Trump Makes Promise After Congress Makes Certification Decision

Senate Democrats / CC BY (

Congress has officially voted to certify the electoral college vote making Joe Biden president-elect. Biden will be the 46th president of the United States.

The certification was President Trump’s last chance to challenge the legitimacy of the election results from November 3rd.

The certification came in the early hours of January 7th, once Congress reconvened after being evacuated following protesters breaching the Capitol.

According to CNBC:

Congress confirmed the election of Joe Biden as president early Thursday, a day after a mob invaded the U.S. Capitol in a chaotic effort to avoid having President Donald Trump be formally recognized as the loser in the race.

The affirmation came after the House and Senate overwhelmingly rejected efforts by some Republicans to object to the acceptance of Electoral College wins for Biden in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Vice President Mike Pence read off the tallies at around 3:40 a.m. ET after lawmakers applauded the result. He gaveled the session closed at about 3:44 a.m.

Minutes later, Trump said in a tweet through a surrogate that he was willing to allow an “orderly transition” on January 20th.” But he added that “it’s only the beginning of our fight.” The tweet was sent by deputy chief of staff for communications Dan Scavino. Trump’s Twitter account was temporarily frozen because of his continued false claims about the results of the election.

President Trump has promised an orderly transition but also promised to fight to prove election fraud and to work to make our system better and fairer.

CNBC also reported on the transition:

President Donald Trump is now promising an “orderly transition” of power, tweeting through a surrogate early Thursday minutes after Congress formally confirmed the election of Joe Biden as president following an hourslong takeover of the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters.

A statement from the president on Twitter via deputy chief of staff for communications Dan Scavino repeated baseless claims of widespread voter fraud, but included the reversal.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”

Following the initial chaos President Trump released a plea to his supporters to be peaceful and to go home.

      1. Impeach 46 AND 47!!! Biden will be easy! The China connections will do him in! 47 will show her incompetence in time!!

        The next four years will be very tumultuous!!!

        Memories are long and bitter!! Neither Biden or Harris WILL EVER be my president!!

          1. they have had this planned since before OUR President Trump was sworn in,, in fact this take over of America began right after WWII

          2. You have to fight fire with bigger fire at this point because the left will never ever play fair. Revolution to follow………………

          3. NO, actually that’s when the brainwashing and “dumbing down” of the population began by the “elites”.

          4. Biden bragged about the FRAUD … here are his exact words :

             “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
            – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

          5. This man will never be my president he will be in the bunker in the basement for the endurance of the first part of his term when they will see him as unfit to hold office but they knew this along time ago. This is when old lad lady Harris will become a President which will be a disaster. This when we the people need to go in an impeach the bitch. She is very bad for this country. I will get banned for saying this since our freedom of speech is no longer allowed any where. God Bless our great nation and I pray every min of the day God will stop all of this treasonous BS that has been going on in the Democratic party

          6. All too many people saw, read, and heard what the DNC controlled Pravda wanted them to see.

          7. No biden didnt I watched there was definitely fraud votes switched in a twinkling g of an eye thousands of vote went from Trump to biden Fraud

          8. Never they are too dumbed down. Just keep faith in the LORD he is all we have left at this point and stand your ground against all tyrants foreign and domestic. Don’t ever give up your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OR FREEDOMS as this corrupt government didn’t give them to us GOD ALMIGHTY DID. And that no one can ever take from us.

          9. Its going to take more than faith in the Lord to get us thru this mess. We will never have the ballot box again to elect another republican president. Now it will be up to us with the bullet box to set things right. We can’t sit back on our butts and expect things to straighten up. But it won’t happen, we have to make it happen.

          10. Sadly, the republican party has become almost as corrupt as the dems–we have weak and treasonous career politicians who only care about lining their own pockets instead of the good of the country. The reason most politicians hate–and I mean HATE–Trump so much is because he’s on to them, can’t be paid off, and is actually trying to EXPOSE their corruption. (Notice they didn’t hate him before he became President.)
            Looking for a third party of Patriots to emerge…God help us all!

          1. Sort of like the first airplane being built by the Wright brothers. China could not build an airplane because it was being done by the Wong Brothers.

        1. The Biden Crime Families connections with China and the Ukraine and the Democratic socialist party will do in the Republic . If America can withstand the criminal onslaught by the Democratic socialist party, the billions paid by George soros to fund that onslaught and the embarrassing reign of the Biden /Harris regime for the next four years we might survive but judging from the cave in by our wuss congressmen and women, I doubt it.

          1. Civil war is looking more likely at this time. An illegal communist takeover must be thwarted.

          2. Its coming. Not if, but when. That when will be when they start attacking Trump supporters, like the Nazi Brown shirts did in Germany. We got a taste of it when Antifa/BLM attacked and burned several cities in liberal controlled cities this past summer, remember? Did it stop after the election? No, its just the media stopped covering it. I hope you and your family are prepared, because there is going to be a s**tstorm a coming.

          3. I forgot to add, get a ham radio license and radio set up so you can get news of what they, the commies, are doing across the U.S. I fear they plan to shut down all form of communications. Ham radio is one thing they have no control over.

          4. There is still an alternative………………if those of us who abhore the election fraud go on strike.

          5. Sadly it isn’t just the corrupt dcraps who’ve sold out America. The entire congress, including gutless Republicans, voted to certify knowing it was a totally corrupt, stolen election. They will knowingly put in office an illegitimate administration. This is treason at the highest levels of government! NEVER UNIFY! Liberty or death!

          6. Well there al, by your reckoning, you seem to believe that biden received the majority of American votes. That must mean there’s more dems than Republicans. If that’s true then you are calling all the dems scum. You might be onto something there.

          7. Hess you got your in your a$$$$$ your so brainwash your pathetic. Have asked anybody who live in social country no because your braindead

          8. Biden was handed the election on a platter of FRAUD … He won NOTHING !

            President TRUMP WON THE ELECTION !

          1. Then the Socialist Democrats will have corrupted the voting system for the next generation and the Republic and will become just a memory to be forgotten like our great history..A generations of Marxist education and we won’t even recognize our children. Three generations of gender the disqualification Nancy Palosi is planning to force into our bills presented to congress and we wont even know what we are.

          1. Evidence of that truth is already coming out, but of course, the MSM will censure and ignore it.

          2. No, FOX has gone to the dark side. You won’t get the truth from the TV news talking head anymore. However, get a ham radio license and radio set up so you can get news of what they, the commies, are doing across the U.S.

        2. Pence was the insider the establishment chose to eventually bring Trump down. Keep them informed too what Trumps next move would have been. William Burr did the same but is couq. Failed. China bought the U S A for 3 million and got a reward card the Biden crime family. And both houses. A K- Mart blue light special

        3. Are you kidding? Do you really believe that after lieden is inaugurated the whole China investigation into his criminal family won’t be covered up? Agree 100% on impeach 46 & 47!

        4. You are spot on!!! he will be easy he will trip and droll on himself get those baby wipes out!! Harris will catch up with herself!! I cannot believe this is happening to our great United States it will be a long four years but a close 2022, will take them out!!!

        1. Betty I have been a Republican all my life. It is time however for the 71+ million constitutional patriots that voted for Trump to start a completely new Constitutional Party and financially support and volunteer as campaign workers for chosen candidates of this new party. If we all would organize and stand behind the candidates of this new party we could let the Establishment Republican leadership go to hell.
          As we go forward I will no longer be contributing to the Republican Party with either my time or money. I especially will not give money to the RNC (Republican National Committee) who only provides financial support to their hand picked RHINO candidates.
          It is my hope that the very few patriot federal congressional members that currently exist in the Republican Party will leave that party and join the new one.
          It is my belief that this is the only way to extricate and isolate the Establishment Republicans; who will then be left to 100% finance their hand picked RHINO candidates or else let their party die a financially painful death.

          1. Very good thoughts! I feel that a revolution is in order before your good ideas could ever go forward.

          2. I have the name of the new party that should establish itself as a party of patriots for the constitution of we the people , for the people, by the people , it’s called THE CONSTITUTIONAL FEDERDERALIST REPUBLIC Party , I’ve coined it and only those who uphold the constitution to its original intent founded by the framers of the constitution can join and be in it , if they swear a solemn oath to up hold it to the highest standards of our God given rights to life liberty and the persuit of happiness , then they can be a part for and within the party … please let’s Start a party that is truely a servant of the people and not the people being subjected slaves to the current party’s that have drained the blood out of all of us true Americans and left us in the dust of there disasterous deeds founded on greed power and deception perpetuated upon the American people who stand for fairness of wat is right and good for we the people of the United States of America 🇺🇸 So help us God

        2. Except that free and fair elections are a thing of the past now that our gutless, corrupt gubmint didn’t stand up to this theft.

        3. Same here–done with what used to be the Democrat Party. I voted Republican for POTUS the 1st time ever in 2016 and from then on will be doing the same as Betty!

      2. Don’t be fooled my yezterday. Dems, Antics and other mobs descended on the Capital. This was planned out, orchestrated take over.Trump supporters were not the people . Keep your trust in Trump.

        1. Yes, but the Media and the Democrats have already cast all the blame on Trump and his supporters. They will soon add more states, more Democrats to override the Republicans. The Republicans, including yellow belly Pence, sold us down the river.

      3. You need a majority vote in the House to impeach him. If you can regain the House in the mid terms you might be able to do it. Don’t expect any help whatsoever from the already compromised FBI and Justice departments. If they wouldn’t do their duty under Trump they will never do it under Biden. We’re headed right back to the Obama days only 10 times worse. They will target every last person that supported the only real President we’ve had in a couple of decades of political compromise morphing into outright treason of today. These people are pure evil and vindictive as Satan himself.

        1. The midterms will be as rigged and crooked as the presidential was. Republican wuss members, never Trumpers and Romney types will make it impossible for Republicans to ever take a credible stand. They must be purged from the party and the heroes allowed to be heard. God bless Mo Brooks. .

          1. Too late. The dems have already proven they can cheat and get away with it. They aren’t going to stop at this point, but rather carry on from now on.

        2. Thing is, we won’t be able to regain anything when all future elections are rigged. Revolution, sorry to say, will be the only way to set things right.

      4. you never do what he has done nor any of your demo friends. jealousy is a big part of this highly successfull man in life. not a crook does not take bribes from lobbists like 95% of them do. life timer politicians. trump turned 40 million into 4 billion. 99.9 perc of us cant do.

      5. I agree with you 1,000 percent. I will be putting my postage stamps of the US FLAG UPSIDE DOWN on each mailing I send to show that the Democrats and especially Biden will turn this great country upside down!!!!

      6. will never call any of these tyrants my representatives. That includes all the pansy ass Republicans. Who wouldn’t even stand for our great President Donald J. Trump. It was sure an honor to have that man as our President and to bad the demonrats lied and cheated us out of 4 more years. The thing that kills me is they have all kinds of proof but yet no one does anything time to vote out all tyrants here in America. Once and for all and get petitions to have these tyrants voted out of office once and for all. Term limits for all people in congress to 2 yrs only then they need to go get a job. No more wasting money to enrich these criminals. Done with all of them don’t like a one they are all traitors to our great nation.

      7. He’s not my President either!! Beijing Biden!! Impeachment should start immediately his whole treasonous family and give the money back to the American People!!!

        Trump 2024!!!

        1. He’ll be dead by pneumonia/corona/slipped-on-a-banana-peel within 6 months. Kamala is salivating. She won’t be able to wait.

          1. In one of her appearances she already has stated it’s the Harris administration – what else would you expect from the whore?

          2. Harris was always the dcrap choice but was so unpopular they had to put in lyin biden to cover it up.

        2. I don’t like Biden at all, for anything, but wish him good health only because I don’t want some one worse to be president, namely Super Socialist Harris.

          1. biden is only a puppet figurehead. They’ll prop him up in the Oval Office for a short time, wipe the drool from his chin, and then remove him, and put in their real choice- Marxist Harris! Coup complete!
            wake up patriots, the fight has commenced!

        3. Apparently Biden (or someone) learned at least one lesson from Obama. It was said that Biden was Obama’s insurance policy against assassination because no one in their right mind would want Biden to become President. Now Harris is Biden’s insurance policy against removal from office because no one in their right mind would want Harris to become President. Things just keep getting worse for the nation and the American people.

        4. China Joe, head of the Biden crime family, pushed into office by a rigged election will never be accepted by more than half the Republic as the legitimate president. The Biden’s are holding their breath till Joe is sworn in. You can’t indict a sitting president and the whole Biden family corruption will disappear. An American disgrace swept under the rug with the Clinton scandals.

    1. President Donald J Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide and anyone with a brain knows it . You can’t win an election by stealing it ! Or Can you ?

      1. They did. Now real disaster is headed our way. The globalist hard Marxist Left is about to have its way. Hopefully they will go too far and the voting public will become so incensed that they out vote the voter fraud. Trump is right unless voter fraud is dealt with no legitimate candidate has a chance to be elected.

    2. My comment just above your’s just got censored…there are forces in this country that want to do away with free speech…this web site is one of them.

    3. How? They control the Congress, the Senate, the Oval Office, the News Media, Big Tech, and the Chinese are calling the shots. We have no say so in anything. The Judges have all been bought with only Alito and Thomas holding out. God is the only recourse and thjus far he has remained silent. But for how long? We shall see!

    4. Not only impeach, but these traitors should be hanged for treason! Our country is done. We will never have another election that isn’t rigged by vote fraud, and only the demonrats will win. This is a very sad day in our history. Welcome to communist US. Biden or Harris will NEVER be my president!

    5. Biden will be taken out either under the 25th Amendment (likely) or his own comrades will suddenly find that the mounting evidence of his, and his son’s, criminal enterprise with China is just too ‘much to ignore’ (more likely). This will happen when, and if, Biden shows any resistance at all to implementing extreme Leftist’s policies eg Gun control, Green New Deal, higher taxes, more regulations, destroy the petroleum industry etc. We will be see President Harris before the end of 2020.

    6. How dare you call for the impeachment of a DEMOCRAT president before he has even taken office!

      OH WAIT, didn’t Democrat politicians do that with President-elect Trump in 2016 and even candidate Trump? But that was OK as we Republicans, conservatives, and Libertarians are Deplorables.

  1. He has always said that, and he is a person of his word. And we will all continue to fight for fair elections.

    1. Fair elections? With the liars, cheaters, stealers of the Dim Wits now in charge via the Venezuela cheating machines of that countries Tyrant for life that will never be possible in this nation without a civil war! and if we wait long enough for them to confiscate our first and second amendment right and negate the constitution it will never happen. History in China, Russia, Venezuela, and all the rest of the communist countries has proved the take over is swift to happen and then the camps begin. Old Nanc and the rest are already talking camps for homeless, the infected, etc.. But this is what happens if you give your rights to the government anywhere especially in these times. Banana Republic, we are obviously there. Right now a contagion that kills around 1% infected has given the tyrant dim wit leaders the excuse to lock down their states and soon the weak GOP leaders will cave to the same. And so it begins.

      The nation will soon learn FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

      1. That’s why the quick rush to impose the 25th amendment. They want President Trump out before he starts declassifying the long held secrets of the Illuminati that are one’s REALLY in control. I say declassify ALL and NOW!!

    1. why do you dislike him Martin? do you even have a reason? other than being conditioned to by the dnc media? despite his personality/mannerisms, he is an American loving patriot who had a fantastic 3 year term, then spent the 4th fighting covid and the dnc’s coordinated attack on our economy. they fought him and his efforts to get unemployed American’s money to ease their plight,,which the dnc created purposely.

  2. I refuse to bow to the Spossiblyocialists and Communists.
    I vow to destroy every one I possibly can, by whatever means necessary, before I die.
    I will honor my pledge to defend this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    Apparently, millions of others have decided to dishonor their solemn oath.

    1. I will do my best, but I’m not playing my hand on the web. Boycotts are a good place to start. Move your dollars away from any company or entity that supported Biden. Look
      to buying necessities from the local small businesses that are left. If the management of a
      big box store caves to the LEFT do not buy from them. Businesses even the big insular ones need customers. The Fox network has suffered because of their move Left. Make them all suffer. Organize check out the AFA for a start. They deal with religious discrimination and there is nothing the LEFT loves more than that kind of discrimination!

  3. I am abandoning the Republican party just like they abandoned American voters. Going back to being a no political party preference. It seems both parties are corrupt.

      1. COWARDS and The Pusillanimous abound on both sides of the coin. Their wallet is their first allegiance. Seems like Satan, Soros and Epstein have taken away any love for their posterity. There probably isn’t enough rope in America for the traitors of Congress.

    1. I became Non-Affiliated in FL yesterday. I don’t think it will even be worth voting anymore really. I really don’t believe those were patriots causing all of the trouble at the Capitol yesterday either. They acted like Antifa and looked like them too. Some of them seemed to look like the ones I have seen pictures of in the places Antifa destroyed. They just wore clothing and carried flags making it seem that they were Trump supporters. I just really fear for our future with these rattlesnakes in office. I just keep thinking of how these “Republicans” in the Senate were pro-Trump and how they turned on him at the Electoral Vote Counting. So sad! And Kelly Loffeler even voted not to overturn the electoral votes.

      1. I saw a video today, a guy with his phone camera caught two busses being escorted in by black SUV’s yesterday mid-morning. They were adjusting their Trump outfits as they were unloading the buses.

    2. We need to become the New Republican party. More ruthless like the democratic party but not as ruthless. The Democrats are smart, they would never allow members like the never Trumpers, the Romney.s and hangers on who just want to play at politics and not seriously legislate and who don’t place the stewardship of the country above their own ambitions. RINO’s who constantly embarrass the party by airing greivences like dirty laundry instead of private discourse, solved quietly. Democrats are smart, if you don’t do it their way you ship out and they don’t waste time. That’s the only page we would want to take out of their playbook. As for the morals of the democratic party, no, we will never emulate the killing of babies in the womb, open borders, illegal immigration, sex trafficking, defunding of law enforcement, destruction of our history or education system.or removal of gender identification in the printing of our laws. ,

    3. I agree and am doing the same. They betrayed President Trump and they betray each other. It seems like they are not united. All these judges that he appointed would not look at the evidence saying there is no evidence. President Trump was right when he said this is how communism starts. The gestapo, What is your name, Joey answers the man, Liar, liar liar as the gestapo beats him into submission.

  4. Were they Trump supporters? If so why would one man have a” hammer and sickle “ tattooed on his hand? Why was the guy with the horn helmet at the AZ protests in June? Look at other sources!

    1. Excellent questions. Think your going to get an answer from the dems ? Doesn’t fit there agenda so you will just get silence..

      1. The truth about what really happened at the Capital will come out slowly. There were arrests made and a lot of pictures were taken both by mug shots and cellphone cameras. There was a rumor of familiar faces from previous pictures and mug shots and riots never attended by republicans but that will have to be verified. There was more to the Capitol destruction than we know now. Yes, some did follow the leader, a very few considering there were thousands in attendance and non were carrying clubs,fire arms or molitive cocktails. The Dem’s think now that the rigged election has been relegated into history the Republicans are going to be cowed into submission and re-education classes. Ever tried herding cats?

    2. I would put it past them to have been staged by the Democratic Party , the same ones who funded all this fraud

  5. Dear Mr President,
    Please insure that Biddie Biden will get the same treatment you got from him as you transitioned into the Whitehouse. Launch investigations, appoint special counsels, accuse Biden and Kamala Harris of weird sex acts, sue Biden”s family, make life miserable for Biden”s friends, you know, the way they treated you. It was all fair and square when they did it, so why not?

    1. You can’t indict a sitting president so the Biden Crime Families money laundering and million dollar shopping spree gift from China, Hunters drug and sex problems and Joe’s plagiarizing career and percentage of the grift from China and Ukraine will disappear never to be spoken of again.

  6. This article is deceitful! I am completely convinced that BLM and Antifa were in costume wearing Trump gear, and were the ones who committed the violence and rioting as they always do. They did that yesterday and of course, President Trump and his supporters (me for one) are blamed falsely. Pelosi and Schumer probably paid the Leftist-rioters to do it. Biden or Harris will NEVER be my President! TRUMP 2024!

    1. Even CBS admitted that people spotted in the mob were seen at BLM/Antifa violent protests. A brief moment of truth from a corrupt network, perhaps?

    2. Yes! I so agree, funny how it happened right before the vote and of course the vote was for Biden! This was a disgraceful treatment of a great president the last four years and continues to be ! I have lost my confidence to vote and have it count, this was a sham election and it is so hurtful to us! The blind justice has never been more apparent than it is now! Despite the numerous surmountable obstacles Trump was victorious! I admire and respect him now more than ever! I thank him for his fighting spirit, integrity and tenacity! He is truly the only president to make America great again!

      1. Voting is a constitutional right. We must not give in to the criminals who are trying to take away our righteousness. They will be held accountable for their actions.

  7. PENCE IS A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!
    OUR RINO, anti Trumper leaders ALLOWED the burning , killing, murdered by the ANTIFA and that BLM as innocent?
    The list of who voted on the lies…KNOWINGLY the votes were stolen
    the halls of the Capitol, the blood of the American who was shot cowardly has stained the Land
    HER DEATH will not be in VAIN!!!!!!
    those who think we are dumb servants of the USA have another coming
    This is ONLY the beginning, the SHOT fired is HEARD around the world!!!
    PENCE is a marked man as others will be by the people
    HE FAIL US—- as the rest did
    (how much money was he paid$$$$?????)

    if Tuckers home can be harassed, wondering what our representatives now will be going through after the STOLEN ELECTION?
    How will the Taxpayers feel?
    We will be bled to death by TAXES a now….
    let the boycott begin by refusing to pay our taxes
    The RINOs, DemonRat get their money outside of USA
    Let them suck on that spare change
    NO MORE TAXES!!!!!
    no representation…..

    1. Just sems like the CHAMBERS of Commerce around this nation are going to have to change/be changed as Chinese ownership of many of our assets is ‘steamrolling”. I regret having shopped at WALMART for years now. As a people we can Not tolerate doing business with a nation that imprisons and executes christians and Uyghars and has virtual slave labor to “run it’s commercial engine”. Yes, Congres’s decision yesterday is CRIMINAL beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  8. So, Let the impeachment begin. He really is on the payroll of China and Russia – but the socialist party is proud to accept their contributions and support the socialists agenda. Russia, China, Iran… are all salivating over it.

    Well played, comrades. When does the destruction of America really begin? Looking forward to watching it from afar. Enjoy yourselves.

    1. Sadly only the House can impeach. And now all 3 prongs of the pitchfork (House, Senate and President / VP) are controlled by the Demon-rats. And we all know who the Demons serve. 🙁

    1. And she is also ineligible to be V.P or Potus. She was born of foreign parents at the time of her birth. Her mother was a citizen of India and her father was a citizen of Jamaica. Under the U.S. Constitution she is ineligible!

  9. The US Congress may consider Joe Biden and Anchor Baby Kamala legal sitting US President and VP but the US Constitution and We The People don’t . Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution says as one of it’s provision anyone running for and obtaining the office of US President or VP must be a Natural Born US Citizen IE born to a mother and a father who are both US Citizen at the time of the candidates birth ! Joe Biden may be NBC but Kamala Harris is NOT because she was born to a mother and a father who were both FOREIGN NATIONALS when Kamala Harris was born in California 1964. Bottom Line the US Congress is STILL IGNORING US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SINCE JANUARY 2009 !

  10. impeach 46 is right i will no longer be a rep. they are punks and will not fight for our pres.our country or us i will be an indepent let the crooks in d c fu-ck us some more d c is all commies now give more of our money away that we don t have so they get there kickbacks thats how the get so rich so fast

  11. President Trump isn’t going anywhere. Yesterday’s activities at the Capitol were driven by a pre planned hit by Antifa and the Capitol police. If you can’t see it, then too bad. The President delivered an address behind bulletproof glass, which tells you he had death threats which may have been carried out by the bad guys yesterday as well. The Georgia run offs were as corrupt as the Presidential election; the same people were once again involved, only this time, the good guys found out the source of the problem- a system run by the Vatican of all places, and which Obama was involved to overthrow the election results in both races. This news will come out shortly. This is treason at its highest and now Trump knows who the enemies are, because most of them have turned right in front of our eyes as of yesterday during the count in Congress; among those are Pence, O’Connell and Graham. The next two weeks running up to Jan 20 will prove very interesting. It is always darkest before the dawn.

      1. Was it too late for the Israelites when they got to the Red Sea? Did God not make a way of escape where there seemed to be no way? Man can not take God’s glory. When this is finished the American people will know that God wants Donald Trump to lead us away from the evil that is going on in America. It is never too late forGod!!!!

  12. Look at all the smiling RHINO faces. They certified a Criminal and gave our Country away without a fight. Impeach 46!

    1. They did so because they are a member of the swamp and are only looking out for whats best for them. I have really come to realize you just need to follow the money when you see the positions these swampers take. I think Donald Trumps best efforts to clean up the swamp at this point would be to join the fight and perhaps head the fight to enact term limits on the House and Senate. I have heard that argument that we should use elections to limit terms but we have seen that doesn’t work. Also we need to cut benefits for these Reps and Senators, no health insurance for life, no pensions, and no lavish expense accounts, just a base salary for a job job thats meant to be a service to your country and not a lifetime career.

  13. This whole thing, breaching of the Capitol building, was a TRAP for Trump supporters who followed the antifa gang into the building, some of the Trump supporters were RILED UP by these THUGS to cause MAYHEM inside…..Remember they, these commiedemocRATS are SNAKES = NOT to be trusted in any shape or form….They even left a side door OPEN so they had EASY access into the building…..Trump crowds are ALWAYS big, mix in some of their RIOTERS and you get a EXPLOSIVE situation, and to top it all off, one had to die, one that really looked like a Trump supporter…..The mayor of DC was instructed not to have PROPER security all around the building = so it was a TRAP…..!!!!

  14. Mike Pence is a chicken shit bastard and didn’t do his job. The Trump supporters didn’t do that Anteifa did it Trump Train get it right. A buss lode slipped in. President Trump needs a new Vice President next go around. As for the Republicans that turned there backs on President Trump and the people will not get reelected. They have been a bunch of back stabbers and chickens.

    1. I heard only Republicans computers were stolen? If that is true why would Trump supporters want Republican hard drives? Wouldn’t they have taken Demonrats? At least too.

  15. Other than the fact that this was a communist coup , planned and carried out by the socialist party with the aid of Antifa infiltrators to scare the crap out of the few lawmakers willing to fight (they succeeded) and they illegally approved fraudulent documents making everyone who voted for accepting that farce a criminal accomplice, and the fact that there will never be another clean election ( they still have the Hammer and Scorecard in the U.S. and have added one in China and another in England to “fix”any problems with the vote), and that we are now officially a communist country with the comrades controlling Executive, legislative and judicial branches until the economy collapses from the tax burden and the inflation of currency, we can now blissfully continue our slide into oblivion.

  16. The biggest fraud in history is the basement dweller who just sat and waited to be announced he won. Cheating Trump out of this was the goal of every hater, no matter the evidence. John Roberts and another judge said that they would make sure Trump has only one term. Piles of proof of fraud an nobody would listen.

  17. The U.S. government led a free people to survive armed warfare waged by King George in the War of 1812. Our government led eradication of slavery in a civil war, the bloodiest of all, in 1865. Then in 1898, the splendid little Spanish American War freed the Philippines and Cuba. World War One 1918. World War Two 1945. Vietnam 1976.

    Most of us know the rest. But as Khrushchev promised, we lost the internal war to the democrat party. No intelligent American will ever trust its government again. Over the next four years, we’ll suffer with incompetent leadership and become ripe for harvest by our known enemies. The GOP rests on a fulcrum of destruction or irrelevance.

  18. Before Trump leaves, declassify ALL and NOW!! Let’s pull the curtain back to see who’s REALLY in charge of OZ!!!

  19. What ever happened to that woman who made the sexual assault allegation against the ‘Big Guy’ Pedo Joe last year, was she silenced by a demo goon squad like Epstein was silenced permanently.

  20. 46 ….He will never be my president. And it shocks me how the enemies accuse our president of not wanting to let go, yet , they don’t mention Obama the antiamerican traitor and real illegitimate president too, never goes away. And he won’t until America is completely destroyed and every family is tragically effected. This stolen presidency is the open door to China takeover and communism inflicted on all of us.

  21. He said an orderly transition. He did not say orderly transition of POWER. He plans on staying right where he is. Watch out for the next 2 weeks. All hell is about to break loose!

  22. President Trump has 13 days, to assembly a special council whether it be Federal or private to Investigate Hunter Biden and Joe’s connection to all of the corruption they were part of.
    There must be something that can be done after all those S.O.B.’s rode Donald Trumps back for his entire first term. Fair is fair Right? Make his first and hopefully last term as miserable for him as they made it for Donald Trump. Rush Limbaugh offered President Trump to do his radio show a few months back, I think that would be a great opportunity to get out his message.

  23. A Biden win is disappointing but expected. I still firmly believe that there was massive voter fraud organized by the markist democrats. Of course there will be an orderly and peaceful transition of administrations. All that nonsense about President Trump refusing to leave and having to be escorted out is just Lame Stream Media stupidity. I had hoped that the republican party could hang on to a majority in the Senate and be able to block some of the more extreme dangers measures presented by the marxist. But now even that prospect is dismal. I had expected better of the people of Georgia. The next four years look dark for America.

  24. Democracy has just been destroyed in this country…Those to blame are the “deep state” who control the Democrat Party and the liberal Main Stream Media…They also control the FBI…the CIA…the NSA…the DNI and every other US agency such as the BTAF and the DEA…They also control politically everything we as Americans believe is sacrilegious…They are the New World Order…they are the Globalist…they are the Communist working behind the scenes to suck the life blood out of this country…they make us pay for their financial demands…They are the root cause of evil.

  25. Trump Train News is beginning to sound like the main slime news. Much more of this and they will be 1 subscriber less.

  26. Impeach…that’s an interesting thought. With Biden as President, can his term be challenged the same way Trump was challenged? I suspect not since impeachment can only come from the House of Representatives and that House is controlled the the Left wing mob.

    However, should the House turn Right at mid term election, there could be some effort to challenge Biden’s China-Gate and his illegal dealings with Ukraine.

    If the election process in America stays fixed/fraudulent, a GOP anything will never happen again.

  27. America is not the only victim in this OWO socialist grab. But who knew our congress wasn’t any smarter than a third world like Venezuela. Our leaders let us down and caved like tissue paper in a mild wind.

    Herald Tribune, 1/6/2021. CARACAS, Venezuela-Nicholas Maduro was set to extend his grip on power Tuesday as the ruling socialist party prepared to assume the leadership of Venezuela’s congress. The last institution in the country it didn’t already control. Maduro’s allies swept the legislative elections last month boycotted by the opposition and denounced as a sham by the U.S., the European Union and other foreign governments. The vote seemed to relegate into irrelevancy the U.S. backed opposition led by lawmaker Juan Guido.

  28. Cockroaches like VP Pence and the scum bags of CONgress are only active in darkness. From this day forward they should have a bounty on their worthless hides.

  29. Why didnt Trump invoke his 2018 executive order concerning foreign interference in U.S. elections? Maybe he still can. Turns out he only has a few loyal supporters, so he must do it himself. This was iraised by Sidney Powell as an option for President Trump.

    1. How many of you will send a letter to President Trump by ? Here’s mine-DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP: i Think you have the majority of sane, sensible, moral people behind you in this country. We are READY To STAND with You to fight off and imprisons the traitors who are attempting to steal Our Constitutional Republic. We pray for Your,Mrs.Trump’s and Family’s Safety. Should you decide to declare martial law and round up the traitors for incarceration including V.P. Pence , we are with You. GOD Bless You and Yours. RICHARD SANDERS IN sAN ANTONIO

  30. V.P. Pence is an awful asshole! A traitor to half of the American people! He has ZERO future in politics. Go back to Indiana and DIE, bastard!

  31. Trump supporters is not the ones that caused the storm of the Capital. I can’t believe how stupid people are that say there was no cheating of the election. Biden is a old crook and we are in for a bad time if they get in office. I stand with Trump and he is the best ever.

  32. This was a fake election that Republicans and Democrats participated in to remove Trump
    from office. He was making them look bad for sitting on their hands for years and doing nothing. Now with Dimentia Joe running the show, they can go back on vacation.

  33. The fact this is a blatant lie ,China Joe should n3ver have been inaugurated, this is an insult to the American people especially the ones that fought and died for our freedom this is a blantant act to shred the constitution of America and any one that doesn’t know this election was rigged and the acts at congress yesterday were also done by the demrats!!!

    1. They tried to prove it but isn’t it funny the riot happened about that time from the 4 antifa buses that were brought in to do it ,must hurt to be as stupid as you people are!!!!

  34. Remember the words uttered by the Kamel Humper “the Harris administration along with Joe Biden”, it already has plans to eliminate the insane Alzheimer’s afflicted criminal and pervert Biden ASAP. Two of the most disgusting pukes to ever crawl out of a camels behind.

  35. Look at the turtle neck mcconnell in front right next to pelosi. These politicans are all crooks along with the media. The republican party is the bigger loser and it’s dead. They all need to be locked up where they belong. Those people don’t speak for me they are all liars didn’t have what it takes to tell the truth


  37. There is no way I will agree that this was an honest election, but Biden will be the next president. Liberals, you got your way, good luck to you. I still believe there will be a civil war over this, but I’ve not got a crystal ball. No matter what, the country is not going to get better over the next 4 years. There will be no unity, mainly because the dems didn’t’ unite with reps when they lost the white house. When the country is totally ruined, maybe you liberals will see the error of your ways, maybe not. I think no matter who won, there was bound to be a civil war. Now we wait and see just how much damage can be survived. Maybe there just needs to be 50 countries instead of 50 states since we are no longer “united states” anymore. This election just proved that. Government as we know it is gone – the American dream of our founders is gone. RIP USA.

  38. If Biden gets in and none of the evidence of blatant fraud is heard, we will not have a legally elected President, VP, or anyone else in their “administration”. Where do we go from here?

  39. What FALSE claims? Face facts. We have been Slaves Without Chains for many, many years but were too stooped and uninformed to be aware of it, except for a few. Now Trump has exposed the Media for what it is. Public Enemy Number One. Congress has shown that the evil Scum-o-crats have no honest or courageous folks at all. They follow orders from Piglosi and Schumer and the Chinese Connection. The Republican’s as usual chickened out. But some fought all the way t the end but there were not enough of them. The rest showed their true colors, mostly YELLOW and sold Trump and us down the river. Now the Scum-o-crats control both Houses, the Courts, the Oval office, and the News media, as well as Big Tech who are ibn bed with the Chinese and expect to make Billions, perhaps trillions while we become a debtor third rate nation of slaves. Get use to it black boys. You voted for the Liberal Communist, and gave the Senate to the Scum-o-crats, which ensures you, and the white boys as well of being slaves for a long, long time.

  40. The voting fraud was supported with hard evidence worthy of an investigation, particularly as observed by us IT professionals. It was undeniable particularly with scientific factors as proven by Data Integrity Group and physical reports on machine performance capacitiy limits vs processing spikes. The same h/w and s/w used Tues night in the runoff. The courts are corrupt so no hearings would ever happen. That accounts for the brazen actions of all the cheats. The left worked on that plan for decades. I challenge everyone that resists the evil swampers to join in the army we need to prove our case and to RESIST the marxism that has won this battle. The war has just begun. The left via Soros has setup our president so they can execute him. Watch and see. They already are projecting a coup attempt on him which is exactly what they did to him. He is too powerful with the American people so they have to murder him. Our fight now is to keep this honest man alive. I remain a Christian to the end. He fought for us now it is our turn to fight for him. Now lets watch them transition Biden via the legislation Pelosi put in place explicitly to move Harris (the Soros puppet) into office. Biden knew the plan all along. He is complicit in this. The rats will eat each other while our country dies on the vine of their greed. We have to be committed long term in this war. I am 73 retired IT but I plan to donate myself to the cause until I am free again or dead. Btw, I plan to vote from the grave since it is now legal. We need a new party for us disenfranchised Dems, Independents and now Repubs. God help us help ourselves.

  41. Time for the real conservative states to exit this divided union. Whats left will destroy itself in short order.

  42. I see that the majority in this post are all for President Trump and have good reason to be for him. Count me in! I voted in 15 elections, and #45 was the best!

  43. I supposed all of you know by know that an Ex-FBI agent posted that he saw at least 1 busload of ANTIFA arrive in the middle of the peaceful protest. This was espionage at the political level. ALL of this was politically planned. God help us.

  44. First of all the media lies every time that they say this election fraud does not exist or is de-bunked which is Democrat Speak “for I am lying”. It exists and the evidence is everywhere. President Trump has been denied his right of due process, so explain that. As usual, it was not the Trump Supporters who caused the uproar and damage in the Capitol, it was the busload of ANTIFA terrorists, disguised as Trump Supporters. It is on the internet showing photos of them getting ready after they came of the bus as well as a brochure or paper that they needed to go to DC on the Jan. 6, camouflaged as Trump Supporters to cause damage in the capitol. Once again the Democrats have played the Republicans to make it seem like they were the cause. Guess what, It worked and now our country will be able to see the results first hand. I thank GOD that I live in Texas.

  45. If the rules don’t change for any future elections our “Democracy” will not survive. I’ll bet that anyone who dies before the next election will have a democratic ballot with a fake address and no signature dropped of at one of these remote ballot drop off boxes. It won’t have any way to register that it is a legal vote. We should be ashamed of our leaders who apparently are only thinking about how they can benefit from these things.

  46. If you take the time to do the actual math on this election, you will find that this election had the highest turnout in a century of 66.2%, so out of the total of all of the registered voters in The United States of America, 213.8 million, 66.2% of that is 141.5 million, right? Now PRESIDENT TRUMP won 74 million votes which means that Joe Biden won 67.5 million votes for Biden, but Joe Biden claims he won 81 million votes. How can that possibly be true.? What is means, Joe, is that your Democrat Party made up over 13 million fake ballots in your name, and had them illegally counted to make you the winner. So Mr. Biden, you ran on lies, . . and you were “elected on lies!” History will record this as such: The 2020 election will go down as the most corrupt U.S. election in history. Oh, by the way all of these figures have been verified and the election turnout figure was generated by The Washington Post. Enjoy your office as the true King Of Fraud!

  47. This former VP from the most corrupt administration in history whose head was the first person of color to hold that office will only prove that corruption ran deeper than anyone ever imagined. Tie that with his VP pick, another person of color who is just as corrupt and “awoman” boot will finally get what they want, the destruction of a once great Republic. I move fore sessession ASAP for any state that desires it.

    1. President Donald J. Trump always will be and forever my best honest with big heart to us. No comparison and never we will have another President like Donald J. Trump on earth.
      He have been set up and destroyed by heartless people.
      The Trump families are cohesive, elegant and well educated not like others First families in the White House.
      We are always with you Mr. President.

  48. Well I sure hope Trump does NOT attend this1/20/21 fiasco! Let the Dems “RULE” since there’s no point in wasting our energy. I for one will be watching a movie & as little “propaganda news” as possible!

  49. Those were not PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS that breatched the CAPITAL it was ANTIFA AND why was it so easy for them to get in why did the capital police back off and let these thugs in. Wait I know to stop the Republican senators from protesting the electoral votes. The REPUBLICANS TURNED AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT AND WE NEED TO LET THEM KNOW THAT WE DON’T LIKE IT

  50. This is a truly sad day for this great country. Slowly, but surely, we’ve found out over the past several decades, that the people we’ve entrusted with our votes, both progressive socialist Democrats and Republicans simply cannot be trusted to do what is best for the continued success of this country. These people and their minions have shown, especially since Pres. Trump was elected, that they are only interested in increasing their level of power over our lives and enriching themselves. What is truly depressing is the Republican Party’s betrayal of their loyal base. The Republicans held all the cards after the 2016 election. We gave them everything they could’ve wanted. When the votes had been counted, they held the White House, the Senate and the House. They could’ve acted in a bold and courageous manner, but that was beyond them and due to their less than stellar legislative stances and their lack of a backbone, they lost the House after the 2018 mid-term elections. Then, covertly, they set about sabotaging the president at every turn. They supported him when they needed his endorsements to be re-elected; but did very little to reciprocate. They only spoke out about the atrocities being committed by the Democrats if the cameras were rolling and when the cameras shut down, they slithered back to their offices to wait for another good photo-op. Their lack of integrity and honor in regard to their underhanded treatment of their own party’s president, makes them even more despicable than their counterparts across the political aisle and if they, in their arrogance, think this isn’t going to have an effect on their political future, they truly are delusional. I have never aligned myself with either party; but as a conservative, I have usually voted for Republican candidates because they tended to be a little less repulsive than those of the opposition. However, their behavior in the past several years and especially since Nov. 3 has shown me that they no longer deserve my support. So, from now on, when I go to the polls, I’ll be voting for “None of the above.”

  51. I have run out of comments that truly express how I feel. So I’ll revert to the old me F**K BIDEN AND THE REST OF HIS LEFTIST BUNCH OF PU’S AND PR’S


  53. Now is time to make biden’s and kamala’s life at the White House a NIGHTMARE! IMPEACH THEM BOTH!!

  54. Biden bragged about the Fraud back in October … here are his exact words :

     “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  55. It is ONLY ok for the Democraps to have VIOLENT protests and hold them responsible.
    If anybody else has a protest that does not cause as much damage, they are told that t was VIOLENT and totally not accepted. Even thou BLM and Antifa did more damage and DESTRUCTION affecting people that were not even involved, the “violence” of the Capital was supposed to be worse.
    I didn’t see a waste basket burning, much less a dumpster or car.
    I didn’t see all the Spray Paint on EVERYTHING.
    I didn’t see the Looting.
    But it is the worst thing they have seen.
    Tunnel Vision…………………………………………

  56. Sorry, President Lincoln,

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

    But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate—we can not consecrate—we can not hallow—this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

    Sorry, President Lincoln!

  57. Thank you and God bless you President Trump. No one has ever put everyday Americans first or fought so hard and long against the swamp. Thank you for standing up for us and we will stand with you to make sure elections are transparent and honest.

  58. If you haven’t started preparing for what’s coming, you had better start. And you ask, what is coming? Murder, death and destruction is coming in the form of civil war. The commies are demanding blood from Trump and his supporters. This has been going on for over a month now. At first, I thought it was all talk. That is until yesterday. Yesterday changed everything. When they call for blood, its our blood they want. There will be a lot of innocent blood shed, before we realize that they are serious. Then things will get wild. If you want to know what’s going to happen, look at the 1917 Russian revolution or maybe the 1789 French Revolution, then you will know. If you aren’t prepared, you will be caught unaware and then it will be too late. I’m not being an extremist, I’m a voice crying in the wilderness, trying to wake up our freedom loving population. The other side don’t give a rats tail abut your rights or freedom.

  59. Only God can save us now. He will, If we turn to Him. Jews in OT lost wars when they turned away from God; won when they turned & listened to Him. Name calling, wishing for secession, violence will lose it. Prayer & action guided by the Holy Spirit wins. I know. I saw it in action & it worked.

  60. He has not conceded he said he was willimg to a smooth transition if he had to but he has other options ! He has not said the word concede and added he will keep fighting!

  61. Perhaps all the “Not My President” snowflakes should take a page outta their own book and … what was it? Oh, yeah – leave the country!! We won, you lost, get over it.

    And please enjoy watching Trump get prosecuted and jailed. Couldn’t happen to a more worthless person.


  63. # 46 NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!. Unless it is changed back to MY PRESIDENT TrUSAmp. I will never stop believing that the Demon-Rat Sewer Critters Stole the 2020 Election from OUR Beloved President TrUSAmp!!!

  64. When are the Democrats going to be held responsible for their actions, does anybody in Congress have the balls to hold them accountable?


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