Koch Encourages Congress to Certify Results for Biden

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Koch network a massive right of center political organization is encouraging Congress to certify the election results in favor of Joe Biden.

The move comes as many of the group’s conservative beneficiaries are urging Congress to challenge the results.

According to CNBC:

The political advocacy organization backed by the billionaire Charles Koch is encouraging Congress to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

“Joe Biden is the president-elect, and we support the process and certification of his election,” Lo Isidro, a spokesman for the Koch backed Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement.

“Our top priority is building broad support around policies to end the pandemic and put Americans on a path to recover stronger while working against – and providing better alternatives to – destructive policies sold on empty promises that we know won’t work.”

The statement comes as other business-friendly organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, pushed back against a group of GOP senators and House members who say they plan to object to the Electoral College results.

Koch himself has publically congratulated Biden on his victory.

Reports from the Center for Responsive Politics show that AFP Action, the group’s super PAC heavily supported Steve Daines of Montana, David Perdue of Georgia, and Roger Marshal from Kentucky this election cycle. All of whom support some form of a fight against congressional certification.

    1. The rich Conservatives gave up on Trump 2 years ago.
      There is nothing Conservative about handing out $2,000 for doing absolutely nothing.
      The deplorables continue to maintain their blind allegiance.
      They need the money.

      1. They are not conservatives no real conservative would side with China, and watch them take over. Don’t think they are look at everything you buy.

      2. Hey, dufuss. It’s OUR money that is being given back to us, you know, the lowly taxpayers and retirees who have paid through the nose for those politicos to sit in high positions where many do nothing at all. And don’t kid yourself about that $2000; we earned it and it was taken away in the annual government grab called taxes. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with returning some of our hard earned monies and it’s a damn sight better than bundling it up for some foreign country we owe nothing to.

        1. I don’t trust politicians. ALL OF THEM ARE CORRUPT. But I do trust Trump. He loves our country and would never sell us out!

          1. We are seeing the Federal government becoming just what the founding fathers warned against and tried to prevent with the constitution! The deciding factor they missed was PROFESSIONAL LEECH politicians! Way past time for term limits (including judges) but no way are the crooks/leeches gonna let that happen!

      1. What have the democracts done to make the country better? They had 30 years to do it all I see is china moving in all over the things we buy. I don’t see not one democract standing up to China and stopping them from taking over

        1. they have sold us out to china, screwed American workers and exported their jobs to china and to slave labor…. the democrats and their capitalist pig running dogs like Koch are enemies of America and the American working class.

      2. People like you like these so called conservatives are a joke. Where would you and these losers be without it sure wouldn’t be here having jobs

      3. That would be a much higher number than Democrats. The percentage of registered Democrats who I trust is zero. If they knew the truth very few of them would vote for any Democrat.

  1. Hello! Koch is a liberal! He told the world years ago in a broadcasted interview. This should surprise no one!

    1. Koch is in fact a Conservative.
      Trump is not.
      Conservatives do not hand out $2000 to the members of the proletariat for for buying weed.

      1. And conservative won’t close his eyes on the explicit theft of votes. Do you understand that if this tick works – conservative will never win? I’ll repeat for a some slow folks:

        You let the theft go unpunished and the next thig you know –

        1. Laura Ingraham said, last night, that a close friend of hers had a hard time voting. She was turned away where she had been voting for over twenty years. Then was turned away at yet another voting place. After three tries she did actually vote. I wonder how many were turned away and perhaps gave up?

      2. Koch’s is a RINO !!! He and has swamp dwellers have been exposed for their Anti American self centered ways…..What he and his kind don’t get yet is President Trump and his movement is here to stay!!! The old GOP is about to be swept out with the trash and millions of Trump voters have waken up to the corrupt RINO ways and beginning in 2022 the purge will begin!! Hold onto your panties and enjoy the ride!!!

    2. That’s exactly what I was going to say.
      I actually think they fall in the category of Fiscal Conservatives but, socially liberals. But, it also wouldn’t surprise me if they’re on the wagon of corrupt joe is going to unite us all. BS!

        1. That’s hitting the nail on the head. It don’t matter what side they are on. They are corrupt and need to be gone. That’s who antifa and BLM need to loot and burn. The Koch’s, the Soros’ and the lifetime politicians. They have more than anybody

  2. Of course he wants to certify a Biden win, how else is he gonna keep his money where as the only people he employs are ILLEGAL aliens and pays them way less than the low wage of Americans he pays he’s just another thief !!!!!

  3. Koch is libertarian, not conservative.
    Wants no borders, business’ unrestrained access to cheap foreign labor, drug legalization, and crony free trade deals plus no tariffs.
    Koch is America Last.

    1. The Koch Boys are very Conservative.
      Trump is not.
      Conservatives do not hand out $2,000 to the proletariat/deplorables for just sitting on their butts.

  4. Screw Koch, screw the remaining Koch brother and their families. They are in bed with the Deep State Swamp and Rats of DC. They are corrupt and slither around with the likes of George Soros. So calling them a “Conservative Group” is not only mislabeling them but an outright lie!

      1. You must be George Conway twit mad because Kellyanne got a high post in the administration and you didn’t. ..boo hoo loser.

    1. Koch is a life long Republican.
      Trump is a Johnny come lately.
      The Koch’s will be wealthy long after the Trump’s pass into oblivion.

      1. What’s the matter with you? Did the Koch family fail to send you your annual stipend? Trump’s name will be remembered for the good he has done long after the koch name is totally forgotten.

  5. Koch is not conservative, they’re libertarian. And like most libertarians they are purveyors of purely utopian ideas but they’ll sell out their own ideals for a few pieces of silver (or bag of weed) at the drop of a hat.

    1. The Koch’s smoke weed?
      Is it wrong to smoke weed
      Do the leaders of some of our largest companies smoke weed?
      Should possession of weed be a capital offense?
      Are you a fool, with no silver?

      1. things like weed alter the brain; so, yes, it is wrong to smoke weed. No one should be proud to be one who uses it, especially on a frequent basis.

  6. I would not be surprised if Koch is part of the cabal to get Biden elected and have things go back to business as usual.

    We, the people can not allow this to happen. If we do, our children would have no freedom and they, the rich establishment lets richer on our backs!

  7. Globalists love Biden. They fully intend to transfer all Trump’s manufacturing jobs back to China & emerging markets in Asia where they can exploit slave labor & the total absence of environmental safeguards. That’s the big joke on Gen Z, isn’t it?? They got suckered into attacking Trump for his superior jobs economy & their puppet masters are going to destroy all GenZ jobs and the global environment, as well. Gen Z deserves to get their heads flushed in the toilet every day for the next 4 years if Biden gets into the White House. IF IF IF— Never stop the fight until the battle’s done.

    1. How many jobs did Trump bring back from China?
      I just keep seeing more and more things in the stores made in China!

      You expect Biden to destroy the global environment?

      Biden will be in the White House.
      Trump will not.

  8. This is due to the Biden people calling the big oil producers and telling them they need to by their oil leases for drilling NOW or lose out in 2 years. Warned that his is their only chance to get in. Pay to Play folks – the Democrats doing their usual.

  9. Koch wants Biden for more imported illegal cheap labor. Open borders mean the Koch syndicate can use the cheaper labor. It’s all about control.

    1. What companies do the Koch’s own that utilize a significant amount of illegal cheap labor.
      When I look at Koch industries I see no labor intensive operations.
      The Koch’s may use some illegal labor, but it is not cheap.

  10. What a HUGE disappointment and disgrace Koch is!!! I thought they still had some integrity, but guess they can be bought too!!!!

  11. The liberal socialists have hated KOCH brothers for decades – why do you think they suddenly have a love fest for each other?

  12. The Koch organization is no longer conservative. Charles Koch has moved the organization to the left, just as the Fox News organization has moved left. The writer of this article should not be have called Koch a right of center organization. An organization can call itself conservative but actions speak louder than words.

    1. The Koch organization is Conservative.
      Donald Trump is not.
      Think about the $2,000 checks for sitting on your butt.

      1. Why does anyone use the term “$2,000 checks for sitting on their butts” , when millions lost their jobs because the owners of businesses that hired them were shut down by the government due to Covid-19? Have you even thought about it? How have you fared during this pandemic? Besides that…..have you heard about the tremendous amount of money given to foreign countries in this Bill? What is wrong with taking care of your own people too? That is like a father or mother saying to their children: “Sorry kids! You can starve, but our neighbors come first.” You can eat their scraps.”

        1. I am sitting on my butt (76 and comfortably retired, I chose to stop volunteering).
          I know very few people out of work due to Covid, they could all find some work.

          I have heard about the amount of Foreign Aid in the bill.
          I see that is is around 1 to 1.5% of the total.
          The vast amount of foreign aid funding is in the form of US goods and services, jobs for Americans.
          We are richest nation in the world.

          The stimulus checks should go only to the people who can not get minimum wage work
          Not to people collecting the max Social Security with a comfortable Index Fund portfolio.

          My son is a yacht captain.
          He will be spending his second winter adventure motorcycling in South America (most of South America has less than half the Covid of the US.
          His stimulus checks and unemployment make it financially viable.

          The $1,200 and $2,000 stimulus checks and double unemployment and four times Food Stamps were pure calculated vote buying. It is a South American thing, pass out lots of money before an election.

          Trump did get our monies worth.

    1. Which Koch operations utilize cheap foreign labor?
      What is the percentage of cheap foreign labor in the Koch work force?

  13. Too many Rinos in the swamp! If the Reps don’t start getting their act together, there will be no Republican Party in the very near future!! Trump Conservative Party????

    1. The Republican party is nearly dead.
      Trump is not a Conservatives.
      Think about Trump’s $2,000 hand outs, that are not going to happen.

  14. Koch thinks he will get cheap labor and be one of the elite. Xi will own the US and Kock. These people were not conservative and the Kock brothers backed Ryan, the man that stabbed Trump in the back. Let’s see how many republicans Kock owns. We know a few democrats Xi owns starting with Swalwell and Feinstein. And who made trips to Epstein’s island? They are owned by someone or some organization.

    1. And newscum, Kemp, piggy, hollywood directors and companies………….so many! Money talks and its hard to believe so many would screw the American people for any commie money!


  16. Socialism is a mind disease and even conservatives are not immune.
    These traitor scumbags should officially join the socialist ranks instead of being enemies among their own.

    1. Many have to much to hide, and are afraid he will OUT them! Same with all big techs, as well as the so called government for the people! Remember b says America last, NOT FIRST!

  17. They aren’t conservative and never have been. They’re just like big tech…eff ‘em and all RINOS who have shown their TRUE colors when it mattered.

  18. Koch is from the donor swamp rat class that the likes of Rove and Ryan serve. Koch is fool enough to think that the Democrats will give him a seat at the table.

  19. someone ambitious could publish an anti trump book/listfor ease in determining boycotts.could br very popular with consumers.

  20. Why anyone thinks the Koch brothers are conservative have no idea what conservative means of course these are the same folks that believe Bush is a conservative. These pretenders are globalists period. The best thing about this voter fraud is the unmasking of all the liars and pretenders.

  21. no he got them and there pulling in all there owned birded people to try and stop what’s going to happen next hold on this is only the begging of the flush

  22. The Koch brothers hate Donald Trump. Most of the Republicans do, because he changed the Party completely. It’s become the populist, nationalist We The People party.. no longer the rich elites. The Dems are now the rich elites..There will and must be a new party formed by Trump followers.. which is most of America! Our voices cannot be silenced by Communism and the domestic traitors taking our country down for money and power. Soros and Zuckerberg join the ranks of the Koch brothers in that they don’t care about us or America at all. The corporate structures run the world with the NWO Commies..How dare they make our decisions for us? We are not China, Venezuela, Cuba or any other state run regime. We are freedom loving patriots who must fight for our country and what it means to millions who escaped totalitarianism.

  23. Destructive policies that do not work??? What policies are they talking about??? Trumps policies were all spot on the mark for being best for America. Not so good for the rich gobalists though.

  24. So Trump runs for president, beats HRC, the left screams voter fraud and Russian collusion, 4 years of impeachment.
    Biden runs against Trump, blatant in your face voter fraud with Chinese collusion, and we’re told nothing happened. One of the most crooked men on earth, tells voters that he’s going to take away everything they own, and he supposedly beats Trump. We’re not the chumps here, Chump.

  25. Koch Brothers have always been RINO’s….why do they try to act like conservatives? Poor excuse for humanity

  26. So cheating us ok and don’t piss off the democrats. Your a sad disgusting group of turncoat. You who believe this should be ashamed to sink so low.

  27. Whoever believes the Koch brothers to be conservatives are not paying attention. The are businessmen who go whichever way the wind blows and more profitable. Rupert Murdoch is the same. He is no conservative either but he knew his FOX News network would not be profitable it was just another MSM mouthpiece for leftist drivel. His elitist kids are obviously too smart to learn good business practices from him but are finding out the hard way with their necks stuck out as more and more people are tuning into Newsmax, OANN and other conservative outlets but turning FOX News off. I doubt if FOX will ever regain their top market share and maybe go under because the left has their own favorites and won’t trust FOX. Maybe they can take Al Gore on board as a consultant to profitability. And look what happened to Drudge as he turned against President Trump. His web traffic is way down.

  28. Koch has been moving steadily to the Left and is more Blue than Red now. Likely because it’s more ‘profitable’ to be so when you want Congressional favors….

  29. You call him a major conservative he a rino that’s more democratic not any republican in him he saids stuff hoping people notice him he sure can’t get elected for anything he more like a idiot when Trump was running from some of the stuff he was saying and doing

  30. Does the fact that Koch is backing Biden surprise anyone? Wants that big $$ coming from China==doesn’t give a crap about US citizens!

  31. WELL look-ie here? OLD MAN KOCH IS BLOVIATING under the Conservative Banner of which ” HE IS NO CONSERVATIVE, PERIOD”! TO THE PARTY HERE, kick his BUTT under the ” TRAIN ” as we do not need him nor his “ILL GAINED SCRATCH ” stolen from the FOLKS over the years!


  33. Tell Charles Koch to go pound sand. Another billionaire who thinks his money makes him smart. It doesn’t. All his billions have done is make him arrogant.

  34. Just because they claim to be conservative doesn’t mean they are. A conservative would never back a communist especially without seeing all the proof.

  35. koch has been an anti-trump POS right from the beginning. You wonder why this country is FUBAR — a supposed conservative group wanting the biggest fraud election in our history certified for a criminal and a hooker. It doesn’t get any lower — koch just may have sunk as low as the demoSCUM trash he wants to put in the White House.

  36. The true conservative Americans who support Trump should refuse to pay taxes if these corrupt lunatics on the left and RINO’s try to push senile Biden on the country. I don’t want to be a part of any America that thinks it’s okay to sell this country out to China, and have us ruled by the CCP. We need to send all of these sellouts, like Koch and the rest of the RINO’s and Demon Rats over to China. America would be better off.

  37. Of course the Chamber of Commerce would support Biden. It is a liberal – very liberal
    organization and has been for years.

  38. No one asked Old Kroch for his shameful opinion. If he is in love with China Joe so much, send him a Valentines. Wasn’t he on Epstein’s Island. Zip your lips Koch.

  39. Most real hard working Americans don’t really care what Koch thinks. The people that represent us shouldn’t either.

  40. What’s F-ing conservative about this group? Time to change our definition of what conservativism truly represents. Tell them to F off until they begin to understand they don’t represent us.

  41. the Koch Brothers never liked TRUMP and if I remember correctly they both voted for Clinton, the one brother is now dead but they are in the Elite class and Biden tearing up the country won’t really affect the Koch company anyway so he doesn’t care about hurting the average citizen that has to work for a living.


  43. Bye Bye Americans for Prosperity. A very corrupt and evil group. I will no longer support you in the future.

  44. Just when we thought we knew all the anti American , traitors, more come out of the woodwork.I am stunned at the amount of corruption and evil that is in Washington. We the People have been and still are being betrayed, by the Socialist/Communist party, the media, big business, and judges. Do all of these people think when they finish destroying our country, they won’t be affected? It’s sickening. God help us. Nothing good can come of the Biden, Harris connection.Many of the people Biden is bringing on board, will make this another Obama run fiasco, just like the 8 years preceding President Trump.

  45. If for some reason the Presidency ends up with Donald Trump winning he will know who can can trust and depend on in the future. These back stabbers need to be run out of office.

  46. Anyone that sides with biden are no conservatives they are frauds pretending to be. They want China like others do go to China. Take your traitor butt and go to China. Tired of these people calling themselves conservatives when they are not. Seems everyone here has turned their backs on this country that made them.

  47. Kock billionaires r followers, their money is what makes these people evil. U cannot by people, at least moral people. Now democraps being immoral is baby killing, pedophilia, thieving, and murder. That’s how evil money is. Those rich ho’s r devil deciples

  48. How can any Conservative with any honest consciousness want Biden to become President or even worse, Harris to become President when Biden is forced to resign?

  49. It’s a travesty to call these turdheads conservatives. No real conservative would ever support a corrupt socialist. They do that because they’re scared shitless of Trump fighting the corruption in DC.


  51. The bottom line for these people is just that. The bottom line. They want the stock market to continue padding their wallets. They’re concerned I’m sure that unrest would hamper their businesses.

  52. Koch Brothers and the RINOs are in it for the $$$. They don’t care about the people! They are traitors and part of the Deep Swamp. A pox on them!

  53. Trump is the ONLY one I feel I can trust. Too many have flipped on him to trust anyone in the swamp! If the dems get their way the republic will be lost. How it could be regained peacefully if that actually happens is very unlikely to say the least.

  54. My husband was always told it was his duty to vote, so on election day he would go into the booth and slide the curtain closed and as write in Gumby for President. He always said I am not going to vote for crooks, liars and thieves. So, when Trump was a candidate my husband was so happy to be voting for the 1st time for a president and he voted for Trump in 2016 and for me I left the democrat party to vote for Trump and will never vote for another democrat again.

  55. Trump will win soon! He was actually cheated from the election, But we know for sure now that there was massive fraud. There is a lot of proof of that today!

  56. Koch brothers are hardly conservatives. They are very moderate. It’s in the “who cares” bucket. The US Chamber of Commerce has morphed into a bunch of elitist country club types. We can see Trump built the greatest economy on earth and if Biden gets in there it will all come crashing down…how about that awesome 1% annual GDP under Obama ? They will usher in the “Green New Deal” and it will crush the economy. Then people will have to vote for a sane adult again.

  57. Screw democracy and honest elections…uncertainty hurts the stock market. Recognize the results of a STOLEN election and let us go back to making money! The truth about the Koch brothers “conservatism” comes out

  58. You read things every day…Some of what one reads is probably somewhat true and some is total bullshit….I myself read both sides and try to make an INTELLIGENT DECISION either way. So far that has been a very DIFFICULT TASK because NO ONE really believes that the democrats that are trying to get TOTAL control are all Full of Shit…They do not have the American People in mind when they say they do. That Being Said I really do believe that President Donald Trump has had the American People in the FRONT from the time he took office till the time that they TOOK the election away from him and the American People….Folks….For the Love of God and Country Wake Up and Get your Heads Out of Your Asses and REALLY LISTEN to what these I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT THE PEOPLE dEMOCRATS ARE SAYING…..

  59. Koch is a traitor and is one of many that dwell in the swamp. If he truly is a Conservative then why would he back another traitor like Biden whose is beholden to the Chi Coms?

  60. Koch Bros are scumbag elites. Banked them in oil/gas days back in the 80s.
    Ruthless negotiators always separated as savvy dealmakers. Whereby Trump was nasty, cut-throat, and unfair…guess what? BS! Trump was a real gentleman. Banked him too at a UK bank.

  61. It has been a LONG time since Koch could be deemed as “right of center”!!! These people can’t do anything honestly!!! No wonder their ratings are going into the toilet – where they belong!!!

  62. Maybe the conservatives figure the socialist movement at about 100 years old needs to be conserved? Although it has NEVER been warmly received in the US until Pewlousy and company started catering to the illegals and malcontent negros!

  63. koch,Rhino Republicans & VP, Democrapians were given 30 pieces of silver for their betrayal of the American people. they’re truly great people.

  64. The American patriots need to go to the Koch’s houses and burn them down. I am talking about the whole blood line. They are no different than the Soros’. To take back our country, the Koch’s all need to go. They are corrupt.

  65. Koch just made several billion $ off of this deal. Democrats hated the Koch brothers for years. Why do you think Koch now has a love fest for Socialism? The rich get richer in Socialism and the poor will carry their water.

    I am going to love watching this unfold.

  66. Koch like all the rich back biden because they want cheap labor…they will sell their country out for money..its all about greed and power to them


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