Republicans Supporting the Electoral College Certification

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Nancy Mace

Maria Salazer Twitter

Representative Nancy Mace may owe her victory to President Trump but that is not enough to ensure her loyalty. Nancy Mace joined Republican colleagues in agreement that the power to reject and appoint electors lies with the states and not within Congress.

  1. Face it – none of these elected congressional leades who oppose Trump need to go next election – democrats as well as republicans – none of them work in our best interest, and the amount of money spent by globalists on this election would educate every person in the USA, legal or not – I am ashamed of how dirty congress has become due to pure greed.

    1. Most of those career Democrats get reelected the same way that Biden got elected. For example, Swamp Queen Pelosi seldom campaigns for reelection because they system is rigged for her to keep going back with no campaign effort.

      1. California is long gone as a Dem stronghold, thanks to massive illegal immigrant fraud. Seeing it myself is what made me leave the state in 1998 and never look back

          1. You couldn’t win a four legged race without rigging it, just like the lousy democracts can’t win on their best day. They are to stupid to win on their own. Democracts love dumb people like you

        1. Both New York and California went Red. Thats the official correct. It will all come out in the Wash.

      1. That POS should have been executed as a NAZI, guilty of multiple homicides either directly or indirectly. Why it has asylum in the USA is beyond me.

  2. Mark my words!! Any Senator or Congressman who does not protest Biden electors is committing political suicide!
    Just watch!

    1. R.I.N.O.s like Mitt need to register as democrat and cease being wolves in sheeps clothing—Our President has always had “enemies in camp” with the rino types.

    2. It won’t matter because our voting system has been compromised. As it is, the dumbocraps seat whomever they choose.

  3. Then why even have’ a certification’. Let every state do what it likes…and, ‘f#€!<' the country‼️

      1. Sorry Mr. Hess, but this is not Nazi Germany. The State shall determine genuine Official Ballots. Not Chinese fake ballots shipped to the States from the CCP on 2 Sips. President Trump has all the evidence. I suggest you buy yourself a box of tissues. Youa re going to need it. Dead people, dogs, felons and double votes dont count, nor do made up fake ballots Millions of them not just a few.

    1. do you think its over ???now is the time for time for the GOD loving people to take our country back from the communist left wing democrat party telling us what we can not do .and not do now the time is near ,the flame is burning and want go out ?wold you ever think that other country,s is more important than we the american people ? ever thing that was don in the last 4 years is going away ?you know your gas price will up up and away 499 a gallon and could be 999 by the end of the year ???

    1. For one I will abandon the party that houses traitors—-I left the democrat party and I can kick this party to the curb just the same.

      1. Try China venezuela, Russia that you and other Americans are voting for. Get it straight before you talk. Socialist is venezuela China

      2. People like you need to get it right about all what you say about Russia. Russia is siding with China, venezuela, Iran. Look it up

    2. We won’t permit, allow the DNC-Democrats, Joe Hunter Biden-Harris to steal this Election. I trust and depend on ALMIGHTY GOD’S JUSTICE FAIRNESS HONESTY TRUTHS RIGHTEOUSNESS to continue to expose and DESTROY all Incredible wickedness involved in this Presidential Election. “The LORD IS KING 👑! Let the nations tremble! MIGHTY KING 👑, LOVER of JUSTICE, YOU have ESTABLISHED FAIRNESS. YOU have acted with Justice and Righteousness throughout America.” (Psalm 99) I decree in JESUS NAME.

    3. Seems Republicans don’t seem to care or understand that. They keep siding with the party of hate the democracts.

  4. What dirt must they have on these Senators? Must be bad!!!!! If pulling suitcases out from under the tables and sending all the watchers home is not enough to have a forensic audit, then they must have some really really bad stuff on these guys. America is watching the outright steal of this election. Shame on all those traitors! Can you only imagine what mayhem there would be if this happened in a reverse scenario? The streets would be burning!

    1. Bad stuff on them? They need only bleive theri children or grandchildren will be killed if they fail – and they need only believe that the FBI will be unable to solve the murders. They just need the same beliefs as Bill Barr.

      1. “They” want to be treated the same as everyone but want special treatment to get into schools, jobs, special funding for their housing, free medical, I could go on.

  5. Hard believe Trump has been treated so badly for the last 4 years. I know of no other human that could withstand what Trump has had to endure over the last 4 years from evil haters every day

    1. 7 more traitorous anti-constitutionalists just revealed themselves
      Anyone noice how the traitors are revealing themselves up to the last minute?
      It’s like they are just dying to be revealed as traotors


  7. These Republican Traitors are part of the HATE TRUMP TEAM !!! We don’t need them…and they we get what they deserve !!!

    1. They all kissed President Trumps behind to get endorsed by him. Then in typical communist fashion turned on him. RINORATS, traitors all.

  8. They need to be voted out when they run again they count on people forgetting when they run again I’m from West Virginia and not going to vote for my senater when she runs again because she didn’t back Trump

  9. These RINOS make a facade of respecting the constitution when this bogus election was predicated on multiple violations and end runs around the constitution itself. The ONLY time that they support the constitution is when it serves their purpose. The are bought a paid for!!!

  10. Every one of these Party Traitors should make plans as what to do when they are Booted out of office. Trump doesn’t like people that he helps screwing him over. He will Roast each one of them in the next election.

  11. ALL the repubs turning on our President just shows who’s communist owned, we’re making a list. Treason carries only penalty…🖕

  12. President Trump Officially has won. He knows he has won and Biden will never again see he White House. All that is playing out now is for sieving the chaff from the wheat. Draining the massive sewer/swamp. All those opposing the President have skeletons in their cupboards. It was so comfortable to just cruise along, take bribes and under the counter money and China has clearly infiltrated American politics. Sad. However there are many business people and Vets who can join the President and start a new party, The American party.

  13. Maybe these republicans should check the Constitution instead of THINKING it’s not within their job description. The Democrats have done this on several occasions and there was no backlash. My opinion of these “Weak Sisters” is not repeatable in this forum. One way or another, anyone who votes for them in the future (if we are ever allowed to vote again in a fair election) are gluttons for punishment. These are typical worthless politicians, out for themselves, “The Public be Damned”.

  14. Yes States elect electors
    They repeat this ad nauseum, however, they need to review the constitution about WHO IN THE STATES ELECT THE ELECTORS.

    It certainly is not the Governor nor the Secretary of State nor any other misc individual. The STATE LEGISLATURE has that responsibility.

  15. All Trump voters wanted ,,was a honest recount,signature match ,and a look at machines. .Thump seems to be blocked at every Avenue, if the shoe was on the other foot the Democrats would stick together like super glue..along with msn..they would have demanded a recount and would have got it..2022 is going to be the end for many .

  16. It never ceases to surprise me that the country I thought was awesome has so many corrupt and non caring for our Constitution and our citizens. I just grew up to love this county and to respect our government. NOT ANYMORE. There are just a few I trust now and who are not just out for themselves. Which one has donated anything from their salary to the citizens who are suffering. They exempt themselves of insurance they made others take such as Obamacare while they got different, they vote themselves a raise while others are starving. Pres. Trump and his family worked while donating his entire salary. Name me one other person in gov. who did.

  17. These Republicans are a trip. They wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Trump. You Republicans are weak and stupid all you cared about is getting in with the good huh? Sorry excuse of humans don’t have what it takes all cowards. This party is dead Trump needs to make a better party.

  18. ever one must have there day in court what court even give his day in court ?non not even the supreme court ??????we the americans wants our day in court ???did you hear the fake news call the american a mob,this election was not in line with the constitution there for this election was not legal and voters was robed by the fake news ?if not for this virus we would not be in this mess trump wold be president and the country would still be great ????now look a this shape ?thanks to the left wing democrat,s ,fuchi and obama ? thank you and GOD BLESS THE BRAVE PEOPLE FOR STANDING UP FOR THERE VOTES !

  19. Our great Country is destined for communism because China has bought out the tv network the bank’s and alot of our government officals Lord help us all


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