Meet the GOP House Leaders

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

While Democrats will maintain majority control of the House of Representatives they still fell short of their goal to flip Republican seats blue. A number of Republicans managed to edge out their Democrat challengers and take seats for themselves without losing any incumbent candidates. Republicans have recently selected their party leaders, many winning bids for re-election along with some newcomers.

Meet the GOP House leaders:

  1. First, let me state that I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am a Patriot who looks at the data and available information on any candidate or subject and then MAKE A DECISION on who I will vote for.

    Lately, my decisions have been relatively easy. For the past 6+ years because the Democrat Political Party has gone completely INSANE. Their position on most subjects are ludicrous, and they are never are asked by the “complicit media HOW they will accomplish what they propose. The left wing media gives them a pass on everything they say.

    The media is no longer the media. They have morphed into the propaganda wing of the Democrat Political Party. And like the Democrat Political Party, the media is corrupt as hell. They (the media and the Democrat Political Party) make me sick.

    1. I agree so sad as US citizen we have lost our freedom and live in fear for our family and friends. As a Christian I belive in Jesus not man and I have faith things will be ok.

    2. Casey, I think I understand your feelings. The democrats are completely out of reality and the republicans have no backbones. I am a Trumper because I think he alone has the guts and fortitude to make our country great again after the imposter tried to destroy us. Trump is fighting hard but with little help and he might lose. If the demented pervert Biden gets the oval office only God knows who will be calling the shots, definitely not him nor horizontal Harris. I am a long time member of the NRA and a Marine veteran. My weapons are at the ready!

    3. “They” keep insinuating that Trump is a Nazi, but “their” tactics and strategy are taken out of the Nazi book of conduct. They must have really studied Joseph Goebbel’s Action Plan! The media has become similar to Goebbel’s Mistry of Propaganda.In the menatime we lose our freedoms and, like Sandra says, fear our lives My son “forbids” me to go in my car any where beyond the city limits. You see there is a Trump sticker on this car.
      There is NO Righng media to neutralize the MSM. Even FOX is under new regime who has discharged all pro-trump stances. ‘Tis a shame!! But there is OANN and NEWSMAX, if you can have access to them. The other source would be on-line sources.

  2. Nancy, the queen bee of filth in Frisco, is treading on very shaky ground with the latest decrease of democrats in the House. She will be out in two years when the republicans take back the House. In the mean time they will maintain their majority in the senate despite all the deep state money that is being squandered in Georgia.

    1. If ppl voted for the republicans why in the —— would they vote for a democratic president. It’s fixed and it’s damning to every voter everywhere. If we let them get away with this than they’ll be a Democrat as President for now on. They are ran by the elites not us. It’s to the point now our vote doesn’t even count cuz their screwing with it too.

      1. People with full size brains vote for people not parties.
        People with full size brains could care less if the Red Socks or the Yankees win.

        1. So we must have an awful lot of “Idiots” in the USA, IF, that many really voted for Biden? What has he accomplished in 47 years? Nothing! Except doing what the unions told him to. Now that we have 28? “Right to Work” states, Pelosi passes the “PRO” act! Please read about it? It would require “EVERY” hourly worker to belong to a UNION. So we would go from 11% working for a union, to 100%! NUTS! Since Alabama now has Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Hyundai manufacturing vehicles, largely because we are a “Right to Work” state.

    2. Prior to Trump’s election the Republicans had a 59 seat majority in the House.
      With Trump’s election the Republicans lost 6 seats in the House.
      With Trump two years in office the Republicans lost an additional 41 seats, and the majority in House.
      In 2020 the Republicans took back 8 seats.
      Big procreative act deal.

      1. And mostly because Soros spent MILLIONS in those states. And we have voter fraud in 2016 just like this time. Magically enough votes were found in the last two hours to erase the Republicans large lead. Voters up to age 119 voted! Yet oldest recorded living person is 114 years old. Nothing to see here folks! Right.

      2. In 2018 60 some odd republicans “retired”. The democrats lied, and told the public they were much less left wing radical than they really are. They claimed to be Trump lite, when they were really Marx lite. the gullible voters put them in office, only to find they had been swindled. That is why the incumbent losses were the highest percentage in decades. There will be more in 2 years.

  3. The DEMOCRATS have done everything they can think of to SPLIT this country! They have hurt more then enough people in this country! They don’t put our country first. They put themselves before all else! It’s funny this is the Anniversary of PRESIDENT KENNEDY’S ASSASSINATION! IF PRESIDENT KENNEDY was alive today he won’t be a DEMOCRAT!
    He stood for the people not for himself! Some how the DEMOCRATS have lost what is important! Now they pray to the all mite DOLLAR and POWER!
    I’m not a DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN I just LOVE 💘 my country and want what right and stealing the election is not right for America!

    1. Who in the Kennedy family is not a Democrat today?
      If he had lived do you think that JFK Jr. would be a Democrat today?
      His cousins?

  4. A lifelong Republican federal judge dismissed President Trump’s last major legal bid to delay Pennsylvania’s vote certification, saying it was “unsupported by evidence.”

  5. Liz Cheney is a RINO. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. An EVIL GLOBALIST, just like her father!
    I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her!!!

  6. I see all these people and consider them all useless. Where are they in backing up the president in Georgia? Why aren’t the republicans backing up the president in the stolen elections in swing states? I wouldn’t give a dime to any of them for their campaigns. I consider most of them part of the deep state, and they verge on being RINO’s as far as I am concerned. They are part of the reason I quit the republican party several years ago.


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