Trump Sets the Record Straight on Concession

[Public Domain] Photo compilation of Biden and Trump both speaking. As new poll surfaces where Trump leads Biden in 2024.

President Trump has approved the official transition process to a Joe Biden administration, but that does not mean he has any plans to concede in the near future.

According to Town Hall:

Earlier, Trump had thanked General Services Administrator Emily Murphy “for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country.”

“Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight, and I believe we will prevail!” he added. “Nevertheless, in the best interest of our Country, I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols, and have told my team to do the same.”

On Monday, Murphy explained she delayed the transfer of resources to Biden’s team due to the legal challenges surrounding the election results. She was then threatened and intimidated.

“I have dedicated much of my adult life to public service, and I have always strived to do what is right. Please know that I came to my decision independently, based on the law and available facts. I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official — including those who work at the White House of GSA — with regard to the substance or timing of my decision. To be clear, I did not receive any direction to delay my determination,” Murphy said. “I did, however, receive threats online, by phone, and by mail directed at my safety, my family, my staff, and even my pets in an effort to coerce me into making this determination prematurely. Even in the face of thousands of threats, I always remained committed to upholding the law.”

Many false interpretations have been made since election day, and despite social media trying to censor the President, he is getting his message to the people.

      1. I have not watched a news station since they refuse to say President elect Biden—He IS NOT President Elect the votes are still out. And I pray that Trumps team comes though and we can make a laughing stock out of Biden, the media and the DumboRATs and their supporters. Biden will NEVER be my President.

        1. I haven’t watched tv at all in years. It’s nothing but garbage. At least on the internet I can pick and choose what I want to see and hear, and if I don’t like it I simply delete it.

          1. Agree, we will be no better then we were with bo plenty! And make no mistake he is behind a lot of the BS going around! Had no use for b when he was in office, now buddies? Guess who will be REALLY be telling the crook and hoe what to do! Oh and be sure to add F/B, Twitter, and the BIG pharmys, and wall street! Far to many are owed favors from the crooks and will do anything to break OUR GREAT COUNTRY! bo tried to finish us off the first time. Hey all you rats and cheaters of OUR votes you will be as bad off as we will if he crook and hoe are TRYING to ruin our Country! Please GOD show them up and make Trump OUR PRESIDENT!

      2. Ditto I have been doing just that for several years now. My blood pressure has become more stable as a result. If you just watch and listen you will be surprised how many in Trump’s close circle are against him cleverly.

    1. Well, I”m sure the MSM wants everyone to believe they are unbreakable and unstoppable but, never forget…….no matter how powerful ANYONE is, they can be stopped or ended!
      If we all give in to the MSM, WE LET THEM WIN! We may lose battles but, we will win the war! It was said there was no way for America to win World War II………but, WE WON!

    2. with no Trump to bash what can they talk about ?. did you see Biden shout at them for shouting questions at him ?, his handlers shooed the press out of the room ! could you make this stuff up ? ,if at&t is at least 150Billion in debt and well over half the country hate their lies what future have they ?, unless byedun-g was to do like Trude-ew ,buy them for the state !?, taxpayers shafted again .

  1. I very much hope that the people of America will learn the accurate facts of what has been happening in regard to the present attempt for the current election! The Dems have rarely been at their worst– onlly close to it — but they are now showing themselves in that place! It’s quite shocking and not a little discouraging to see how badly they are behaving and what they are trying to do! We can only hope that the powers-that-be are able to bring them down and ensure that they receive the punishment that they well deserve!

  2. I still believe Donald Trump will be re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021. Then I want to see how ALL on the liberal MSM, anti-Trumpers, and domestic terrorists feel about having to take a bite from that YUGE turd sandwich Trump is going to provide. It’s going to be EPIC and I’ll laughing …….

    1. Same here and I hope his sons start a new News tv program! The Murdoch brothers have ruined Fox. The Trump brothers could start a real news program. Hire the good people from Fox and let the rest drown in their dishonesty!

    2. I personally believe POTUS TRUMP made one terrible mistake. He failed to immediately swamp critters – of both parties – and they were allowed to remain in positions of responsibility where they were able to “hurt” him.

      1. With sooooo many how could he put them ALL OUT? Some put on a GOOD FRONT, BUT STABBED HIM EVERY chance they got. Watch all the evil and dirty come out with bo calling the shots. B is just a puppet, and the hoe? well how did she get the name? Please let this all be a BAD nightmare!

      1. Art, God has never left. God is always here. God will not punish those who hurt others but will allow the natural order of justice to levy its pain.

  3. Trump has no reason to concede… He won by a landslide! If you want to see the true electoral map go to we love It will blow your mind

      1. yeah he is, wall st, commies/leftys/socialists/ F/B, Twitter, all the so called news media, all those with handouts to help this fraud! BUT NEVER MINE AND 74 MILLION!

    1. I do believe he is better than even Reagan . Reagan would have been much better if he was not a real politician. We all know politicians do nothing that directly helps the public’s need . 98-99 % of politician’s all WANT MONEY AND POWER . And I am not saying thats what Reagan was after but he had to stay inline with the other politicians in his Party. That’s why I thank GOD TRUMP IS NOT A FULL FLEDGED POLITICIANS. Politicans All “”WANT”” The citizens “”NEED”” WE ARE PAYING TAX DOLLARS To people that use OUR TAX DOLLARS To have their fancy parties just like Pelosi . And we pay for their Transportation , and WE pay for Politicians giving millions of dollars to people that contributed to their campaigns and buying their friends LAVISH GIFTS for friends and families . AND ALL THAT MONEY WE PAY AS TAXES IS WHAT THEY SPEND DOING THOSE THINGS. they “”WANT”” WE “”NEED”” THEY WASTE. !!! TRUMP IS NUMBER ONE IN MY BOOK. And if these idiots was NOT paid off by MEDIA AND POLITICANS THEY would see it as well. Right now these RIOTERS SEE’S IS MONEY . THEY ARE NOT SEEING THE BIG ISSUE’S No OUR GOVERNMENT may not be perfect but look at the reason POLITICANS “”WANT”” MONEY AND POWER AND CONTROL!!! AND CONTROL DOES NOT FIT IN THE FREE COUNTRY . AND PISSES THEM OFF. AND WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IS PEOPLE NEEDS TO PAY MORE ATTENTION NOT TAX DOLLARS. EVERY ELECTION DAMOCRAPS USE A ISSUE THEY START EVERY TIME THAT IS A RACIST ISSUES THEY XAN USE AGAINST EVERYONE. Even the one’s doing the rioting . if DAMOCRAPS TAKE TOTAL CONTROL . NO ONE WINS BUT THEM And of course MALARKEY MEDIA. YOU ME THE RIOTERS WILL ALL BE SLAVES TO THE RICH AND WILL NOT HESITATE TO KILLING YOU TO GET WHAT THEY “”WANT”” And anyone that don’t believe that YOU BETTER OPEN YOUR EYES .!!!! THIS IS A COMMUNIST TACTIC . AND THATS THEIR GOAL. TOTAL CONTROL!!!

  4. Trump is bringing home a lot troops for a reason…. Jump with joy while you can Democrats and MSM along with Clapper, CIA, Obama, and the list of names goes on.

  5. Remember Mr Biden’s famous quote? Well, here it is:

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    And he has the nerve to say the election wasn’t rigged? He told us it was one month ago!!!

    1. And thats why he hid in the basement, he knew the fix was in! His masters did not want us to see how out of control he was. The brain and mouth did NOT work well! And now wants OUR govt secrets? Please, we are NOT that stupid. He’d be on the phone to china in a flash, and any other country that has done the dirty, so he’ll kissy up and we get screwed. JUST like BO wanted!

  6. About a year ago I became aware of some questionable comments and actions by Carlson. It slowly dawned on me that he was promoting Carlson instead of conservative agenda. Since then, he has gained popularity among – AHEM – liberals.

    Sean Hannity – – has everyone forgotten how he dissed conservative judge Moore? Hannity frequently stated he found the women accusing Judge Moore to be credible , that he believed them, and Moore should drop out of the senator race. He continued his condemnation of Moore UNTIL evidence was found proving the women were recruited, trained, and paid by democrats. Suddenly, Hannity had NOTHING to say. However, Hannity had already done the harm and his personal behavior GAVE a GOP senator seat to an ultra-left liberal. Within the past year, evidence was provided showing the women falsely accusing Moore were paid by Soros. Judge Moore even considered a new run for senator but then declined. Once again, Hannity NEVER commented on the phony evidence. He should have at least acknowledged his error and apologized to Judge Moore.

    Old Adage – – fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

    1. I tried to fight for Moore, and found he was highly prejudiced against Catholics. I am in no way connected with that usurper in the chair at Rome. He’s a communist. Moore is a good man but everyone turned on him, even the” conservative” talk show hosts. Why? Because he spoke out against Sodomy. The LGBTQ we’re behind his downfall. Sad affair when a good man can be calumniated and denigrated to the extreme that he was. Kavanaugh had the same treatment but didn’t speak out against sodomy.

  7. I stand by Pres. Trump and hope that he will succeed in bringing the country to the place where is has always belonged! What is happening now in the Democratic cohort is beyond the pale and must be dealt with! They cannot be allowed to continue to cheat, lie and dissemble and this must be rectified!

  8. Just boycott the Biden team. Time to give them the same treatment they gave Trump. The Dem’s are as classless as they come.

    1. They don’t care what we think or WE the People! Their MANTRA, MONEY POWER GREED CONTROL all with them in charge and calling ALL THE SHOTS! Or as F face said just do as your told!

  9. These democrats are the most evil politicians on earth. They like to threaten anyone and everyone that gets in their way. Well they are messing with the wrong person in charge and that is God. And when God says leave vengence to me, He keeps His promise and it won’t be nice.

  10. Put ALL of those threats into the hands of the FBI and prosecute EVERY one of those that can be traced.
    Or the carnage might end up on the streets….

    1. NOTICE???????? either all rioting stopped or its been kept quite! WE are to believe that sorass and the rats, and BIG RICH just put our the stop sign?

  11. If Americans can’t stop socialism/communism @ this point where we still have President Trump here we have lost Americas freedom forever.

  12. Until all evidence is presented in court
    And all actors in the fraud have been exposed, there should be zero transition going on right now. Biden is NOT the President Elect and we do not have to bend to the DNC, BIG TECH
    OR MSM FAKE NEWS. The Kraken on STEROIDS is NOT a myth. We need to protect the individuals being harrassed but no way out of Hell should this process be allowed to go forward. It is a SHAM and a FRAUD!

  13. Thank you President Trump. We still have a modicum of hope and trust the American spirit. The election process currently being used? Not so much.

  14. Newsmax os relly pretty good…making Fox look sick….would really like to see Tucker and Hannity get out of there

  15. The DNC MEDIA has not allowed this to play out. It is a much more serious and widespread problem than in the year 2000, and 37 days passed before the election was settled in Court. No one was crowned by the media as President Elect, and disinformation wasn’t nearly as corrupt as it is now. Pray for a miracle people and keep up the rallies.

  16. EVERY single individual who sent or conveyed these threats to Emily Murphy, her staff, her FAMILY, and even her PETS CAN AND SHOULD have criminal charges brought against them, arrested (in a VERY public setting), and prosecuted!!!! “Threat to do bodily harm” IS a chargeable offense and this SHOULD BE DONE IMMEDIATELY no matter WHO they are or what their position is!!!

  17. How about breaking the internet i have a lifetime ban on every type of social media for typing the truth while people attack me then I get a lifetime ban, WTF? Fat ASS liar Mark Henry has never been the worlds strongest man I absolutely humiliated him in the Brigade Gym of Fort Leonard Wood MO 65473 and he placed 10th in the Olympics! is that worth a lifetime ban? 1,200 lbs 10 times and ordered to stop by the judge of the competition vs Mark Henry’s weak 550 lbs 1 time and that was all he could muster on the bench press! Real life Super Soldier vs fat ass liar civilian with the job title of Official ARMY Weightlifter my event took place Dec. 6th 1991! Mark Henry was 20 yo I was 21 yo! his biceps were 20 inch fat rolls mine unflexed were 26 inches and flexed were 32 inches with less than 2% body fat compared to Mark Henry’s 36% body fat! Both of us were 6’3″ I was all muscle he was all fat! Fat is the worst enemy of true strength!!!

  18. If you truly received these threats as you say, please know that it is against the law to threaten a person with bodily harm. I would hope that you turned these threats over to the proper authorities for prosecution.

  19. Never concede…..this was a bogus election. He is within his rights not to concede according to the Constitution.

  20. The fact that threats were made to Murphy is an order for investigation. The only problem is that “our” FBI has devolved into a corrupted organization now working entirely for the Deep State. In any other age, perpetrators of treason and terroristic threats would be behind bars in a federal penitentiary. We have lost the order of law and are steaming headlong down the slope into Communism. Where are all the good Americans? It is time for certain people to “lose their heads.”


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