‘We’ve Got a China Scandal in My Race’ Perdue Blasts Ossoff Connection to CCP

(U.S. Air Force photo by Tommie Horton), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia Senate may only be around the corner but things are just heating up. During an interview with Erick Erickson, Republican Davis Perdue discussed his opponent Jon Ossoff and his extensive history with anti-American companies. Perdue said to Erickson, “We’ve got a China scandal here in my race that could make Biden and other scandals like that pale in comparison.”

The Daily Wire reports:

Erickson stated, “It’s not surprising, just interesting, to watch the media now trying to circle the wagons around your opponents, particularly in this China situation, where we know he took money from a media company in Hong Kong that had direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party. He wouldn’t disclose it until you called him out on it, then he amended his filing on a Friday, hoping no one would see it. … I didn’t know it was coming from the Chinese Communists. Between Al-Jazeera and the Chinese Communists, he seems to get money from interesting places.”

National Review stated of the media company, PCCW, that 18% of it is owned by China’s state-backed enterprise China Unicom. National Review reported in September: “PCCW, the largest telecom agency in Hong Kong, is run by Chairman Richard Li, son of Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing. Li also serves as a councilor for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C., think tank. But for years, Li has spoken out against Hong Kong independence and the pro-democracy protests that have rocked the island as the Chinese Communist Party has consolidated control.”

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff received at least $5,000 from the Qatari-backed Al Jazeera network over the past two years, according to an updated personal financial disclosure. The money was for his work as CEO of Insight TWI, a London-based producer of investigative journalism documentaries. Ossoff did not include the payment on his initial 2020 disclosure on May 15, and his campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

So when he had his hands dirty in the middle of all that and hid it from the people at Georgia. And when he got caught, he did amend the filing because that’s a federal violation in a federal filing if you don’t do that. And then later in the debate, when I challenged him, he said, ‘Absolutely not – I didn’t work for that PCCW company.’ So this is a kid that just can’t get his story straight, and has nothing to offer the Senate, and will only be, and this is the main story, Erick, you called it out: he and Raphael Warnock will be nothing but rubber stamps for Chuck Schumer and this radical socialist agenda.

Control of the Senate will be decided in the Jan. 5 run-off election between Perdue and Ossoff and Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock.

    1. Dont worry, I know for a fact that Biden will not be our president DONALD J TRUMP WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT! The democrats puppetband platform will be crashing down!

  1. If we don’t keep the Senate, what we’ll have is an OBUMMER 3rd term on steroids!
    Thanks to all you idiots full of white guilt who voted for that scum, not once but twice!

    1. If kdems control all three parts of gov – senate, house,potus – they can and will do whatever they want. I think they realized too late when they had control under Obama what that power could do. Obama used it to install Ocare, regulations, executive orders on immigration and such but did not do the damage he could have done in two years. THIS TIME, the leftist realize what a fleeting thing that unchecked balance is and will make use of it to make SURE they stay in power – pack the scotus, open the borders, make all illegals citizens so they can vote, push climate rules acting like they are laws, cozy up to China, Russia, Iran, install leftist DA, and the Paris peace deal. Two years can destroy the country in a way it can NEVER come back, esp since they now know how to rig an election. Not convinced, look at Venezuela, Cuba, China, Nicaragua, etc. Not sure how to stop it unless gop wins Ga – with the cheating well established, that might not be possible. Once done,how do we get it undone?

      1. I BIG YES to everything you posted.
        WE ALL MUST contact our house members and senators and tell them we’re WATCHING! Not interested in them playing nice with criminal/corrupt joe’s bandwagon of COMMUNISTS. We are in for possible incredibly hard times ahead.

    2. don’t forget what sleepy said ,’the most comprehensive voter fraud scheme since you guys did it for OhBumAh’ . No one voted for Ohbumah ,well a few ,but no way should he have been allowed in, a total fraud .This time though the imbalance was to much for the software ,hence trucks full of photo copied unfolded mail in ballots ! .’Nothing to see here folks ,move along please ‘..’ But officer america is being raped !’

  2. Rule number one for democraps is to hate America and everything she stands for. If you can’t toe the line for that one they will find you beat yourself to death with a rubber tire iron.

  3. it seems half the politicians running have no compulsion about selling their country out to the highest bidder. There’s got to be a reckoning to this. If politicians can’t control themselves it’s up to the people to do it for them.

    1. The worse offenders are the no good yellow bellied greedy traitors that call themselves Supreme Court Justices. Only two out of nine were patriotic and wanted to see justice prevail. The rest were absolute Traitors and should be tried for Treason by a Military Court!

  4. Those types of crimes don’t resonate with Democrats unless they are committed by Republican’s. This is especially true of many inner city voters whose reaction to the crimes of Marion Barry–adultery and drug abuse, and O.J. Simpson’s crimes of spousal abuse didn’t rate high on the list of heinous offenses. Such crimes are more common in poor communities and less offensive, it seems. Ossoff’s acceptance of questionable funding, just as Biden’s bribery and extortion won’t raise concern among leftist voters. (Now Donald Trump’s millions and silly hairdo–capital offenses! Hang the bastard.)


  6. Is there an honest Scum-o-crat/ No! They are natural born liars, thieves, and no good scoundrels. Along with the crooked news media they helped Biden obtain tens of thousands of bogus votes.

  7. Yes I have seem a couple real DUMB A”S TODAY On my phone !! Yah we have a dingy DAMOCRAP that was blaming PRESIDENT TRUMP Insiteing riots and violent’s I think it was on TUCKER CARLSON SHOW . Everything she was saying is exactly what those DAMOCRAPS Have been doing. AND GEORGE SOROS. THOSE BLM AND ANTIFA IDIOTS !!! I think the woman’s. Last name was Hoston . very pretty but very stupid . it’s a darn shame so much ignorance in politics .my mom and dad were damocraps in the late 60’s and early 70’s then the DAMOCRAPS STARTED GETTING REAL STUPID AND APPARENTLY KEPT GOING !!! THERE IS MOT ONE THING YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT COMES OUT OF There mouths. Habitual LIERS like I said here while back they all need a very EXTRA LONG STAY IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION. AND THE RHINOS . THE WHOLE DARN BUNCH HAS GONE LOCO GOODY INGNORANT STUPID INSANE EATING LSD. SOME THING. GOOS GREIF CHARLIE BROWN .


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