CNN’s Jake Tapper Claims Trump Supporters will Face Employment Hardships Over Political Affiliation

nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s Jake Tapper just doesn’t know when to keep his opinions to himself. Recently, Tapper took to Twitter to engage in his favorite pastime which seems to be insulting Republicans. The Democrat claimed that Republicans should be nervous seeking employment in the future because of their political affiliations.

The Daily Wire reports:

On Friday, as the results of the presidential election were still being tabulated, CNN anchor Jake Tapper repeatedly mocked President Trump’s children, referring to them as “spawn.” Tapper referred to the “untethered and wild allegations being made by the president and his spawn” and encouraged people to “check out the Twitter feed of the president’s spawn, because it is like rantings in crayon by somebody having an LSD trip.”

The three-way conversation among Tapper and CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash and CNN’s White House correspondent Abby Phillip commenced with Tapper pronouncing, “Dana, the three of us have been noting the response or lack thereof from Republican officials when it comes to the untethered and wild allegations being made by the president and his spawn and his supporters about the election, all of the crazy and false claims about it being stolen.”

Tapper brought up a statement from GOP Utah Senator Mitt Romney, referring to it as “mealy mouthed” because Romney started by acknowledging President Trump was within his rights to request recounts or call for an investigation of alleged voting irregularities where evidence exists.

Tapper attacks anyone who supports Trump or is related to him. His sad displays on social media seem to be the only way he can remain relevant.

  1. In the past it was an American right to vote for a candidate of choice. Now if we don’t vote a certain way, we will “pay for it”? And that’s legal to be harassed for voting and having a God Given right of opinion???? What country did I wake up in today????? Who took me out of America?????

    1. That’s what happens when you take your eyes off the ball. Someone who want’s to destroy you grabs your ball and runs with it. The liberal press did a great job of censuring the President for four years. Printing lies and innuendos. We didn’t like it but no one stopped listening to them or stopped buying their papers. We finance their garbage. .

      1. Amen, Grace! My family quit buying newspapers, several years ago, when they all started going down the Demoncrat road.

    2. A country that is full of uninformed fools that willingly vote for democrats, and allow their school districts to teach children lies and filth like the 1619 project.

    3. This is not the first time that Tapper has threatened Trump supporters. Its media that has made me not listen to the news and their reports as they are all lies. I have even sent emails to news stations in regard to them calling Biden President elect. telling them this is false informaion as the votes are still out and there is no projected winner. One got very nasty with me WKOW channel 27 out of Madison Wisconsin.

  2. They might want to take a peak at who they are working for and wonder “who” is going to be looking for work and what they will be putting on their resume’. Meanwhile, the up & coming news outlets are in no need of “opinionists”. They do their own marketing, producing, research and reporting. Hmmm.

  3. Tapper your very jealous trump dont give a crap Your all burning up at cnn your going crazy. Are you all sleeping at night. I guess the answer is no. Lmao lmao the jokes on you. Fools you sound rediculous all of you .it shows your all burning up inside. Were sitting back laughing at you jerk offs


  5. American will not stand by and let you degrade us…there is a war coming…we are ready for it…call in the military…most of them are our brothers and sisters…come when you think you have the balls…cheating in the election is not the end….it’s just the beginning…we were born free and we will die free….are you ready to make that kind of commitment….live or die we will be free.

  6. For the good of the nation I think your lying network should go off the air Mr. Tapper. This country is a Republic and based on Christian values. It is clear Mr. Tapper that your network doesn’t believe in either of those things. Your attitudes and threats align more with Stalin than George Washington.

  7. What a left wing loser is Jake Tapper. We need to do to that lowlife what Maxine Waters did to Republicans – get in his face. He would be wise to keep his threats to himself. Just a suggestion, Tapper, do as you think best.

  8. Hmmm, who are the NAZI’s? That would be the left with their lists, threats, Antifa Brownshirts, media propaganda machines, weaponizing government agencies, censoring free speech and trying to remove the second amendment. Come after us Tapper. You ready for an awakening?

  9. I think what we are seeing is Jake knows he is toast ,so is unraveling , section 18 US code of military justice , Treason ,knowingly spreading misinformation to undermine the state and duly elected officials, can be execution ,or very long sentences . Besides it is jake who’s job security is melting, if cnn is 150 billion in debt they will have to continue their program of finding sexual misconduct allegations ,to terminate contracts ,I would say its sad to see but …. nah , just can’t .

    1. Jake Tapper better keep his opinions to him self. It is not doing any good to to shoot his mouth. His bosses want to be polite and ask for cooperation from the Republicans. In fact Biden himself ask for understanding and cooperation from the Republicans. Funny he did not say anything about not being able to get a Job. This is more the reason to keep a Republican Administration!!.

  10. I has bee said America will be defeated from within. The situation we are in is coming from within and our enemies are salivating. If we find our way out of this those who are responsible should stand trial.

    1. There was a man back in the 60’s that said” the document (constitution) that made this country great is the same document (constitution) that will destroy it”. That is happening right in front of our eyes today. The democrats site the constitution almost everyday and how the republicans are not following the constitution. We have to many Americans that are buying into that lie.

  11. Tapper is one face of left wing fascism in America today. He is too stupid to realize that he is having the country go down a totalitarian road.

  12. Tapper is a Jerk. Not a Newsman nor a Journalist, just a CNN Hack. He better stick to CNN.Bye the way, How many news outlets would a Communist type Govt need? I would think ONE like Pravda. Someone has got to go. Good luck Tapper.

  13. The liberal news media is nothing more than “liberal news slaves unable to have a original thought for themselves with out checking with the CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership first”!!!!! A CHEATER CRIMINAL DEMOCRATIC LYING MACHINE and that is the God’s honest truth!!!! Freedom of the press is no more, period!!!!………

  14. I died 8 times fighting for my country during Desert Storm It’s a miracle that I am still breathing and sorry little [email protected] momma’s boys are trying to steal every single right I earned while they are too big of [email protected] to fight for anything, and will risk death for absolutely nothing and now they are wanting to put the brave down as well? WTF? They need to wake out of their sugar comas before the real soldiers put them in a real coma!!!

  15. WOW….this Trapper person is bent on taking this country into a communist government isn’t he?
    Last time I checked, if a person is willing and able and qualified for a job they are hired, no matter who they voted for, the color of their skin or what church they attend or don’t attend…..
    If the time ever comes in this country that being hired is based on who you voted for, civil war will not be far behind and the media and communist democrats will be the first ones taken out to stop the propaganda.
    The media’s hate toward those of us that have different opinions or views from theirs makes their access to the public a weapon. The media types are the instigators of brainwashing others, turning them into weapons, to bring harm to 70 MILLION PLUS AMERICANS…

  16. Hey CNN go back under the ro k where you came from because I for one will not be intimidated by the likes of you! And start preparing for gitmo or execution for TREASON because it’s coming for all of you!

  17. Are companies going to ask who you voted for on your application? LMBO, SERIOUSLY! It is a constitutional right to vote and nobodies business who you voted for.

  18. Tapper is an indiscriminate piece ,of human excrement with a big mouth. He’s right up there with ear wax. Talk about an air pirate. How low can CNN go???

  19. What’s so unusual with Trappers comments?He has been making them since they placed a mic in front of him.It’s all part of the Communist takeover of America that has been in the works for many years,but people refused to believe it. Now that it’s here,you can either fight it or accept it,your choice.

  20. first of all Jake. Everyone that voted for Trump works honest jobs and own and run businesses for a living.
    Everyone that voted for your imagined socialist utopia agenda is either brain washed like you and the rest of the political hacks in the MSM, a slacker, a liar, criminal or a Democrat politician. Hence, the millions of fake ballots.

  21. Tapper and the rest of the liberal media, along with Democratic Socialist party are sitting ,back just waiting for Biden to reverse everything positive the administration has done for America, and return us back to era of Obamas disastrous reign. Rampant voter fraud, and a corrupt Biden/ Harris regime, just waiting to set America back at least twenty years. Liberal judges, refusing to acknowledge the lefts criminality, by denying the President’s right to a fair election. They will send us to a 3rd world hell, at the first opportunity, which is why the only chance this country has is to ensure the GOP continues to lead in the Senate. Please God save us from this evil. Why do the American people continue to vote for the same corrupt, evil politicians, every election? They don’t come anymore dishonest and anti American, than Pelosi, Schitf, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Hilary Watters, Nadler, Comey, Strozk etc.

  22. We’ll remember that, Tapper, when CNN’s already anemic ratings tank to the point where the network goes under – and you yourself are in the unemployment lines.

  23. If Republicans get fired for their political beliefs they can sued their former employer for all they worth. Firing people for their political beliefs is unconstitutional and against the current law.

  24. Comrade Tapper, When did you leave China, the owners of the Biden family? Only Communist atheists speak as you do. You obviously know the Devil quite well to use such a word as “spawn.” Let me tell you about America: We live free here, we respect the rights of others to disagree without damaging their welfare, to worship God, and to seek employment without being threatened because they don’t want to be Communists. Apparently, the “Communist News Network,” CNN, has had a negative influence on your thinking. Stop seeking attention for yourself in this way, it makes you out to be a small, petty man of no consequence.

  25. I agree with Trapper because Trump is evil! I was a Democrat that became an Republican but after doing an comparison study on Biden and Trump I voted for Biden and all I can. Say is thank you Jesus that Biden won because you my Lord is the one in charge! I am going to change my party back to Democrat. Trump makes fun of women. He is racist and prejudice. He called one female Native American Senator Pocahontas! He makes fun of n people who studders. He hates black people. He went bankrupt 7 times and missed up the economy of Atlantic City! He wouldn’t give us his tax return. He lied to President Obama and us and said he wouldn’t get rid of Obama Care and that is the first place he did. He built his stupid wall and Medico refuses to pay for it. He separated the children from their parents who were illegal aliens. When Hitler was the dictator of Germany and the Nazis caused the Hollacaust Hitler that practicality caused the downfall of Germany during World War II kept records so the survivors of the Conentraction camps could f I nx their families. Trump has no records so the children can’t find their families and parents! He wanted to stop Medicare and Social Security! When Biden won the election Trump tried to sue by going to the Supreme Court and they said to g I to the smaller courts first. He said that the pandimic is no worst than the flu. He got it gave it to his wife and some of those in the White House! I made one mistake by giving him some money when I thought he gave us the Stimulus but I found out he didn’t give it to us but the Senate and The House in The Congress wrote the Bill and he just approved of it. His people kept emailing me asking for more money so I kept erasing it wondering why a billionaire would want any more money. I then unsubscibed his emails. Then everybody in his family except for Brandon Trump the youngest one of his family who is 17 and lives in The White House started to s send me an email and whenever I unsubscribed them another one of his family would email me. I even was invited to The White House if I gave more donations. I wrote Trump and asked him to stop sending me more emails. He ignored my letter so I called the White House to complain. I was hoping when the elections were over that the emails would end. I know God is in charge so I asked God who I should vote for and I felt impressed to vote for our President Elect Biden and he won and so did our first Black Asian Female Vice President Harris. One day we may have a female President. Trump said Biden is Sleepy Joe but Biden is shudderer and is slow when he speaks. Biden wasn’t supposed to make it through high school but he got an college degree! Trump didn’t even join any arm forces. Biden doesn’t have akzheimers at all. Trump tried to defund the post office so they wouldn’t have been able to send everybodies vote in. He tried to stop the votes received after election day. Including the votes overseas from our military. Trimp knew he committed so many crimes in office that if he lost he would be arrested, tried and convicted. He knew he would be sued. He said he won’t leave his White House after Biden is sworn into office on January 20, 2021. Trump was told by The Speaker Of The House that the military would be called to escort him out as vx if need be even in handcuffs! Trump hates to lose. Biden wants the Pandemic to end and wants a vacine to end it. He said he didn’t care whoever didn’t vote for him we are all Americans and he will be the President for America. The only thing I disagree about is he is for legalized Abortions but I must take the bad with the good. He is the oldest President we have in office. He was vice President for President Obama. Trump is the worst President we ever had in office I am surprised he wasn’t ever shot in office. He says he is a Christian Presbyterian but I feel if he is a Christian then Satan will go to Heaven. Hd wanted to make homosexuality illegal again and those that had same sex marriage would be desolved so their righrs would end. Trump has a cult following. So did Jim Jones. All the Trumpers told me Trump doesn’t need to wear glasses because he has 2020 vision he would win by we proved that was a mistake because Trump lost sf f Biden won. I won’t say Go Trump 2024 if he tries to run in 2024 but if Biden and Harris runs in 2024 I say Go Biden and Harris 2024!

  26. Another thing I want to say is when George Foreman was killed all they wanted to do is protest which is all of our rights but Trump made it worst by saying they were rioting and made up and the police in Seattle Washington wants to quit.. Where woukd we be without the police? We wold be under anarchy. Black lives matter! Trump says the news is fake! The news is the news and it isn’t fake!

  27. No wonder CNN has super low ratings. The only people they employ are dumb idiots who couldn’t get a job anywhere else. Tapper and his friends on CNN need to find a new job like cleaning the sewers of NY, Sad, very sad.

  28. It is beyond me why anyone would want to work against the good of America. If you want to work against America, work against abortion, sodomy, and the devil who has us by the throat. This is spiritual warfare, and if we don’t turn back to Christ, whom we forced out of America so bringing us to this state of affairs, we will perish – just as has every other society in history that went down this road!


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