Everything You Missed From Sen. Loeffler and Warnock’s Debate

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Sonny Perdue meets with freshman Senator Kelly Loefflet, (R-GA), on February 11, 2020, in Washington, D. C. She succeeds former Senator Johnny Isakson. Loeffler was sworn into office on January 6, 2020. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

The race for control of the Senate is heating up in Georgia as Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler and radical Democrat challenger Raphael War faced off during a debate on Sunday. The two participated in what could very well be the only debate from the run-offs. Loeffler shined during the event hosted by the Atlanta Press Club while Warnock struggled to convince Georgians why he deserves their vote.

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  1. Georgia and Pennsylvania.
    In those two states, a careful analysis of the data shows that both states voted for President Trump and the election was stolen.

  2. If we don’t win these 2 seats in GA, we’re doomed. Please get out and vote!
    It’s our ONLY WAY to stop the slow joe and kamel toe agenda.

  3. As an American I Got Georgia on my mind. This guy is a commie race-baiter who speaks from a Baptist pulpit so he is good at speaking, but does he denounce hatred Communism and Socialism? He invited Fidel Castro and Jeramiah Wrightwhoo fashion hatred and the exclusion of law an order. This is a no brainer my friends in the Peach State. Remember how Alec Baldwin and Alyssa Milano wanted to boycott your state for a movie. And now they are funneling in money to these people to take our Freedoms away.
    Vote your Heart Georgia.
    God Bless!
    And God Bless The United States of America!
    Go President Trump he has not abandoned us. We have to keep his will to fight for us.
    The American People!

  4. The most destructive thing the people of Georgia can do is boycott an election! I will never give up my vote. That is what those who want to steal the election want.

  5. Warnock needs his Adams apple ripped plum out of his a yep you know !!!! He is another one of those worthless tyrants like the rest of thoseSWAMPASSRATS DAMOCRAPS THEY ALL DESERVE TO BE SHOT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES. AND until our SUPPOSED GOVERNMENT gets rid of them I no longer have any respect for those rotten a ho no mo

  6. ow , both lost me at the vaccine bit , we are in the middle of a crisis of information ! ,a fake pandemic pushed by msm to derail Trump agenda [ heal and set free america ]. Way better to take a 99.5% survival rate chance with an over hyped flue than take an untested injection of toxic garbage . Think , if Iatrogenic death is responsible for 6-800 000 fatality’s in the US every year!!!, how likely is it that the administration of proven lethal medical practices on terrified patients , with preexisting medical conditions, would be enough to manufacture a plague .I would like to know if actual deaths have dropped this year . Every one should read the FDA draft on possible side effects of untested vaccines media download 143557. about 21 possible nasty side effects ,infertility is a minor one !. and maybe this time republicans can get enough mma fighters to come and back them up in th ecounting stations ,plus some good cops that want to stay in a job ,all we are after is a free and fair count ,if these demonrats don’t want that go to Canada or some other 3rd world country !. [ sorry canadians you’ve been shafted too , it is where demon-ian is from after all ].

  7. We as a country have been allowing these things for years in isolated places. The country has been tested if they will actually allow force to be used in controlling their movements. Those old enough will remember Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Branch Davidians, and others. Yes the military, federal entities, state police, and local city police are all willing to follow orders when told to react (ie shoot when told). The local Sheriff is voted in to enforce the peoples laws but have been taken out of the process by under funding from the ones now telling us to do their bidding or else. The populace needs a leader but the media will immediately put anyone stepping up to stop this madness down. We have our power in the Constitution and its instructions on voting for a single leader. The blind leading the blind can do nothing. If you do not complain now by forcing the vote count into the light do not complain about it when we must pay the price for what we allowed.

  8. Haven’t we learned the main thing about Democrat’s running for office yet? THEY LIE! In theory, debates should allow a candidate to explain what he will do in office. This is generally true with non-Democrats, but Democrats have learned, in the past 12 years, that they should LIE about their intentions, AND THEY DO. Obama assured us that he respects the 2nd Amendment, and then he worked hard to destroy it. He pledged to support the Constitution and then, when it didn’t suit his purposes, he violated it at every opportunity, complaining that it restricted his actions. THAT’S WHY IT WAS WRITTEN THAT WAY! What voters must base their votes on is the reputation of the candidate.

    Democrat Members of Congress have told nothing but lies during the past 4 years, as evidenced by their conduct during Supreme Court confirmations, during Trump’s impeachment trials and their never-ending investigations. Any lesser person than Trump would have been driven out of office, which was the goal of the Democrats, the Press (except for Fox and NewsMax) and the Deep State. Instead, he accomplished more for the USA, benefitting all parties, than any President has done under NORMAL conditions. And he has galvanized the Democrat Party into the most devious and successful voting fraud machine the country has ever seen, even in Chicago, by getting most states to use voting machines that were created to enable dictators to easily win all their elections, by being programmable to distort vote counting to any degree.

    The only thing that matters to voters in the Georgia special election is if they want Socialism, or if they want a free capitalist country that can continue to produce economic growth and FREEDOM.

  9. Sounds like Warnock is a fake “pastor” who is not shepherding God’s people, but using God’s Name to lie, cheat, steal, and thereby murder the entire population of America. There will be severe repercussions at the end of his days, in the meantime we all need to protect ourselves from these Democrat Terrorists.
    Since election results are just being investigated and no one is being prosecuted, it won’t matter how people vote because the Democrat Terrorists, having no fear, knowing they can get away with it, will just do the same thing again. Election fraud against the people of America should be a capital offense.


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