Trump Didn’t Change the Media, He Showed What Was There All Along

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Over the weekend, one of CNN’s resident Trump haters took the time to pat himself and the legacy media on the back for their ability to work through the numerous “challenges” imposed by the Trump administration over the past four years. Jake Tapper joined Brain Stelter to comment on how Trump “changed the way that the news media at large behaves.” The two then blasted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for her ability to do her job well.

The Daily Wire reports:

Let’s first address the elephant of hypocrisy in the room. Multiple hosts on CNN, including Jake Tapper, have happily offered their platform to demonstrable liars. One obvious example is disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti, whose screen time on CNN was rivaled only by fellow liar, Adam Schiff. Given that some liars are welcomed and others are not, it’s clear that lying itself isn’t an issue, as long as the lies enable a deeper narrative.

Second, let’s address another obvious point. The job of the White House Press Secretary is to act as the primary interface between the media and the president. Because the role exists in the arena of politics, positive stories must be promoted while the audience is distracted from negative stories. And yes, sometimes, this requires — to put it mildly — a liberal relationship with the truth. However, the absurdity of Tapper’s statement is based on the fact that a propensity for lying is far from unique to Republican press secretaries. Yet again, lying is not the issue for Tapper or CNN. The issue is whether the lies help or hurt their agenda.

The view that Trump is solely responsible for changing the landscape of legacy media might be the most ridiculous opinion Tapper has offered this year.

This is utter gaslighting delusional nonsense. The legacy media are the same lying, manipulative and controlling entity they have always been. They are the same legacy media who decried President George W. Bush as a Nazi and President Barack Obama as a hero. They are the same legacy media who laughed when novelist Ben Rhodes mocked them for their ignorance. They are the same legacy media who buried reports of the Holocaust.

It is true that Trump changed how the legacy media are perceived, but it is fundamentally untrue that Trump changed the character of the media. As a result of Trump tearing the veil of objectivity from their lying faces, countless Americans are finally seeing the legacy media for what they are. Caught in the act, instead of acknowledging their wrongdoing, the media is scrambling to blame Trump for their repeated and blatant journalistic malfeasance.

President Trump didn’t change the media. He simply lifted the veil for American to see what was there all along and make decisions for themselves

  1. Only their most loyal viewers will applaud CNN’s typical gaslighting and shading. They are the masters of doing this kind of dishonest blociating.

  2. TRUMP was the media’s darling until he announced his candidacy. The the dumbocraptic owned media had a freaked out. Or had a mind blown meltdown. Or a impeachment hemroid. Or something.

  3. MSM are terrorists. No different than KKK, ISIS, BLM or ANTIFA. ALL TERRORISTS SHOULD BE HUNTABLE.

  4. The clowns pretending to be the “MEDIA” are a bunch of lying liberal hacks. They have no ethics, no morals and lying doesn’t bother them at all.. To them it is all about the “CAUSE”.

    President Trump is exactly right when he calls them FAKE NEWS.

  5. The Media has continually lied to the people in the Country to advance their own agenda Socialism that does not work. Fine them billions in restitution for us all.

  6. The closest CNN ever had to a REAL newsman was Bernard Shaw, and he was still a leftie. Ever since, all CNN has had are left wing propagandists posing as reporters. All president Trump did was expose them for who they really are, and have been since Shaw, and it makes them mad to be exposed.

  7. cnn and msnbc would have liked a meek and mild little President who didn’t stand up to their bullying. Didn’t happen fools, and you opened a whole new can of worms. This too will come back to bite you.

  8. cnn and msnbc would have liked a meek and mild little President who didn’t stand up to their bullying. Didn’t happen fools, and you opened a whole new can of worms. This too will come back to bite you.

  9. The main slime media is fake news at its best. 1000 slimy media all bunched together couldn’t raise a bump on the backside of a decent reporter.

  10. Trump proved the media is filled with worthless journalist wannabees and not many people pay them any attention today.

  11. Now everyone sees them for who they are. Just another arm of the Democrat party. China and George Soros have bought them both. They are enemies of the people.

  12. I figured out 30+ years ago hat our so-called “media” ( really PRAVDA ) LIES to that American People on a Daily Basis…..

    Trump exposed our so-called “media” , so that the American People can see them for what they are…..

  13. I no longer listen to any news other than OANN and Newsmax. If you are an individual with any commonsense you should be able to see through the mainstream media’s misinformation they spew.

  14. Nashville bombing = Reichstag burning ???? If the people don’t fall for the first bombing try try again ???? HELL YA we’re gonna take your AK your AR -15 , we’re gonna take all your weapons to fight back ,then we’re gonna take you life if you don’t obey ???? Questions to be asked that need to be answered before the 19th because the powers that be may have just declared war on the citizens of America and your life and the lives of your loved one’s may depend on the response .

  15. We must see the larger screen, we the viewers of all these very well paid unpatriotic traitors are the ones that keep their existence, without we the viewers they have nothing, we all need to cancel watching all these false news programs, our time is very precious to waste with this garbage, let make sure to rid of them promptly!

  16. The only way to stop them is to put them out of business. And the only way to do that is to NOT BUY what they’re selling. Don’t buy their newspapers. Don’t watch their TV programs. And if you subscribe to a pay-tv service, ask your provider to not carry their programs (or even better, cut the cable / dump the dish).

  17. Yes I do REALLY believe this BULLCRAP MEDIA needs to be held accountable. For misleading the public . Now thanks to the BULLCRAP MEDIA I have no TV. set anymore !!! When I seen all these lies about THE BEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE HAD IN 60 YEARS. AND COVERING UP THE XROOKED COMMUNIST BIDEN FAMILY I SHOT MY TV. IT NOT LIKE THEY MAKE ANY MOVIES WORTH WATCHING ANYMORE. Then all you get is lies from the news . So to me that just made TV.’S worthless and was not worth keeping it around any longer. AND they are now just finding some of crooked Hillar y’s. Crap but they need to go further and find out about Obama commie joey biden and Hillary’s human trafficking. AND let’s get those worthless m. F’RS out of OUR COUNTRY’S WHITEHOUSE AND COMPLETELY OUT OF POLITICS. There is about 98% need to be gone . RINOS and DAMOCRAPS leftist swamp pop a cap on um.


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