Kristi Noem BLASTS ABC Anchor for Dismissing Election Fraud Evidence

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America / CC BY-SA (

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem fought back against ABC News Host George Stephanapolous after he claimed that no evidence of election fraud has been found that may have impacted the 2020 presidential election results. While all major new outlets have prematurely declared Joe Biden the winner the Trump campaign has brought forward multiple legal challenges regarding election fraud in multiple battleground states. Multiple states, such as Georgia must also conduct ballot recounts.

In a report from The Daily Wire:

“Governor Noem, do you have any evidence that it wasn’t an honest election?” Stephanopoulos asked, adding: “Do you have any evidence at all of widespread fraud? I’ve spoken with Republican secretaries of state in Georgia, in Arizona; I’ve spoken [with] Republican officials across the country. They have come up with zero evidence of widespread fraud.”

“That is not true. That is absolutely not true,” Noem began, pushing back on the host’s claims that there is no evidence of “widespread fraud.” “People have signed legal documents, affidavits stating that they saw illegal activities, and that is why we need to have this conversation in court.”

“The New York Times itself said that there were clerical errors. If you look at what happened in Michigan, that we had computer glitches that changed Republican votes to Democrat votes. You look in Pennsylvania, dead people voted in Pennsylvania,” Noem said. “So, George, I don’t know how widespread it is. I don’t know if it’ll change the outcome of the election, but why is everybody so scared just to have a fair election and find out.”

Evidence of election tampering has been found in multiple states. In Michigan, clerical errors were found that allegedly flipped Republican votes to support Biden. In Pennsylvania, ballot watchers were denied from entering polling places.

Multiple politicians have offered congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden while adding that President Trump is entitled to legally challenge the results in courts. Republican Senator Susan Collins was among those to issue a statement congratulating Biden while adding that there is a process in place to challenge the results in certain states.


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