Chilling Photos Of Protesters Storming The Capitol

What began as a beautiful patriotic day quickly turned sour. After a beautiful morning at The Ellipse where Donald Trump delivered an empowering speech, protesters made the trek down Pennsylvania Ave. and stormed the Capitol Building around 1:30 P.M. on Wednesday afternoon. 

Allegations surround some of the protesters that they are actually in fact ANTIFA and not Trump supporters after many side-by-side photos circulated of the same people at ANTIFA riots. 

Here are some chilling photos of the event:

  1. Blessed are the peacemakers for thiers is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory,I’m so sorry 😐 my President has to go through this , the political theatre is so corrupt one man can’t change it

      1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. Since globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro transported all you illegal criminal invader voters from your mid east schitt hole and you all came out of your closet you are stuck here because if you return to your mid east schitt hole they will behead you for coming out of your closet .

      2. Notice the guy stealing the podium is staying between the velvet ropes like they were told when they were calmly ushered in? Professional photographers just happened to perfectly positioned for a posed shot. Go find the real pictures, they are out there.

      3. We have an amazing President that has blessed this country in so many different ways and that should be holding his rightful office for the next 4 years.

      4. YOU will be angry as well when inflation, higher taxes and far less freedom encompass the left as well as conservatives. YOU will become sick of your leftist government who has lied to you for 3/4 of a century and never resolved a thing. Just see how angry you are when the new puppet makes the wrong decision, and it becomes evident that the left’s tactics are not what you thought they were gong to be.

        1. Just wait till Joe opens the border to the world’s drug dealers and criminals and raises taxes. I see Brennan is planning on rounding up all 75 million Trump supporters and has said we will be forced to apologize, Kiss his ring and buttocks and go to a re-education camp while they strip us of all wealth.

      5. Albert–are you still at it knocking our wonderful President? I know you prefer that senile walking corrupt corpse for a President.

    1. That’s all they did for four years, they are so afraid of him they must know how many votes he really got!!

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media realized that they couldn’t count enough votes for globalist puppet, chester the molester biden to win so they simply stopped counting and just made up numbers to appoint globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

  2. Amazing how the demorats demand defunding police one month then turn around & complain there’s not enough of them the next. Wish I was there, I would have left a nice pile of what I think of Nancy on her desk!

  3. I hate that this happened. Mostly I hate that a veteran a highly respected person. Whom was clearly not part of this actor party was killed. Especially by the Capital Police. I hope that they prove who was at fault in her demise. I’m sorry that it happened I deeply regret feeling this way. I feel that this was a definite coup gone terribly wrong. By some very pretty terrible people. I hope that they pay for her death.

      1. No one knows yet! People will be identified and arrested for some time to come…….including you if you participated!

        1. Al is still angry that he woke up on christmas morning and caught his husband and his boyfriend opening christmas presents without al .

        2. I was home because I had been exposed to the China virus. There are pictures posted and it has Antifa pic at the White House and at antifa riots. And proof of all involved in the unlawful election. Just keep praying for President Trump and for all truth to come out. Get the word out WE DEMAND THE TRUE VOTE. Call our congressmen n women. tell them to do there job or lose out support then vote for new ones accept the ones behind Trump.

        3. Let them come on my voice will get lowder. I’m not afraid I have God to defend me. This I know because God has before.

        1. From what I just seen they are going to be arrested. There’s a man in Italy that has confess to hacking into our election changing the Trump votes to Biden. We need to be the loud voice demanding a fair investigation in every thing and one that he did this he has been arrested. There’s more proof coming out every hour. Biden will have no party thanks to his China buddies.

          1. china is the least you better worry about, you better worry about globalist puppet, chester the molester biden boss, globalist puppet $oro$ .

          2. Not Italy. While Dominion machines were found in Italy, they were connected to machines in Germany.305th Intelligence battalion, along with German police caught them at it

      2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media made it clear that they won’t be arresting any of their libby snow flake sheep criminals .

    1. Absolutely, the only way the democrats can win is stooping so low snd cheat and bribe with all their corruption and their friends the social media and the fake new and all their cheap corrupt politicians including republicans!!!

      1. globalist puppet barry soetoro sold globalist puppet $oro$ all the voter machines so that globalist puppet $oro$ can manipulate the voter machines and appoint his globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party .

    2. Who beat those Capital Cops to death. They hit them in the head with fire extinguishers. Then there is the Capital cop who shot the 35 year old Airforce veteran and she served 14 years and 4 tours of duty. She was shot through the window at close range.

  4. Thank you for saying us Trump supporters didn’t do it. I hope President Trump knows because he’s never let us down and I’m not going to let him down and he knows it sense he said he was running for President. With what I have been seeing online he has a plan. He better not tell Pence what it is or many more. He’s a very smart man. My prayers are with President Trump and his family.

  5. Where is the photo of Viking men cozying up with Pelosi son in law
    Where is the photo of Antifa man waiving Presiden Trump Flag on steps inside Capitol
    Where is a photo of capital security opening a door for Antifa and BLM warriors. I have them save. One day I send them to Pelosi as a reminder how she laid smock is coming from her rear end and media, dumbbook and twitdick

  6. Pelosi’s life’s blood was stolen….her vodka! She obviously receives it intravenously and has to have it during the day! How pathetic and that explains why she is in a rage and out for blood!
    On a more serious note……..with every new thing I see and hear I am more devastated!
    We must forge a plan and devise a system so this election fraud can never happen agaIn! The first thing that needs to happen is Congress needs a new and full time work week so they will be in D.C. to work and do their jobs as we elected them to do. AND, if they don’t……we need to do a recall vote and put their behinds out of Congress! Congress is out for recess more than they work and how nice they have a three day work week! We have griped and complained among ourselves too long! It is time we get personally acquainted with Congress and tell them what we expect from them…..if they expect to keep their jobs! Republicans are not in a good position but, there may be enough moderate Dems who want to save America and will vote with us. We may have to get Pelosi and Schumer too drunk to resist doing the right things for America and the Ameri an people!

    1. It’s a sad day in this nation when the constitution can be stomped on as it has been. I don’t condone the breaching of the Capital. And I don’t know for a fact that Antifa helped lead the breach. (although I suspect it) but then I didn’t think Our President could be hurrassed as he was for 4 years. And the criminal who set it up and orchestrated it be awarded control of the white house again!!! It is a fact. Documented Fact. Bidin not only knew about it The Clinton “Russian” Douche. But set in on meeting targeting Mike Flin. He knew the hole thing was a hokes. That should be impeachable in its self. And that’s just for starters. He’s on tape bragging about manipulating a foreign Government with tax payers dollars etc…. So if he does get sworn in. Let us start pounding on ever door we can and demanding his removal!!!
      Then we can start on Cami.
      Oh and one last thought if Antifa was not in on the Breach where was the Antifa / BLM counter protesters??? Just asking???

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media need to protect their libby snow flake sheep . . . . .

  7. You need to apply for a permit to peaceful protest, after globalist puppet, democrat criminal party mayors issue a permit they notify globalist puppet $oro$ of the day and time and location of the peaceful protest. globalist puppet $oro$ hires libby snow flake sheep in other democrat criminal party run/ruined cities and transports them on his buses to loot/riot/set fires/etc . . . . .

  8. You know the Senator from Minnesota OMAR? I guess she has already drawn up the new Impeachment Papers on TRUMP? … Imagine this we had a President Obama who sold allowed Hillary Clinton to sell 20% of America’s Uranium to the Russia? Then President Obama gave IRAN 1.4 Billion all in CASH. We had a Freeze on that money for a reason. Ohhh never forget the 33 Thousand emails deleted on Hillary’s server? … Yet, no articles of Impeachment were drawn up? … The Trump supporter’s were let into the capital. They wandered around like tourists. Took selfies acted foolish? … Then the ANTIFA group put on their TRUMP COSTUMES and they Sadly created HAVOC! Then BLAMED it on TRUMP and TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Impeachment means TRUMP will be getting all the NEWS and he will be in the LIMELIGHT! LOL …Out Shinning Everyone! … He will be found Not Guilty! … AGAIN. … psst Because He’s Not Guilty. … Understand That.

  9. Pelosi and all other white democrats HATE their whiteness.
    Time to replace all of them with minorities.
    Step down pelosi, resign your congressional seat and give it to another ilhan Omar.
    Put your ice cream where your old, wrinkled mouth is!!!!
    No more whites in the democrat party!!!!

  10. After looking at these photos it is plain to see the majority of the good people were caught up in the moment of fame! Do not think the good people meant harm. Of course Antifa and BLM people meant to harm any and rery person, place or thing they came across! Wish I could have been there! But I am way over thehill and could not make the trip! But was there in spirit! God Bless the good people and President Trump. And may God have damnation of the democrats and gutless repubs! The medai has fueld this like the dems have. May they all rot in Hades!

  11. Biden, and Harris, will destroy everything Trump built! He was the best President we ever had! That’s why the Dems.,are getting rid of him!

  12. Well I’m glad they kept their ballots in the Capitol building so secure on Jan. 6th … if they had similarly safeguarded our legitimate ballots on Nov. 3rd, we wouldn’t be where we are today


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