Former GOP Presidential Nominee Scolds Trump

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Some say it’s time for President Trump to move on and move forward now that the Electoral College has cast its votes for Joe Biden. Over a month since Election Day and President Trump has yet to concede the election to Biden, something that former senator and 1996 Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole believes Trump should consider. The 97-year-old Republican was blunt, “The election is over and Biden will be president on January 20. I know the president has not conceded and he may never concede, but he will not be in the White House on January 21.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“It’s a pretty bitter pill for Trump, but it’s a fact he lost,” Dole added, who lost to former President Bill Clinton 24 years ago. “It’ll take him a while to accept that.”

Dole went on to compliment Biden, saying, “He’s a friend of mine and he was a good chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. He did a good job. Proud to be a liberal — hopefully not too liberal — but he knows how the government works and the Congress works and all this will be a benefit to Joe.”

Dole also maintained that he hopes the GOP can keep a majority in the Senate as a check on a Democrat-controlled White House and House of Representatives.

“Right now it’s over and Biden will be president. And we all hope he’ll do a good job and not be too liberal. He’s got a lot of liberal ideas. We’ll see if we can keep the Senate,” Dole said.

President Trump has adamantly claimed the presidential election results were skewed due to voter fraud. The Trump legal team is currently contesting the election results in a handful of states.

  1. Dole represents the old loser GOP that wants Trump just to go away. Dole seems not to comprehend: that Trump is the highest and second highest vote getter of Republicans in Presidential elections; that Biden, who could not attract a crowd when he did emerge from his basement, did not get 15 million more votes than Hillary in 2016 and Obama in 2012; that the 2020 massive Democrat vote fraud destroys our constitutional republic; and that we are facing a concerted leftist onslaught to turn America into a socialist country. That’s pathetic on the part of Dole.

  2. Bob Dole never was much of a person willing to fight for the truth,but one of the first to back down to Socialist Democrats.


    1. Agree, we should go down fighting for the right and they know also. So many of them have the mind set that took over Washington for years. They are like a bunch of spoiled brats and quess what these traitors are sucking up hoping to be spared. Oh ye of little faith. We are thru with patty-cake games, you had it last time now its the democrat time and we’ll never come out from under the cloud of dishonesty, greed, power mungers, and vile evildoers. I say God bless the USA 🇺🇸 and the good honest faithful Americans, in Jesus name! 💜

      1. Alberto you are a brainless POS you have NO idea whats good and right you must be one of the vote counters can’t count more then 10 at the time

  4. It’s most unfortunate that Pres. Trump hasnt been able to show just how deceptive Joe Biden is! Biden’s cohort have kept hidden all that was done to have him elected — which I’m absolutely certain was all faked as who in their right mind would ever willingly vote for Biden!

    1. Please don’t worry. Its all playing out as planned. This Election is not just about winning. Its also important to drain the entire swamp, the Courts, the FBI, the CIA, the CCP, the EU, the BLM and Antifa all going down Praise God

          1. You say America is going down and Biden will be president. So you agree that Biden will take America down!

      1. Yes Madeleine you are right. Had Trump won we would not have seen the true colors of what’s happening. Now that it is so clear for all Patriots to see we can do something about it for now and in the future. Trump will win!

  5. Overwhelming fraud and evidence to back it up, Bob. Where were you?

    Courts that don’t even want to hear the cases and arguments.

    It’s was a 3rd world election and now we have a 3rd world president-elect, moving on to becoming a 3rd world nation.

    If this election fraud isn’t addressed Bob, there will be no incentive to vote in future elections, knowing there will continue to be massive fraud.

  6. In actuality, Pres. Trump didn’t lose! He was cheated out of the Presidency by the host of people that faked everything so that Biden would be elected! This cohort lied, cheated and collaborated so that Biden would be elected and they succeeded!! It’s unfortunate that there is nobody willing to step up and speak the truth of how Biden stole the election!

    1. Agree the crooks, in Congress and DC , need to be held accountable for want they do to the AMERICANS PEOPLE. Mr.President Donald J Trump four more years. God Bless AMERICA. Stay strong AMERICAN, GOD will see to it The PRESIDENT will win in 2020 thank you

    2. The problem is that with 8 years of Obama and Biden, they were able to insert ringers into all levels of our government to enable all of this corruption to be ignored. The media is too ignorant to understand that they are helping to destroy the U.S.A., or maybe they just hate America enough to help it along. Most of the media were brain washed in our education system that has also been taken over by people who hate our country.

  7. President Trump: Invoke the Insurrection Act now! It’s there for a reason…to uphold the Law of the Land. If drastic measures aren’t taken, there may not be a 2024 election. You have every right to take a stand for the continuation of Democracy and Freedom

  8. Bob Dole was the worst presidential candidate the Republicans ever ran. He was a lousy senate leader. You can trace many of the immigration problems we have today back to Dole. He was never happier than when he had his nose up some Democrat’s backside.

  9. Bob Dole is still living? He must be close to 100, and his mind definitely reeks of senility. Let’s look at what he is known for….The Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 enables universities, nonprofit research institutions and small businesses to own< patent, and commercialize inventions developed under Federally Funded research programs. The DHS ordered Dr Fauci to halt his research on coronavirus due to the fear of a pandemic. He secured a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to complete this research. Was he developing a man made virus so he could patent the cure? Make’s you wonder……Thanks For Everything Bob Dole.

  10. Joe biden the criminal of the UK is not president elect nothing. Fake media’s with DIARRHEA OF THERE ROTTEN SHITTY MOUTHS OF LIES AGAIN AND AGAIN. President trump is the AMERICAN’S PRESIDENT.

  11. Tough luck Mr. Dole. Why should the President, who has broken all records this Election! Yes All records! Trump 60%, Biden 15% and independents 5%.
    That the Official ballot count as per the QVS System counted by the Military.. God chose President Trump and God wins Amen <3

  12. Bob Dole is a highly decorated military veteran who was also wounded and left crippled! He served in the House and Senate! For many years he successfully served as Leader of the Senate! He stood in the trenches and fought tooth and nail for conservative Republican values. I am sure I didn’t always agree with him but, I have never agreed 100% with anyone! HE PROUDLY ENDORSED AND SUPPORTED PRESIDENT TRUMP IN 2016!
    Folks, I don’t agree with Bob Dole publicly taking this stand but, I am considering his advanced age, 97, but more importantly…..he is exercising his first amendment right of free speech! The same free speech we fight the marxist Dems, the high tech giants, etc. for because they continually attempt to steal our free speech!
    Out of respect for Bob Dole and all he has done for all of us and this country……I do not condone the profane vulgar disrespect being written by some! I invite you to go online and research Mr. Dole’s record in the military, in politics and as a decent God fearing patriotic Republican!
    I apologize if I stepped on toes and my comments are in my humble opinion!

    1. The only reason the 10th Mountain Division is on the U.S. Army’s order of battle is that Bob Dole served with the 10th Mountain Division in Italy!

    2. We can read as well and if we step on your toes it is not intentional. The Bayh-Dole act of 1980 should never have been passed. It allows researchers like Fauci to patent their federally funded research for their own enrichment without any remuneration for using taxpayers dollars. This is one reason Big Pharma has prospered. Fauci was ordered to halt production on coronavirus in 2013 and gave a grant of $3.7 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where Covid-19 originated. Who authorized this grant? He should be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity, and the Bayh-Dole Act should be repealed! This has also spawned into legislation to prohibited product liability lawsuits from manufacturers.


  14. well you see bob; that’s what the good citizens of our country are wary of: how dc, which is 95% demoncrats, works; yer buddy joe did a good job as chairman of judiciary? is that because he protected the clintons, & yer ok with that? our political class is shameful & it won’t end peacefully; our productive class, the people who pay a bulk of the taxes, have had enough….TAX REVOLT

  15. Bob Dole, another mind addled toilet stained character coming out of the woodwork. The fact that so many so called RINOs are being revealed speaks to the greatness of our beloved President Donald John Trump! They’re afraid their corruption will be revealed.

  16. BS, Trump is showing the Republicans how they should fight. I am so tired of the Dems getting away with everything since they know Republicans won’t argue. Take a page from the Dirty Dems and fight Republicans!!

  17. What a peice of SH!T Seriously! FN Biden didnt win!!!! RINO RINO There needs to be a new party! Biden a great guy?!?!? Molester and criminal! Whole Family! Give me a FN Break

    1. you people don’t get it. It was a crooked election ran by crooked people and if the Dems control the process, the House & Senate, there will never be another Republican in charge THEY HAVE STOLEN THE PROCESS AND THIS ELECTION.

  18. Poor old Dole. Really showing signs of dimentia. There was a reason that he lost the election and now he fantasizes that he knows whats going on. C’mon Bob take your pablum, get your sponge bath and make sure the home puts your leak diaper on and leave the election to those who see the real world

  19. Dole is just another swamp creature who made his millions off the American people. President Trump WILL be president for a second term our survival as a constitutional republic depends on it!.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. Bob Dole is a piece of (excrement) and always has been.

    Politicians are useless individuals. If they were not “self-serving” they would not serve anyone.

    We need more NON-POLITICIANS like President Trump.


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