Senate Fight Vital to the Republic

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As America focuses on the results of the presidential election the fight for the Senate is seen as much more vital for the future of the Republic.

According to The Daily Wire:

The Georgia Senate races are going to a recount. Anyone who cares about this country — and I mean really cares — should be far more concerned about the Senate turning blue than a feckless houseplant seated at the Resolute Desk easily reined in by Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, et. al.

If any, not even all, of these declared goals (or nod-and-wink goals) are achieved, you will not recognize this country. Anyone with a history book — a rarity in the US thanks to a criminally negligent public school system that has left 50% of Detroit’s adult males functionally illiterate — can see this is the path to banana republicanism. The great fear of the Framers, the “tyranny of the majority” will be upon us.

For those who are unconcerned about this state of affairs, or are so focused on the fortunes of team Trump to see what really matters, I ask you to show me one instance in history where one-party rule – other than the tiniest of nations – has not either led to a dystopian hellscape wherein a tiny batch of cloistered, wealthy and connected elites rule over vast swaths of marginalized and poor, or, conversely, an authoritarian structure does not rise to keep things running where civil liberties are a dim memory in favor of the trains being on time.

Either way, for all the Trump-haters, who ignorantly called the man who did more to try and decentralize power away from DC and back to the statehouse and town hall than any president in my lifetime, a ‘fascist,” just you wait. Try to imagine Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and whoever will be Biden’s handlers full power. You won’t need a history book to see what living under a one-party jackboot was like. You’ll be living it.

This opinion piece was powerful and laid out the insane things the Democrats will try and pass should they gain control of the Senate, the House, the Court, and the White House. I recommend checking it out.


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