Meet the New Republican Coalition

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The 2020 election was unlike anything Americans had seen before. While we still wait for a final outcome to the presidential election one thing has become abundantly clear, the parties are shifting. President Trump is building a new Republican coalition and it’s attracting people from all walks of life, especially the common man.

Keep reading to meet the new Republican coalition:

  1. I am so grateful that our President is no quitter. He took on the demoncrats and is winning this election. I don’t believe for one minute hearing the phrase “computer glitch” has any relevance. The poll workers were to blame for most of it. Don’t let any of them work the polls ever again.

        1. Why has Trump picked so many RINOs?
          Is it because the vast majority of Republicans are in fact RINO’s
          When they get close enough to Trump to see his shallowness they run away as fast as they can?

          1. Most of the elected officials in Washington were from the old system of lobbying for special interests, bribes, blackmail and death threats. tahts how they operate. They compromise people to do their bidding. But the fight is not yet over, president Trump achieved more in 4 short years, by taking zero salary, and working harder than anyone in living history. Media lies are the biggest threat to Americas future. They are concealing their true intentions, which are to enslave humanity and the 1% live in luxury. Wake up World and trust in God

          2. I recommend the best of “The Apprentice” participants as cabinet members …. the rest are “swamp dwellers!”

      1. Trump won & we are behind him they did try to steal the election they tried to screw we the people that they hate so much they are anti-american socialist bastards & need to be in jail

        1. He never lost. He won in a landslide. By 8pm on the 3rd of November President Trump swept in all States. then as if by magic the next day thousands of Biden only ballots appeared and continued appearing. Preventing Poll watchers from observing thier skullduggery. DemonicRATS will kil, lie , steal and fool the population to achieve power and greed.

          1. Better start arresting thousands for election frauds

            CCP agents are involved, 500,000 Chinese foreign students are agents too

          1. YES !! A closely watched recount in ALL states, with fraudulent ‘mail in’ ballots discarded…. also check all ‘mail in’ ballots for authenticity, which means no ‘duplicate’ voting, no dead persons voting, no illegals voting. (That last one should greatly reduce the California vote.)

        2. Just your pals who are crooks whose party has been for over a hundred years–the party of slavery, Jim Crow, communist ACLU, racist PP!

      2. Federal election or not, The Democratic “Leadership” has consistently and continuously been publicly advocating open sedition and treason to all of their followers, and THAT IS a federal offense!!!

          1. Joe might be stupid but not stupid enough to fight a 25th Amendment battle. He’ll slide gracefully into retirement and leave the presidency to those who know better – Democrat leadership and, of course, HARRIS!

          2. Sadly, America will be stuck with Kamala Harris until January 20205. I pray that Trump will win over these evil Democrats


      3. Technically, there is no such thing as a federal election. Elections are, constitutionally, the responsibility of each state. That’s why voter registration rules, voting hours, deadlines, etc. vary from state to state.
        What we call a “federal election” is actually just a coordination of the individual state elections.


      1. If convicted of a felony, they will never again be allowed to be a poll worker, occupy any publicly elected office or certain appointed positions, have a professional license (doctor, lawyer, etc.) or be in civil service. And in some states they can never again have a driver’s license.

    1. I agree! An election is only as good as the people counting the votes. People with no integrity are the problem and their behavior reflects badly on those who have integrity and believe in fair elections. All legal votes should be counted.

        1. At present count 67 counties in MI used that Dominion voting software. The same software that flipped 6000 votes for Trump to Biden.
          Also used in MN, WI, PA, GE, and AZ

    2. love your analysis, but disagree with the last statement …. the polls were fixed by the dems by flooding the mail with fake ballots. We need to pay for a study of their methods in order to stop them the next time. I will pay for such research, big time!!!!

    3. Why should he quit? Dem did everything they could to delay the election results until Pelosi could take over. It’s only been 5 days.
      Now the dems want a quick end to it.

      1. When you have thousands of people in on a scam information is sure to get out and mistakes made.. There was a chart displayed at the PA press coverage of the cheating in one PA county. On the chart were glitches showing an overloading of the algorithm. The expert witness at the hearing said that the voting machines were set to receive one ballot at a time when one voter fed their vote into the machine. The reasoning was that if boxes of ballots were fed into the machine at one time the algorithm would overload and stop working. There were many glitches on the charts displayed at the hearing.

  2. Every position at the poles should be duplicated by both parties … each should check every operation by the other !

    1. That is how it is done in every polling place I have ever been in.
      If there are no Republicans it is their own fault.

      1. Republican’s work for a living they cant miss work to do polling and rig / steal elections with fraud like the Dumbassocrats do

      2. You misunderstood the situation. Republican poll watchers WERE available, but in some counting centers Republican poll watchers were not allowed in the building, even though Democrat poll watchers were allowed.

      1. The paper and computer votes have to match at the end of the day, or workers must find the discrepancy before leaving the polls.

  3. The world has lost it’s mind. Appointing a man that seems to have elsetimers just to try to get trump out of office, it’s just insane!

    1. The world has not lost it’s mind.
      No one was appointed.
      Someone was elected with a clear majority of the popular vote.
      That someone is not Trump, he has never done that, Joe has, often.
      When did you do the work up on Joe’s Alzheimer’s?
      Where did you sit for your medical degrees(s)?
      Did you do a Residency in Geriatrics?

      Are you a sore loser or just a standard uneducated, boring loser?

      1. As a long-time RN I’ve taken care of many Alzheimer’s pts. I see the typical lefty denigration of a person whose viewpoints you don’t like. Have you watched Biden at all? Even his acceptance speech may well have NOT been live, but pre-recorded so that it could be edited until it was airable. Not only does he exhibit signs of dementia, he has early Parkinsonism. Hand-flapping tremor and shuffling gait, unless he’s had his dose of Sinemet (plus Nemanda). Have you ever noticed that he has a “handler” on standby in the background? When the press starts peppering him with questions, she will step forward and tell him that ‘we have to go now’. People, you had better realize that old Joe isn’t going to be the real President. He will be a mere puppet, as Kamala assumes more power (which a VP isn’t supposed to have). Beware, AOC is talking about compiling lists of “Trump sycophants”! Unbelievable, this twisted barmaid and her agendas. Welcome to the old CCCP and the Gulags! Don’t forget, unfettered Joe boasted about having the greatest fraud organization in the history of American politics. Goodbye America!

      2. Lets go toe to toe and eye to eye and see if there are many Dumbassocrats as that supposedly voted for Biden as there are us that voted for Trump ! I think your party will turn up short being as a majority of your mail in ballots are fraudulent and non existent people. All these mail in ballots need to be verified…. there will be so many fraudulent mail in ballots it would be eye opening. When people say coincidence you might have one but as many as there have been in this fiasco it is then not coincidence or happenstance its fraud. The problem is your fraudsters forging ballots just checked the box Biden Biden to save time to try to keep up with Trump votes and nothing for the House or Senate which is why your losing seats. Being people vote party lines Trump is winning just as your losing seats if it were not for forged fraudulent ballots !

      3. Albert Hess, every time you open your mouth your ignorance and stupidity grow deeper and clearer! Your Buddy “Joe” has done a LOT of things often — MOST of which are ILLEGAL!

    2. Even Democrats know Biden is mentally unfit to be president. My personal opinion is Biden will be relieved of duty under the provisions of the 25th amendment, effectively making Harris the president.
      Another possibility is Biden will resign. Harris would then become president and the Speaker of the House would become vice-president.
      Whichever occurs, I believe it will happen before Biden has been in office 90 days.

  4. I’m not being fooled one bit. It was all fixed from the word Covid19 and they don’t care how many lives perished or have been ruined. They have inconveniently hurt everyone on this earth and can care less as long as they get what they want.

    1. I agree 100% that Democrats have done Coronavirus on purpose to take trump down along with long planned out way cheat at election time

      1. The Dems started planning this as soon as President Trump was acquitted from the impeachment farce. Biden’s thanking China for helping with the Rona; damn the world!
        They’re setting this up to start the Civil War when the Supreme Court corrects this by rightfully determining President Trump the winner. Everyone will lose in the war, I just pray all current MSM people burn in hell for the crap storm they’ve helped create.

        1. Yes the Dems did plan to beat Trump at the polls just as soon as their impeachment effort failed.
          Fox and the Wall Street Journal has said the Dems are successful, are they a farce?

          The Conservative John Roberts Is still the biggest force on the Supreme Court.
          He will follow the law, not Trump.

          XI, Putin and K J un far and away prefer Trump, they know just how to stroke his considerable ego.

          1. Was Roberts ‘following the law’ when he decided that a fine in the obamacare bill actually meant a tax?

      2. Speaking of which, considering relative sizes, using a face mask to stop Covid19 is like setting out submarine nets to stop shrimp

    2. If they don’t let Republican poll watchers in to observe the counting of the ballots then there is a lot of padding of fraudulent ballots for Biden being added to the count. Ask yourself this? If we won all these House seats and seem to be doing well in the Senate why is Trump losing? He is losing because when the fraudulent counters added ballots they were in such a hurry that they only marked Biden and not the rest of the federal races down ballot. God bless.

        1. Obviously you are getting your “information” from MSM which has all become PRAVDA for the US
          A MUST SEE documentary is – SHADOWGATE – to understand how the Deep State controls most of the media sources these days and with technology available they know exactly how to shape and influence your thinking.
          It is a mind boggling documentary which should be seen by all

  5. Has anyone noticed all the happy smiles on all the faces on Fox News so called news people? True colors eventually will show itself.

    1. The Fox News people are true patriots, they know even in these very difficult times what is in the best interest of the American people.
      Thank God.

        1. Tucker, Hannity, Levin, Jeanine, Ingraham and the Brit (can’t think of his name). Except for Neil Cavuto, there are no RINOS on Fox Business.

      1. … minus Dana Perino and Martha McCallum for belittling Trump being on stage with his family’s support. After what the swamp has put him through the past 4 years, they have to criticize him for recognizing a rigged election. No doubt Perino & McCallum are looking forward to the path of communism.

      2. You say “Thank God”. Do you actually think that God favors the ‘Baby Killers’, also known as Planned Parenthood ? So-called ‘abortion rights’ is one of the prime platforms of the Democratic Party. God said “Thou shalt not kill”…. the act of abortion is killing, plain and simple.

    2. I have especially Shannon Bream Chris Wallace and some others
      We had a Great President that did this whole presidental appointment practically on his own. We tbe People stood with him not the media or even some of the members of his own party. This man did 13 back to to back rallies to rally support for himself and and the Republican party. This man will go down in history as the Greatest President of all time. People are not stupid. Cotona Virus was elevated to make him look bad. You know the old saying never let a crisis go to waste.

    3. Yes i noticed them smiling and some at fox calling biden president of the united states instead of president elect when trump gets relected he needs to go after all dems corupt and put them away for good

  6. Joe Biden will never be president. we got prove how bad they have cheated and have Trump for president for 4 more years

    1. Even if the cheaters prevail, Biden won’t be president for long… at least until they can get KA- Malay and pelosi in!!!

  7. No one has been re-elected President, yet. Biden and Harris are going to look like idiots if it doesn’t go their way.

      1. The best economy the country has ever had and job creation for U.S. citizens disturb you?? Or do you just relish communism. If that’s the case, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      2. “Big guy” Old Joe is practicing how to properly kowtow for when he meets with Chinese President Xi for his next payment, which “coke nose” will launder for distribution to the Biden clan.

    1. Since Murdoch’s son took over Fox news, it has been going more liberal. There are a few that are news people but not many of them. In my opinion, most are hacks and not news people. I don’t want their opinions, just report the news and without your ignorant facial expressions too. Watch One America News or anything else that doesn’t have stupid people.

  8. Too many white folks out there ….. including republicans…. who think the President should just roll over & accept defeat.
    They simply are not accustomed to seeing a white guy stand up and fight.

  9. This is not about Democrats and Republicans it is about Globalists and the Socialists they support vs Nationalists of every country. Make no mistake, the Globalists have no actual political positions. They put their support behind who ever at the moment serves their purposes to control and profit in any country or situation. They absolutely do not care about any groups causes unless they can be exploited to further their agenda to take power and wealth, however to do so they will put their support behind any policy, cause or movement that can be used to further their goals.

  10. To all the RINOs not on board with President Trump in this election fight, ESPECIALLY those that are already planning on running in 4 years…if President Trump gets cheated out of this election, I hope, no, I pray he runs again in 4 years AS A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE! Damn the Establishment Republicans! He just got what? 70 million votes? Make America Great Again! And Trump Jr for VP!

    1. How can any dumbass intentionally steal an election and then try to take office. The people have seen this damn corruption.
      Jail time for the criminals, it can start with Peloski, she’s been planning this junk since Clinton lost in 16.
      May GOD bless our president Trump and what was a great nation under GOD…


  11. Thank GOD President Trump is no give up and take the abuse like a lot of RINO and Middle of the Roader Republicans. If you want to know where we are headed under a Biden/Harris tyranny just read Wm. W. Johnstone’s Out of the Ashes and Fire in the Ashes. Johnstone was almost like a prophet of things to come. We are headed for a tyranny in this nation like hasn’t been seen since the tyranny of King Geo.III. If this horror cannot be headed off there are only two choices, raise up a new Sons of Liberty or Secession. I being from a founding family of the Republic of Texas cannot see Texas submitting under a tyrannical dystopia like Biden/Harris will bring. It is either Trump or secession.

  12. The one thing president Trump had the right to do would have immediately decided his victory in this election without being screwed over first on the first Russia Collusion trial he should have immediately had every member of the house who voted for impeachment tried under the UCMJ for treason because we were still at war! Under the UCMJ Law there are only 2 outcomes if found guilty 1 death by hanging 2 death by firing squad! either way the communist bastards would be dead and those taking their place would be afraid to piss Trump off and would never dream of stealing this election because they would not want to be the next on the rope!

    1. I believe poll workers should be military veterans ONLY. Veterans have served the country: Some have fought for the country: Some have been wounded in combat, for the country: Some have been permanently maimed, for the country. Veterans know the importance of fair elections because they have fought for it. Veterans will make sure votes are counted correctly, even if it means their candidate loses.

  13. Well, he better get Barr to start arresting Biden and Harris, they are both guilty of major crimes. Mr. President give Barr 24 hours and if he doesn’t take action fire his ass and tell Durham the same thing. I think both of them are in the dems corner, make them prove they’re not. This is why we are losing.

  14. Rudy can fix this.
    All he has do is lie down on a bed in front of who he thinks is a 15 year old girl, stick his hands down his pans and remove his testical mounted ‘audio’ equipment.
    With Rudy heading up his legal team there is no way that Trump can lose this election.
    Also keep in mind that Trump can call out his considerable pick up truck militia with all those old dudes in back in cameo with paintball guns.
    He will soon have Biden screaming uncle.

  15. With 91% of Americans showing they are AGAINST the Democratic Agenda, HOW is it possible for the Democratic spokesman and candidate to receive a majority vote for President of the United States??? Their own numbers don’t even make sense — of course without voter FRAUD occurring!!!!!

  16. With so many Americans suffering financially because of COVID, the amount of money spent by Big Tech, wealthy donors, etc. to influence an election, just shows that the working class means nothing to the left. Pelosi and the House of Representatives still have not funded another stimulus package to help Americans and small businesses. I object to the amount of money spent on this election when so many people are in need. How can it be justified when so many can’t pay rent or might lose their homes. Congress should pass laws to protect Americans from those who spend fortunes to purchase influence and gain power over congress and the American people.

    1. How many of you saw the picture of the little airplane towing a big red banner over Manchester, England that said: “The Whole World Knows That Trump Won–MAGA 2020”! People know this election theft was pre-planned, just like big bundles of bricks dropped off on city’s streets in advance of “peaceful demonstrations”. Bundles of blank ballots too?

  17. I am more than appalled that this race has been called by the media. But what else should we expect? Fake polls, announcements that JB would win by a landslide, all this primed the pump for what is going on now with so many just accepting it. This is horrifying. Please do not give up the fight! We can’t allow this election to be stolen.And for the love of God, ARREST the perpetrators this time! When the riots start, declare martial law and round their sorry butts up. Maybe then we can have some peace.

  18. This Election saw the biggest Election Fraud in living History. Biden and his DemonicRATS have no shame, no conscience or no morals. The fight is not over, and the Supreme Court will make the fianl decision so help me GOD <3

  19. Trump exposed ALL the criminality within our Govt System and the Institutions. They’ve been raping the country and We The People for decades to line their pockets and it was happening on both sides of the aisle. This is PRECISELY why they wanted him gone, in his 2nd term they were going down and they wouldn’t ALLOW that!
    The Deep State is REAL and MOST of the Ruling class are members.

  20. Null & void the election
    Trump won by default

    All ballots should be examined for signature, legal address, citizenship, dead people voting, double voting…

  21. People are asking for “proof” of voter fraud. Actually, it’s easy to find.
    Just count the number of counties nationwide that reported more votes cast than the number of registered voters; or more votes than the number of voting age residents, or more votes than the entire population of the county.
    Elections in those counties should be IMMEDIATELY declared invalid

    1. Yes they everyone should get put in prison and do away with all the corupt and dems always talking about how divided this country is but it is all dems coruption all anybody has to do is look at all dems citys corupt rioting looting its all going on in dems citys

  22. As of 8 November, I am writing this. After further study on the situation at hand I have this to say about the whole travesty foisted upon us by the Democrat Crime Organization. If the Biden/Harris Tyrannical Regime is allowed to assume the White House in January, our government will be null and void. The level of fraud in this election is so obvious Helen Keller could spot it a mile away. Just this morning I found a video where Veritas found two trash bags of ripped up Trump ballots in Pennsylvania. Alex Jones’ people videoed planes landing and large numbers of cases being offloaded onto trucks and taken to ballot counting facilities. Corrupt software has been used to throw Trump votes to Biden. The D.O.J. needs to go to the Supreme Court and obtain a writ to seize all ballots and do a forensic audit and count of the ballots. All counting computers should be seized and analyzed for corrupt programs. If not, and this crime is allowed to proceed and Biden assumes the White House in January, the government will be nullified and no longer hold sway over the individual states. At that point it would be incumbent upon the Governor and legislature of my state of Texas to notify the illegal President of the United States we are a separate and Constituted Republic with no ties to the criminal organization ruling from D.C..

  23. Does anyone else feel so stressed over this election 2020?
    I feel like no rightious people voted cause if so the Demons would not be claiming victory. Oh Lord Almighty we need Your mercy.

  24. Our DOJ is a complete joke and it has been for some time now. When Hillary Clinton acid washed her computer and then smashed it with a hammer. after her computer and all of her e-mails had been subpoenaed, AND NOTHING HAPPENED, then you knew that the DOJ was corrupt and in the tank.

  25. I think we should limit what is raised by each candidate and perhaps we can eliminate buying into elections. Just a thought.

  26. This coalition is certainly good news, and I am (emotionally) signing up. Unfortunately, it will be meaningless if we don’t correct this current election fraud, because then there will never be another real election in America. The Democrat Domestic Terrorists will have proven they can cheat Americans out of their most basic right without repercussion and will be so deeply entrenched at all levels of government that they will put whichever crook they want into office. Now is the time to fight for our rights.

  27. Dinesh D’Souza’s DVD ‘Trump Card’ should be watched by all Americans to learn about the democrat’s deep state. We will all be in danger if the democrats are allowed to put the crook, Joe Biden, in the office of the president as a result of the democrat’s off the charts cheating during this election. If joe biden is allowed to become our president because of the democrats cheating, it will mean the end of our Republic and freedoms. In a very short time we will all become slaves of the communist states of America and have no freedoms.


  29. Everybody with a brain knows this was a stolen from our president. The county elected the most corrupt and compromised criminal to the white house. China is the only winner here and the American people are the suckers.

  30. We love Donald Trump and all he’s done and put up with to make America Great.
    Unfortunately, the GOP/Republican Party are a huge disappointment and seem to be filled with too many sore losers and do-nothings.
    We will always support Trump but think we’ll quit the GOP and become Independants.
    We through giving money to the Republican Party!

  31. We need to have the voting ballots register the social security number on the ballot also put the voters thumb print on the ballot, get a new type of paper similar to the rice paper that our money is printed on for the ballots, develop our own new voting machines and make them fool proof. For the invalids who cannot come out to vote, send a crew to their addresses and let them vote and then witness their signature. Do this a month before the voting begins so that there is plenty of time to get all registered and voted.


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