Pelosi’s Hypocrisy on Full Display in Praise of $600 Stimulus

Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nancy Pelosi is one of the biggest hypocrites in Washington, but her hypocrisy was on full display with how she compared the $600 stimulus checks versus the Trump tax cut bonuses workers received.

According to The Daily Wire:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) came under fire Monday for describing a $600 stimulus check as “significant” after she demonized bonuses, often times larger than $600, that many Americans received from the Trump tax cuts in 2018 as “crumbs,” “pathetic,” and “insignificant.”

During a floor speech on Monday, Pelosi called the coronavirus stimulus bill a “good bipartisan bill” and said that the $600 checks that Americans will receive were “significant.”

However, in 2018, Pelosi demonized Americans who received pay raises, special bonuses, benefit increases, and other positive financial measures from their employers as a result of the Trump tax cuts.

Americans for Tax Reform compiled a list of over a thousand businesses that gave their employees major bonuses and pay increases and other financial rewards. Many of the businesses gave their employees bonuses of $1,000.

Pelosi continues to operate this way with no repercussions from her party, or voters.


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