CNN’s Brian Stelter Praises Fox News Decision Desk

nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s Brian Stelter is changing his tune and has begun singing praises for Fox News amid the news network prematurely calling Arizona for Joe Biden. Stelter has openly criticized Fox News for years, even casting blame on them after the Tree of Life synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh in 2018. But now Stelter is saying Fox News has a “great decision desk.”

The out of character comment came during an interview with Newsmax’s CEO Chris Ruddy. During their conversation, Rudy questioned Fox’s reasoning behind calling Arizona so quickly yet then waiting hours to call Florida for Trump.

The Daily Wire reported their dialogue:

RUDDY: They called Arizona with 14 percent of the vote in. Many other networks never called it. Meanwhile, they wouldn’t call Florida for hours. Why? What was going on at Fox News that they didn’t want to give the president the sense that he was winning or had the potential shot of winning?

STELTER: Fox has a great decision desk. I respect their decision desk. They don’t — they don’t — they don’t do it like that. They don’t play games like that, Chris.

RUDDY: I think media malpractice. Let’s look at the Fox News poll. It was off by what, eight points? Almost every poll was — the data coming out of Fox was not good at all.

STELTER: Yes, we’re going to get into polls, but the Fox — the Fox polls are scientific. They were trying their best.

What could have possibly led to Stelter’s change of heart?

  1. Sold out by Fox. They are now on the team of the BEAST. But they could suddenly start losing followers. AON and News Max will take away many of their advertisers and the followers of God, truth and justice.

    1. They are already losing followers. Pres.Trump is thinking of having a news channel online. That would be great; real news for a change.

  2. I no longer watch FOX News. It has lost all credibility. It has turned on its base. I hope the people there I like (Pete, Will, Tucker, Sean, Laura, Mark, Lou) find new platforms.

    1. Yes, our whole family has ditched Faux News. Love Tucker and know he has a contract, but am so done with Fox!

    2. And Steve Hilton. He’s really good and no one ever mentions him, I guess because he keeps a low profile and is only on once a week.

    3. Those shows are the best around so I have to watch fox for Sean, Laura, Jessie, Lou, Pete, Judge J, Mark, Tucker etc. so there is no way I can boycott fox.

  3. Of course Humpty Dumpty is going to “praise” FOX news whenever they spew anything against Trump!!!!

    All republicans should covertly call the congressional offices of the democrat socialist/fascist progressives and tell them they need to be more proactive, more vocal as the NEW FACE of the NEW democrat socialist party. We need to encourage them to upend looney Pelosi and her husband, whining chuckle Schumer. We must tell them to keep advocating for open borders and free everything for illegals.
    We must get the democrat party to implode… it will certainly be entertaining to watch.

  4. Stelter again. Good grief, anyone can see he likes Fox now that it has joined the leftist ideology. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Fox abandoned its “fair and balanced” formula that worked for more than a decade.

  5. Can’t wait for an invitation to the Welcome home party for Fox given by the left wing fake news. I understand Fox is hemoraging listeners, the loyal fans who helped them get to the top. Fox will soon realize that what goes up can come down. They will just be another screed in the left wing jungle and not the respected conveyors of honest journalism they once were. Tucker, Hannity, Laura are probably locked into tight contracts and won’t be able to flee the carnage but eventually Fox won’t be able to afford them. Juan Williams, Donna Brazil and Marie Harf can take their place. Personally I am practicing a trick I learned from the liberals. It’s called boycott. I can be found at OANN or Newsmax. What goes around comes around.

  6. Fox News is dead and gone. The Murdoch brothers, their liberal Aussie wives and the turncoat Paul Ryan have succeeded in turning Fox News into another CNN et al.
    Fox Business is still reputable.
    If you have OAN watch it! Don’t even choose Fox News (TV and online) as you peruse channels and the internet. Even a split second access will skew their numbers in their favor.

  7. Well in my opinion Fox is a done deal with me.Newsmax and OAN.Fox can go to Hades.It certainly is no longer Fair and Balanced.B.O.H.I.C.Joe Biden the puppet and Camel the string puller.

  8. This bigotted pile of fat belongs in a pigsty. He can praise FOX but they have lost me to OAN and other conservative stations. I will listen to FOX Business when the conservatives are on as well as as FOX News with the few remaining conservatives like Hannity, Levin, Judge Jeanine, and Tucker Carlson (at times).

  9. Not that anyone needed more proof that Fox News is no longer conservative the CNN weasel, Brian Stelter provides that proof. Lachlan Murdock and Suzanne Scott have destroyed Fox News. When Roger Ailes died, Fox News died with it.

    1. The leftist Murdock kids and Paul Ryan have destroyed fox. But I still must watch the opinion shows because the hosts are by far the best in the business. Tucker , Hannity, Laura, Judge J, Gutfeld, Jessie, Lou D, Steve H, Levin, Pete H, Marie B, etc.

  10. When you see CNN being supportive of FOX, are you still going to believe that FOX has not changed? I still like Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, Margaret…., Hannity (at times), Carlson (at times), and The Angle (at times), and the early morning crew until 9 AM, the remainder are pathetic RINOs and leftists. So many contributors are now leftists. I will tune in to my favorite 7, especially Dobbs, but I will not the others, particularly Wallace, Cavuto, and their buddies, especially Karl Rove.

  11. When those from the Sith begin to praise you, your transformation to the Dark Side is complete. And I fear that there are not enough “true” Jedi to save the GOP. Help us, Obi Trump. You are our only Hope.

    1. I do but the set up of the shows and the personalities just aren’t up to par. Fox opinion shows are the Best all around.


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