Battleground State’s Republican Party Chairman Echoes Doubts fo Election Transparency

Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons

The Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, David Shafer is echoing claims that election officials in Democrat-leaning Fulton County used dubious tactics to count votes. County officials claimed that they were shutting down counting for a night at the tabulation center State Farm Arena at 10:30 p.m. However multiple election officials continued to count additional ballots in secret until 1 a.m.

Doug Collins, who recently conceded in GA’s Senate race to Kelly Loeffler, has been tapped by President Trump to lead the recount efforts in the Peach State. Collins seemingly agreed with Shafer’s statements that Georgia election officials engaged in suspicious behavior while counting votes when he retweeted the message.

Fox News reports:

He continued, “No one disputes that Fulton County elections officials falsely announced that the counting of ballots would stop at 10:30 p.m. No one disputes that Fulton County elected officials unlawfully resumed the counting of ballots after our observers left the center.”

Shafer said media outlets are “gaslighting you” when they claim there was no evidence of “irregularities in the election.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday that election officials in the state have not found any evidence of wrongdoing. The paper’s report said there have been cases of “minor issues” caused by human error.

Fulton County on Saturday began re-scanning some votes first counted Friday. County officials said they noticed some ballots had not been counted or scanned properly. County spokesperson Jessica Corbitt said workers are rescanning the batch of ballots in question and they would repost the results later.

Donald Trump along with the Georgia Republican Party has filed lawsuits in the state alleging that votes received after Election Day were counted to help Democrat Joe Biden win the state. Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, has also announced there will be a recount of votes in Georgia.

    1. Satan is their lord, they are doing his bidding in lieing, cheating, stealing, and taking babies lives but not only the young one but the seniors too. I remember while Obomba was still in office where workers of a nursing center, was holding food and water from a woman because she was not protuctive any more. I cried for that woman and all the others this happened to. Biden was Vip president then…WE DON’T NEED HIM AS PRESIDENT NOW

  1. This entire election was rigged right from the word “covid”. When they (demonrats) began their chant of “mail in voting” due to epidemic restrictions, that should have waved a HUGE red flag as to what they were about to pull off. We (conservatives) sat back and watched their entire plot unfold before our eyes. They telegraphed what they were going to do and then did it. We did nothing to stop them. We are not nearly as ruthless as they are. This needs to change. They will lie, cheat and steal at every opportunity and we need to stand up to them with as much vigor as they put out. The Republican party has been far to meek in dealing with the shumer’s, piglosi’s, and the shiff’s of this country. Trump has been besieged every single day of his presidency by these leftist traitors in coup attempt after coup attempt. President Trump has had to fend off russia, russia, russia, stormy, stormy, stormy, impeach, impeach, impeach plus a multitude of other attacks for four years. And what do the conservatives and weak Republicans do? Fret and wring their hands is about it. Blatant treasonous and seditious acts go unmentioned as if was just another day in the life of America. Can you imagine the OUTRAGE if we had treated “bath house barry” like this? I am afraid that they have won and actually stolen this election. They will never lose another one to conservatives as they will hone these skills of cheating and deceit more and more as time progresses. If these treasonous cowards are not exposed now, we will never win another election. Sorry for the long rant. God help us all.

    1. It did wave a huge “red flag” Joseph but it was completely ignored by everyone except Trump. This election was a bigger scam than the Russian hoax, the phony impeachment BS or the so-called elite putting odumbo in our Oval Office. There was blatant fraud that is being covered up by our “so very honest politicians”, the media and the courts.If this election is allowed to stand it will be the biggest scam in our history. You have to remember that most of the repubs are also afraid their total corruption will be exposed by a Trump 2nd term and they right along with the democrats need to protect their inner circle of career crooks.Term limits need to be forced on ALL public offices(2 terms is enough).

    1. I love to say it! The left wouldn’t have a chance!!! They are hateful people and a large percentage of them are dishonest.

      1. NO in States where there are these issues, the Candidate has to accept a recount w vote audit, or redo the election for that state with appropriate proof of ID

    1. The only way to go Tony Rader, If Biden doesn’t agree to it then it confirms that the present election was rigged in his favour. The people deserve a honest, democratic election to restore credibility in the system

    2. You are exactly right !!!!!! in person voting only with photo IDs and proof of residence,absentee ballots for deployed military personnel only and “ZERO” mail-in ballots.

  2. If you can’t handle President Trump, you can move to another Country. Just wait until y’all see the fraud that has been going on. Penalties are now in place for voter fraud!

  3. The votes were legal up through Tuesday, the official voting day, and Trump was leading by a wide margin. At earliest dawn on Wednesday, ballots were beginning to be trucked in, counted with Republican observers refused admittance, windows papered over, and suprise! Biden won them all! No absentee ballots for Trump, thousands for Biden. It stinks! Where are the military ballots (beside the Trump ones found thrown away)? There should be thousands. The Georgia counters said they were expecting only 8000 military ballots, FROM THE ENTIRE ARMED SERVICES? For the first time, I’m ashamed of something in my beloved country.

    1. Mr to JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS. BIDEN OBAMA and Hillary were IVOLVED in human trafficking in Mexico. This swamp needs to emptied fast . can’t even trust our own government FBI CIA HECK THEY ARE ALL IM IT JUST A NORMAL CORRUPT DAMOCRAP DAY. LIE CHEAT STEAL. AND DECEIVE. THE PUBLIC TAKE THEIR MONEY. DO NO WORK AND RUN MOITJS

      1. when you are full of the devil you will do anything and think it is ok, they are void of any conscience at all.

  4. Do it man, do it. We must not trust no one in this Democrat run cities. If fraud was carried out in other states, what makes us think it did not happened in Georga? I think all 50 states should be looked into.

  5. THIS is exactly why the democommunists fight tooth and nail against ‘Voter ID’. The only thing that means anything to communists is POWER.

  6. Im just so sick of it all how these dumbocrats can do what they do and gett. Away with all this shit its just overwhelming. Im suck to my stomach how they can be so corrupt and just keep getting away with it all. You steal a 1 dollar item from the dolar store and youll have a very hard time finding another job. These people running this country doing fraud lieing causung riots. And they go on getting paod. Its fucking a discrace what we american people have to live with

    1. even tho the conservatives have the majority in the Supreme Court with Amy Coney Barrett , there’s the Chief Justice Roberts,, that will somehow sabotage things..I wish Alito was the Chief Justice, he deserves to be..Looks like our conservatives are Thomas, Gorsuch, Amy Barrett, Alito and Kavanaugh..Hopefully that majority we can count on. I’m lumping traitor Roberts with the 2 liberal judges and Breyer..

  7. Good. Recount Georgia vote, all of them! Something is very fishy in this whole election! Dems are cheating! This must stop! Americans deserve a fair election.

  8. WOW — what a shocker — the media says there was no fraud– who didn’t see that coming. There was this same kind of fraud throughout the many states that need to be investigated by independent agencies. Since when does the dirtbag/socialist/leftist/lying media dictate where there was fraud and who wins the election.


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