Sidney Powell Handed Losses in Two States

Screen Shot via Sidney Powell Twitter

Judges in Michigan and Georgia have ruled against Sidney Powell’s clients in lawsuits challenging those state’s election results. The news came the same day that Georgia re-certified its election results for Joe Biden after another recount. Both lawsuits alleged that widespread voter fraud and absentee ballot irregularities impacted the state’s election results to benefit Joe Biden.

In Michigan, U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker said that because the election has passed and the results were certified that the window to grant an injunction has closed. In Georgia, Judge Timothy Batten dismissed the case.

Fox News reports:

Powell’s lawsuit called for decertification of the results, an injunction blocking state officials from sending the results to the Electoral College, an order to send certified results that name President Trump as the winner, an order for a manual recount for absentee ballots, and an order that votes that were tabulated by machines not be counted unless the machines were certified according to state and federal requirements.

“Plaintiffs could have lodged their constitutional challenges much sooner than they did, and certainly not three weeks after Election Day and one week after certification of almost three million votes,” Parker wrote.

The judge further expressed doubt that the case would have any likelihood of success, noting that the allegations realistically amount to state law violations, not constitutional ones.

In stark contrast to Parker’s 36-page order, the federal judge in the Georgia case ruled from the bench, speaking directly to the parties. While Parker merely denied a request for an injunction in the Michigan case, Judge Timothy Batten dismissed the Georgia case.

The pro-Trump lawyer has already revealed plans to appeal the case in Georgia.

    1. Yeh. Now let’s start checking out these judges. Were they appointed? If so, by who. Were they “elected”? If so, did they use these suspect Dominion machines? What is their work history? Term papers? extracurricular activities? Radical groups? Lots to check out here?

      1. Yes, and who did they molest when they were teenagers and at what party did it happen? Were they doing drugs and drinking underage? We need to know!

      2. It was a bi-partisan smack down. One Bush, one Obama.

        A lot of the other smack downs came from appointees of the outgoing impeached one term Mr. Donald himself.

        1. One Bush and One Obama does NOT make it bi-partisan. They are both members of the Uni-Party Globalist, anti-Trump, anti-America as a Nation State. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them listed on the membership rolls of The Council on Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, or the Bilderberger Group.

        2. One Bush and One Bathhouse Barry, hell that is like saying that there is a difference between Nutcase and a Crazy person.

          1. The thing is. Both Bushes were card carrying. Bill and Hillary, the same as was Obama and Biden. Trump was an outsider and refused to be bought by them. Now they hate him.

      1. They slithered into place, due to apathy of the people, who have too long taken their rights, and freedom for granted.

        1. I believe apathy is the wrong word… they slithered in while We the People were working our butts off and the media never reports on this stuff… if it weren’t for the internet now… we wouldn’t know most of what we know.. and they’re doing their best to restrict conservative ideals. I have never take my rights & our freedom for granted. Schools don’t teach what they used to – it’s been building… for quite a while. The Bushes… the Romneys… McCains… Bidens.. all career politicians.. they get up there and just can’t live without the power and influence… will take money from anybody to be able to stay there…

    1. I believe you just answered your own question when you mentioned “Communist”. We certainly need judges who actually care about America, instead of these America-hating, Obama judges.

  1. All the way to the Supreme Court. They have to stand up to these criminals or our Republic is lost.

  2. here comes socialism and bang2 communist is kicking really crooked judges that’s who they are.God Almighty please help us do not let this happen.

    1. sad thing is when the dictators take over they go round bumping of all the untrustworthy that got them in !, historically illiterate, low IQ judges .

  3. What about Michigan? The judge said they could have done it earlier. How? They had to wait until after the election votes came pouring in via suspicious means. If Powell asked for decertification, she could not ask for decertification before they were certified. Duh?

  4. President Trump you get with Patrick Byrne. I have a great feeling with him. Good vibes with positive attitude. We the American people believe in you. IN GOD WE TRUST AND GOD BLESS AMERICA. IN JESUS NAME AMEN 🙏 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸. WE DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP.

  5. The Democrats have “infested” the entire government and all the systems in the government.

    Our government in the United States has slowly become more and more incompetent and corrupt. The only thing today’s elected politicians are good at is stealing tax payer money and doing it in a way to avoid prosecution.

  6. The American vs. progressive-fascist Dem civil war clock is now 8 seconds to midnight. Fellow combat vets be ready. It will be like the movie “The Purge”. Start with the communist revolutionaries of Antifa/Occupy/BLM. No prisoners. Those 10M plastic coffins Obama bought and distributed to certain FEMA centers will now come in handy.

  7. We are suppose to have the elite people sitting on our Supreme Court, what we should have in Senate and House but don’t . I believe our Supreme Court will not let the people down on this one, this one is so simple a 1st grader could see through it, so the Court will put our president Trump back in who actually won.

  8. President Trump appointed something like 300 constitutional, non partisan judges that follow the rule of law & there are probably 3000 or more that are corrupt, globalist, Democrap, communist supporters that could care less about the constitution & our country! Dangerous precedent that testimony from witnesses suddenly isn’t evidence unless from the radical lying left! Why can’t Republicans shop around for judges that would be favorable to a conservative point of view to present evidence about the fraud in this election like the democraps do when they want to push through something ( I know that is not how our system is supposed to work but we need to save the country now otherwise everything is moot!) These activist judges are just trying to run to clock out & you know what… there are at least 74 million real Americans that aren’t going to accept a fraud Biden /Harris ( or more accurately a Harris/Biden ) presidency!

  9. Most disgraceful, corrupt election in the history of The United States of America, Shame and may you all be punished, no matter how big or small your corruption was in 2020 Election!!

  10. We must fight fight fight. The left side communists are trying to destroy America. No No No. We will fight all the way down the line. You democrats have pissed off a HUGH amount of true Americans. We will never stop fighting. Pelosi and Schummer go to hell.

  11. Be sure to have PLENTY of ammunition on hand. It’s very possible that it’ll be needed when the scum comes calling.

  12. The Corrupt Judges are running amok. It is hard to find ONE with an eye on the Constitution and a moral compass. America is screwed if Biden gets in.

  13. Dear patriots all this did not happen overnight, in fact it has taken many years in the making, we all need to meditate on how we got here, first just in case we don’t know but we are at the end times according to the Sacred Scripture and once you read the Book of Revelations, last book in the Bible you will see that we are in the midst of the time accorded to the antichrist, he is now very much in charge and due to our many sins we are under divine judgement from Almighty God, please read the Book of Chronicles II Chapter 7 verse 14 and make it your penance for Advent, this mighty mess can only be remedy by Almighty God and hurry because is very late and short of time. AMEN

  14. The conclusion one must draw from this Michigan political hack masquerading as a judge is that there is never the right of citizens to challenge an election. Why? Well,if we challenge the election beforehand, the judge would say we can’t because the election hasn’t even happened yet…and if we challenge the election afteward, the judge is saying no, no, no…the election has already occurred and been certified, so it’s too late. This is legal gobblldygook!! Note: the hurried certification happened in the midst of ongoing protests, investigations, hearings, and affidavit testimonies by citizen pollwatchers that have yet to be resolved. The certification was rushed, flawed, and clearly is in violation of a huge number of citizens voters wishes. This is judicial tyranny of the electorate on a huge and blatant scale.

    1. We aren’t ‘ctizens of the United States’, folks. Case law from the 1860’s shows those ‘citizens were invented by Congress for the former black slaves!!! We are the People only. People rule government, citizens obey government. True since early Roman times. It is through them brain washing us into signing all their law document forms that we’re ‘citizens’ that they can now control us and ignore us as their own will allows. They know the people are masters over government in this uniquely founded nation by our forefathers. Pay close attention to All forms you fill out to vote, to have to have ‘licenses’, to being on jury duty, EVERYTHING—requires you to state you’re a citizen of the United States! You’re not. Did you know that the United States has 3 definitions? It’s shown in Black’s law dictionary 1979 5th edition, but has been mysteriously now excluded totally by their 7th edition. One definition of United States is simply the 10 mile square area called the disctrict of Columbia! Read Article 1, section 8, cl. 17 wherein it states unambiguously that Congress can legislate ( make it’s laws ) exclusively in the 10 mile sq. area that has been defined too as the “United States”. We were taught to believe there was only 1 “United States” and it included the whole land mass throughout our country. So we naturely thought that congress could ‘legislate’ ( make laws ) for all of us. But if we know that there are 3 definitions and one is simply that territory of D.C. then we finally understand what our founders really did for us. They created a government that was geographically limited to it’s rule only over the 10 mile sq. area. This left the people with liberty and freedom,, and as James Madison said, we are to control ourselves via the 10 commandments. Our declaration tells us the very same thing. Read it anew. It states that man is created by the Creator of our Universe and that man is then under God’s law, which is that of the natural world of which we’re a part. We were NEVER under gov. rule, but Gods. That’s why this country was so unique among all others over the planet. We’ve been handed a bill of goods by our own politicians. They know the truth of this historical government, but they’ve wanted our money and set about schooling all of us in such a way that we never knew the position of sovereignty our Creator and our founders had really gifted us, first with Jesus sacrifice and then with all our forefather’s blood and lives. We’ve always been totally free, but ONLY from man’s govening force. We are under God’s 10 commandments and always will be. But we just never knew this great historical truth, now revealed.


  16. An appointed BO Judge will dismissed the case even before certification.
    This is a ridiculous ruling, they are showing the judge there was a crime committed so she said,” well too late the crime is done nothing we can do……. “

  17. President Trump appointed something like 300 constitutional, non partisan judges that follow the rule of law & there are probably 3000 or more that are corrupt, globalist, Democrap, communist supporters that could care less about the constitution & our country! Dangerous precedent that testimony from witnesses suddenly isn’t evidence unless from the radical lying left! Why can’t Republicans shop around for judges that would be favorable to a conservative point of view to present evidence about the fraud in this election like the democraps do when they shop around for leftest judges when they want to push through something ( I know that is not how our system is supposed to work but we need to save the country now otherwise everything is moot!) These activist judges are just trying to run to clock out disenfranchise at least 74 million Americans!

  18. America was done in by our own elected leaders. Congress will start their first session in China.
    Isn’t globalization great? Just wait until joe starts selling the wall for scrap. That will definitely stimulate the economy.

    1. She will probably appeal, the longer this stays in the system the better it is for the patriots. Some will see it and think and then see the logic. Those who don’t see the cheating aren’t worth bothering about. The longer the legal battles the more time to prepare for other ways to fight for the cause. I still think secession is the way to go.

  19. Democrats have paid off these judges to say there was no fraud. crooked judges all over the place. the evil the democrats are spreading is destroying our great country and all you stupids who voted for these scumbags are as guilty as they are you all need to be locked up and sent to hell.If biden the pedafile gets in office you will be the sorry asses to suffer. we have a great President in Donald Trump and you stupids know who you are. Don’t cry me a river when the democrats move in and take all your freedoms away.

  20. I have to express great dismay with the Trump legal team for not lumping all the swing states into one package to be presented to SCOTUS. It makes no sense to present only PA to SCOTUS, as if that’s the only state in which fraud occurred. That’s a recipe for a Biden presidency because all the other states can dismiss the suits as we are now observing.

  21. And once again we find a judge who thinks they are ruling dogmatically and we should not even question their decisions.

  22. This is how you get to the SCOTUS. The more the lower courts deny, the faster they go to higher courts. A strange process, but it is the process.

    1. Trump must declare martial law & that will stop all these AH”s in their tracks. Yeah, start investigating all of them, there will be an instant change & an attempt to buy Trump to forego any investigation & then Trump can also sue them for bribery attempts. This is not a normal fight, but, a rotten, disgusting, criminal act against America. Do whatever it takes to get justice for America.


  24. Let’s be clear, it has nothing to do with Socialist or Communist, Winner has every right to decide his policies! Here the question is truth & False, Right&wrong! Truth is massive Election fraud has taken place, even a lame man will certify this after hearing witnesses of Giuliani &Powell hearings. IF thief comes and steals , in your house nothing is left, you cannot say that it’s all right your complaint was late, but actually the complaint was made when you notice it and not before as the corrupt or blind Judges are giving their judgement. In my opinion Robbery is a crime, you like it or you don’t. The belongings when found goes to the original owner in this case President Trump. You cannot say we will punish the criminals but they can keep the stolen goods. It’s alright !


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