Did Dems and the FDA Conspire Against Trump?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

News recently broke from the drug company Pfizer that a coronavirus vaccine may be authorized by the end of November. President Trump is claiming that the Food and Drug Administration and the Democrats have intentionally delayed releasing news on the vaccine in an effort to hurt his re-election chances.

Trump tweeted, “The FDA and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN, prior to the election, so instead it came out fave days later- As I’ve said all along!”

The drug company has released early results of the COVID-19 vaccine with promising results. According to data, the vaccine has shown it to be 90% effective in inoculating the virus.

The Daily Wire reported:

The announcement was touted by the Trump administration as a success for Operation Warp Speed, the administration’s plan to greatly accelerate the production of a coronavirus vaccine. Kathrin Jansen, a senior vice president and the head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer, had initially denied that the company had ever taken part in the Trump administration initiative.

“We were never part of the Warp Speed,” Jansen told The New York Times. “We have never taken any money from the U.S. government, or from anyone.”

Pfizer later walked back Jansen’s comment, claiming that the Times took her comments out of context and that the pharmaceutical company participated in Operation Warp Speed. Pfizer had put out a press release back in July announcing as much.

“Pfizer is proud to be one of various vaccine manufacturers participating in Operation Warp Speed as a supplier of a potential COVID-19 vaccine. While Pfizer did reach an advanced purchase agreement with the U.S. government, the company did not accept BARDA funding for the research and development process,” the company said in a statement. “All the investment for R&D and manufacturing has been made by Pfizer at risk. Dr. Jansen’s comment, which was taken out of context, was just emphasizing that last point.”

The vaccine likely won’t be widely distributed for many months once it’s released because drug manufacturers will be working to produce enough doses. The first to receive the vaccine will be the most vulnerable populations which have been affected by the virus.

  1. Wow empty . it does sound like a Damocrap move. AND we all know how much this media loves to destroy the truth. No surprise there
    To end this arrest BIDEN . that means FBI get off your but and do the job you were hired to do get off the cover up wagon . if they would have done that we would not have to worry about biden and his communist clan including the swap rats and don’t forget AOC don’t want to feel left out and the pooor little girl with bussing problems lock them up for life and a firing squad . problem solved for all. Then freedom for all AMEN

    1. The FBI cannot arrest Biden. There has to be a legitimate inquiry via Congressional committee investigations, which may or may not agree that Biden’s dealings and money extortion from China amount to a crime. I think he is a self-serving criminal. Wish we could lock him up. But the process does not lead to this. Trump should have called for an investigation as soon as Biden launched his running campaign.

      1. so the rich and famous and corrupt politicians including the FBI, CIA in your mind are all exempt from prosecution. If the situation was reversed Trump and friends would already be in jail. The Demos plan now to sue Trump at every turn,

        1. No I think she said that they’d have to agree to being investigated and prosecuted before the DOJ and FBI agree to get off their asses to do their jobs and not a moment before! The perversion of justice!! But I’m here to encourage you: President Donald J Trump will be reelected the 45th POTUS after they clear out the illegal ballots stay tuned!!! 🇺🇸 TRUMP MAGA KAG 2020 AND BEYOND!!!!

    2. Fully agree….the FBI was ding a money laundering investigation involving Hunder Biden and from hands on people we know that sleppy Joe was receiving some of the proceeds. The FBI has had the laptop and info since Dec. 2019, so how long does it take to develop a case…..Go to the Grand Jury, they will indict a Ham Sandwich if someone asks them to do so. In other words, get the show on the road…..this should have been available for public consumption PRIOR to the election!

  2. I would have no doubt the democrats and deep state personnel in the FDA would do anything to hurt Trump and that includes holding back approvals. The swamp is very deep and polluted.

  3. The President’s Tweet is 100% correct. The timing of the announcement is suspicious like everything the Left puts out. They don’t want any credit going to the Trump Administration if they can help it! I heard that Biden was contacted by Pfizer about the vaccine BEFORE the Election. Can that be confirmed??

  4. It’s not a Conspiracy if its true!! Ms. Jansen lied about not being part of “Warp Speed” so I am sure she is lying about the Democrats and the FDA. A Liar is always a Liar!!

    1. ha ha , no conspiracy is conspiracy , some are true and proven ,lots are being researched , some are still theoretical , the undeniable truth is rich and powerful people keep getting together and planning ,away from the eyes of us little people ,they would rather we stopped investigating ,a sure sign they are up to no good ,so if something is officially a conspiracy theory you know it is a sore spot

  5. Vaccine or no vaccine, President Trump gets ALL THE CREDIT whether they want to admit it or not! Period!
    Slow joe is corrupt, WILL ALWAYS BE AN ILIGETIMAT PRESIDENT, and NOT MY PRESIDENT! Those who were stupid enough to vote for this KARKAS OF AN EMPTY SUITE, will soon find out what a great mistake they made.
    Unfortunately, it will be to late.
    Please help the 2 people running for the 2 Senate seats in Georgia. WE MUST KEEP THE SENATE TO STOP THIS INSANITY!

      1. Yep, but sadly we will all suffer from Socialism/Communism in a few short years.It’s amazing how ignorant the American Democrats really are.Watch the UN come alive again and attempt put their Agenda’s 21,35 and 50) in place to create a One World Government,with an Oligarchy government.Thank you Democrats. Hope you have enough balls to tell those of us who knows what’s going to happen,you voted Democrat.

  6. Not to change the subject here but, and go ahead and call this my conspiracy theory:
    First, Fauci, head of CDC or whatever agency it is and also being a demo shill
    Second, what was that story about Fauci and the CDC trying to develop a virus like this, then being shutdown by Homeland, only to export the research to China on the taxpayers’ dime?
    Finally, and this is the kicker, I have not heard of anyone running the numbers on how much money the SSA has quit having to pay out in Social Security benefits to all the victims.
    As a side thought, how many of those victims voted democrat this election cycle?
    Y’all think about it and have a nice day.

  7. They are against you for sure. Trump.Let’s give to Biden what the dems. did to Trump. I will never ever accept Biden as Our prez. He is a racist against the blacks, Hate’s the trump people, will give China what they want so They can destroy America. Iran has already said what they want from Biden. Hunter and daddy are so corrupt with China and Iran. We will watch everything you do. We need to do impeachment immediately against Biden because he is a security risk to the U.S. for what he owes China because of Hunter. Harris slept to the top. She is nothing to us and we will fight her too. WE will stay divided because we will NEVER BOW TO ANYONE ESPECIALLY A DEMOCRAT.

    1. China Joe probably doesn’t realize his days are numbered as president.Harris will cut his legs out from underneath him in a few short months,and enact the 25th Amendment,which crazy Nancy has already in waiting. Joe will end up in a nursing home,smiling, with a little girl on his lap.

  8. It’s very obvious that the FBI is not in favor of the President, Trump made the mistake to choose one of their members to promote to director, look how he proceed with Roger Stone, there are other agencies such as CIA & State Dept. specially inside the security apparatus that are the enemies of the “we the people” as the famous saying “the proof is in the pudding” states, all of the culprits involved in the conspiracy of the Russian Gate are still free and they are laughing at us, again the DOJ has not done the work for us and we now see the results of all these traitors, which hate the President, so happy with the newest conspiracy to steal the election no matter what, at the end we hope the SCOTUS will be willing to step in and save our country, they are the last boat remaining afloat.

  9. Dims care more about their power grab and putting their name on the vaccine than helping our nation. Look at how they responded to the vaccine coming under Trump instead of Biden….shameful!

  10. OF COURSE they DID!!! They are using this FAKE, PLANNEDemic AGAINST HIM!!! HUGE mistake on Trump’s part to go along with this NONSENSE!!! YUUUUUUGE!!!!!!!!
    This WAS, and IS…….JUST A FLU!!!!!! These ‘tests’ are FRAUDULENT, too!! Spending TAX PAYER $$$$ on a HOAX!!!!! I thought that you were smarter than this, President Trump! JAIL FRAUD-FAUCI NOW!!! And EVIL Bill Gates, while you’re at it!

  11. All and every Damocrap and company and organization that interferes with a election and the safety of our communities should be in prison for life of they trying. To mandating. Restricing buissnes stores restraunts any public official that interferes should never have a public office and should be imprisoned.

  12. Agreed, it’s time a move was made to arrest Biden. I thought there was a law against criminals being permitted to run for the presidency. At very least arrest the son. He certainly shouldn’t be running around, free. Besides, how long should it take for the FBI to trace the money in the Biden family. Biden didn’t get multi million dollar houses, even from a VP’s income. And if it’s true, as his son actually whined, he took fifty percent of his son’s pay (after taxes, I presume – what a way to get around that little hurdle!) it shouldn’t be too hard to find evidence. God forbid if it took several years to investigate EVERY crime, I might even agree with the demonrats and vote to defund our police services. But I won’t, and I haven’t, because THEY make arrests. THEY make sure that criminals pay the price for their crimes. Oh hell, it’s time to push the ineffective and totally warped and corrupted FBI out of the way and sic the local constabulary on Biden’s ass.
    In the meantime, if the FBI is in the demonrats’ pocket, it’s more than likely the FDA was too. And since Pfizer was disrespectful enough to inform the wanna-be “president elect” (note that is deliberately not capitalized, a charlatan does not deserve capitals) before they informed the man who committed to purchase the product of their so called “at risk” research in the first place, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine them consorting with the enemy and conspiring to withhold legitimate credit from their REAL CLIENT, until it was no longer likely to give him any measurable boost in his re-election.

  13. Like so many wonderful things President Trump has done for the American people, no one was more dedicated in finding a cure for COVID 19 then the President. To think that Biden will take credit for this as he will for everything Trump has done should he cheat his way into the presidency, is disgusting. Biden is devoid of original thoughts and plans for the country except to destroy all the good that President Trump has done. Biden has never accomplished anything over his 47 years in Washington DC except to line his pockets and those of his family by hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars from foreign entities at taxpayer expense. This man should be in jail along with the other corrupt family, the Clintons. And if the great AG Barr had released John Durham’s report before the election that must show the corruption of the Bidens, this man would never have stood a chance of ever being near the White House. Now – none of that willl come to light nor will justice be served against Obama and the rest of his criminal enterprise in the FBI, CIA, the Clintons and other Democrats.

  14. No doubt they did. They’re part of the entrenched bureaucracy that IS “The Swamp”.

  15. Every single one of the uncountable number of government agencies is corrupt. At this point, any corporate entity with global ties is corrupt. All major media outlets are corrupt and Biden, Obama, Clapper and Brennan all still have access to the “Hammer”. And the Republican idiots like Lankford want to give them more access ???
    It’s Trump and the legal voters against the world now.

  16. Absolutely conspired together – deep state and world government.
    Oh sure we are now all suppose to come together after “THEY” did everything possible to destroy President Trump’s presidency. The president we put in office to end the reign of the Ivy league elite.

    Bidden, if he makes it, will only be the BLM, Antifa and socialist President. Over 50 % of Americas will not support him to continue his greed for $$$ and his China conections. His time in office will be a FRAUD.


  18. Thanks for serving Americans… free of charge.. if only the Liberals, would put their own money where their mouth is, instead of spending all of our money!

  19. Hopefully right after President Trump is declared the 2020 Presidential election he will make a call to the FDA and fire the knuckleheads responsible for the disinformation campaign in that agency! Maybe that individual or the people involved after being fired will be able to refocus their life/lives back to science and stay out of corrupt politics!! President Donald J Trump will be reelected the 45th POTUS after they clear out the illegal ballots stay tuned!!! 🇺🇸 TRUMP MAGA KAG 2020 AND BEYOND!!!!

  20. If Commissar Biden steals the election, that will be the end of all investigations into criminal wrong doing by the last administration and their accomplices. They will begin to implement their complete socialist takeover.

  21. At the present time I have lost respect for the Justice system in the US. Tons of people that belong behind bars are running around free. Obama – Hillary – Biden’s son etc. It is not right that they are protected since they are so corrupt. So we have 2 justice systems protection for crooked politicians and a different tune for the average citizen of this country. That is not ok with the citizens of this country. This better change soon.

  22. We have a saying that goes like this. By the time you go, I already went and came back. I knew Democrats were planning all this along. Kept saying there was no approved or rapid vaccine in the making. All to discredit Trump and his administration. But now that they are claiming Bidens win, they are eager to promote and get credit. What a bunch of hypocrites, liars, and election stealers.

  23. I believe the FDA is just another Chunk of the Deep State that is ran by Democrat Thugs ! They don’t care about the USA at all !

  24. Not going to be any investigation, Wray is a dirty cop, plain and simple. Sat on Hunters lap top so We the People couldn’t see how dirty he and Joe are. The Justice Dept. is so corrupt. Barr gives orders and they ignore him. Trump ordered all the security clearances pulled from Obamas crew and they refused. How the hell can that be? Welcome to the new Venezuela.

  25. Any one with eyes can see it is President Trump that LOVES America. He INDEED worked to speed up the vaccine, to keep America FREE, to STOP socialism, to STOP the Lies, Stealing & Corruption in America. WAKE UP AMERICA! your country is BURNING, DEMON-CRATS are the reason.

  26. Like I said, the “deep State” is really deep and not just the “State.” It permeates government at all levels including local police and Soros District Attorneys, and of course, the upper levels of most major corporations who think they will profit from a socialists takeover. Oh year, evil “Republican profits” are OK for socialist Democrats. They might want to taka look at how that worked out in Russia, Red China, Cuba, and Venezuela. Only Red China has relented, but still controls the country with an iron fist.
    They have spent decades bringing America to her knees through our public school system. The serpent is in the tent and it’s not going to be easy to get it out.


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