Major Trump Announcement Could be Coming on Inauguration Day?

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According to a report, “preliminary planning” is underway for a major Trump announcement next month.

President Trump is in talks with his inner circle to launch a 2024 bid for the White House on January 20th –which is inauguration day, according to NBC.

It’s rumored that if Trump announces he’s running again in 2024 on inauguration day that he plans to skip Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

The report also states Trump recently launched a leadership political action committee named “Save America” last month which will allow him to continue to raise funds for his post-presidency political endeavors.

Additionally, the Trump campaign team is considering extending their lease on its campaign headquarters which sits right outside Washington, DC in the Virginia suburbs sending another signal that America has not seen the end of Trump’s political career.

To add fuel to the speculative fire Trump made comments at a White House holiday party which has some ears perking.

According to the AP, President Trump told attendees “it’s been an amazing four years.”

“We’re trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years,” Trump continued.

During the party Trump also said:

“It’s certainly an unusual year.

We won the election, but they don’t like that.

I call it a rigged election and I always will”

Trump’s potential 2024 election is certainly causing panic amongst the other likely 2024 contenders.

Early 2024 polling data shows favorable signs towards the Trump brand per our earlier coverage of a potential Trump 2024 bid:

Aides for other potential White House suitors have plenty of reasons to be scared. A recent poll, which it didn’t include President Trump showed another Trump polling significantly high.

A July poll from Leger showed Pence at 31%, Donald Trump Jr. at 17%, Nikki Haley at 11%, Mitt Romney at 9%, Ted Cruz at 8% and Tucker Carlson at 7%.

If President Trump was included in the poll it’s hard to envision him not leading the pack based on Pence and Trump Jr.’s poll numbers.

Given Trump’s ability to churn a headline whether it be on TV or via Twitter, he will have an unprecedented ability to remain front and center during a Biden presidency.


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