Meet the Proud Faces of the ‘Million MAGA March’

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Following a tumultuous election, millions of Trump supporters flooded the nation’s capital to peacefully demonstrate their support for President Trump, preserving the integrity of the American vote, and to show the world just how loud the “silent majority” can be. For years now the mainstream media has attempted to warp the image of Republicans, categorically calling them racists and white supremacists an image that could not be any further from the truth. Since President Trump took office the attacks on Republicans have become more frequent and polarizing, the mainstream media has played a major part in dividing Americans by choosing to constantly slander the Republican Party and its supporters. The “Million MAGA March” attracted men, women, and children from all walks of life to proudly wear their red, white, and blue–and of course, their Trump gear and march in support of our President.

These are the proud faces of the “Million MAGA March” and the REAL Republican Party:

  1. The Populist president is a winner!!!!! He is the only one with ingenuity, and he accomplished more than all the other presidents in my lifetime with a hoard of lying bees swarming him all the time as they tried everything in their books to drag him down – he still outsmarted them. TRUMP 2020!!!

    1. Amen We The People got lucky that GOD ALMIGHTY had given us President Trump. Hopefully he gets his re-election wins back that the demonrats stole for pedophile Joe Biden. We need 4 more years that way we can start taking out the trash. And drain the swamp and the deep state.once and for all. Trump 2020, Trump Jr. 2024

  2. Where leftists are concerned one never knows which one’s are propagandists and smear artists, and which ones are mentally ill.

    1. LOL….i say things like that all the time…does any one know what a flo blying fird is or mucket of bop water ?? lol

  3. We love you President Trump!! You won this!
    This election needs to be thrown out and a new one with no cheat programs and US Marshals observing.
    You will win by millions of votes!!
    A fair election is all we need!

  4. The MAGA marchers need to set up a counter March ambush enmasse wherein they totally surround the democrat fascists and just start moving inward…. no escape…asses being kicked.
    You stage and mobilize enmasse on the side streets and converge at the same time.
    And if the white punks of BLM and antifa are willing to white with their faces covered then the white Trump supporters shouldn’t be too afraid to fight too.

  5. Trump! All the way and 4 more years. If Biden succeeds in stealing this election it is just that. Corruption, total corruption of the election.

  6. I’m older than dirt, rely on a machine to help me breathe, and an electric wheelchair to get around. If I was able I would have joined the march but altho I couldn’t be there physically, I was there in spirit and heart and proudly marched along with my fellow Americans.
    MAGA…KAG!! Thank you President Trump!!!

  7. I find it absolutely abominable to see and here the hateful anarchist idea of marching, rioting and destroying, beating people up, harassing people at restaurants and shooting off fireworks toward patrons. When are the leaders of these states going to stand up and protect people in their jurisdictions. The police were told to stand down yet a peaceful crowd was harassed, shoved and beaten up and had Items stolen from them from nonworking hateful groups of people who hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them. These people who do this attacking of people need to be arrested, jailed and fined for their actions if caught one time however, if caught doing the same thing, they go back to jail and have big time fines placed on them which can be paid off by hard labor, ie road crews, cleaning parks emptying trash and cleaning toilets. They do the crime they pay the time. We are tired of these Democratic cities that allow this crap to continue. If the leaders ie mayors, governors can’t do their jobs we will have them arrested for derelict of duty. Citizens of these states stand up and kick them out of office as they aren’t capable of taking care of their citizens, visitors safety in your cities and/or states.

  8. I can’t believe that “that woman” the demon governor of Michigan has LOCKED US DOWN AGAIN…the democrates are going to tear this great country down…we need President Trump in charge

  9. As much as i want trump to be president for 4 more years, its over. President bidet stole the election and nothing is going to change that. I keep hearing how the ballots were water marked or how poll workers were really federal agents in disguise to catch the voter fraud in action. Im sure a lot if fraud did happen, but if trump had the evidence to overturn the election it would of been shown already. The democrats found a way to cheat and get away with it. Time to accept the Venezuelan utopia that awaits us. Oh wait, they are in shambles and eating their pets to survive. Yep, sounds like the new socialist states of america

    1. Dave… I heard the watermark idea, but the feds as poll watchers ? That would have been awesome… So.. Why didn’t the repubs do something like that when for months they were talking about the cheating that they thought was going to happen. And it did happen
      . I will believe that forever, unless someone can prove it wrong.

  10. MAGA marchers must mobilize at the next peaceful MAGA march and counter ambush the fascists…. fight back…..
    just because you’re white doesn’t mean you can’t fight!!!!!

  11. Why couldn’t we get this news on television? ABC CBS MSNBC CNN
    even Fox did not cover it. Tired of the brainwashing Leftist news media. Fire Chris Wallass Fox

  12. Trump and his millions of supporters deserve maximum congratulations for the turnout and the conduct exhibited during the congregation. The illegal actions by a few of the antifas and BLMs tried to spoil the peaceful nature and must be expected to continue to interfere until there are severe penalties.


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