Meet Biden’s New Communications Team

Gage Skidmore via Flickr

As Inauguration Day gets closer and closer Joe Biden continues to announce his choices for the upcoming White House appointments. Despite the fact President Trump has not conceded the election and continues to spread claims that widespread voter fraud impacted the election results. Most recently President-elect Biden unveiled his picks for a communications team. Nobody can be too shocked to learn that Joe Biden’s recently proposed all-female communications team seems to be cherry-picked from past Democrat administrations and liberal media outlets.

Meet the ladies on Biden’s Communication team:

  1. We MUST get rid of this imposter. Already trying to further feminize the US, so that the surrender to China will be easier!!!

    I want a world, where my grandsons will be respected for being honest, productive, teal men.

    1. Yep I tried telling people on these sites to pick up a book and read about this crap COMMING. COMMUNIST RULE this will no longer be America. We will have DICTATOR well some will I will die fighting first I will not BOW to a DICTATOR. AND the police will become Hitler’s GISTOPO . so you will MOT be able to trust them either . they will have the jobs of collecting the kids . adaults will be Slaves to tne richest of rich. Dear it will be time for war in UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 OR WE ALL LOSE.

      1. I am Right there with You and Ready to Lay Down My Life to Prevent these Usurpers from Taking Power. I don’t Expect to Survive but I will Take My Share with Me when I go Down!

      2. This COUNTRY is the MOST PRAYERFUL NATION on earth right now! The small nation POLAND is truly more prayerful than we are…. their churches are alwasy busy about something…. that is a FAUTH- FILLED samll country!

  2. Ick! We should have fought harder to win by any means necessary knowing the other side was gonna cheat. Look at these idiots! All women so Joe can sniff and feel them up anytime he wants.

    1. That’s what I was talking about myself. AND remember all liberals lie cheat and steal. Everytime they open their mouthes .

    1. Why wouldn’t Biden want a all women grope after all he is involved in human TRAFFICKING with Hillary , Obama . IMADGINE THAT.

  3. So ??? All of the Trump Administration has always
    maintained… ALL female Communications Teams.
    NOTE…that’s a PLURAL reality!!

  4. So I guess it doesn’t count if all your communications team is conservative women just like President Trump’s communications team is. Sure sounds like more plagiarism from Beijing Biden, copying someone else’s idea and claiming it to be his. The huge difference is the president’s team was chosen because they are good at what they do, while Biden’s team are there just because they are women, and fit their role in identity politics

  5. Things will take a turn when least expected! God is in CONTROL! GOD IS TRUTH! This one thing is something we must pray for! He never freely reveal anyting, nor force anyone to do anything, because, HE GIVES EVERY HUMAN A FREE WILL! If HE MAKE ANY MOVEMENT TO CHANGE OR TO FORM AN ACTION, HE WOULD HAVE VIOLETED HIMSELF! GOD NEVER TAKES ANY ACTION WITHOUT the HUMAN WILL! That is why we must pray with FAITH and EEVITION for HIS WILL BE DONE!

  6. Eight women assigned with the task of shutting off ALL informative communications to the Lapdog press which will not say one word of complaint…

  7. These people will have the best paying jobs in the world, if Biden communicates like he did when he was a presidential candidate. Will the press conferences be held in parking lots? Will the dozen or so cars be allowed to blow their horns at the softball questions that will be asked?


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