Could Trump Allies be Making a Move to Takeover this Conservative Media Outlet?

Gage Skidmore Fickr

The whispers surrounding the idea that President Trump could be making moves to create a direct competitor to Fox News are getting louder. President Trump has become increasingly critical of Fox News throughout his presidency, only to be exacerbated by the news channel prematurely calling Arizona for Joe Biden on Election Day. President Trump has even gone so far as to single out separate news sources in an effort to draw viers away from Fox.

One of those news stations has garnered more attention recently as reports have surfaced that a prominent Trump supporter is considering buying Newsmax. Hick Equity Partners, a private equity firm with ties to a co-chair of the Republican National Committee, has expressed interest in buying the pro-Trump cable news channel Newsmax TV. Newsmax launched in 2014 and is currently in over 70 million American homes, with ample space and opportunity to grow.

The effort is primarily being led by Thomas Hicks. Hicks is aiming to raise over $200 million to potentially buy a smaller news outlet and transform it into a media giant that can sap away Fox News viewers and revenue.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Creating a television network to rival Fox News, which has led the cable-news ratings for years, is a longshot. Newsmax’s average prime-time audience jumped 156% to 223,000 viewers during the week of the election, according to Nielsen data, and last Thursday crossed one million from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., about half of Fox’s audience during the time period. Sustaining those gains when interest in the election subsides won’t be easy. Fox averaged nearly six million prime-time viewers during the week of the election, about 22% higher than the previous four weeks.

However, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, says that “we are not actively selling: and they are currently focused on maintaining their status as an independent news agency.

Variety writes:

“Newsmax would never become ‘Trump TV,’” Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, told Variety in an interview Sunday evening. “We have always seen ourselves as an independent news agency, and we want to continue with that mission. But we are open — [Trump] is going to be a political and media force after he leaves the White House, and we would be open to talking to him about a weekly show.” The executive also said “we are not actively selling” the company at this time, though he notes he has had expressions of interest from “investors, investment banks and strategic players” in the recent past.

Unlike many mainstream news outlets, Newsmax has yet to tell its viewers that Biden has won the election. “We are waiting for the states’ certification and the electoral college, but we will at some point when that happens,” says Ruddy. “We will be supportive of whoever the next president is.”

Ruddy says the company believes in its current business. “Newsmax is moderately conservative and we will continue to have a moderately conservative viewpoint on things — including the president.”

Fox Corp.’s CEO Lachlan Murdoch has welcomed the idea of a competitor to Fox News. “We love competition,” Mr. Murdoch said recently. “We thrive on competition. We have strong competition now.”

  1. If you ever stand by biden president or not. We will all leave your network too … we know biden cheated he even said it

    1. If a student cheats in an exam, dismissal would be the student’s reward! Cheating to win an Election is the most serious Disgrace of all Dosgraces, never honor! That Cheater is out under DISQUALIFICATION! Dishonored!

      1. You may be right that Biden did not cheat. But, he is also probably not mentally able to cheat now but he has in the past used his political position to gain money from sources outside this country and that is illegal. I know Trump has received money from other countries. However, he was a private business man then and did not sell his political position to become wealthy as the Bidens have done.

        1. How much money did Biden gain?
          Who did he get it from?
          Where is it now?
          Does Trump’s DOJ know about this?
          Are they taking any action?

      2. amen to that..i wonder if the democrat ever really pray for our country???and what they pray for????more power..eventually God will lower the boom ..he is just letting them eat at the table with the devil for a while..then watch out..good things will happen for the good people.

        1. Satan has very powerful control over the democrats otherwise they wouldnt cheat and lie and pull the stunts they pull to destroy people who dont agree with them and the deep staters trilateral comm. the builderbergers,rothchilds, etc

          1. Do you actually think that anyone actually cares what you have to say?

            If you can not refute go with a Trump class vulgarism.

        2. I prayed to Jesus that Trump would be defeated.
          And Abraham.,
          And Mohammed.
          God answered my prayers.
          God is not listening to your kind.
          God, Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed are True Blue Liberals.
          Especially jesus.

      3. Show us the proof, that he didn’t?

        A Georgia judge, has ordered three counties, to stop erasing the voting machines..
        They were trying to undermine the lawsuits; to prove the cheating… Obstruction of Justice; by destroying the evidence.. what do the ‘innocent’ have to hide?

        1. if you listened to obama ..He said ..and i quote..(I hope Joe doesn’t F.this thing up) joe in the basement..don;t talk dont answer too many questions!!
          we got you covered..that is what obama did Hillary ..don’t concede no matter what…evidence….cheating was gonna happen.just like trump said

          1. What do you want to see, when you open your eyes?
            Did you watch the ruling, from the Trump appointed Judge, in Pennsylvania, that went against Trump?

        1. Is that where the Trump appointed judges have their heads?
          It is amazing that they can see clear enough to reject his lawsuits.

    2. Biden will never be accepted as the legitimate President of the United States. Even the Democrats know the election was rigged. How can a man who took money from foreign countries and sold our jobs to China expect any respect from American citizens.

          1. He’s shown more respect for the Constitution of these United States than any President Reagan and possibly since Eisenhower.

          2. Yes he does. Google NESARA/GESARA. You need to see how much he cares and not just for our country but worldwide. He will never condone Communism nor mandatory masks nor vaccines for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate.

          3. Not to worry, Biden will save American lives by insisting on masks and vaccines.

            The $1200 TrumpBucks was pure vote buying Communism.

            The truth is that in the US the recovery rate is 98.93%
            An unknown is is the long term effects on the recovered.
            Another unknown is the long term effects of the vaccines.
            I am guessing that our very Stable Genius and Chief knows the the answers but does not want to panic We the People.
            Trump loves most all Americans,maybe even Hillary, if she were locked up .

          4. Or like you replying to and debating with yourself?

            That’s quite the trick!
            .. an audience of one divided!

          5. Yes, but you would have to stretch your character out of shape, to recognize it…

            He’s not too keen on: being slothful, shoddy work, or swamp dwellers and the mire of political quick sand, they’re drowning Americans in!

            If you don’t think he’s “friendly”, with hateful people; who haven’t stopped attacking him and his family, or administration, since before his election.. just ask yourself why???

            Consider how you are treating people on here… for a tiny clue… why?

            How you behave from this point on, will give us the answers to your questions of your own integrity..
            Whether you believe your own rhetoric, or you’re the loser that you appear to be?

            I do wish you and yours well…

          1. i believe it is Joe who is the pedophile while his son is an addict and using the Biden name to get money from the Ukraine or China wherever its available… corrupt family at best, but the media has chosen to supress anything negative about this family… as they have done for the Clintons…

        1. $3.5 Million is what he took from the Ukraine Mayor’s wife to allow them to continue with illegal trading practices in America and to allow Hunter to continue to launder money and traffic children.

          1. How many kids has Hunter trafficked?
            Was it for adoption or sex.
            When did it happen.
            Wath are the kids names.
            Those little details that judges are such sticklers about.
            That proof thing .

      1. Trump was never be accepted as the legitimate President of the United States.
        We are first and foremost a democracy.

        1. Obama was never be accepted as the legitimate President of the United States.
          There was rampant voter fraud.
          Both times.

    3. My understanding of that point is that whatever a possible Biden Administration says, they’ll report it accurately thus not lie about what he/they said. That way if the Crime Family King lies it’s recorded and seen by whoever is watching Newsmax. That also would apply to Harris and the rest of the government.
      Let their lies sink them. As the communists say, “Sell a capitalist enough rope and s/he will hang themself.”
      Let’s keep giving Newsmax a fair chance. I’ve see Greg over the years. He’s laid back and good.

    4. newsmax is no better than Fox.they gave 1 million to Hillary election.believe it or not
      no newsmax for me..eventually money is what counts.power is what counts. there is no
      loyalty in any of them…you take the good (which is very little)with the bad (which is almost 100 % ) and try to figure it out yourself.

    5. I thin Trump starting a real conservative news network would be good for us. I am ashamed of some of the FOX traitors and I hope the few that are left could be help Trump.Now I am mostly watching Newsmax they are truly conservative.

    6. It appears there is a lot of other type cheating going on right NOW…. I just read an article that says Hunter Biden is dead & died of an overdose & Joe Biden had a stroke when he found out this information. I suppose that is why we just saw Biden going into the hospital & it was said, he fell over his dog, while playing with his dog. If this is true, Hunter was probably silenced because he was going to tell all & that could never work for his Dad. It could be that all the cover up about the 2 lap tops had to be, therefore, no one could see what Hunter & Joe could have possibly been doing together. Based on what is circulating, there is a great deal of pedophilia on those lap tops. Couldn’t it be awesome if the entire truth behind the Biden’s gets out for all the world to see. It’s past time for TRUTH, once again, in our country of politics……

    7. But what if Biden brings our troops home like Trump promised?
      The market blasts through 35,000?
      Unemployment below 1%?
      GDDP percent equal to China’s
      Cuts the deficit in half (with no tax increases)?
      Is that cheating?

  2. If this is part of a plan do not buy any existing news station. Start from scratch and build your own based on honest, fair, real journalism that informs the audience on the facts. Hire people that can be trusted (that might be very hard to do but they are out there). America’s Voice with Steve Bannon is the best there is right now.

          1. What day did Trump last change his voter registration to Republican?
            Can your brain cells figure that out?

          2. Read up on some geometry and shop math, that builders seem to contradict you with….
            Since we all know how smart, you think you are, we’ll not hold our breath, waiting for your self abasing correction!

          3. might consider lines of lat and long, map reading, and navigation as well!

            You really have too narrow, a point of view …
            Try to pry your head out of them self important clouds, you dwell in, and learn to use your brain… It does require more than one brain cell, to rub together for a chemical reaction too..

          4. I’m not sure if you’re just politically skewed, or an outlier in a forum with Patriots, but you sure get a lot of interactions, from your tangential comments.. Kudos!

          5. I do enjoy entertaining a wide variety of points of view.
            They all have some value.
            And I enjoy poking holes in gasbags.

        1. Who currently owns Fox News?
          It is owned by the Murdoch family via a family trust with 39% interest; Rupert Murdoch is chairman, while his son Lachlan Murdoch is executive chairman and CEO. Fox Corp. deals primarily in the television broadcast, news, and sports broadcasting industries.

      1. It worked out fantastically until the lefties took over at Fox, then their once stellar ratings sunk into the basement alongside CNN. That proves yet again that leftism destroys everything it touches.

          1. Sad Albert,

            That’s why we refute Liberal pawns, who defend the swamp and try to keep the crooks in power!

            Have you considered yet, where you’ll live, when your Mommy loses her house, the Liberal’s economic meltdown?

    1. “Start from scratch and build your own based on honest, fair, real journalism that informs the audience on the facts. Hire people that can be trusted (that might be very hard to do but they are out there).”

      That is exactly what Fox did.
      How did that work out? 

        1. My mommy told me that Trump is a loser.
          She has been dead for 26 years.
          Are you taking any bets on Jan.21?
          Do you have lots of money?

  3. Fine, let Fox jump into the gutter and compete with CNN and MSNBC and the other left wing propaganda outlets. In the bancrupt communist countries all media were part of the swamp and they were disbelieved by everybody, The swamp media was all the population could get and they knew whatever the media said the reverse was true.

    1. Half of the USA is ignorant because all they ever watch or read is the MSM .It is plain to see if you read the MSM’s op eds.

      1. Half of the USA is ignorant because all they ever watch or read is the Fox .It is plain to see if you read the Fox’’s op eds.

      1. Yes he will be enjoying a solitary round of golf on Jan. 21 at Mary. A. Lego.
        It is the very best golf course in the world.
        “The World, According to Don.”

    1. I’m not sure what Sad Albert thinks is so funny, because I think it’s Hillarious Clinton’s fault..
      She and her comrades, have over played their Hate Trump hand…

  4. Regardless of this bogus election and I’m praying for President Trump to be successful there should be alternatives to grotesque FNC.
    Let FNC die due to their own stupidity and disrespect for their viewers.

  5. My advice to Ruddy……by all means BECOME TRUMP TV, maybe even partner with Donald Trump. That could only do you good with his influence, money, and obvious intentions to keep America great as it should be (assuming you want America great as well Ruddy). This if Biden doesn’t actually succeed to steal the election and degrade America again as Democrats (in name only) did in past years, leaving the country in shambles again.
    I have to add I still can’t understand how half the country’s electorate could vote for Beijing Biden and the Communist democrats unless they were traitors themselves. Hard to see!

    1. Trump is all done with Rudy and his red hair dye bleed out.
      Rudy is an old fool who has not won a court case in a decade.

  6. The mass Media has lied for 4 four years to the people of this nation to get their socialist ideas in control of us. Poor planning on their part.

    1. Excellent planning on their part. .
      They were successful.

      Trump had poor planning.
      The tipping point for his reelection was 100,000 Covid deaths.
      It turns out that Covid is a big deal.
      Big enough for Trump to enjoy the winter golfing at Marred de Lego.

  7. Conservatives have been leaving Fox in droves because of their changes and not because of anything Trump tweeted. However, we all hope that he ends up buying OAN, Newsmax, Breitbart and a number of other Conservative media companies to form one large Conservative network that will compete against the liberal fake news outlets and finally give Americans a true news network that we can believe and trust.

  8. Lt. General Flynn has disclosed the coup to remove President Trump. If it is proven the Chinesse Communisits engaged in treasonous interference with the Democratic Party and Big Tech and the Media, it creates a vacum for law abiding, freedom loving patriots to fill this void. We need entrepreneurs to start fresh new media networks, activists must start to learn the art of governance, and a movement to reform political party abuses. The second American Revolution against the Deep State and Globalization has begun!

    1. Flynn is an admitted felon.
      He may not have lied.
      But then it would be that lied about lying.
      Flynn is a liar.
      And a Trump supporter.

  9. Liberal Murdoch Brothers have KILLED their GOLDEN GOOSE.
    Everything Liberal’s touch, if you don’t believe their way, it’s no longer AGREE TO DISAGREE….
    BYE, BYE FOX !! 🙁 🙁

  10. All any of us can do right now is hope and pray that the President is some how able to help others to see what a sham this election really was and if he is unable to because of time then I really hope that he does buy a net work and I hope that he bashes every dam dem and Rino and Obama and Biden every day just for kicks

    1. Hope and pray? This is why I constantly say that many Republicans and even so-called Christians are less than worthless. Did it ever occur to you to get up off your dead a$$ and actually do something useful to fight for the cause you claim to believe in? Imagine if we had all stayed home and prayed rather than fighting in WWII or any other war prior for that matter. Imagine if George Washington was a “prayer warrior” only. Here’s a clue: 1.) Pray for wisdom and guidance from our Father. 2.) FOLLOW THROUGH WITH ACTION!

      You people disgust me and a small part of me hopes you’re delivered into the hands of evil so that maybe you can wake up and make something useful of yourself. We’ll see.

      1. Judgement much?? you are ranting at people you don’t even know…what has happened to you that you can presume to be judge and juror…BTW how useful are you? JS

        1. Kathy JJ is a whacked out Trump Humper.
          He has a severe case TDS.
          The particular strain is Trump Can Do No Wrong.

      2. I find the majority of Christians to be useless.
        Jehovah’s Witness and Unitarian come first to mind ( allGod all the time – God

        When you talk about doing something useful are you talking the things we did in WWs?
        Are we talking the real thing?
        Uniforms and guns, shoot the enemy on sigh, take no prisoners?

        In the end we will see Biden take the POTUS oath.
        It will take about 6 months to shrink the Trump prostate down to where our country will no longer notice the pain .

    2. Only Trump’s core supporters see this election as a sham.

      Trump has been bashing every dam dem and Rino and Obama and Biden every day for five years, just for kicks.

      Come Jan. 21, 2021 Trump will be as important as he was on Jan. 19, 2016.
      He will be lucky to get 5 minutes of air time a day .

    3. Trump has been bashing every dam dem and Rino and Obama and Biden every day just for kicks, for the last 16 years.
      That is the primary reason he lost.
      He is so trite and tiresome.

  11. Please, please, please someone create a news outlet that conservatives will feel at home. I started watching Fox News in 1996 when they had their first broadcast. The last time I watched was November 3rd…I will NEVER watch them again.

      1. What an idiot are you. The media doesn’t call any election. We, the people, call it.

        This is why 99% of people are so stupid!! They believe the media & never do their own research..

        1. Calling an election is a prediction.
          Anyone can call an election.
          Even Putin.
          It is covered in the First Amendment.

          The really stupid people are the 20% who did the ‘research’ and still think that Trump won.

          Blondie are taking any bets on who will be POTUS on Jan. 21?

    1. The only news outlet that a Conservative will feel at home at is RT.
      Putin views Trump as a Liberal Socialist, almost a Communist.

  12. Is the nickname for Lachlan Murdoch simply Lackey? The Murdoch’s with all that money still can’t go on without trying to be loved by the left, that is how fragile the egos of these people are, they turn into RINO’s right before your eyes, standing for nothing, not even truth.

    1. The Murdoch family has enough money to render Trump unimportant.
      The Murdochs are not RINOs, they are not even Registered Republicans, or Democrats.
      The Murdochs do not have fragile egos.
      Trump does.

      1. How do you know what they have?? Let me guess!!! The media says they have this or that & Albert (BABY) believes them.

  13. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, Nadler, Comey, Strock, Brennan, Rosenstein, Wray the Fake News and ALL RINO’S should be promptly EXECUTED FOR TREASON, SUB VERSION AND CRIMES AGAINST THE UNITED STATES!!!! (just to name a few)

  14. “Competition? Tough competition”? FNC hasn’t had real competition ina decade…the legacy broadcast networks & Leftist cable outfits couldn’t compete so they raised an audience o f imbeciles to stare at their talking, frothing heads.
    But with Paul Ryan on the Board & Lachlan running the shows FNC just might degenerate into another Leftist stinkpot …
    I dropped satellite & Fox three years ago … Now I get my news from OANN, NEWSMAX & THE FIRST.
    None are up to FNC’s former standards but each is getting better.
    If they’re not driven out of business by unfair regulations or dirty competition each could give FNC a good run for the money.

    1. FNC has become the Liberals’ leaching field,! Just a raw sewer of nostalgic News Reporting.. lost from laundering every swampy politicians’ credibility!

  15. President Trump , go ahead and let Biden take this country down, the people who voted for Biden deserve a few really bad years.

    1. He doesn’t manage either, dumb ass. He is busy managing important issues for we Americans, He doesn’t have an ego…. He has CONFIDENCE in what he is doing because he is a brilliant man. Does his homework to find out the facts & then let’s everyone know the truth. Ha Ha HA!!!!

      1. Covid – 19 makes if very clear that Trump does not manage.

        Trump has a huge ego.
        That is why he drips superlatives, mostly about the wonderful things he has done, occasionally about his latest greatest Rock Star hire.
        Rarely about people who’ve been in his administration for awhile.
        Trump is a great judge of people.
        You can tell by how many he goes through.

        Does Trump actually look at each in daily briefing?
        Or is the cover page, with his name on it, enough?
        Is that all the homework he needs.

  16. Trump will not only win this election but, he will be a world peace leader for 12 more years and it will no longer be the United States of America, but the Republic of America is the Prophecy shown to me by God. For those who think Satan aka Byedone won because he cheated, just remember they thought Jesus lost when he was crucified and he rose 3 days later to VICTORY! Cheaters never win and liars never succeed! Trump was chosen by God for this assignment and although the Demoncrats want to pretend they won, God and the people will win!!!

  17. Biden bragged about having voter fraud capabilities … here is what he said …

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”- Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    1. Were you sick the week they did sarcasm in 9th grade English?

      Did you believe Trump when he said we would have a vaccine by election day?
      Did you think that it was a real knee slapper?
      It was!!

  18. I am already replacing Fox News by NewsMax. The constant pollution of Fox’s conservative message and news by leftist “contributors” is not why I watched Fox. NewsMax’s programming has been greatly improved in recent months. One thing they need to get rid of is the group opinion questions, though. It is nothing more than an opportunity for leftists to put their brief untrue belief on the air. It detracts from NewsMax’s conservative news, and I already know that the socialists’ views are idioticies and based on lies, because that is what the Fake News puts out.

    NewsMax is already almost Trump News. The problem may be to keep it as such and even improve it in that direction.

  19. Murdoch: “We have strong competition now.” Yea, msnbc and cnn. They both broadcast with the same slant as fox snews does now…


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