Fox News Hosts Have Turned on President Trump

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Nobody could be too surprised when the Lefty media outlets prematurely declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winners of the 2020 Presidential Election, but what left some surprised was the number of hosts from Fox News who joined them. It’s no secret the President has become less and less enthused by the Right-leaning media group in the past years, finally boiling over when Fox prematurely called Arizona for Biden. Lately, President Trump has been talking up other conservative media companies like OANN and Newsmax, no doubt an effort to pull viewers away from Fox. Since Election Day, the Trump campaign has alleged incidents of voter fraud in multiple states and have filed legal challenges to delay the certifying of election results. Multiple Fox News hosts have publicly urged Trump to concede the election and make way for the Biden transition team

Meet the Fox News hosts who declared Biden President-elect and urged Trump to give up:

  1. The usual suspects holding up a wet finger to see which way the wind is blowing!! If they support Biden now they are traitors just like him!! We will never support his fricking policies unless they benefit decent Americans, which is highly doubtful!!

    1. you should never trust any of the communist regimes, Joe biden is one of them. just look his son and his brother…..are they rich now? but how?
      whoever voted for him either they’re blind or their brainwashed….

  2. Fox is owned by the cabal just like the other mainstream nets..They are part of this coup against Trump that’s been ongoing for 4 yrs..and should be indicted with the other criminals who took part in the election fraud. None of the nets, including the big tech sites, should never be allowed to go on the airwaves ever again. Fox pretended Conservative speech. They’ve been part of the propaganda against America and against its citizens in order for the “reset” to take place. The reset is to the New World Order, which is a dystopian totalitarian state. The entertainment industry,music, global influences have all contributed to mesmerizing the public, who are in disbelief regarding the election fraud, have accepted Biden as “President Elect”, the so called pandemic, masks and worse. Look at who Biden is selecting for cabinet positions..that should tell you everything about the cabal and how much they hate America..the very people in our own government. The real enemy of the USA is the military-industrial complex and yes, the media (domestic terrorists)..Those whom you never see that make all of the decisions for us.

    1. You are absolutely correct and I would bet you are approximately my age. I am a soon to be 76 year old Vietnam vet with a 100% disability rating from Agent Orange but also a Degree in Government he had when he served as Chaplain’s assistant to MOH awardee chaplain for Valor, (CPT) Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade AT THE HEIGHT OF THE WORST FIGHTING OF THE 1968 TET OFFENSIVE. THAT COMBAT TOUR WAS FOLLOWED BY AN ACTIVE DUTY ENDING ASSIGNMENT AT THE FORMER WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER , THEN IN 1969 ON GEORGIA AVE, NW AND WASHINGTON, D.C. WAS A SMALLER SWAMP THEN, THAN NOW, BUT A PRETTY MASSIVE ONE NONETHELESS. I worked the “30 Wards,” at WRAMC, all combat multiply wounded traumatic amputees in open wards of up to150 beds and no amenities to speak of and right across the hall,in private rooms with every amenity were Congress Cretins; DEMANDING AND RECIVING PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT OVER OUR WAR WOUNDED!, That was enough to leave a terrible taste in my mouth that endure to this day. I was born 3 days prior to the invasion of Iwo Jima, on 14 February, 1945. I will be 76 this February but am totally appalled at the valueless, degenerate morally unconscionable and corrupted society we have become snce my HONORABLE Vietnam Service 52 years ago,You are absolutely RIGHT about the warning Eisenhower provided us to beware the military-industrial compex, given in his 1960 farewell adress wen I was but a n idealistic kid of15!, and a sophomore in High School. Obama and company have, since 2008 instituted so much negative change in violation of the civilnrights guaranteed by the Constitution, I woud NOT serve in our military today! That this election was rigged from the day of Trump’s Inauguratiion as they failed to rig it sufficiently in 2016 to prevent a candidate they NEVER took seriously, then were ashamed at HIS accomplishments and superlative peformance record which is in essence why they so despise and obstruct him and have since his first day in office and even long before. If there is ever to be any further Credibility to our Elective Process, The SJC MUST rule the current results illegal and re-do the whole damned election with airtight surveillance at EVERY POLLING place and NO MAIL-IN VOTING WHATSOEVER. OTHER THAN VERIFIABLE ABSENTEE BALLOTS FROM REGISTERED VOTERS WITH PHOTO ID’S AND OTHER CREDENTIALS! I WILL STATE UNCATEGORICALLY THAT THIS ELECTION WAS THE MOST OBVIOUSLY RIGGED, AND FRAUDULENT FIASCO IN OUR NATIONAL HISTORY. PERIOD!IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND IN PLACE AS IS: NOT NOW, NOT EVER. AND BIDEN WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT IN ANY CASE AS I CONSIDER HIM A 47 YEAR CRIMINAL AND FAILURE AND HIS ONGOING RECORD BEARS OUT THAT CONTENTION IF THE MEDIA WOULD BuT LOOK AT THE TRUTH AND BE HONEST IN REPORTING BUT THEY HAVE NO CONCEPT OF TRUTH PERIoD.

      1. the murderers of 1917 and their hero worshippers of 1949 promised subversion from within and began the indoctrination campaign in the 1920s followed by a second wave in the 50s. Trash like walter concrete and the former marine, dan blather have only succeeded in assisting the commies, not pointing the out as most fools thought that our media would do. Today’s pretenda reporters were spawned by the likes of the trashy scum that took down Senator Joseph McCarthy, who has since been shown to have told the truth.. The communist infection got a real leg up when the USA’s politicians, who were concerned about the strength of the German Military, sought to enlist and assist the Russian scum bag communists in taking Herr Hitler down … they were flooding the streets of DC where many never left. It is rumored that they fed Gen Marshall a lot of BS to get him to support mao naize and throw Chiang kai Shek under the bus, net result: an estimated 70 Million chinese murdered, scum running the Korean Conflict and then supporting and being involved in Vietnam .. bad news needs to be removed and could have been in the 50s, very difficult now and the chinks and rooooshans are growing closer everyday .. Thanks for your Service ..

    1. It has to go further than just counting. Validation of each ballot and then there’s the custody of the documents.
      Seems to me the fraud goes too deep to ever be believable. Only a ReDo with no mail in voting other than those requested absentee ballots.

    2. Right. The only thing is to rule them bogus, and illegal, then subtract them from the true vote. If done, then trump wins. But will the Court stand up for Justice or side with the thieves?

  3. I would suggest the good guys (Newsmax, Parler, OOAN) and any other lesser sites should produce the informtion but dont mention it came from Fox since they want the publicity created by Trump or others but want only to use it to create problems. Discourse creates more news copy. I only check Fox Business since they havent been totally messed with But avoid all BUT the key people who have been Trump upportersoin past.

    1. We tried to get Dish to drop Fox and replace with News Max. They refused. Wanted to add News Max, but keep Fox and charge more. Said they did not have a separate package with News Max. So did you get a replacement? Did they increase your subscription cost?

  4. Sandra, Brett and Laura it’s obvious it’s just all about the money, your positions at fox and prestige. You should be ashamed of yourselves to support the deplorable, pathetic , criminal , slimy, democrats.

    1. Recognize and understand the hearts of those who choose to deceive and betray: “He has put forth his hands against those who were at peace with him; he has violated his covenant. His speech was smoother than butter, but his heart was war; his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords.” Psalm 55:20-22

  5. I can’t believe Fox News Hypocrites, I Hope You Lose All Viewers, You’re An Embarrassment To Our Country! I Hope Everyone Goes To Newsmax, , They’re Honest .shame On Fox For Trying To Get get Diamond And Silk To Accept 150,ooo Dollars To Turn Against Trump, They Wouldn’t, So Fox Fired Them.. What does that Tell You?

  6. Sandra Smith KNOWS who writes her paychecks, Rupert Murdock’s two born in London leftist spawn. Sandra Smith is NOT a patriot, just another leftist. Fox News USE to be outstanding. When Rupert Murdock allowed his two sons to take over that was the end of honest, factual news. Now it’s ALL bullcrap or cow manure, whicheve sex you opt for.

  7. Smith, Cavuto, Kilmeade yeah they are rats! Laura, not so much, she is still in Trump’s corner.n As for snake Wallace he was never in Trump’s corner. Always a damndemocrat!
    Have pretty much stopped Fox during the day, esp. But still tune to Tucker, Hannity and Laura. Like OAN and Newsmax for daytime listening!m

  8. Matters not to me who on FOX does what anymore. They went full left when they hired that POS Brazile as a ‘contributor’. She’s merely symptomatic of how Left that FOX has gone.
    No longer on my watch list. I’ll get my information, without being ‘commented AT’, by NON-COMMERCIAL sources. They’ve got NOBODY they ‘owe’ and can damn well say what they want w/o any concern from the ‘woke’ garbage.
    It’s also why I don’t use Google, Twitter, and very little FB. And that last is dwindling. As for the rest of the ‘social media’, I don’t find them to be ‘social’ in the least.

  9. Im Going to miss Waters, Hanety. and the Judge Jeaninne. Ewen Tucker has made a sharp left turn and Joined the Enemi. Wonder if Soros & Co paid them Off. Glad we still got Newsmax, Next News Nettwork, and OANN. Bye Fox. have fun.!

  10. FOX is an enemy of America. The mask is now off and they prove to be part of the coup every time they open their mouths. They deserve to be tried for their treasonous complicity!

  11. With the exception of Laura Ingram, I’m not surprised. The remainder are jumping ship because all along it’s always been about the money. When it suited them, they supported the President, now that it’s not suiting their sensibilities they’re on the slow train going nowhere.

    1. You are correct! Newsmax had approximately 50,000 viewers before November 3rd and immediately went to more than 1,000,000,000 on November 4th and still growing! 😄😂🤣 Greg Kelly said he had 1.1 million viewers a couple days ago!
      Fox News has a large self inflicted slit in their throat and hopefully will soon be exanguanated “all the way plum”!

  12. Guess I’ve been blind. Had no idea that Dana Pirano was a RINO. I used to like her but after finding that out, I’ve changed my mind. She and Romney need to get out of the GOP.

    1. Where did you get the info that Dana Perino is a RINO? That is hard to believe and I want to see that article. I know she worked for little George W Bush but her background is conservative. She never has been a “blind follower” or far out right but is a “thinking” conservative! If she is a RINO…… makes me nauseous!
      I am very conservative, I don’t agree 100% with everything myself BUT, I always support my party!

      1. Do you know who was the greatest backers in the beginning of The New World Order? None other than the Bush family.


  14. Sandra Smith, Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier have been Never-Trumpers for a long time. I won’t watch any of them!  Smith and Cavuto are like having live Twitter censors in the anchor seat. And don’ forget Baier’s performance at the GOP primary debates with his buddy Meghan Kelly – who is now telling them not to offend their base! Her experience speaks!

    Chris Wallace? No surprise to see him on this list. Laura? Maybe she is trying to give “good advice” or maybe she’s turning. We’ll see.

    Tucker is no friend, in fact he’s worse than Laura. When I see late night hosts showing his clips as proof that Fox doesn’t like Trump, that’s it! No more Tucker for me!

  15. When you get right down to it……….these journalists are employees of Fox News. True they have contracts to which they are legally bound and you can bet your sweet bippy Fox has worded the contracts to their liking! Long story a little shorter, we can get mad and call them traitors but…..they are Fox News employees all tied up and doing what they are told! The “pure news” journalists just read what is written on the screen. The commentators are allowed to more or less do their own thing but….just enough that Fox thinks it will keep their conservative viewers. How long will Fox be concerned with their conservative viewers, who knows but, Fox went too far with its liberalism and it is hemorrhaging disenchanted conservative viewers! BIG MISTAKE FOX! They are watching their numbers going down, down, down, on a daily basis! I wonder if anyone at Fox is intelligent enough to have figured out what in hell went wrong!

  16. I’m tired of the Malicious Liars that the Media has become. It’s our Freedom of Speech! In the Supreme Court Case of Sullivan Verses The New York Times in 1964 the Summary of their ruling said that it’s OKAY for the Media to Lie as long as it was NOT Malicious! Really?
    It is about time that the Government Sued the Living Daylights out of these Corporation and also simultaneously the Individuals Perpetrating these crimes against the American people?

  17. I’m tired of the Malicious Liars that the Media has become. It’s our Freedom of Speech! In the Supreme Court Case of Sullivan Verses The New York Times in 1964 the Summary of their ruling said that it’s OKAY for the Media to Lie as long as it was NOT Malicious! Really?
    It is about time that the Government Sued the Living Daylights out of these Corporations and also simultaneously the Individuals Perpetrating these crimes against the American people?

  18. The most important issue at hand is not Fox News which I left when they fired Bill O’Reilly, the issue now is to find the fraud and the culprits, in the meantime another big enemy has surfaced and I quote Mr. Giuliani “where is the FBI? they are MIA” thus we now see clearly that at all levels we do have a lot of powerful enemies. So lets pause and think how we can help win this battle, we need to read two pieces of Sacred Scripture, one is from the gospel of John 8:32 called slaves of sin, this one will tell us how many billions of slaves the devil has all over the world, the second is from the book of Revelation 13:5 it tells us for how long the antichrist is allowed to have control of the world and finally if you are as convince as I am that we are at the end times of this world, then we can clearly see and watch all of his diabolical plans that he alone has masterminded for these times, the recommendation from the Throne of Almighty God is to “pray & fast” and read book of Chronicles II Chap.7:14 and then and only then we should receive an answer, one very effective prayer is the Holy Rosary, St. Padre Pio said that it was his favorite weapon against the devil. Thus lets start ASAP we are short of time and need to hurry!

    1. reply to “Avenger 99”
      I almost gave a thumbs up until you mentioned the rosary.
      recommend you read both “the Seduction of Christianity” and “The Woman Rides the Beast” by Dave Hunt.


  20. I don’t think that Pres. Trump should concede at all! It’s well known that Biden and friends have been less than honest in their efforts to take the election as theirs when it was never properly determined! Pres. Trump shoud carry on and find out exactly what has taken place before conceding anything!

  21. Fox News might prefer Biden to Trump (a big mistake!!) but the truth is that there hasn’t been anything positive in regard to the supposed win of Biden! Pres. Trump should continue to pursue the facts as it’s more than likely that he actually won the election!
    I wouldn’t trust the Biden cohort at all!

  22. Fair weather friends are with you in the good times, but desert you when times grow hard. Its now up to the Supreme Court. If they betray him, they also betray God, us, and justice. We shall soon see if they were good appointees or bad ones.

  23. I will never believe the Democrats are honest and care for our country the way President Trump does. He has fought hard to bring jobs back, force China and other countries to pay their fair share. Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, and many more are just being bought off by George Soros. They will make America a third world country while they continue to get richer. They literally make me sick. They will have a judgement day with the Lord.

  24. Biden is a liar, always telling everyone what a liar Trump is when in reality Biden lies about everything. The most evident one is telling people their taxes won’t go up…of course they will when he gets rid of the Trump tax cuts. I don’t believe people even know what is going on in these United States.

  25. They forgot Cucker Carlson! they’re all FAKE, LYING FRAUDS! You know……just like the LibTrads (because THAT is what the ARE)!

  26. I can hardly wait to see the reactions of all of these nay sayers when President Trump is declared the winner of this election.

  27. We all know how most of the woman on FOX got their jobs!! They should keep their legs crossed and most of the men are homo weird o’s from a liberal background FOX is over and NewsMax is the “new kid” on the block

  28. We used to watch Fox News religiously every night. Now we watch it if nothing else is on. Lately, we have been going through our stack of dvd’s to avoid Fox at all cost.



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