Megyn Kelly: Why Corporate Media is in Big Trouble

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Megyn Kelly broke free from corporate media after years of hosting the news for a number of major media platforms. The veteran journalist is telling people why she thinks traditional cable news media is slowly dying, and it’s the media’s own fault. Following a public departure from NBC News in 2018, Kelly formed her own media company “Devil May Care Media” in Sept. 2020 home to her wildly popular podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

In a recent interview with The Daily Caller, Kelly disclosed why she believes traditional cable news media is bleeding out. Kelly described the large media corporations as “money-making machines” whose only focus is to enrage viewers to keep them coming back for more. Cable news makes their money from viewership, so the more divisive and shocking the material is the greater chance people will keep watching.

Megyn Kelly had a few reasons why cable news is suffering and will continue to do so: they can’t keep censor journalists and expect them to let it go. Journalists have been choosing to leave mainstream media and create their own platforms after large corporations have attempted to censor them. Most recently, Glenn Greenwald left The Intercept, a publication he co-founded, after being pressured not to publish an article critical of Joe Biden.

The Daily Caller reports:

“There’s no way, when people sort of understand what’s happening in the digital world and how forward-looking it is and how much more meaningful and substantive it is, and how much more honest you can be here, that they would choose that other model [cable news],” Kelly told the Caller, adding that “younger viewers are leaving” traditional media “in droves.”

“We understand what actual controversy is, like when you’re in Iraq and someone’s shooting at you, and we’re not going to stifle her right to speak words that we risked our lives to protect,” Kelly said. “We protected that right on a battlefield. So, I feel like those people get it, and as a result this is a much – forgive the term – safer space than being out there in traditional media, where you really do have to be very careful or you could get fired.”

Megyn Kelly also offered her perspective on why cable news has been able to hold on for so long. The reason is President Donald Trump.

“They’d better hope and pray that he’s got some sort of a network or a show or just comes on everybody else’s show, because say what you will about Donald Trump, being boring on television is not one of his problems. And they need him,” Kelly said, adding that she doesn’t “know what they’re gonna do without him.”

“As long as he stays somewhat active, they’ll have a little bit more of a lifespan. But their ratings are going to go down, I have very little doubt: Without Trump in the office every day, there’s no way, especially CNN and MSNBC, sustain the numbers they are getting.”

Recently, talks of Trump forming his own media platform or taking over another have gained traction. Trump has begun to distance himself from Fox News and promote other news outlets like OANN and Newsmax.

    1. Actually, before the liberals “Scrubbed” the info, George Soros “Open Society” foundation is funding hundreds of liberal groups like BLM. Last year I could still find info about his “Open Borders” foundation. Now, all I can find is “The Open Borders Foundation” was closed in 1995″? He has worked on getting his “European Union” since 1972! Why else would he spend tens of millions in states like Georgia to get Dems elected?

      1. The evil Soros is behind it all. He has bought the media as well as the Democrat party. His fingers are in everything the left does.

    2. there are no free bees there is on;y lies, highter taxes ask anyone that fled for their lives from Hitler , Stalin, Castro, chairmen Mo etc.

  1. I just completely got rid of my cabal! I am sick of the fake news, the censorship, and the lies ! I watch newsmax on my cells and also have the OANN app! I hope the fake ass news all die

        1. Dominion Voting Systems, rigged the 2020 election.
          The President’s report reads:

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    1. When I worked for the AFL-CIO my union boss told me, “We tell the newspapers what to print!, and they damn well do!”. That was years ago when I worked as a machinist.

  2. I really do not care, whether good or bad, what MeAgain Kelly has to say about anything! She is NOT a Journalist and she goes which ever the way the wind blows. She’s just a waste of space! And serves NO purpose for AMERICANS!

  3. Good or bad I’d rather hear the truth rather than the crap the liberal media is trying to sell to the public. Joe Biden couldn’t stir a Blue Wave in a toilet bowl let alone win this election. The Democrat’s voting totals are mathematically impossible. What a sham. I don’t know if we would know anything about level of corruption the Democrats are willing to commit to have power if we didn’t have the investigative reporting by some of the FOX News people and one really smart man. Guess Who?

  4. I stopped watching network news programs, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and I stopped taking the New York Times and Washington Post.
    Cutting the cable 15th of next month.
    I now get a conservative weekly and go overseas on the internet to find out what is going on in America. And I check their facts. I have seen One America News and Newsmax at times, still trying them out and checking their facts.
    No longer, not since the elections of 2016, have I let myself be influenced nor brainwashed into believing what the media says. The enemy is with us in the form of the media and elected communists.
    Not sure what to do except keep my guns close so my home and family are safe. Making sure my family and property is safe has become a full time job. Good thing I am retired twice over. Not sure how young, republican, conservative families are doing at this time with so much violence and communism running a rampage in our nation. I hope for those young families a safe world. It may take an actual civil war to regain our rights and freedoms in the coming months but be asurred, millions of Americans are doing the same as I am, keeping the enemy in our sights and never forgetting what America stands for, Home of the Brave, Land of the Free.
    Soon we may be tested and have to be brave to keep what is ours intact.

  5. Like everything else nothing will happen to them and more shit will come out and nothing will happen and I’ll get more emails that say big Truth bomb and nothing will happen the only way anything will happen to any of the shitheads including the politicians and everyone that is a Traitor is we the people need to take the problems into our own hands and start blowing shit up and blasting shit that’s right I said it I’m fucking tired of all the shit we the people need to stand up to the Commie bastards because the Law doesn’t apply to the Left it only is used against the Conservatives to stop us from being free

  6. Soon the americans will be buying Pravda newspaper and getting their news on the Sander’s bolshevik network. All we will ever need is one network and one publication.
    Who needs to be confused?
    Welcome to Biden’s America

  7. They are killing Cable News because they are ‘GREEDY’ ,BIAS, CONTROLING LEECHES !! MONEY KINGS, MONEY KINGS, MONEYKINGS.
    SICKENING, 👅🤬😝

  8. I can’t figure out what happened to the media. When did they start to hate America enough to lie on TV everyday.

  9. I’ve watched Megan Kelly on fox many times very good journalist she tells it as it should be we need more like her thank you Megan Kelly God bless you

  10. Corp media the for profit media arm for Dems
    Who cares what they think
    Revoke Section 230 & then they drop away since No Big Tech tie ins


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