Air Force Names Six Finalists for Space Command Headquarters

United States Space Force( Vectorization: Adelsheim), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The United States Air Force has named the six finalists to house the U.S. Space Command.

U.S. Space Command was created by the Trump administration in 2019 as the military’s 11th unified combatant command.

Code36 at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Offutt Air Force base, where President George W. Bush stopped on 9/11 has made the list as a possible location for the command.

The winning base will get the headquarters which will have approximately 1,400 military and civilian workers.

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  1. Port San Antonio. The City of San Antonio has been a military city for many years and can easily accommodate Space Command Headquarters. San Antonio has many amenities that make it a desirable place to live for those who will be working there.

    1. I retired from Offutt AFB and live nearby. But having 2 major commands at the base might be too much of a strain. Port San Antonio would make a good choice.

    2. Rethink your scenario there, if a war were to break out on a world war scale where would be the best place to reach outer space when the enemy combatants are coming at our borders? obvious answer the center of the USA that way ships are in outer space long before an enemy can get close to shooting them down!

      1. When the enemy combatants are coming at our borders what would we shoot into space?
        It is easier to hit things in space than in our atmosphere.
        Trumpists are deplorably stupid.

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        3. Wow. You should really read up on this before commenting. Who told you they plan to “ shoot into space” ? Obviously you’re a dumocrat.

          1. The THAAD missile already does that with a 100% success rate. I worked on building, and tested the first 12 prototype THAAD missiles.

      1. Most U.S. missiles are built and tested here in Alabama. From the first satellite in orbit on a Jupiter missile, to the latest THAAD and JASSM missiles, built here Alabama.

  2. Colorado Springs already has NORAD and is used to dealing with space. Cory Gardner pushed for it but was cheated out of another term by an ex-governor who didn’twant the position and campaigned like Biden (from the basement) but Shumer wanted him in congress.

  3. I would say Redstone Air base, San Antonio is great but there is a problem with the Chinese and a nearby wind farm.

  4. San antonio or Florida. People don’t want to be locked down in blue states. Reward red states where governors have used common sense.

    1. yes on red states. However, with the costs of chinese virus, all action should be pushed out a year at minimum

        1. Where nuclear subs can get within a few miles of any facility, and what happened to the Air Force base when the big hurricane hit? Nothing left but the runways? Abandoned.

      1. Well, check our Covid numbers here in Alabama? NO “Lockdowns”, everything is “OPEN”, and only 4,000 Covid deaths, with over 70% of the deaths being people over age 75. Chicago has had more deaths from Covid that the state of Alabama!
        My county of 33,000 has had 15 deaths to date “With Covid”, not “From Covid”. Over 90% of deaths are people with major health issues like “Heart disease”, “Diabetes”, etc. and over age 65. Too bad Obama never had any coverage on the “Swine Flu” in 2009? Bet you can’t find any recorded counts, no vaccine was even thought about being developed. I never missed one days work in 2009. All he did was “Declare a National Emergency” after 6 months. But you never hear one word about that, do you? What ever happened to “Quarantine the Sick”??? Now dems want a complete “LOCKDOWN”? Sure isn’t what they have ever done before in my life time, When “Tuberculosis” hit in the ’50’s, all I ever saw was “Quarantine” signs posted by the health dept. How times have changed???

  5. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. North Carolina has been a great state of Military Bases. Some of the best known Bases are here.

    1. Subs can get very close, and how many hurricanes have hit the last decade. Alabama hasn’t ever been hit anywhere near Redstone in north Alabama. We already build most of our missiles. Our Jupiter missile put the first satellite into space.

    1. Enemy subs and hurricanes, how many hurricanes have wiped out an Air Force base in Florida. And how many hurricanes hit the last 10 years? How close can an enemy sub get to any base in Florida? I’ve seen what Eglin has suffered with hurricanes, I’d like to see the U.S. Navy Seals show how quickly they could take over Eglin. In a “DRILL” that is. My brother was stationed there, And I could have been inside the fence myself in about a minute. Shooting a missile like a Javelin from a small boat would be very easy.

    1. I retired from Lockheed, and been there for Javelin missile tests. We build so many missiles, and could easily add a space command there. Even one plant we closed, the Patriot is not being used now. Redstone has great weather, roads, no hurricanes, and far enough inland to not be spied on from offshore. Bonus, there are thousands of trained people with clearances, and the state is friendly to new businesses. Example, the new $1.6 BILLION Toyota plant that opened in 2020 near Huntsville.

  6. imho, with all the unforeseen costs to taxpayers due to the chinese virus, I believe it should be postponed for a year at minimum.

    1. That would be okay except for the fact that China isn’t putting it off a year. They are already getting more ready than we are. The China Virus was release for several reasons~~ one of which was to delay our Space Force.

      1. WRONG! There are about 30,000 “Health Care”, “Long Term’ Employees and Residents here in Alabama that caught the Covid-19 virus. They wear N-95 masks “All the time”. And use several masks a day, as once removed, it’s “Hazardous Waste”. Over 75% of cases wore their mask “ALL” or “MOST OF THE TIME”. Now it’s been shown that where people wear a mask, the cases are higher that where people “DO NOT” wear a mask. The mask becomes ‘Warm and Moist” after you put it on. Great material for a virus to multiply. Especially when it’s worn day after day, and never sterilized. That’s my opinion, and it makes sense from my biology training.

    2. Invest and create Jobs Now. No Delays because the cost just goes up. Can’t you hear the DIN Marlene, Do It Now (DIN), ho, ho, ho! Redstone AL seems good although I have No Bullets in this Gun, Living in Ashfield, Western Australia! Good Luck America with all the Politics of just this. Good Luck President Trump.

  7. Whatever the decision do not put it in a blue state, they are unfaithful and highly politicized. Put it in a red state especially if if there’s more conflict created by the left

      1. No they are states whom follow the red and I’m sure your not in either one . Your definitely a blue state like néw York or even better yet California

        1. No vehicle with NY or CA are allowed here! No “diaper heads” are ever seen here. IF I saw one here with a flat tire, I’d just “Drive on by”.

  8. Redstone is the best place. It is already dedicated to space and Alabama (I don’t care what anyone says) is a growing space state. We would welcome them.

    1. Our Jupiter missile put the first satellite into space. We also build Javelin, Predator, Hellfire, JASSM, and THAAD missiles here in Pike Co. We are as far South as you can be without being within sight of a submarine. Great weather, roads, and thousands of people that are trained and have clearances. Big bonus, no hurricane has ever damaged Redstone. Can’t say that for Florida or Texas.

  9. I would have to say Redstone. Alabama is already part of the Space Program, let’s keep building it up there.

  10. I agree that San Antonio would make a much better center for supporting Space Force. Currently 2 AFB in place plus Army and top military Hospitals provide the perfect infrastructure to assist and support this nee command post.

  11. PATRICK AFB FLORIDA, They already are the rescue base for NASA. Almost all the things needed are there already.

    1. Biden would just “Sell” it to China! He will sell anything, how else is his family millionaires? None of them have ever “Worked for a Living”. Where did he get Jill? She was married when they had an “AFFAIR”! He can’t keep his hands of any female! Even his own daughter!

  12. Redstone in Alabama of course. Shouldn’t be anywhere else. They have the high technology and all the company’s there to prove it

  13. Patrick AFB is the best choice. i was stationed there in the Air Force Eastern Test Range. You can’t get closer to the space mission than there. It’s also a great place to live.

  14. Well sorry to say but if biden and crew get in, and with how they feel about the military I feel this will be the shortest command in history. Also those pushing san antionio…..please keep in mind that biden will most likely stop the wall, and maybe even remove what has been built… that would mean a wide open border. Heck they can not even stop so called invaiders ……how would they do against a military force?

  15. Patrick Space Force Base, Melbourne, FL. A beautiful base with long ties to NASA and Cape Canaveral. The astronauts used the base during the past past space program and is very close to Cape Canaveral. There is an abundance of empty buildings. The base is in pristine condition. Great recreation areas with beautiful beaches. My husband is retired Air Force and we visit the base at least once a month. We would have loved being stationed here when my husband was active duty.

  16. Strategically, think of the risks of co-locating multiple combatant or major command HQs. Colorado Springs and Offutt would offer a valuable target to our enemies. Redstone has Marshall Space Flight Center and Army Materiel Command. Second, professional workforce availability comes into play. While it is true that military members can be assigned as required, many of the support professionals will be civilians and contractors. Staffing positions at Kirkland is a challenge. So San Antonio and Patrick remain. Does one place the Space Command HQ with the launch facility? My vote goes to San Antonio.

    1. Where it can be wiped out like the Air Force base? How many hurricanes have hit Florida this year alone? Not one has ever hit Redstone Missile base. Plus not where a sub can watch what’s going on without ever being seen. Any private boat could launch a Javelin missile there. I wouldn’t vote for it.

  17. Alabama builds many missiles, Redstone would be my choice, good climate, roads, and many trained personnel with clearances. Look at the missiles we built that got the U.S. into space. They are on display as you enter Alabama at the northern border. I’ve worked on the Predator, Javelin, Hellfire, and THAAD missles, and have inspected at the JASSM plant. We already have a 70,000 square foot facility the Redstone Missile facility. The first satellite into space was put there by our Jupiter missile. We also developed the Saturn missile. Much of our space program has facilities here in Alabama. The state will train successful candidates with the necessary training. We have so many people working in that field already, it would seem like a great fit?

  18. Kirtland Air Force Base. Bring it to Albuquerque! We have great weather, open skies and we would be honored.

  19. The article confuses “Space Force” with “Space Command”. Space Force is new, created under Trump, and is at the same level as the US Marines. Space Command has been around for 20+ years as in US Space Command and USAF Space Command based at Peterson AFB. The two terms are not the same in concept or reality. So now, what is the article about?

  20. Redstone airfield has a long history of involvement with travel into space starting with the effort and leadership of Werner von Braun. Its currently involved with manned satellites through NASA.


  22. Redstone. Alabama is already part of the Space Program. The space center was here before President Johnson moved it to Houston in the 60’s to be in his home state.

  23. Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Best choice if you get rid of the politics involved. America First, not politicians desires$$$$$$$

  24. San Antonio, TX. Texas is a good all round American state. I personally would love it
    at Vandenberg AFB, CA. The West Coast Space Launch Site.

  25. Colorado Springs of course. Home of the Space Command now. Home of the Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB, Shriver AFB, NORAD, Cheyenne Mtn, Fort Carson and well placed in the middle of the continent. COS is a desirable place to live always on top 10 lists. I love it here! Lots of tech jobs, full service community, loads of veterans, Like myself, No hurricanes, great climate, Pike’s Peak, there really isn’t a better choice.


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