Anti-Trump Comments made by PA Secretary of State Resurface

Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar (HANDOUT/OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR)

Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar is overseeing the vote count in the Keystone State and she is no friend to President Trump. An anti-Trump tweet made by Boockvar has resurfaced, in 2017 she said, “Using the title ‘President’ before the word ‘Trump’ really demeans the office of the presidency…”

In a report from Townhall:

At issue at the moment is how the state is handling ballots that arrived after polls closed on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Republican lawmakers accused Boockvar of sending county officials “confusing” guidance on how to proceed and called on her to resign.

Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani declared in Philadelphia on Wednesday that they’re taking the state to court, because they see no reason why officials haven’t called the race for the incumbent. With 86 percent of precincts reported, Trump was ahead by about 400,000 votes. The campaign said they’ll be suing the state “to temporarily halt counting until there is meaningful transparency and Republicans can ensure all counting is done above board and by the law.”

Tainted leadership appears to be the norm in Keystone State at the moment. Earlier this week the state Attorney General Josh Shapiro predicted that President Trump was going to lose Pennsylvania even before any of the votes had been counted. Critics, including Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General Heather Heidelbaugh, demanded that he too step down and let a more bipartisan figure handle the counts.

“That means that Josh Shapiro cannot be seen as having his thumb on the scale, acting in the dual roles of legal arbiter of the vote and a candidate deeply invested in its outcome,” she said.

Pennsylvania is a key state that Trump must win to secure the 270 electoral votes needed to win re-election, there have been multiple reports of voter fraud and suspicious activity surrounding ballot counting in the state. This morning the Trump campaign revealed plans to sue multiple states regarding ballot counting measures. The states include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan.

  1. These people should NEVER EVER be allowed to count ANY vote and I do not give one rats ass who it is for!!!!! So very much ignorance and corruption in the dimocrat party!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Buffoon needs to resign and right now or be recused as the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar.

  3. The Democrats have geared up their ballot factories to process and fill in ballots to get their schmuck passed off as a piece of Elected TRASH ! This is how they “find” more ballots to process in the late night or wee hours of the morning after the poles have closed !

    1. It is unbelievable to me that this kind of illegal activity in our voting process is actually taking place in the United States of America. I was born in 1945 and always loved and respected this country. Now it’s impossible to know who to trust. What a shame!

      1. This is a very sad time. WE are about to lose AMERICA as we have loved and enjoyed for all of our life . A GREAT life . We are about to lose our FREEDOM as well.

          1. We have got to help him fight back. The only fair way to decide this election is to go by the vote counts that were there LEGALLY on election day and night. The rest should be tossed. We all had plenty of them to get our votes in. Trump would have won easily but now the democommunists have had time to rig it big time.

      2. Ya I have wondered what country this is since this corruption has taken place. China wants Trump out, he’s too strong for them, and they can make those idiots do anything they want. I am really scared and sad for my country.

    2. The dim wits have been perfecting this type of cheating with their vote counters for decades. They did it in 2018 in Fl and AZ. In Fl it was stopped and the vote counter removed. In AZ they screwed McSally and Sin won by just enough after the mysterious boxes showed up by just enough for her to win from a poll no ones else knew about but the vote counter in the late hours of the count. Hum? Ducey should have stopped it. And they did it this year to topple Trump. Have watched this as a tactic for McCain in his last run too. So it is obvious the rinos use this tactic too.

      We have no power of the vote as long as this crap is continued. If this is not stopped here and now, there is no people’s vote, the democracy is NO MORE! Dim wits all know this is happening and they still choose to allow it. We have no vote, we are disenfranchised, all of us. This is our last chance to stop these slimes.

      Who other than an idiot and I know a few would vote for one of the biggest crooks in this country? Who would want socialism/communism to rule in this great country other than crooks and morons? And we have all seen this process before. Dim wits are doing it again on a national scale. They determine how far behind they are then bring in their handy dandy ballots. And it is really quite clear if you have seen it before. And I have seen it before. The vote counters can arrange for massive fraud in the election process and now they are voiding the observers. Isn’t that handy?

      Back Trump, this is massive voter fraud and it this stands we are indeed a BANANA REPUBLIC and these is no voter rights at all. We are all being treated like sheeple and it is disgusting. Even in WWII the country was lied to by Roosevelt. We entered the war under the guise of that one attack that likely was not that big an accident. Even then Roosevelt might have been right to get us in to it but it was another sneaky dim wit plot. Now, we are left with far worse if Trump loses and again the dim wits skate on real treason if the crimes already discovered are not prosecuted and they won’t be if they can remove Trump. Are we as a nation of supposedly educated people that easily deceived?

    3. Funny how they keep “finding” ballots after Trump pulls ahead. They think we are stupid out here. They are toooooo stupid to realize this election will hurt them too. The economy will go in the toilet after Trump had it on the right track again. I only know one person in my wide circle of friends, and I told her not to come crying to any of us when she sees how bad it’s gonna be. We have to hold the Senate or we are screwed. Donate to them.

  4. The whole Democrat Criminal organization Fraud Machine is involved in the fraud in lock step all the way up to the Black Robed Thugs on the State Supreme Court.

  5. This beeotch needs to be dragged in front of a firing squad along with all the other demon possessed, treasonous libtards that are denying Americans that their vote be counted correctly and no “funny” votes allowed to be slipped in to the mix. These pukes have no idea of how to win except to cheat and lie. They would be toast in a fair election. Perhaps it is time for a new revolution to take back our country while their is a tad of it left in tact.

    1. That is definitely the damocraps way . lie cheat steal . every last one should be charged with treason and face a firing squad no exceptions sell us out to communism my ass

    2. I’m ready for a peaceful revolution like in all past revolutions. We are ready to set the record straight on how the American people feel about the treasonous Dimwits, Demonicrats, etc. This is a good vs. Evil election and so far satan is winning. We need guidance from God the Almighty who spoke clearly to me this morning as I was getting my survival gear in order.

    1. Just like BIDEN and the swamp monsters all should face a charge of treason and face firing squad

      1. Yes they should but that’s the problem the damn democraps can do anything and get away with it. If Biden becomes president he will not be in the oval office very long they will use the 25 amendment and remove him so Harris can be the president. The bitch is a damn communist . There will be no return.

      2. That’s why they had Biden stay in his basement and not campaign. The fix was in and he didn’t need to work for it. He was going to win and didn’t have to make a fool of himself any longer. Pelosi and her crew made sure the fix was in and I don’t think they covered their tracks well enough. This has a real bad smell to it, and everyone should be skeptical of any victory.

  6. Typical lib. Man that woman(?) is UGLY.
    So UGLY she’s got little circles all over her body from people touching her with 10 foot poles…

  7. This country is NOT hers alone, there are MANY other PEOPLE with DIFFERENT Opinions….DON’T like it then move to Cuba or other COMMIE-run country where EVERYBODY has to think, talk, act the SAME……!!!!!

  8. Communists know only power and they don’t hesitate to smear their opponents. And today the democommunist party is the operable communist party in the United States.

  9. There is less than zero doubt that voter fraud is widespread. If this is not proven and dealt with, we will go down the tubes much faster than anyone can imagine.

  10. Combine her with their AG and Soros money and you’ve still got two bought pieces of $hi+ calling the shots.

  11. This is a bunch of you know what!!!!! I don’t know why they should even be considering the votes that came in AFTER the polls closed. There is cheating afoot you can bet….I felt this would happen with all the mail in votes and so forth. Talk about scamming the people…those lefties have got it down pat.


  13. Obama and Clinton and Soros really damaged the integrity of America! They should all be in jail! Or worst!


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