Trump’s New Order Will Prioritize Vaccinating Americans Before Aiding Foreign Nations

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With the health of the nation on the line, President Trump continues to take an “America First” approach towards foreign policy, with plans to sign a new executive order that will guarantee that all Americans will be provided with the COVID-19 vaccine access before offering aid to other nations.  

The President is expected to sign the executive order at Tuesday’s White House vaccine summit, where leading drug manufacturers, distributors, and government officials will convene to discuss mass distribution and administration of the vaccines.  

The summit comes ahead of the Food and Drug Administration’s Thursday committee meeting to determine if the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will be granted emergency authorization for use. The Moderna vaccine candidate’s application will be reviewed the following week on Dec. 17.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn said the agency is “moving very quickly” to analyze the emergency use application data and is “very hopeful” the vaccine will gain approval, which could reportedly be as soon as Friday.

According to the CDC, national immunization priority will go to high-risk frontline healthcare workers and nursing home residents, followed by essential workers, people with medical conditions, and then older adults. According to infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, “the ordinary citizen” is expected to gain inoculation access by Spring of 2021.

Although Trump’s executive order is intended to ensure the health of the nation, it is also expected to provide the framework for international vaccine aid.

The order is said to outline “three primary approaches” to assisting other countries. The government will work with well-off allies to acquire effective vaccines, likely by utilizing the partnerships formed with pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors through the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed.      

Nations that are less financially secure will be aided by the government “leveraging resources” to help them acquire a vaccine and the necessary administering and tracking supplies. Low-income countries will be aided through a donation of resources to USAID and the Gavi vaccine alliance.

International assistance is reportedly expected to begin in the late spring or early summer months of 2021, though that timetable is subject to change depending on the emergence of additional vaccine candidates.

Operation Warp Speed provided government funding for four other vaccines, including current front runner, AstraZeneca’s, which announced results for effective coronavirus prevention at the end of November, along with candidates still in clinical trials from Novavax, Merck, and Sanofi.

To find out more about the vaccines, how they work, and the side effects, take a look at Everything You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccines.  

  1. Hooray awesome, let the media & elites get them on tier 2 after HC & nursing home residents, see Anderson Cooper take shot etc.

  2. Justin has already beaten you out. Canada has already received batches of Pfizer vaccine and will begin provincial vaccinations on Monday (free). Trump loses again.

    1. Whatever you think, Pfizer knowingly announced it after the Election but Biden knew about it before. What does that look like to you? The evil forces have demonized this President wrongfully. He only had America First on his Agenda. Guess you like China in control of America. They are already licking their chops because of people like you!!

      1. Trump’s record indicates a true Patriot and a man of God, although like all, of us, an imperfect one. He will go down in history as a failure at first, but later when folks read of all the things he accomplished, he will be recognized as the greatest President of all time. Not even a crooked News media and Big Tech can stop folks from seeing and hearing the truth.

    2. No body would have it without Trump pushing it for the people of America first then the world also gets it. Dems would still be holding the people hostage for political power.

      1. That’s the truth. The dem leadership would not have put the China travel ban in place when Trump did so quickly because those Dems said it was racist and xenophobic for Trump to have done so.

        Meanwhile those Dems were calling for uninfected citizens to come out and mingle, exposing them to the Chinese virus in numbers we will never know. They didn’t have the least bit of concern to protect our own citizens. 😡

    3. Because of the slow FDA, the UK, and Canada, and perhaps others, will receive the vaccine long before we do. But the News Media will praise Biden for getting it out to us. However if it does not work so well, then they will blame Trump.

  3. God Bless this President! The Country was blessed when he got elected in 2016 and he should be the President in 2020 but Satan plays a mighty evil game!

  4. Just look at the pictures of hundreds of kids( 100,000 plus other countries) age 11 to 17 mostly girls killed in the USA from Vacs. 2003-2006 the USA military got 500,000 military VACS 12,000 died within a very short time,100,000 permanent disability including a 28 year old girl I knew of within 10 minutes. Some say over 100,000 died and records destroyed by Dems.
    Stupid 4 Dems retards comments here. Vacs have damaged or worse over 1 mil. kids in USA during 2004-2012. Obama Hail Satan Dems planned destruction of USA.
    Sickness is low oxygen,high acid(wear Chinese Communist slave victory of USA slave mask) in body,lack of nutrients. Higher sulphur in soil or take MSM sulfur+avoid Death Dems,no sickness.strong immune.Collodial silver(400 ppm) in mouth.nose,1000 un Vit D,real zinc./cop cit/ori,nascent Iodine,all 90 factors per day Rife frequency,sauna.
    Top Chinese communist, about Dec. 1, 2020 said it is easier to get the USA population number of 100 mil. people by year 2025, with VACS. Globalist said use Vacs to kill 1 billion plus people in their Dems Satanic rituals.

    1. Who financed the Wuhan Biological Virus? Why has it been covered up? Why have the Military, and super rich in China been relatively free from the virus? Why have most Democrat leaders been resistant to the virus while thousands of Republicans and their leaders fall sick with the virus? Why did Trump lead by hundreds of thousands of votes @ 11:00 pm, then the polls all of a sudden closed down, then three or four hours later opened up again and Biden suddenly started overtaking Trump? Many strange things happened, all in favor of Biden. Definitely not by accident, or by coincidence. The Big Steal was on and the News Media was complicit. The Judges were nonresponsive. So what will the Supreme Court decide? Will the Elite, the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONAIRES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ have their way? Will they buy our freedom, and turn us into their SLAVES? Slaves Without Chains, ruled by other men’s brains. Get use to it. Only the NINE can save us, but only if they have not been bought, or scared into submission! Just a few more days and we will know. Enjoy what little freedom you still have because next year it may be all over but the crying.

  5. I’ll let the rest of you be the first to take it! I don’t trust ANYTHING about this Scamdemic!
    I know that they sure came up with a test for Covid mighty fast! We haven’t heard a peep about false positives or false negatives! We really don’t know how accurate the testing has been!
    Now they want all of us to clamber and fight to be the first to take the untested vaccine??
    I smell a rat!! I don’t trust it!

    1. There have been numerous stories about inaccuracies in testing.

      The vaccine has been tested, but not the regular bagillion times that normally comprises an FDA aproval. The red tape was cut and numbers of trials reduced to expedite the process.

  6. Don’t worry libs, President Harris will change things. She will put America LAST, that is what you want, isn’t it ?

    1. True but one thing is that Trump works almost all of the time. He has gotten more done in four years than two termer presidents do in 8 years. Biden doesn’t have that kind of stamina. I foresee a stamp of Biden’s signature. He’ll have to have a staff of 100 to do what Trump did by himself. God willing they will overturn the fraudulent votes and Trump will be the true winner since he won by a landslide.

  7. how about we prioritize whoever wants it first can get it, since there are so many reluctant to take it??? And certainly prioritize Americans first, after all it was our tax money being used to make the stuff to begin with!

  8. The ones who criticized the drugs will rush to take them. Then Biden and the Democrats will try to take credit for their development. Typical Liberals. You do the work, we take the credit and rush to the front of the line for the free stuff. Then they will ride the wave of good fortune in the stock market until their policies ruin the market at which time they will blame Trump for the down turn. The media will continue upholding and shielding the Sorry-Crats and blaming Trump and the GOP. If our Judges all turn on us we will pay the price as will America. China will dominate us under a Biden administration. We will indeed be Slaves Without Chains. B08GG2RMTV. View on Amazon.


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