‘A Historic Accomplishment’ Trump’s Border Wall Passes Goal

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President Trump is a man of his word. During his campaign, President Trump promised that over 450 miles of the border security wall will be completed by the end of 2020 and now he can officially say he succeeded. Not only has Trump built over 450 miles of the wall but another 350 miles have already been funded.

Fox News reports:

“This isn’t just a remarkable achievement, I think it’s an historic accomplishment for many factors,” Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan said during a call with reporters.

“He actually listened and heard from the experts, from the folks on the border, on the frontlines of America’s borders every single day, who are risking and sacrificing so much,” he said. “He didn’t just hear them, he listened to them, he spent time with them, traveled down to the border, learned about the border, heard from them.”

Morgan has said that the 450 miles does not mark an end to the project, and pointed to $1.375 billion that was included in the recent omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed by President Trump.

“So in addition to the 450 that we’ve already got on the ground, we’ve got funded 350 miles of wall system to go in the ground,” he said. “The overwhelming amount of those miles, that funding, the contracts have already been awarded.”

Joe Biden claimed during his campaign that if elected “not another foot” of the border wall will be built however, it’s not so simple. The next few hundred miles have already been awarded and it could cost the US billions if the contracts are abandoned.

  1. if the scum succeed in pushing biteminehole into the oral office the wall will come to a screeching halt then the trashy leftist hores will send a team down to the border to build doors in the wall and station welcome wagon facilities and bus stops just inside of the US with maps, food, travel money, health care check ups and discount coupons to Enrico’s Used Car Emporium ..

      1. Go home to your safe space and kiss your libby snow flake husband and his libby snow flake boyfriends you know where .


      1. It must be opposites day!!!
        You are obviously not able to look at accomplishments and facts without distorting the truth!!!
        Should I mention that President Trump has been nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prize Awards.
        But safe in your bubbled world.

      1. Shut-up and get ready to go to your internment camp…because if you think your Democrat leaders give a dam about you and will take care of you, you are pathetically mistaken….you are not part of their elitist group and they hate you! You are only a tool for them to take power over you and once they do, you will either bow down to them or be shot…you fool!

          1. A lot of organized corruption has been exposed during these 4 yrs! Our POTUS is not done

          2. That’s because of MSM and Social Media supported them. And, no one realized how corrupt the DEEP STATE AND SWAMP was – we probably still don’t know. We are way overdue for TERM LIMITS AND LINE ITEM VETOs to be enacted. The Pelosi and the dems added soooo much PORK to the budget it was floating in bacon grease. With our citizens hurting and small business failing why do we have to send BILLIONS of dollars overseas.

      2. Biden and other Democrats made a mockery of democracy when they resorted to an unprecedented electoral fraud. So massive that China is happy for a good job done on the so called America democracy!

    1. MUCH SOOOONER! With the US Marines to arrest all them democommies before ChinaJOEBidEN, ET.AL/., can screw up anything more.

      1. On Jan. 20 Biden will be the Commander and Chief of all Marines.
        They will arresting the Capitol Terrorists.

        1. The capital terrorist we’re in cited by agitators posing as Trump supporters, When Trump praise them, he fell into the trap late for him, by the super subversive left, Then the agitators, probably paid, incited all the violence of course to make Trump look bad. Any asshole with not much brain should be able to see that of course, they always want to make Trump look bad. This country better wake up to the truth,Or the republic the founders gave us, will not be kept.

        2. Good TRY, but they were activated since 2019 with the declkaration of a State of Emergency when the Democraps first were oprattling about their early coup attempts that they were so proud of. And thedr Insurrection Act is ALSO engaged now, they will not have the time remaining, it ius already unfolding.

    2. He would be crazy to run again.This country does not deserve a man like Trump. The incompetent monster they voted for is a disgrace and a puppet of China.Joe China;s campaign manager announced as his first statement; THE DAYS OF AMERICA FIRST ARE OVER. let that sink in.America is down and out and will never come back.Biden is America’s Hitler.


      1. Capital police opened the doors. Kill one unarmed, woman Trump supporter to make the news and let Antifa run wild an no shots fired. Smells like a left wing planned riot with the DC mayor, democrats and DC police in cahoots.

      2. The Capitol police were forewarned that the rally was going to be infiltrated by busloads of your fellow Antifa scumthugs, and they were not prepared for it! Black-clad, goggles, helmets, weapons, Trump regalia and T shirts, which they discarded after their chanting, inciting, instigating, destroying, assaulting police, stealing, their usual MO.

        1. antifa thugs were bused in. That is a fact and now tech and media are silencing us all. They are destroying our country and Joe China will but the last nails into our coffin. America is extinct..

      3. The Capitol was never in any danger by Trump, his followers did all they could, being unarmed, to stop the Antifa an BLM thugs, and disbanded quickly when Trump asked that, so that the cover was gone and the pallets of bricks and propane tanks that were delivered for the Antifa were not able to be USED, as it was ALL a covert operation that was a red flag. When the crowd went away the rioters HAD to disperse also, as they no longer could hide. Like the cowards they are, the Antifa and the BLM ran and hid immediately, and the attack they were engaged in was over.

  4. It just means ‘a different kind of wall’ if that isn’t in place. And the migrants will hate this one.

  5. WALLS, work………..look at the homes of many politicians and well known actors………they have walls, and they work to keep unwanted guests out…………

    1. Thank you, President Trump for all that you have done for the country, in spite of the DimRats gnawing at your feet.

    2. The operative word here is “unwanted”. The democrat’s WELCOME all potential voters (legal or not) who can become ‘captive’ voters DEPENDENT on welfare or other democrat handouts — AT OTHERS EXPENSE !!

    3. Even the globalist puppet, dope scum francis has a wall surrounding the vatican to prevent the altar boys from escaping from the altar boy raping priests .

      1. God is a Globalist.
        He gave his only son to save the globe.

        Speaking of raping boys the
        Televangelist’s give the original Christers a run for their money.
        Priests are not gay, they only diddle boys when they can’t get any nun.

      1. Yes, an Extremely Rare good Answer Albert. Keep it going. We do not want the Other Countries Riff-Raff! Ho, ho, ho! Good Luck America, the good Repubs and President Trump.

  6. God bless this great President Trump, and God help us all when corrupt Biden and communist Kamala stain that beautiful White House

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests . . . . .

  7. Dear President Trump, Do what it takes to save this country. This is a foreign invasion and now America is in great and grievous peril. Listen to Flynn. All documents must be declassified and spread immediately. We are being shut down. We support you wholeheartedly. You are the most amazing President and we are so grateful for all of your hard work and support of the American People and of this Republic. We really need you now! Sincerely, Elizabeth Brockman

    1. I second your comment. Sadly many people in this country do not realize what they have done by voting for Biden/Harris. From day one of this criminal administration the pain will come upon us.Biden and his family should have been put into Gitmo not the white house.I have been kicked off Facebook for the 7th time now and I will never go back on to the communist site. We are getting messages now for several time from a 202 area code which is DC and the messages are in Chinese. this is proof China owns us now. The democrats have sold us out.

  8. I hear the communist DemRats want to make it a crime to point out that they did indeed steal the election.

    1. Even globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep know that the globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media stole the election, there were not enough votes for globalist puppet, chester the molester biden to win so they simply stopped counting votes and created fake numbers that “imagined” globalist puppet, chester the molester biden won .

  9. The wall is big, beautiful, and finnished.
    It is not a mere 450 miles of cheap looking temporary steel fencing.
    Mexico paid for it!!!!

  10. Biden and other Democrats have promised to take down the walls that have been built. If they try they should be arrested for destruction of public property.

  11. Praise the Lord for the BEST President the United States of our LIfetime!!!
    We LOVE you, President Trump!

  12. Man of his Word. I’d Love to see how many Promises ALL Of the other 1 Term Presidents have made and kept in their Terms. President Trump has done more in his 1 Term than at least some 2 Term Presidents it has been said. Very Productive. Even through ALL the opposition you are the Man. Thank you Mr. President.

  13. With the new communist government, being elected, with corrupt,dementia.joe at the helm, I really wouldn’t put it passed the hidenbiden administration, to sabotage the wall some how, to allow the flow of illegals, like he promised. IDIOT

  14. Maybe he should run for Senate so the left have to see him every day! And cancel out Romneys negative vote. Take up a residence where a lowly leftist is up for reelection in 2 years. Could you imagine the bills he could sponsor?!

    1. they will finish Trump with this impeachment to prevent him from ever holding office. They even told us that. The democrats are a very sick bunch of criminals. Not just the politicians buy also their supporters. I find I no longer have anything in common with these strange creatures.You can tell how demented they are by their comments.Their unwarranted hatred for Trump is unparalleled by anything I have ever seen.

  15. Congrats, Pres. Trump!! Long after Bite-Me is gone and forgotten, Pres. Trump will remain one of the most consequential Presidents in our history! I feel privileged to have lived during this amazing Presidency! If the communists don’t totally annihilate us, I predict that President Trump will be – and remain – a VERY important POTUS! God bless! (And, BTW, Albert Hess, go soak your demented head and, while you’re at it, go pound sand as well!!)

  16. I am saddened (and so you should be) that so many in the “Democratic Party” Call themselves “Christian”!
    Putting it simply, 
    God vs. Lucifer
    Good vs. Evil
    Conservatives vs Liberals
     How can any “Christian” (except in name only) support a “Liberal Party” that has done more to eliminate the Christian “God” and his “Word” (the Bible) from our culture? Certainly not “Evangelistic” Christians proven by the fact that “God and His Word” is not first priority before politics!!! They support the culture of this day and age where, the “Separation of Church and State”, has been successfully misrepresented, aided and abetted by Hollywood and the “Liberal Media,” using “Political Correctness as a tool”. A (Trojan Horse?) with the enormous Power to (subtly) influence and (brainwash) the people, especially the young without the proper understanding of the historical cost of the freedoms we have enjoyed. (The old adage, “repeat a lie often enough, and belief in it follows). Historically “Socialism” has led to dictatorships and loss of millions of lives. Do we really want to go that route? Is one prepared for history to repeat itself? What makes one think that “Government support” is the answer? It certainly is at the expense of the next generation, that of our children!!! The free stuff is at the cost of the productive, the entrepreneurs, and the tax payers. When that segment of the population shrinks to join those supported by the Government due to unsustainable cost to them, what do you honestly think is going to happen? The 2020 elections here in the (now free US of A) will be a referendum of which direction we chose. Open your minds eye . Our kids’ futures are stake. Do you think it will be fair for the taxpayer to attempt to sustain the unsustainable??? The unproductive welfare community is growing from generation to generation, willingly voting to keep these power seeking “Liberal” politicians, judges and individuals in Washington with their votes to maintain free support for their livelihood! (Here’s where true slavery lies)! Wake up!!! They are serving themselves; they do not truly care about you!
    Hatred for “Trump”, due to unproven allegations is illogical given life long, self serving and corrupt power hungry politicians (Who are old enough to know better) are getting a free pass from the “Liberal Media” who refuse to report documented proof from the “DC” swamp. Unfortunately, the young can’t relate to what their freedoms cost their grandparents, are believing the self serving agenda of the “Corrupt power of the Press”. You and your kids will pay dearly if you don’t put aside the illogical, insidious hatred of one man (D.T.) and start to use common sense!!!

  17. Thanks for doing what you said you would do President Trump. It has been refreshing watching a President work tirelessly for America. You actually served this country for free. That needs to be a prerequisite for serving in our government as an elected representative. Also a term of no long than 4 years. Volunteer service for free imagine that? Lets get to work American on country wide election transparency. Lets make every legal vote count on time.

  18. What good does anything good Trump did since demented pervert China Joe already said he will on day one wipe them all out. Good luck America you no longer exist. Thank your democrats. Our enemies are already getting ready to unleash on us. Atomic submarines are already built by our fiercest enemies. Can’t say we don’t deserve it we caused it because so many voted for this China puppet. Democrats you are all evil.

    1. Trump said he would tear down Obamacare.
      He didn’t.
      Reagan said to tear down that wall.
      It was.

      Mr. Biden, tear down this ugly ash fence that Mexico did not pay for.

      1. Hey PJ Boy Troll wake up this is not a game anymore. You better go get ready for “real” things and out of your pathetic PJ Boy basement.

  19. I understand that we have another 350 miles of border wall all set up and contracted to be built and I hope that it is built, but I would not put it past Biden to cancel those contracts. He has already vowed that “not one more mile” of border all will be built after he is in office.
    Democrats are irrational and are drunk with power and are completely willing to crush anything that Trump has accomplished.

  20. We are so lucky to have had President Trump and now god willing He will not be harmed by Biden and the commies but this i promise them If you harm him YOU will answer to all 74 million of PT supporters and it wont be pretty when they are threw with you
    God bless you President Trump and family and may the good lord look out for those few people who reminded and supported you after the election We know you won and YOU will continue to win for the rest of your life.Thank YOU for the border wall and may the good lord protect it as though it was made out of gold

      1. Give us the ability to block these loser trolls on Trump Train News. They cannot compete in the real world so they hide behind a screen with their little fingers (pun intended) trolling…

  21. Thank you President Trump! ANOTHER PROMISE KEPT!
    Notice how fast a wall went at the U S Capital! But, the Democrats tell me “walls don’t work” . I don’t get it.


  23. Well that’s a little bit of good news! I can’t stand Biden and his crime family..I am sure we will get over this big hump that’s in our way…I know things will get better…people will get so tired of this even a lot of dems, that they will start to see what they r really like and will change their political side! I have heard several so far! Little by little people will want to get away from that real putrid smell like smelly
    Crotch and want to come over to sweet smelling pure , honest and real caring people of the people of the U.S.A. Thanks to god helping DJT…..

  24. Give us the ability to block these loser trolls on Trump Train News. They cannot compete in the real world so they hide behind a screen with their little fingers (pun intended) trolling…

  25. You know we do don’t you?? We remove ourselves all of us, we don’t need Twitter and the guy that started the Walk Away movement has a web site on clouthub.com. you should try as I have and let’s see if we can close down Twitter and Facebook, I know the President is in Owner, but Applies pulling that app off their phones. It’s a organized effort to stop us from interacting with Mr. Trump and the family We already knows who the snakes are sports start hopping with cutting off donations to all of them. No violence, lets take the money away on all fronts. No party gets a donation from me ever again. Let’s grow some spines and do a honest legal fight. No funding from the people. No votes for none above on ballots write in None of the Above.

  26. Of course, why would Joe Biden be interested in protecting America? Cause he’s a democrat and they don’t want a safe America! Doesn’t fit their agenda! They instead want illegals coming across in droves so we can house them, put them through college, and pay for their healthcare. This alone will cost hard working Americans billions and billions of dollars. On top of that, he will take our guns away while letting even the coldest of criminals across our borders. And then also will spend trillions on a green new deal that won’t do the world any good at all! Do your homework on this issue! Also he will want to spend trillions more on free healthcare for everybody.Also he will use our tax money to pay billions and billions to send the snot nose kids who refuse to work through college for free. Have you noticed that everything I’ve mentioned will cost so much money that we don’t have? Anybody notice that? Democrats don’t! Watch out people! Biden and Harris will destroy America from within! Watch us burn!!!!

    1. AMEN! bro…..anyone notice how (since the depression of 1929), the gradual switch the Parties have made? The GOP to “Conservatism” and the Dems to power corrupt “Liberalism”!!! The Left was once the party of the people, but now the power hungry, corrupt DC swamp.
      ‘The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.’
      -Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 22 October 1945

      Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.              President Ronald Reagan

  27. Bidet and kameltoe are gonna need that wall finished to hold US citizens IN the US after the Democrats get through wrecking what’s left of our country!!!

    Mexico may actually ante up to finish the rest to contain the US refugees flooding into their country.

  28. Good for the President. Another big win. But lets hold our horses on the remaining 350 miles, because when Joe Schmoe gets finished with it, we might end up taking down those initial 450 miles. Might be a democrat make work project for all those illegals entering.

  29. COMMUNIST joey biden and his Horse kamala Hairyass is 2 of the biggest idiots and most lame ignorant FRAUDULENT CHEATERS in the world . AND he also HOLDING OUR Whitehouse hostage. AND should be impeached asap as soon as 2 months ago. He is the biggest disgrace to AMERICA there ever was !!! That socialist bull crap has never worked for the citizens of any country it has destroyed. AND THAT IS WHAT THEY HAVE PLANNED FOR USA. IS TO KILL AMERICAN AND AMERICANS. AND HE WILL FIND OUTI WILL NOT SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT LISTEN TO OR OBEY NO WORTHLESS DICTATOR ON USA SOIL. HE AND HIS HORSE AND CLAN OF THUGS NEED KICKED OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

  30. QUOTES….Food for Thought….

    The proverb, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” means that whenever a person has power over other people or things, it makes him/her corrupt. It morally destroys their nature and fills them with destructive pride. However, if the person saves himself from this abuse of power, he or she is a humble person.
    Lord Acton
    An observation that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases. The statement was made by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

    ‘The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.’
    -Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 22 October 1945

    Content[ment] makes poor men rich; discontent[ment] makes rich men poor.— BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

    You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. C.S. Lewis
    “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein

    Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed. If you do read them, you’re misinformed.”

    We live in a world where the voters can vote themselves the goodies, and politicians maintain power by promising to dole out the goodies. After all, it is the “compassionate” thing to do. This world is a far cry from the world during the gold standard era.


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