Fox Hosts Turn on Trump

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After a leaked phone call between President Trump and GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Fox News hosts Brain Kilmeade and Steve Doocy took turns bashing Trump’s ongoing claims of widespread voter fraud. During “Fox & Friends” the men touched on Trump’s unsubstantiated claims noting their thoughts on some legislator’s decision to reject the upcoming count of Electoral College votes.

The Daily Caller reports:

“That’s the case that Donald Trump and his lawyers have put out,” Doocy added. “They said there’s all this evidence, but they haven’t really produced the evidence. I read the entire one hour and two minute call the president had with Brad Raffensperger yesterday, and at one point the president was talking about how thousands of dead people voted and the secretary of state down in Georgia said, ‘you know, Mr. President, we have looked into that. We could only find two people who were listed as dead who actually did the voting. And it was, you know, it was mistake in the household.’”

Kilmeade agreed with Doocy’s declaration that legislator’s objections to the Electoral College certification will have no impact. Then Kilmeade raised concerns over the protests occurring in D.C. on January 6th to support the President’s calls to object to the certification.

“Just the one other thing to bring up with all of this is that I just worry about – you have that along with the protest the president is calling for on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Kilmeade said. “I mean, this is the type of anarchy that doesn’t work for anybody, Republicans or Democrats, in the big picture. And I just think it’s up to the president’s legal team to produce what they’re telling them they have.”

“But so far there is just no proof of it, and just because you voted for the president doesn’t mean that this actual evidence exists,” he added before Doocy pointed out that many who support Trump have been using large platforms like TV or social media to push claims that lack evidence.

“Interestingly enough, that information is never entered into a court because you cannot present information to a court if you do not have the evidence,” Doocy said. “And so far we haven’t seen the evidence. Maybe today at noon they’re going to bring out the evidence but we haven’t seen the evidence.”

It’s clear why President Trump has continued to distance himself from Fox News, the very organization he was once such a fan of. Will you be attending the protest on Jan. 6th to help stop the steal? Tell us what you think below.

  1. There is no steal to stop, unless outgoing lame duck impeached one term Donald foolishly attempts a coup to overthrow American democracy, and no, I’ll stay home and watch it on Fox.

  2. Watching Fox News with Steve Doocy and Brain Kilmeade is like watching the useless traitor Chris Wallace. All three are bringing the rating of the company down. Chris Wallace is an idiot and would fit nicely between the two useless so called President and vice president of the Biden administration. You want good news watch Newsmax, it a breath of fresh air!


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