The Georgia Election is the Last Chance for Republicans to Save Democracy

Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler fly Air Force One with President Donald J. Trump en route to Atlanta's Centers for Disease Control, to fight the China virus, March 6, 2020. (Photo: Senator Loeffler's Facebook page.)

Stacy Abrams boasted this week that she has 1.2 million absentee ballots ready to go in January. They aren’t even trying to hide their malfeasance anymore, and it’s up to the decent citizens of Georgia to mobilize against Democrat cheating, lies, and subversion. The first step in this fight comes at the ballot boxes in January.

Senator Loeffler has proven her willingness to stand up for the voice of the people, with strong support for the President from the beginning and refusal to bend the knee to pretender-elect Biden. That loyalty is worth something in a Washington politician, and all the more because she’s facing off against an empty suit who promises to be a rubber stamp on whatever horrific abuses and torments the left has planned for liberty and the American way of life.

David Perdue has proven repeatedly that he is a loyal soldier of the Republican Party, and he will always strive to live up to expectations set by the party. That might sound like a criticism to some, but it’s the same way Clarence Thomas has been presented by his critics – a walking signature for the GOP. Well, Justice Thomas was one of the only two judges willing to stand up for the original purpose of the court this weekend. The loyalty of old stalwarts is loyalty that runs deep. 

More than either candidate, though, the most important thing in the January election in Georgia is the mass mobilization of ordinary Americans to show up and vote. High GOP voter turnout is the only non-violent way to expose Democrat fraud and preserve the system of government the left is so desperately trying to burn to the ground. 

The battle over the Georgia Senate seats isn’t a fight for two Republican candidates; it’s not even a fight for a social or economic policy. In January, GOP voters will either show up to fight for the preservation of the United States of America or stay home and watch this country burn to the ground.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. It is time to take All Democrat Politicians … line them up and shoot every third one !
    We man not get rid of the swamp but it will sure make a dent in it !

  2. Georgia should not allow mail in ballots and voter id must be checked because you know the bastards will try to cheat. no computer calculations.

  3. Republicans can rest assured.
    Elections are a thing of the past.

    1. No they are not a thing of the past. After all even Russia still conducts elections (although Putin does get 98% of the vote).

  4. No it’s not the last chance. President Trump needs to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 immediately, confiscate all voting machines, evaluate if the data was compromised; if so, hold everyone accountable to potential Federal Crimes

    1. William… more step after holding everyone accountable: then PUNISH THEM ACCORDINGLY! For too long this country has not followed through with punishment for such crimes. That now needs to change.

      1. I don’t understand why we are not moving forward with taking action when an analysis was performed on the machines in Michigan and found some to be wiped clean of CY 2020 activity while still containing evidence from use in previous years. If the voting machines were so valuable, then why did we need so many ballots to be manually counted? Makes no sense.

          1. The same thing the rest of the civilized world does.
            Eliminate the root causes of criminality.
            Extreme economic disparity is the best marker of criminality, not skin color.

    2. Let’s hope. Maricopa County in Arizona is now being audited because they used the Dominion voting machines. That is the largest population in the state. ALL dominion machines should be confiscated and audited. This election was a fraud, and if it isn’t stopped now then we will never have another election that isn’t rigged.

  5. Too Many Traitors in this Country. China Joe Fraud will be removed in the near future. This is all been a big plan from primary school to university. Our children have been brain washed. We will never see prosperity in this land ever again. the Chinise gave us a taste of what they are up to. The Covid 19 was a test run the next one is to wipe us out completely. after all the Murdered 100s of millions in Chine during the rise of Comunism. They are a race without conscience or pity. May they all rot in hell. I’m armed and loaded, come and get me you bastards.

    1. I see the indoctrination in the public school. My granddaughter is in high school, and she tells us what they are being taught and the bias of the teachers. Fortunately, our granddaughter has been involved with politics since she was 2 years old. She’s standing up for freedom.

  6. Has anyone done anything to secure the integrity of the vote or will Stacy Abrams be allowed to generate enough underage, dead and/or blank absent ballots to steal thus vote also? Or will the Dominion voting machines just decide?

    1. Absentee and military ballots are legal. As long as the person submitting the ballot has confirmed identity prior to submitting, and as long as signature verification is done by election officials.
      Nice try at a trick question. Try again!!!

    2. Absentee and military ballots are legal. As long as the person submitting the ballot has confirmed identity prior to submitting, and as long as signature verification is done by election officials.

  7. Let them be found guilty of “Treason”, and be shot by a military firing squad. That’s the “Correct” way. I’ve already volunteered for the military firing squad. Will supply my own 30-06 and ammo. I don’t want to be the one that gets to fire a “Blank”. I’m a veteran, and marksman, so I’m qualified. Then nobody can cry “Foul”. And no Democrat could “Pardon” them first chance they get. That should put the “Fear of God” into anyone that want’s to try this again?


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