President Trump Makes Last-Minute Appointments to Government Posts

Gage Skidmore Fickr

President Trump isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Despite the fact. President Trump only has about two more months left in the first term that didn’t deter him from announcing new appointees to a wide range of government posts. Dozens of Republicans have been selected to represent the Trump administration in key roles.

These Republicans were tapped to serve in new roles:

      1. I am with you 100 percent let’s get on with the MARTIAL LAW. There is a White House Hot Line no. That you can call. Tell them how you feel and let’s get this started.You can get the no. By asking google.

        1. President Trump has his own personal Secret Service, They came with him to the Whitehouse and the Military are fully behind him. So rather evict that evil witch Pelosi and all who sail with her.

      2. He can’t declare martial law but he can call a national emergency and do a one day vote in person only. No mail in votes


      1. Make Newt Gingrich acting Attorney General have him install a creditable Trump special counsel on Hunter and this election that will lock these people up!
        Fire FBI Director and put Jeanine Pirro as acting director to provide Newt all of the hidden documents that Devin,  Jim Jordin have been asking for the past 4 years.
        Last resort call for National Emergency and stop this BS.

        The Art of the Comeback! 

        1. The truth of the matter is that in September the Emergency regarding external and internal interference in the 2020 election was already declared – two years ago – it was extended for another year in September 2020.
          This is the Literal Trump card that has not been played – yet.
          See: Emergency EO 13848

          1. Thomas…relax…don’t lower yourself to be anything but what you are by reacting to Albert’s replies

        2. I like all the people you suggested and that would save our country. The democratic party must be re-named to the party for Satan and every democratic voters are personally responsible for the the death of America.

      2. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet libby snow flake looters/rioters/arsonists/etc AND altar boy raping priests .

          1. Remember that even Satan believes in God, and knows the bible, and the commandments. But, he is Vain, and proud. He is defiant, and deceptive. He is a liar, and the truth is not in him. He is not only the enemy of God, Christ, the Holy Ghost, Heaven, the Arch Angels, all angels, and saints, but he is everybody’s enemy. He only loves himself.

  1. President Trump has a few more moves in this chess game. He is keeping his powder dry, but things are coming to a head!

          1. it was just a typo stop being so petty. I just hate such small minded people that feel so superior to others they have to point our mistakes..Barbara Turner oh perfect one.

          2. Some folks point out typo’s or mistakes in a mean spirited way, but others really mean no harm, and do so just to retain clarity among us. So try to be less sensitive to corrections. We are all in agreement on most important issues. Have a nice day.

        1. I lost faith with all that God talk. Hod lets us use our own will and millions are enemies of America and everything good. I sincerely believe Satan has a big hand in this Biden/Harris duo.

      1. I agree since Durham and Barr also apparently part of the deep swamp or they would have released the findings before the election. We tax payers spent millions on that report for what?? To make lawyers richer.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    2. He’s Gemini so never underestimate him. Hard to think that we as Americans who have fought communism to help other countries so many times to be so dumb to let them come here to us like we have. Criminal traitors are so involved in our government. CLEAN HOUSE Trump. We love you 🙏

      1.  “Americans who have fought communism”
        You mean like we did in Vietnam?
        How did that workout?
        50,000 dead American boys?

        1. FYI your democratic president would not let the US win. Kennedy was killed because he was pulling out of Vietnam. Johnson lied to get it started. Too much money was flowing into the big business boys to allow it to stop.

      2. The Russians warned us in the Sixties, what was coming. No one listened,I was told by a Russian, in 1964, in the Country of Yemen. The whole world was told this by the Russians Leader at the UN, before that. They would own us without firing a shot. He even beat the desk with his shoe to make a dramitic statement.

        1. I am starting to believe it. We are owned by China for sure and now we have their boy Joey traitor with his corrupt family in the white house and the demise of America will start in January. I hope all you voters that voted against our country will be happy with the outcome of this travesty.

        1. relax Jay….this is going to work out…Trump is a very wise person. I have many bets that he will have 4 more years.

        2. Hess is a communist for sure. best to ignore stupidity. His family name tells us all think of 2nd world war and you get the connection. Nuernberg trail might also shed a light.I can’t say what I feel because this site will not allow it.

    3. He does like a big fanfare—I am all for making the stage wide enough for his big production. I trust Trump. I love how he has flushed out the rest of the rats!!!

    4. He has warned our Billionaires and all folks not to invest in China or make deals with them, that they are not our friend or ally. They are our enemy, and wish to destroy us. All who go against his orders are committing Treason, and will be held accountable, but are too arrogant, and defiant, to understand just how close they are to utter destruction. Being convicted as a Traitor is serious business. The News Media and Big Tech are in the hip pocket of China, and are their friend, not ours! We can live without them, but they can not live without us, or GOD!

    1. But the Electoral College does and the vote today. State legislators only declare for their respective States. This election is the biggest fiasco in my sixty years of following politics.

  2. blinking heck TTN , arts appointments!? ,we want to know about the major reshuffles in the pentagon , more like someone getting ready to kick ass in the 2nd term not go start a media company !?.

  3. In 1798, John Adams pointed out that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    NOW: State Legislators must study the massive evidence of fraud, then declare their election results are corrupted by FRAUD rendering the results unclear as to the will of the Majority of Legal Voters. Then the LEGISLATORS MUST appoint their Electors or abstain from participation in the additional FRAUD of the Electoral College exercise counting Electors who were elected by a FRAUD corrupted election ! LAST RESORT: PRESIDENT TRUMP MUST USE ALL THE POWERS OF HIS OFFICE OF POTUS TO RECTIFY THE CORRUPTED ELECTION WITH ARRESTS AND PROSECUTIONS OF ELECTION FRAUDSTERS AND UNDER MARTIAL LAW THAT IS SUPPORTED BY We The PEOPLE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION FOR THE USA FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!  
    I sign on to letter by Sidney Powell: Dear Mr. President, We will not stand by and watch Foreign and Domestic enemies further destroy our Constitutional Republic. Eighty and more million of us request that you use the Insurrection Act, Suspend the December Electoral College Vote, and set up Military Tribunals immediately, to properly investigate and resolve the cyber warfare 11-3-20 issue. Further, we request you suspend the Jan 6 GA Runoff Race, and the January Inauguration until this issue is resolved. Respectfully, We The People.”

      1. Hess you must be really stupid if you really believe that and really a Democrat and Trump hater. The rest of us are smart enough to seeright through this crap

      2. Biden won NOTHING … can’t be counted as a win because of all the FRAUD ! He bragged about the Fraud back in October … here are his exact words :

         “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
        – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    1. Sadly Trump is surrounded by enemies of America in his administration and all the Obama filth that stayed on. Now Joe China will do China’s will and the Biden’s will make more money than ever before.

  4. There has been a crime committed against the people who voted in states where their ballot was counted as .75 for P. Trump vs 1.25 for Biden, or where their ballots were overrun by multiple recounts of Biden votes, or where their ballots were diluted by hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots (from under the table) when the bipartisan observers were sent home..(videos don’t lie). Why does the supreme court not have an interest in these victims? Only the legal votes should count, not all of the illegal votes that dilute the legal ones. And if those votes can’t be figured out, rerun the election in those states. Make the voters prove who they are. Only registered voters have a right to vote. Not dead people, not unregistered people, not dementia patients in nursing homes, etc.,…and the Supreme Court doesn’t want to protect us from the fraud?
    Perhaps President Trump should give us an email address where we can email that we voted for him and from what state so that all of our names can be checked with the voter registration lists. Then he would have a true number!

    1. Agree with you. Also President Trump won on election day and it should have stopped right there and not count votes until the fake ones got in to declare Biden the winner! Counting votes at night when it was not supposed to be???

      1. One thing about the democrats is they stick together like glue where the Republicans have too many disgusting rhinos among them. They also take money from foreign countries and don’t want to miss out on all that money. Corrupt on all sides.

  5. If I were Trump I’d fill the government positions with so many right wing radicals it would take Biden his entire first term to root them all out!

      1. It takes Biden 10 minutes to remember where the light switch is ! Someone needs to remind him which position is the one that is ON !

  6. When the chips were down… President Trump did not leave us. Let’s not Leave Him!
    Mr. Trump if you can hear me I am not tired of winning!
    And I want to see the left to pay damages. The U.S. TAX PAYER REPERATIONA1
    And I want them called out for supporting and giving aid to enemies of the state like antiifa ,Black Live Matters
    (BLM which their web-site is funded by the Communist’s People Republic of China) No Virus to see here… Let’s put and end to these varments that have multiplied like the cock roaches they are.
    GOD Bless President Trump!
    And God Bless the United States of America!

  7. It’s rather simple ! The majority of the American people voted for President Trump and had their vote stolen by the down and dirty Dem’s. My prediction is that the the democrats are going to find out is a very short time how they screwed up when Trump is given his just victory.

  8. If Biden occupies the oval office one of the first things that will be done is to fire all Trump appointees. Trump should have made a clean sweep when he took office.

      1. you notice they are still collecting their pay checks while we are all suffering. Politicians are not essential workers and they should not get paid. Now they are also the first in line for the virus shots even young AOC received hers already. It is all so corrupt.

  9. BUCK FIDEN ! He did not win a thing ! It was FRAUD that handed him all those votes … He bragged about the Fraud back in October … here are his exact words :

     “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    1. I heard him say that out of his own mouth and I almost fell over. Still these idiot voters voted for him even after that confession of the China tool.Big tech and Media also betrayed our country by killing everything about the Biden laptop corruption.

  10. Only people that want a criminal as president like Obama was voted for dementia creepy pervert Joe China. Democrats and Republicans and Libertarian that voted for the Biden have betrayed our country and given us away to China and all enemies of America.I hope they will all suffer more than we all have to because their consciences should hunt them for ever.I have no use for any democrat any longer.

      1. I hope you are right but honestly I don’t see how. Even the Supreme court is refusing to hear the evidence.Seems like term limits for the Supreme court is in order from now on.I will never accept Biden and Harris as my president and VP. With Biden we might as well vote for Chi from China and Harris the most radical senator will do to America what she and the dems did to California. The only people that are benefiting from that duo are the illegals and refugees and the future illegals that are already on their way through Mexico from South America and God knows where else. China is the major economic and military power now whether we want to admit it or not. With our money I might add since we are forced to buy their products in almost everything. We only had one protector against them and that was Trump. Sadly too many voters did not understand that and now we will have to pay the consequences.

  11. I’d just like to know a few things- How can a judge, a State committee, etc. ‘debunk’ a complaint of fraud when there is/was no hearing? Seems kinda’ strange. Also, if ‘evidence’ is submitted but it is put under a gag order, how can you say no evidence exists!! It DOES exist, but it is not allowed into the purview of the court/state committee, etc etc. That means it doesn’t exist??!! COME ON!
    Ok, here’s another one: Can there be such a thing as more voter “TURNOUT” (the number of recorded votes) than there are PEOPLE!!??? Duhh. (happened in MI).
    Another: How can Dominion voting systems ‘accept’ BLANK BALLOTS? (It is illegal) but it DOES! Not only does dominion voting systems accept blank ballots but then it directs them (automatically) to an ‘adjudication process where it goes to a ‘room’ somewhere where someone pushes a button and switches the vote!

    I’ve got a dozen more “zingers”, but first can anyone answer these ones for me?
    Just wondering if anyone has any answers….

    1. It’s all part of the democrats schemes and that is how they win elections. We who live in liberal states know all of their methods.For decades they have perfected the cheating process.

  12. If the Democrats are allowed to steal this election and later pack the Supreme Court, tear down the wall, give illegals free everything, defund our police and take away our guns then America is doomed. But the real tragedy will be the loss of the Supreme Court. Nothing will ever be the same in America once the Supreme Court is corrupted by the Democrats packing liberals to the most important list of Constitutionalists we count on to make the right decision. When idiots like AOC get to make decisions, like the green new deal, with America’s tax dollars then we are doomed. When our children are taught these new liberal views in our schools we are doomed. When the media continues to lie to America or conceal truthful information to WE THE PEOPLE we are doomed. When our vote doesn’t count we are doomed. When our government agencies work along side of the criminal politicians we are especially doomed. If Biden gets in the White House and puts forth the agenda he spoke about during his campaign we are doomed. If Trump stays in the White House not only America but many other countries will accel with great success. What ever needs to be done so that Donald Trump leads America for the next 4 years is the only right thing for America to do. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  13. I’m done with my time being wasted to going to the “next page.” Don’t be like those sensationalist who have a story and then waste our time telling us to go to the next page. Just spit it out and tell us.


  15. Please don’t worry. President Trump is not going anywhere He will be there for 4 more glorious years, and all the rats have been rounded up and Gitmo’ d :)You cannot qualify to become President of the most powerful Country in the World on 15% of the Vote (If that)

  16. Thump Print all registered voters to give them a positive ID. Add this to the National Voter ID data base. When voting place their Thumb Print on ballot, and compare it to theirs in National Data base. No match, big trouble, unless error.

  17. I see only way to protect our Nation,America n it’s people Mr.President is to declare Martial Law ,ASAP enough is enough,we the people that voted for you twice know you won with a landslide votes n are sick n tired of these evil corruption Politicians n their goombars ,the money made by evil corrupt people of wealth n donation I to the biggest corrupt party ever ,The Democratic Party of the worst kind,they have been allowed to get away with such fraudulent voting systems never been done before n we are letting all Americans done ,hopelessly waiting for the Justice Court ,the USSC,OUR LAST STAND FOR JUSTICE TO BE DONE AND THEY TURN THEIR BACKS ON WE THE PEOPLE,WELL WE THE PEOPLE ARE SAYING BY A TREMENDOUS MARGIN N IT ALSO HAS MANY DEMOCRATIC VOTERS TO WANT THE GREAT PRESIDENT EVER TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW n we have that rite,before it’s too late Mr.President,NOW OR NEVER,WE STAND WITH YOU COMPLETELY!Please show us we can still have Justice in America,the people have spoken!Amen🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸


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