Trump Goes Head to Head Against The New York Times 1619 Project

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President Trump is going after The New York Times’ infamous anti-American 1619 Project with his own 1776 Commission. The President first revealed the 1776 Commission in September with the goal to “improve understanding of the history and the principles of the founding of the United States among our Nation’s rising generations,” according to a press release. Now, President Trump has revealed the 18 individuals he will appoint to two-year members of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission.

Meet the members of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission:

  1. You only know your real friend’s and allies when you need them! We STILL SUPPORT YOU, WE WANT YOU TO FIGHT, WE ARE READY!

      1. Sleepy Joe, needs help to dress so he can stay in the Basement all day.
        If he actually had a Brain, he would take it out and play with it.

      2. Albert…as I read the remarks from everyone, yours seem to stand out…and I would just like you to know that I am an American, born in the USA, and feel extremely honored that I am able to live in the greatest country in the world.
        I know a number of anti-Trump people that live in my community. My message to them and to you is why would you want to destroy this country over one man. It just doesn’t make sense unless you only watch CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC etc.

        At the least, if you love this country, watch One America News for a couple if days…ok? Don’t take such a strong position because you don’t like someone.
        If you don’t believe what you hear on OAN (3 days please) then you can go back to the other channels…but it may be enlightening.

  2. If you want to let the world finally know the truth of how low down and disgusting the Special Forces and CIA are while intertwined to create the US ARMY Special Forces Super Soldier Program just let me know, I would be a very valuable asset to the Trump 1776 team! The DemoRATS would hate me being in it because I have very valuable information on him committing a military strike before he even took office as president which is very, you guessed it ILLEGAL! Dec. 1st 1991 the strike was ordered against the philippean dictator he was in hiding 1 Super Soldier took out 35 of their Special Forces members took out the leader and his wife performing a sick operation on their corpses as a calling card from the CIA! It was labeled the Last Supper and believe me there was nothing HOLY about it!!! The Program began in 1948 and ended because of me in 1991!!!

  3. The Low Life Bill Clinton was not only a pedophile but couldn’t wait to be in office as President before he started killing people a trait he and his wife both share!

      1. It not who Bill killed personally that is in question. Bill and Hillary never do the dirty work and get their hands dirty. They have it done so it can’t be pin on them. I would say all Bill or Hillary have to say this person must go and before you know it their gone.

      2. Bill and Hillary never do the dirty work and get their hands dirty. They have it done so it can’t be pin on them. I would say all Bill or Hillary have to say this person must go and before you know it their gone.

    1. Trump will be your President like Hillary was my President.

      It is starting to look like a majority of elected Republicans would prefer that Trump just quietly fade away.


    1. So little time, just another 24 days

      So many Benedict Arnolds, ~60% of registered Republicans.

      You have the President’s backside alright from, a kneeling position.
      Don’t grab, just lick.

  5. Don’t pay any mind to Albert Hess, probably related to Rudolph Hess, the NAZI dork. His defense of his twisted thieving buddies just about proves it.

  6. President Trump needs to fire all these bastards who are stabbing him in the back. Hire more reliable employees that will stand by him. These fly by night politicians are a joke. As long as their in good Grace’s their his friend, but when the chips fall their the first ones to grab a knife. Loyalty is a thing of the past. It a dog eat dog world we live in. It’s time President Trump needs to show them the door. Kick Democrats and all decietful politicians out in the streets and let them fend for themselves. Example-Barr well we know how that went. We needs a new House Speaker, someone who can work with the President, Republicans and Democrats. Someone whose a little easier on the eyes and does not have a big mouth or a negative attitude. The new Speaker who is working for ALL PEOPLE and not for themself. One that does not hold grudges or tears up the President speeches. Someone who’s mature, who doesn’t throw tantrums and leads her or his fellow cabinet members around by the nose. A speaker who doesn’t think their shit doesn’t stink. Of course you all know who I am speaking about! Don’t we all????

  7. Hillary’s Email deposit her in jail. But No One is willing to do that? WHY ! ?? Just Like Obama Free Pass. And Biden in shower with Daughter.. What is congress doing?
    I am old enough to remember Page Boys in Congress. How many of them have had their lives destroyed? It is totally a coverup on any topic that is related to Politicians and their deeds for the past 70 years. Time to clean house.


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