Media and Investigators CAUGHT Trying to Suppress Postal Worker’s Fraud Claims

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A postal worker from Erie, Pennsylvania, Richard Hopkins, who made a damning allegation of election fraud supposedly recanted his story. At least according to The Washington Post and Democrats.

Project Veritas, a right-wing investigative journalism organization initially reported the claims of fraud and have returned with a statement from Hopkins stating that he never retracted his claims and that he was even coerced by an agent from the USPS Inspector General.

Fox News reported on the retraction and the accusation that this was a lie crafted by the media.

Richard Hopkins, a mail carrier from Erie, Pa., accused his boss of instructing employees to pick up and bring him ballots that were received after Election Day. Hopkins said he overheard his boss discussing backdating postmarks to make the ballots appear as though they had been collected by Nov. 3, instead of Nov. 4 or after.

In order for ballots to have been eligible in the state, they needed to be postmarked by Election Day.

Hopkins was said to have signed an affidavit recanting those claims, which Project Veritas argues was coerced.

Democrats jumped on the news of the recanting:

The Washington Post even reported that three officials briefed on the matter claimed that the claims were recanted.

Project Veritas responded with a video of Hopkins stating he never recanted and that more information would come out Wednesday.

They even released evidence of coercion:

Hopkins, a combat veteran and father has apparently been punished for his claims:

Many have questioned the veracity of O’Keefe’s claims but he welcomed the opportunity to be put under oath on the matter:

Lindsey Graham is now asking that these claims made by Hopkins be investigated by the FBI and DOJ.

    1. Is the “them” you are referring to people who are for DJT asking for a fair election or the Dems and their cohorts trying to cover for a fraudulent stolen election?
      Americans deserve the truth and the Constitution must be upheld! If this election was fraudulent and allowed to stand the Dems will have supreme power, control, all future elections will be meaningless and we can kiss America as we know it goodbye forever! You are about to understand the full meaning of socialism and communism and the end of our Republic! America is primed for the “fundamental change to America” Obama promised and worked on for 8 years!
      The Dems fought to make the 2016 election of DJT null, void and he removed from office for four years and they don’t want to clear the Democrat party’s name by taking a few weeks to validate the election? I have one question, WHY, DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE AND FEARFUL YOU WILL BE EXPOSED?
      I loathe that the Dems work off one set of rules and have different rules for the Republicans!

        1. Sworn statements from 500 people thru out the swing states with 1100 instances of VOTER FRAUD is enough proof for me !

        2. ‘PROOF’? It’s called COMMON SENSE! Something which you apparently LACK! When things ‘DON’T ADD UP’, it’s COMMON SENSE that there is CHEATING/FRAUD going on! This is NOT a ‘murder trial’ where one needs BEYOND a reasonable doubt. Even though it IS BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that there have been MASSIVE Election/Voter FRAUD!

    1. YUP, THEY ARE LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES! And todate in the full four years of President Trumps service to the American people he has fought them all. Good job President Trump and we all will donate to your defense of winning the 2020 election. To hell with the Fake News and the lying Dim wits particularly Senile Joe who knows only his lies.

    1. Some sort of GoFundMe comes to mind. Thank GOD for honest people like Mr. Hopkins!! Also, this proves how much our USPS needs to be REORGANIZED with HONEST PEOPLE in the higher offices!! WHAT A BUNCH OF LOW-DOWN RATTLESNAKES!!

      1. Its is so obvious the fraud, and still need to try to hide it. I talked to a man delivering mail at 8:45 at night. He was not a real PM, only trying out for the position! He said there were many of them in the same position! Sad to say with things being so tight money wise, many are looking for that hand out! DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE IN A GOVT POSITION THE RIGHT OR REASON FOR FREEBIES!

      1. Can’t you come up with something besides these same old, tired, liberal talking points? 20,000 lies?? You mean, like, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? Those kinds of lies???

  1. Democrats are illustrating the height of arrogance, acting as if they are know-it-alls and the remainder of us are a bunch of dummies.

    1. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it.

    1. The Democrats have done a better job managing the economy than the Republicans over the last 100 years and you can actually research that fact.

      1. No one has done better than president Trump. More blacks more Hispanics more of everyone had jobs under his administration than anyone before.

  2. See what I have been trying to tell everyone but many times my posts have been stoped for verification or completely removed. I just seen on entering this site investigaters have been caught hiding ballots. These investors are supposed to be controlled by FBI. SO AGAIN people how are we supposed to be able to TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT or LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS . this is a very bad situation. We have to get these type of investigation’s easier for the public to see. Like BIDEN and his Son excepting money from the Ukraine and China OUT IN THE OPEN. FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO SEE. AND the same is to be said about OBAMA, HILLARY,BIDEN about their human trafficking while down in Mexico. This IGNORANT GOVERNMENT AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS EXPOSED . NONE of these people none of them should be sleeping in their own comfortable beds or each others for that matter. They have to be ligetiably investigated charged and meet a firing squad immediately. BIDEN should have never been able to run for president until this was resolved. NEVER


    1. The main street media, MSM (i.e., TV Networks – CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox – only Fox doesn’t have any news bureaus so they don’t really count as a news source to begin with) have TV stations affiliated with them who have FCC licenses to broadcast in the “public interest”. Do you really think broadcasting fake news is in the public interest? Of course not, and if a TV affiliate lies, they would lose their license to broadcast. It’s only Trump who labels news as fake because it doesn’t flatter him. The story is true, but you bought Trump’s lies if you believe him. So far, 20,000+ lies in office according to the fact checkers.

      1. I can name, with facts, thousands of lies the media tells each & every day. It doesn’t matter if one has any license, it depends on who is validating the license behaviors. The FBI has even been found to lie, multiple, times. Never in the history of the country, have we seen such awesome economy. The PLANDEMIC was just another made up story to take down Trump. God put Trump into office & if you want to know your facts, go to the book of Revelations in the bible & you will see TRUMP mentioned at least 7 to 15 times. The difference between Trump & the trash, is they are all politicians & Trump is a real, validated, experienced business man. Someone like yourself, who probably knows nothing about any type of managing a business, can only fall for the lies. Give us PROOF of the 20,000 lies!!! If you knew your facts, fact checker is Democrat all the way & they’ve been caught lying multiple times & it has been brought to the surface. Proof of what Trump has done is all in his executive signed orders & agreements with foreign & domestic organizations. Signed & documented. I hear nothing on the news that is ever signed & documented.Sad way to prove your lies is through fact checker. Ha Ha Ha!!!

      2. You are such a dumba$$ Damnocrat. Keep repeating these “fact-checking” stats – that only shows your ignorance. Unfortunately, there are too many of you lame-brained idiots out there

      3. With your talking I wonder what kind of DR you are if one! Sure as H would not want any thing or people seeing you for a illness. YUCK!

    1. Socialism – a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

      Ever hear the Democrats advocating the elimination of the stock market? Get a new dictionary.

      1. We don’t live in a Democracy, fool. We live in a Constitutional Republic. You should have looked that up when you looked up the word “socialism.”

    1. You are so right. They are led by their Masters – China, Masters of Deceit. Propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, tyranny. IF you do not echo and adhere to the party line, you disappear.

  4. The Republicans in Congress have played by the rules trusting the Democrats to be doing the same which unfortunately they have not!
    The Dems over the years have embedded people in our intel community and other government institutions (part of the deep state) who will work for them and with them to insure the Dems are the party of power, whether they are elected to office or not! The American people, voters, are the only reason we have managed to sustain America as established by our forefathers but, the Dems have managed to grow their party by immigration (legal and illegal) until American patriots have been overwhelmed by their numbers. I am very fearful for America’s future generations!
    Congressional Republicans have failed America by having their heads in the sand while the Democrats burned America down around them!
    What ever happened to one of Ronald Reagan’s most famous statements, TRUST BUT VERIFY?

  5. The Democrats are an embarrassment to all people who don’t believe in their ideology and crooked ways. Time for them to be stamped out. They are not trust worthy and are leaning more communistic than towards democracy. Soros said Trump will not.get a 2nd term and then said trust me! He and the technology idiots and other wealthy elites are also behind this ruse. It’s power, power, power by the Democrats. These people who came up with mail in voting new full well that this is a way to cheat. Now they are threatening the whistle blowers. People who saw anything illegal needs to report it and be honest. This is disgraceful to our country, constitution and the people of this country. Time to turn the tables on the Democrats as they can’t be trusted and this his into the crooked Biden play book.

    1. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it.

    2. And the rioters, blm are asking for what was promised them? Hey biden what was it you promised, care to share that INFO?

  6. NOW intimidation tactics and no pay for this whistle blower and he is basically suspended without pay from the USPS who so obviously has dropped the ball as vans full of ballots are stopped at the Canadian border that number in the 800 thousands or hundreds, etc. driven by a postal worker? It was said to be full of ballots, so how many can a USPS VAN HOLD? BUT if you are a whistle blower against the dim wits you are punished severely but not if you are a whistle blower for the Gop and Trump since the fake whistle blowers for the dim wits aqainst Trump were super sheltered from any punishment and they had no proof or anything real to show the committees on all this super duper dirty dealings by Trump? Is that how that rule works? Apparently, the Gop needs to step up here for this whistle blower on the Trump side of things and protect him because he did see the dirty deeds being done via his job.

      1. The evidence is on every corner in every state, with videos proving such fraud. What other kind of evidence do you need. I, personally voted for Trump & my vote was NEVER counted. I have proof of that. EVIDENCE. I also have proof of a lady who wasn’t registered where she voted, but, the fraud pollsters, counted her vote.

      2. You need to look in the mirror, as you as saying provide the evidence, when the only evidence you provide is fact checkers & that is simply an entity that set up their own belief system. Check the facts on fact checker. EVIDENCE is on file due to a law suite being filed against “fact checker”.

  7. The biggest crime to me and every other American, regardless of who you voted for, is that our Constitutional right to vote and elect our President have been taken from WE THE PEOPLE. The Democrats think that whoever cheats the best should win. Whoopi Goldberg thinks we should all just accept the vote…SORRY WHOPPI…. Nobody gets to cheat Americans from their Constitutional rights…and certainly not you!!!

      1. You must be really sold on yourself, because, you are presenting yourself as the know it all about everything, without any EVIDENCE, slick…. Show us your expertise credentials. Simple minded individuals who know nothing about proof or real facts, present themselves as expertise individuals. This, obviously, makes you feel like you are somebody as your only rebuttal to our replies is “evidence”, yet, you are presenting no evidence of your garbage. Get over it & stop making a fool of yourself without any EVIDENCE….

  8. Richard Hopkins is doing the right thing. Just imagine if more of us would do that, the democrats and main stream media would shrivel up for lack of devisive and deceit nutrition.

  9. Very interesting turn of events. I believe the postal worker 100% and you will also if you have more than a bb for a brain. If this was all on the up & up why were windows blocked and observers being moved so far from what they were to observed so as to make impossible for them to see what was going on? It’s like printing the declaration of independence on the back of a postage stamp moving you 100 feet away and telling you
    to reading it. DUH!!!!

  10. It’s a dam shame people can’t vote in America anymore without having the Left Commie Traitors getting there lawless fingers in it and doing what the Left does , break the law and if our DOJ would stand up and start prosecuting them it might stop but because of the complete lack of will or for whatever reason they keep on doing it now the Left cb do anything they want and this is a preview of what’s to come so that’s where we are thanks to the 2 tear justice system

  11. If the DemoRATS, are so honest with American voters and didn’t mess with peoples votes then why are they so defensive?
    They should say; you are welcome to recount the votes in every states.

  12. WHY aren’t there ARRESTS being made????????
    This CHEATING and FRAUD needs to END!! We are NOT a 3rd World country!!
    MANDATORY 50 YEARS in PRISON for those who commit Election/Voter FRAUD and TAMPER with an Election. We have let this go on for DECADES, and look where it has brought us! ENOUGH!!!!! Furthermore, OUTLAW ALL ELECTRONIC voting machines!! PAPER BALLOTS ONLY! (Which SHALL BE COUNTED in FULL VIEW of the CITIZENS!)

    1. Further, put them on a federal list that bars them from ever being involved in the election process again, whether as a worker or as a voter. Being a felony, this should also restrict them from other privileges afforded law-abiding citizens such as the ability to own firearms, obtain a pilot license and/or radio operator license, working within sensitive fields (e.g. education, law, law enforcement, etc.). Such stiff penalties are needed to keep such convicted fools out of our way and to deter those who may be tempted from doing the same but are wise enough to have second thoughts.

  13. Who is the party of Lies, Cheating, Stealing, Destruction, Corruption, Corruption & more Corruption?? Hard to guess, right. Answer: Demon crats!

    They will do anything to destroy our great President Trump & get their own way & will do anything to achieve it.

  14. I see a civil war coming that will take the liars out for good. Don’t they know the American ppl have had enough. Yet they just keep pushing there agenda. Their is no arm forces or officer of any kind that will help them either. They are ppl too. with families and jobs. Who let the Wuhan virus out to make ppl mail in their votes. We are not stupid you will pay for hurting every person everywhere. It’s coming soon near to you!!

  15. What I am trying to understand is how the demoncrats get away with their lies… Looking back at all the Trump rallies – the thousands that attended – whereas Biden & company – hardly anyone showed up or had an interest in him. The overall voters seem to be over-whelming. With the current count of over 3 million deceased that have voted in this election (the oldest died in 1900), the demoncrats along with the Big Tech agencies pulled off an amazing stunt.
    I believe that ALL states should have a hand recount closely monitored by sworn officials.

  16. We all knew the demon vests would be up to no good. Who their right mind would vote for socialism and a a president that doesn’t even know his wife’s name half the time. They all need to go to jail from the obummer administration on up. Crooks need to go to jail.


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