White House Communications Director Resigns

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White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah has resigned. Farah has held multiple roles within the Trump administration since he took office.

According to The Washington Post:

White House communications director Alyssa Farah resigned from her post Thursday after three-and-a-half years in the Trump administration.

Farah, 31, began her White House tenure as press secretary under Vice President Pence, before joining the Defense Department as press secretary last September, and returned to the White House as communications director in April. She is the first person to serve in these three roles in one administration, and the youngest Pentagon press secretary.

In her resignation letter, which she delivered Thursday, Farah called her time in the administration “the honor of a lifetime” and described herself as “deeply proud of the incredible things we were able to accomplish to make our country stronger, safer, and more secure.”

“Under this Administration, the ISIS caliphate was destroyed, American hostages were returned home, NATO is stronger than ever, we’ve brokered historic Middle East peace deals, and I was on the ground in Kabul for the announcement of a historic peace deal between the Afghan Government and the Taliban aimed at ending America’s longest war,” Farah wrote.

Farah’s last day will be on Friday and she will start a communications firm dealing with corporations, politics, and defense.

    1. Sounds like Trump Train News are really a bunch of communist bastards spreading propaganda! You can pretend to be a fan of POTUS but your spots are showing. 🖕🖕🖕

      1. They can only rule on matters of law, but they CAN. And should order a re-do on the vote. If they do it needs to be a one day, go to the polls vote using only paper ballots and overseen by court appointed referees with counters being pairs of one Democrat and one Republican.

        1. No. Nullify entire election as corrupt. Instruct all states to chose electors to cast their votes.

          Then instruct each state to choose a 3 person panel to write election laws for national elections. Included would be all states must use the same software and machines for National elections. Require pictured voter ID. Absentee Ballots only. Purge voter roles, keep current and cross check to insure a voter is doing so in their home state, one time only. Only US Citizens get to vote. US Marshals at every voting precinct. 24/7 video of polling centers, counting rooms, ballot holding rooms, voting machine rooms. Just a start.

          Any state not complying will simply be left out of all National elections until they get on board.

          This needs to be the year where America cleans up the fraud and corruption in US elections.

        2. John, I’ve wondered WHT America would not have a DO-OVER election! Apparently the powers that make that decision are not making it! We know which way the election would go if that were the case!

      2. I suspect it is about the money she can make with her own communications firm. It shouldn’t matter who is president but it might be even for her better w/ Trump in office.

    1. I agree. If someone in whom the President has placed his complete trust, finds that he or she is no longer able to give the President his or her full support without reservation then, it is time to resign – for the good of both parties plus, the government and the people of the United States.

  1. She has been given a chance of a lifetime and she walks out before the “fat lady sings”??? that makes her a stooge. When given a chance to be successful, you do not kick that person in the mouth so publically. Not a good move for her because those of us Republican Women who care about our POTUS, think that is chicken-shit!

    1. Her clients will all be Democrats! The old saying, “politics is a dirty business” has never been truer.

  2. It’s common for personnel to leave within 3-4 yrs. Nothing to see here. Move on. The WAPO and the other propaganda rags would, of course, lie about the reason she left.

    1. Exactly, she’s leaving to start her own firm, good for her! Maybe if more of the lifetime Federal hangers-on would do that DC would be better off…

    1. All we have to do is to read her valedictory. All praise of President Trump for historic achievements. Back to sleep…

  3. So a WAPO stooge asserts that this resignation “ is a tacit nod that the president did, in fact, lose the election” and the TTN allows that to go with no pushback??? WTH???

  4. She fulfilled her role… she’s moving on! It happens. She’s not abandoning ship, she was never on it! She did her job and her calling will be shore duty for another intity! The accolades she mentioned are shared by many who assisted the President and are noteworthy accomplishments. Somehow, I believe she will serve in a greater capacity to further the greater good of our country!

  5. Oh as long as she says so , and the media again says who won the election
    don’t let the door hit you in the —–on the way out

  6. All part of the game of chess. President Trump is a master chess player. he can play 5 games at once and win them all. She is starting a new communications organization, hopefully spreading truth as opposed to Main Stream media and their lies and deception and banning all Conservative voices. People move around in order to be more effective. God bless

  7. wow ,just outed trump train news , hmm a startegic move I wonder , looks like birds are in the air ! as in there may be military moves happening . If so about time this crap has to end ,americans pay huge dollars for defense ,time for military to step up , what was nsa set up for if not to stop a take over of the us ,what do you call this demon-ion fraud scam ?.

  8. Somebody leaving for a higher paying coprporate job is NOT evidence that Trump lost the election or that she thinks that.


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