they deserve.

    1. Yes they will however, WE will suffer along with them! My intention is to always do what is BEST for the country and the Constitution as do untold millions of others and we don’t deserve what the unthinking Dem cult followers are putting on our dinner plates! “Die-Hard” Dems will be the “death of our country”…….if they get their way!

      1. I agree Maxi. But, it’s maddening that people are still sleeping. That’s what’s so infuriating.
        I’m sick of paying taxes so lazy, unethical people can have their cell phones, smoke their cigarettes, drink their booze, all the while getting freebies from the government, while the rest of us work hard for our money.

      1. Oh geez, I didn’t know that.
        What state? I’m still hopeful!
        It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Haha
        I don’t believe she’s started singing yet!

      2. We have been Slaves Without Chains for many years, but now it is getting worse. Now they want us to bow down and kiss their feet and worship them. Satan is a multi-formed beast. He is not always a single identity. In my novel, Slaves Without Chains I reveal some of this., B08GG2RMTV. Hope Trump can get the courts to help him over come then cheating. He is the only one capable of standing up to Satan ( who is the News Media).

    2. Northern New Mexico had been Californiacaed since the 1980’s. They have the population. Southern New Mexico has little population, desert and lots of sand but most of us here support President Trump.

      1. Yes, I believe that. Most stupid liberals leave their liberal states because they hate the high taxes and restrictions on daily life. Then they move to a RED state and bring their stupid voting habits with them, ultimately ruining that state and it’s residents.

      2. My last days will be in Commiefornia and i am so mad at citizen communists in the state. The people in this state are so stupid they think the good weather can keep the state going when all the taxpayers abandon it. This state is fast becoming a BANANA REPUBLIC

    3. You are absolutely correct…they will get what they deserve…how are these democrats going to pay for all the free college and green deal.

  6. Oh, Joy, if anyone but this black bitc* said that they would be in front of the firing squad of antifa and Bowe L Movement. This persona is utterly disgusting. And it has to be a racial slur by her. though no one but her can say things like that especially on her show. She is not good enough to lick Thomas’s boots. Trashy low class bimbo without the gigantic mouth of Maxi Mouth but of the same ilk. Trash with a capital T. Black on Black nasty and it is just as bad as the KKK doing the same decades ago. One reason why I never watch this day time soap opera drama BS. It is definitely for the low thinkers.

        1. A lot of it is young people who are being brainwashed by teachers and professors. If Trump manages to stay in office, I think he should initiate a bill that says that no politics is to be taught in public schools or universities unless it is a political science class. PERIOD!!! If they get caught preaching politics in class, it’s immediate firing of that teacher or professor regardless if they have tenure or not. Having said that if Bumbling Biden gets in office, then all teachers will be required to tell how good it will be to live under socialism and hopefully communism. That is what their hoping for.

  7. What makes Reid an authority on anything. She puts out there Uncle Tom but is that a narrative used just to fit her own agenda and ego. A black man in power and a female in authority isn’t this what we are striving for in our communities and yet here we go knocking good people which multiple people have testified to. They have already proven themselves and all Reid has done is shout out negativity and disgraces herself.

  8. I fully support the Supreme Court choices and the only concern I have is with the MSNBC host, a person that I very much believe that I coudn’t trust at all!!

  9. Joy Reid is still on the plantation, doing her racist masters bidding. Brainless black female living on the elitist black plantation. I love it when elitist blacks feel they know better and how blacks need to think. If you support law, order and family values you are somehow white.

  10. Honesty. Who is a racist here.That flicking loser and whole MSDMC needs to apologize to Justice Thomas and USA Citizens for her horrible remarks.

    1. WE DON’T FIGHT BACK ENOUGH and try to get them cancel like they do to us, Trump is our LAST hope..this is why I am afraid they will eventually win

  11. Joy Reid is now and has always been a racist against whites! No thinking person with average intelligence has a question about that truth and fact!
    My question about Reid is……why is her racism accepted and rewarded by MSNBC when they would clearly not tolerate racism and/or a white racist against blacks and minorities on their network? Would it be for the same reason MSNBC refuses to cover the violence, destruction, injuries and murders that have been perpetrated by the Dem marxist terrorist “protestors” around the country? The answer seems pretty obvious to me……what say you?
    “Respect is given/earned when possible however, racism and bullying has never gained respect for anyone of any race.”

  12. she is just SUBHUMAN GARBAGE , and proves it every time she opens her dirty viel mouth, Her mouth is so dirty maybe she is the cause of the CCP-19 VIRUS .

  13. Following the letter of the law is what the DNC and our house of representatives leaders have not done for the last 4 years – and now it will be another 4 years before anyone wakes up from euphoria and determines how they have been FK’d.

  14. I can see a civil war in the works soon….Don’t let those two B*tch*s (Biden & Harris) take your guns because you are going to need them!

  15. Nothing should surprise us any more. The lack of decency on the part of the Fake News is exceeded only by their propensity to LIE.

  16. our country is obviously divided 50/50; it’d really help US if libturds would grow up & stop trying to win the game by cheating, lying & bullying; show a little respect

  17. Reid continues to prove what a classless useless waste of a human being that she is. Just because she doesn’t agree with someone she goes into instant attack. Clearly she must believe that all Black people should think alike and walk in lockstep with each other just like robots and should never have a mind of their own. That’s racism and slavery. Reid is totally irrelevant, she has no credibility, no integrity, honesty, no ethics certainly no class no humanity and empathy she is a total waste of human breath.

  18. It might have been a reference to “aunt jemima” too…

    Where is the Liberal outrage, towards “racist” hate crimes?
    Doesn’t RoseAnne Barr, or Papa John, ring a bell for you Liberal Democrats…

    Pots are calling Pa Kettles black, to incite riot and violence.. defamation of a Justice!?

    Shameful double standards!

  19. Joy Reid is a liberal, which means she can say whatever she wants with zero repercussions, it has nothing to do with race or gender it is simply that she is a liberal that gives her carte blanche to speak without consequences, the same consequences that she would apply to a conservative for doing the same exact thing. Our system is way out of balance and those with the power are not mature enough to even notice. Oh, they complain about the Trump voter but where were these voters created? From a system that showed us that if you are conservative you can be spied upon, you can have your tax status denied, you can be called deplorable, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and any other nasty label they can come claim without any proof to back up the claims. That is where the Trump voter was created, by the imbalance created from the overwhelmingly controlling left in the media, social media and in academia. The problem is not solved by a Biden Presidency, the problem is exacerbated by a Biden Presidency.

    1. Sounds like another swamp monster. That needs to join JOE and KAMALA and all the rest of the swamp monsters including the FBI for not doing their jobs investigating BIDEN and his communist but and clan would have faced treason charges and a firing squad .

  20. Just let a white person try that – they will crucify them. Again, Democrats can get away with any disgusting act they want, but a Republican can’t move the wrong way without being criticized. Disgusting. Hope all that voted for Biden get what they deserve from this immoral, lawless group they voted for.

  21. What the hell difference doesn’t make? A slight majority of the stupid electorate thinks this type of talk from a black about another black is ok. We have lost the election and this country has taken a significant turn left and for the worse!

  22. That’s what happens when they hire trash. An old tomato can never revive itself to become a saleable product again no matter how they slice, dice it or can it. She’s just going to attract maggots and flies for an audience.

  23. I have tried hard to gather her thoughts. But I always get stopped by her constant racial rants.
    I really thought she was not only very UGLY,but just a fowl mouth. Black Bitch with no class.
    To confirm this I have to see her in person having dinner with her man.
    You can’t really know someone from reading words from the MSNBC staff

  24. what an ignorant statement from an ignorant woman. she is entitled and thinks her opinion is the only one that counts. Oh wait, she’s a democrat so what do we expect


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