CNN Calls Out Democrat Jon Ossoff for Lying About Republican Opponent

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CNN’s very own Jake Tapper couldn’t even sit silently by as Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff did his best to dispense lies about his opponent Kelly Loeffler in a pathetic attempt to sway voters. Recently, Ossoff has claimed that Loeffler is “campaigning” with members of the Ku Klux Klan after she took a photo with a man from an event. The man was later revealed to be a former member of the KKK but Ossoff tried to spin the photo-op. The claim was so ridiculous that even far-left CNN had to run a fact-check on Ossoff’s claim.

The Daily Wire reports:

“This is false,” CNN ruled. “A former member of the KKK took a photo with Loeffler while she was campaigning earlier this month. Loeffler’s campaign said the senator did not know who the man was and would have removed him from the event had she known. This is not, at all, the same as ‘campaigning with a klansman,’ as Ossoff claimed. Politicians often take pictures with people they don’t know.”

CNN noted that there was “no evidence” that Loeffler recognized or sought the support of the man in the picture. Loeffler’s campaign condemned the man, saying, “Kelly had no idea who that was, and if she had she would have kicked him out immediately because we condemn in the most vociferous terms everything that he stands for.”

Tapper pressed Ossoff about the claim during an interview on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” which comes just two days before election day in Georgia.

It’s no secret that political campaigns can bring out the worst in people. However, it seems Ossoff has forgotten that voters deserve to know the facts not fiction about their candidates when heading to the polling booth. It’s clear that if Ossoff thinks that playing dirty tricks should win him the coveted Seate seat then he never deserved his nomination in the first place.

  1. Meanwhile, Ossoff was known to have socialized with Robert KKK Byrd on a regular basis. (Democrat, WV)


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