Twitter Sued Over Hunter Biden Debacle

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The shop owner in Delaware who allegedly worked on Hunter Biden’s laptop has filed a massive defamation suit against Twitter.

According to The Daily Wire:

John Paul Mac Isaac, who owns the Mac Shop in Delaware, sued the social media giant for allegedly defaming him and his business through the platform’s censorship of a story by The New York Post on emails contained in the alleged Hunter Biden laptop. The laptop was dropped off at Isaac’s shop in April 2019 for repairs but never recovered. Isaac later turned the contents of the laptop over to the FBI and to an attorney working with Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer.

In October, Twitter locked the Post’s account and barred users from sharing an article that cited emails retrieved from the alleged Biden laptop. The social media giant said the story violated its rules against posting “hacked materials.”

“Defendant’s actions and statements had the specific intent to communicate to the world that Plaintiff is a hacker,” Isaac’s lawsuit, filed on Monday, says. “The term ‘hacker’ is widely viewed as disparaging, particularly when said about someone who owns a computer repair business.”

“Plaintiff is not a hacker and the information obtained from the computer does not [include] hacked materials because Plaintiff lawfully gained access to the computer, first with the permission of its owner, Biden, and then, after Biden failed to retrieve the hard drive despite Plaintiff’s requests, in accordance with the Mac Shop’s abandoned property policy,” the lawsuit continues. “Plaintiff, as a direct result of Defendant’s actions and statements is now widely considered a hacker and, on the same day Defendant categorized the Plaintiff as a hacker, Plaintiff began to receive negative reviews of his business as well as threats to his person and property.”

The defamation suit is asking for $500 million in damages.

      1. Why don’t you tell us, give us all the details? Your name is very familiar, ware you one of Hitlers’ Generals?? or it might have been your father.

      2. Since he has hotels over in China and Russia, I expect that he’s made a good amount of legal income in both countries. We’re talking about ILLEGAL money through bribes, blackmail and threats that Hunter and his crooked Daddy, Sleepy Joe, made in those countries.

      3. PRESIDENT TRUMP doesn’t need their money moron — the scumbag low-life drug addicted biden family apparently does.

      4. Not a penny. China Joe was a crook even before he was a politician. He was almost kicked out of law school for plagiarizing his Theses.

      5. Made legitimately – but not YOUR MAN. He raked in the dough from Moscow, China and the Ukraine.

        You know, nobody needs to see your BS. You should just go away. You love Burden so much, just why don’t you lay low and let him be inaugurated like you think he’s gonna be.

        Then the rest of us won’t have to read the BS you spew all the time.

  1. In The NAME of JESUS CHRIST I don’t agree with these untrue words from Twitter stating that “John Paul Mac Isaac is a Hacker regarding Hunter Biden’s computer contents of INCREDIBLE WICKEDNESS” I bind the power of Twitter’s NEGATIVE, lying, destructive words and all evil strongman-ruler spirits, all unclean, Nimrod, antichrist, Jezebel spirits , all connected. I command all the spirits to be UPROOTED by GOD’S BURNING ANGER and FURY NOW. I loose 12 LEGIONS of GOD’S WARRING ANGELS TO protect, shield Mr. Isaac, his family, business, all that PERTAINS to him, I loose GOD’S 12 LEGIONS of Warring Angels ALSO to protect, shield The White House Pres TRUMP-AMERICA -VP Pence, All GENUINE-Senators-Congress-Attorneys-Staff-Cabinet Members- News Announcers-Supporters-All family members. “O LORD, The GOD to whom Vengeance BELONGS. O GOD of Vengeance, let your GLORIOUS JUSTICE be seen! Arise, O JUDGE of the Earth. Sentence the proud to the Penalties they Deserve.” (Psalm 94) “GOD’S Throne is Founded on two Strong Pillars-Righteousness and Justice. Unfailing LOVE and TRUTH walk before YOU as Attendants.” (Psalm 84) I send these WORDS of GOD to MANIFEST throughout Mr. Isaac’ Life and The White House Pres TRUMP-AMERICA. I agree with Mr. Dave that 500 million is not enough, this amount will be increased and Mr. Isaac will be Recompensed Quickly, Suddenly. I THANK ALMIGHTY GOD for HIS VENGEANCE, I TRUST GOD’S VENGEANCE TO MANIFEST THROUGHOUT Twitter’ and their owners-all involved, connected. No weapon that is formed against us (all who agree) shall prosper. I decree in JESUS NAME.

    1. Lord, hear this “prayer warrior’s” words and make it so……grant it please!
      God bless and save America!

    2. I could not of said that better myself. We need to make crooked paths straight and let their sins find them out. And justice next week and the truth come out who really won the election 😇🙏🏻

      1. In the eleventh hour when it was darkest, God came forth like a bright shining light. And the truth was revealed and the little rats scurried off to their holes in the wall. It is not over yet. God has not given his final decree. Pray for what is right and all will be well.

    3. Thank you, Norine! We all need to be reminded to decree God’s Word and His will. Lord we pray for Your kingdom to come and Your will to be done right now, right here in America as it is already written out and accomplished in Heaven. Give Pres. Trump the strength and the courage to continue to stand against our enemy, the evil one. Jesus protect Norine and all Your prayer warriors as we continue to stand strong in Your presence as we decree Your word. Thank You, Lord. We give You thanks and praise for putting Your man in our White House!

  2. No one is holding this big corporations that Democrats hate so much , accountable. It will be tossed out. All you need is a Liberal judge to not follow law but creates his own law behind the bench.

    1. A Liberal judge will throw out a case against a big corporation that Democrats hate?
      Now I understand..,.


  3. What I think He should do , is when he gets to court He needs to release all of Bidens lap top garbage to the jury so that they can see what a scum bag that this country has thrown their waight behind and maybe then the world will see what a true scum bag joe biden and his drug addicted son has been doing for years and He should be well compensated for all the damage this situation has caused the shop owner

      1. When Hunter failed to pick up the laptop after several requests, and the shop’s stated time limit rule on pick-ups had expired, the laptop and everything in it belonged to the new rightful owner — John Paul Mac Isaac. That is the LAW.

      2. As per the article – “Plaintiff is not a hacker and the information obtained from the computer does not [include] hacked materials because Plaintiff lawfully gained access to the computer, first with the permission of its owner, Biden, and then, after Biden failed to retrieve the hard drive despite Plaintiff’s requests, in accordance with the Mac Shop’s abandoned property policy,” the lawsuit continues.

      3. After 90.days the Computer belongs to the repair-shop if not picked is right on the recite that hunter signed. When it is the Property of the shop-owner, he can do whatever he wants with the lap-top and the hard-drive…

      4. When hunter left the computer he had to sign an agreement that if the computer wasn’t picked up in a certain amount of time it became the property of the Computer business to destroy or clean up and sell as a reconditioned product. This is common practice with electronics businesses.

        1. Grace, you can’t use common sense to try to straighten out a loony liberal. They just don’t get it. They’ve given themselves over to the Dark Side and refuse to hear facts.

  4. I would request more from Twitter as they have denied everyone’s civil rights by censorship. I signed up for twitter but I have never used it and do not plan to. Everyone needs to back PRESIDENT TRUMP in this election fraud. He won the election but the Democrat Party flooded the swing states with enough votes to eliminate his lead. Please get involved. We cannot afford to lose him as well as lose our country.

  5. It would certainly be lesson number one to all the marxist tech giants’ pocketbook if this lawsuit is successful! If every conservative they have censored and shown bias toward could sue them and win…….it would really get their attention! There is an old saying “you can mess with a man’s wife but, don’t mess with their money”!

  6. Those red fascist media must be made accountable for their crimes against free speech according to section 230.

    1. Trump is removing Section 230. so they can no longer sensor, or eliminate what they don’t like, back to free speech. 230, is what all the fake and corrupt media is hiding behind.

  7. Good for Mr Issac. Glad he is standing up against Dorsey and Twitter. Dorsey continues to put their nasty remark on Tweets re the election and how they dispute the claim! Dorsey should be runout of busi ness! And if Facebook continjue their BS they need to be snut down too!

  8. Ya know, each and everyone of us that voted for Trump should sue Twitter, Facebook and any/all other social media companies that let statements stand that we supporters of Trump are violent, ill educated, racist and so many other ugly adjectives.
    These social media companies are saying they are all about THE TRUTH…so how’s about we sue them and make them pay for calling us depraved people?

    1. They should be put out of business for suppressing information that changed an election. 17 % of liberal voters said they would not have voted for China Joe had they known about Biden’s involvement with Chinese money.

  9. Mr. Isaac will never get a dime! Twitter has a gang of lawyers that will drag lawsuits on for decades! They get sued every day, have you ever heard of anyone collecting money? Besides Dementia Joe or Kamala will NEVER let Hunter’s name be tarnished.

    1. Too late. The Biden Crime family name is all over the internet, Newsmax and OANN. You can’t put the Gene back in the bottle. Joe is holding his breath till January 20 and his swearing in. You can’t indict a siting president. He will be so far into his alzheimers by the time his term is over he won’t remember anything.

  10. That moron, Sleepy Joe, doesn’t realize that he just opened the door to discovery for the opposing attorneys AND he’s going to have to prove that they libeling and slandering Hunter and him. You’re only innocent until proven guilty in criminal lawsuits but not in civil ones that you bring forward to prove libel and slander.

    1. An hour long video on the internet with two lawyers from Ukraine explain the very intricate ways the money was transferred to the Biden Family from Ukraine. There are recorded conversations between Joe Biden and the crooks who set up the scheme. If you can find it listen to it. It’s breathtaking.

  11. For the damage there biased cover-up has/will cause this country $500 million is not nearly enough. We need to make these scumbag tech organizations pay dearly for their part in the coup of this country. For their participation in covering-up the actions of the biden crime family and their complete corruption.

  12. I watched his interview on Newsmax and he is devastated. He has lost his business because he was accused of being a hacker which he says is a death sentence in his profession.

  13. I hope some monied people get behind this defamation suit against Twitter. It’s an opportunity to bring down the big tech corporations down a notch or two and stop the manipulation of the truth and freedom of speech. Good luck to Mr. Mac Isaac.

  14. Twitter needs to cook the little blue bird at 1 million degrees for a lifetime!!!!! I was on there for less than a month and got a lifetime ban for relaying the truth! It’s not my fault that the CIA has my military record sealed under top secret classification and refuses to give me a copy of my brigade gym video to prove to the demoRATic retards that I am telling the TRUTH! The truth I was telling is that Mark Henry of WWF/WWE fame has never truly been the worlds strongest man as he claims and has claimed basically since birth! I was in the top level of Special Forces that no one was allowed to know anything about over fears that the USA would be kicked out of NATO for rules violations! The name of the program was US ARMY Special Forces Super Soldier Training Program! It was a top secret intertwining of Special Forces and the CIA to create Super Human Soldiers to give a huge unfair advantage in war when deployed, Desert Storm was the very first time we were deployed in any war, which turned it into the shortest war ever fought by the USA and most decisive victory ever! The disadvantages to being a Super Soldier were 1 person 1 mission, meaning we had no back up at all we were basically suicide soldiers, given the most impossible missions imaginable!
    Mine was liberate an island in the pacific from an evil and greedy dictator and his wife the Philippines dictator did not flee the Island in 1991! I know this for a fact, they just do not want to admit that 1 US ARMY soldier took out 35 of their Special Forces members and then the dictator and his wife! After the war was over General Mccolaczek was trying to figure out what to do with me so he put me in what he called hold over status, he was wanting to try to force me to stay in Special Forces with no MOS during that time the CIA tried to kill me twice and failed miserably making me the sole survivor of the platoon the CIA slaughtered the rest 1 at a time after promising them they earned a job with the CIA then they would walk them away from the rest of the platoon and you would hear the 2 distinct gunshots and knew they were killed All to keep a retarded secret that the US ARMY and CIA were trying to play GOD with human bodies! To jump the evolutionary scale to have abominations that would slaughter humans easily no matter what military they served!
    Dec. 6th 1991 I was ordered by General Mccolaczek to report to the Brigade Gym of Fort Leonard Wood MO 65473, I was ordered to have a 1 on 1 weightlifting competition against the civilian Official ARMY Weightlifter and destroy his lying ass on whatever piece of equipment he chose! I wish I had the Brigade Gym Security Camera Video to show you it was absolutely hilarious, Fat Ass Mark Henry running his mouth and me burning him beyond belief with my replies, he stepped toward me as if to try to start a fight the judge of the competition Staff Sergeant Palmer stepped in front of him and said if you have a brain in your skull you will not try that he will kill you in about 1 tenth of a second! We began the competition when Mark Henry chose to do it on the Bench Press he said no one can beat me on the bench press! I laughed and said you are so full of shit my 5 year old niece could probably bench twice what your fat ass can! He was seeing red at that point and I knew I had his attention because I wanted every ounce of strength he could muster so I could humiliate the hell out of it right in front of his face! When we reached his maximum of 550 lbs 1 time and that was all he could muster he claimed very loudly he was the worlds strongest man. I laughed hysterically and said not today and my niece can still out do what you just did pansy! He was ready to kill at that point then I laughed at him and started stacking weights on the bar 24-50 lb weights total on an oversized bar for a total of 1,200 lbs I sat on the bench and Mark Henry yelled there’s no way in hell you can bench all of that dumb ass you’re going to get yourself killed! I laughed again and said to GOD be the Glory and bench pressed it 10 times and was ordered to stop by Staff Sergeant Palmer, I had to follow his orders because I was just a lowly, lowly private, E-1 I served from Sept. 10 1991, to December 23rd 1991 and went from being a tall skinny toothpick on the street to having 26 inch unflexed and 32 inch flexed biceps with less than 2% body fat I destroyed my feet and ankles in the 10 mile run with 1,246 lbs laying across my shoulders and strapped to my back I did it in 13 minutes and 48 seconds, in mile 4 my feet and ankles were destroyed a total of 28 stress fractures 7 in each foot and 7 in each ankle, so Mark Henry was absolutely destroyed beyond belief on the bench press by an actual disabled vet on Dec, 6th 1991! How hilarious is that? But still to this day he claims to be the worlds strongest man even though he placed 10th in the Olympics! I guess he sees all that beat him as women but he should really look at the difference between what he has done and those who have defeated him then maybe he will finally se he should be the one wearing high heels!
    I have confronted him on social media only to be banned from every site, because the retard is too chickenshit to face me for a round 2 of his humiliation with weights in the public sector this time or a steel cage match on WWF and when they changed their name to WWE! HHH and Stephanie have seen the video which was obtained by John Cena somehow, which royally pisses me off, not the fact that John Cena had it but the fact that he could get it and I cannot I am the person on the damn video it should go to me before anyone else! So I guess I need to sue the CIA so I can finally get what is rightfully mine and plaster it on all of the few sites that I am not Banned from then Sue Twitter as well for their fraudulent lifetime ban on me! WHAT WOULD YOU DO??????? The video plainly shows Mark Henry’s attempted murder of me!


  16. John Paul deserves every cent, and the plaintiff deserves to pay every cent. This incident exposes the FBI for what it is, a non-American group that calls its own tune. Not withholding news of the laptop would have scuttled the Biden campaign, so again the FBI worked against the Trumpers.


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