List of Trump Admin Officials Who Have Resigned in Wake of Capitol Chaos

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Following the aftermath of yesterday’s shocking events, multiple people from the White House have turned in their resignations. After protestors stormed the Capitol Building while Congress held a Joint Session to certify the Electoral College results for President-elect Joe Biden a series of White House employees have called it quits.

These White House employees are leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave:

  1. Well, now it be known who some of the rats were in the White House. Spineless group who are easily replaced.

      1. Which probably explains why no one has to think about social distancing from you. They know you’re around by the stench you emit.

          1. Isn’t your head in the way? Rectal cranial disorder like yours can never be fixed.

    1. Yep… no wonder Grisham didn’t stay long as press secretary…. Trump must have found out she might have been one of the leakers.
      And Choa…. bet her and her prune face husband have ties with China. How much money have you made McConnell?!

  2. It’s pretty disheartening. I cannot imagine how the President feels right now. Talk about a group of ingrates.

      1. you will see who the fools are when Biden takes over and his laughing hyiena harris. these people are not worth the money we paid them least the democrats with no brains stick together through lie after lie cause they are each more crooked than the no one tells..Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country he was at noway the cause for the more than he was blamed for floyd riot.

          1. It’s not over YET!! These scumbags resigned b/c they’re running scared! The s*** is fixing to hit the fan! Grab your popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show!! President Trump will be victorious and all the scum will either be executed or jailed for the rest of their existence! So glad you, Albert, are for the demoncrat party! You are a DISGRACE to even be called an American citizen!!!

          2. Only a fool could claim the President Trump a fool. He was a Brilliant President that was robbed by a rigged election. You deep state pukes make me ill and pissed on a level unheard of.

        1. Agree Trump is our best president since Reagan.
          America is in serious trouble with the democrats in full control. There will be no checks & balances with them in control because they will vote how leadership tells them to vote. At least in the republican party members will disagree and have debates work out their differences; but notice that in the democratic party if you don’t toe the party line the party will support an opposition candidate and that’s why we see so many democrats jump parties.

          If you listened to the hour long speech President Trump gave the protesters he did not call for a breach of the capitol building, he called for protest of the election fraud around the building. The group that breached the building was led by some antifa members and there were some black lives matter members identified in the group; we will have to wait and see how the law enforcement investigation works out and hopefully the truth will come to light.

  3. This tells you everything you need to know about the “loyalties” of those who resigned. They are really about themselves and should be looked upon with utter contempt and scorn.

          1. Maybe not – but, the almighty God behind him is much stronger! God isn’t through with President Trump yet! Just watch and see!!

          2. Trump does not believe in God.
            Trump believes in Trump.
            And an ever dwindling number of deplorables.

    1. Those that collaborated to bring President Trump down see they have succeeded, now they bolt before the woke, crazy, left media and Democrat haters start their campaign to punish/impeach Trump and anyone else associated with him.
      This is communism 101, the purging of anyone who doesnt share their ideology will be sought out and ruined.

      1. It’s to late ,If they want a civil war in the states ,That would be a good way for the Democrats to start it. Other than that ,they should just shut the hell up .

        1. Stealing money from a bank doesn’t make it legally yours anymore than stealing votes means you won an election. My first time being an Election Judge was for Obama’s 2nd run. People back then told me that the touchscreen was changing their votes. This wasn’t the first rigging, just the first time someone (Trump) called them on it.

  4. What do you think they were going to do jan21 anyway?
    Its not like the obungler appointing lifetime positions in the men’s bathrooms.

  5. Funny how the worms come out. So, did they listen what the fake news said? I can’t believe these assholes believed that crap. The Democrats constantly told people to riot and, called for people to kill the president, and for 4 years bullied them. So now they say that he put these people up to storming the Capital? I expect to hear them complaining and blaming him for everything that goes wrong now. What a bunce of babies and morons.

  6. Do you think Congress sees this as what the “people” think of their treatment and BS from the government. People are getting FED UP with the “Holier than thou” attitude, going broke while they get raises and flaunt their BS and play their little games. While the working people go broke and lose everything. Stop their pay checks until this is all over. Remind me of a bunch of kids fighting in the sandbox on who is going to get to eat the cat turd they think is candy. What a bunch of losers. Think it’s going to get even worse when Commie Obiden tries to collect guns. GOD BLESS and PRAY for America.

  7. That’s the rudest thing ever. Trump didn’t have those rioters do what they did. They only pretended to be his followers to cause trouble. Actually they were antifa and BLM. Two well known hate groups. Trump wine the election and the Dumasscrats stole it. Now they want to steal the rest of his term. They are trying to incite war so they can blame Trump for that too

    1. Why blame BLM? It was us. Are we supposed to tolerate seing the country being stolen by illegitimate criminals? What happened was fine and they didn’t do enough.

      1. They said through facial recognition they were able to identify known Antifa members, maybe not all but they were involved and all need to pay but majority came to protest peacefully. Trumps supporters wouldn’t disrespect him, wouldn’t give Dems one more thing to bash him on.

  8. These quitters are despicable low life maggots, this protest was nothing compared to Portland, Seattle, or Minneapolis. The fucked left never condemned those riots. The efforts by the conservatives at the White House was a cake walk compared. America, beware, we showed what we had and if you mess with us we will really unleash the Demon…..!

  9. After all the garbage Trump has had to contend with for 4 years,,I would not blame him if he just packed up and let China Joe have it !!! He has worked so hard on so many fronts and been stabbed in the back by “friends” and enemies. He can go and do what he want…I think I would just say TO HELL WITH IT ALL and dump the damn mess on Joe, Harris and Nancy !!! Joe can run hide in his basement, Harris can giggle and Nancy will be in her evil element !!! Trump and his family deserve a rest and IF he wants to come back later and fight her sure has my vote !!!! Let the idiot who votes China into the WH live with their decision. The rest of us can Huncker down and do the best we can for the next 4 years then try again IF there is anything left to work with !!

    1. The problem is, it is the people – US – who will be dealing with this communist takeover of our country. Biden will hand it over to China. While it would be great to just put the consequences of this election only on those who voted for it, we will all be subjected to the destruction of our country. Since the fraud in this election has been allowed to stand, we will NEVER have another fair election in our future. They will all be stolen by vote fraud. We have become a 3rd world country as far as our elections are concerned. It will only be a matter of time before our economy is destroyed. Sad time in history to have to say that it was in our lifetime that we failed to defend our constitution and republic.

    2. I’m concerned there will never be another election
      We can all go through the motions again….
      But it will turn out like this time.

      1. Unless there is election overhaul, I don’t plan to vote again. We’ll never see another republican elected again. Not that I can think of many republicans I’d give the time of day right now, except for those who stood by Trump. Pence and the rest can take a flying leap.


    4. Trump now know who his true friends and 100,000 people told him so when they peacefully marched—- 75million people adore 🥰 both him and his family

    5. We survived 8 years of Obama, but just barely! The dirty Democrats have had 4 years to strategize their takeover. IF Trump doesn’t continue for the next consecutive 4 years, at least as a private citizen he can continue to go after the Swamp rats. You better start laying in supplies. After the 20th, we all may be under house arrest like CA.

  10. and that women that Trump went and campaigned for in Georgia rolled over to this was all planned, Trump gets five stars for putting up with all these treasonist people what a swamp!!

    1. She’s one of the worst, IMO. He went there and did a rally for her and praised her and Purdue all along, and she collapsed like tin house in a hurricane at the first sign of trouble. Her political career is over.

      1. she is a piece of crap…I hope someone gets a pair of scissors and cuts her hair like she cut can these people do this. they are sucken up to the next guy

    2. biden promised the people to vote democrat and he would make sure they got 1,200 stimuls checks.. its sad when money means more than your country.and for a president to be to offer that. well they gave out credit cards to the indians and $50 bills and more for them to vote for biden..what wont the democrats do..but it;s all legal when they do it ohyea

  11. Is it better to call these deserters Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots or Rats deserting what they perceive to be a sinking ship?

    1. He was, even more than we realized. That’s why they harassed him from the first moment. He was onto all their nefarious deeds and they knew it. Their day is coming. The Judge of the Universe keeps very accurate books.

  12. Trump is now in Texas. Could a new country be forming? Remember, Texas had threatened secession. They can. The US needs them more than they need the US. They have their own power grid, a bunch a
    of military bases, NASA and a huge economy.

      1. i think trump should just start his own republic. and let the democrats have the biden stolen presidency…he will never be a president he don:t know how.but he is crooked enought..maybe dr.jill will swim in the nude with him at the pool at the wh.that is what biden does..make it a family night hunter china and all the other countries they have gotten money from and gave ours away

  13. Now we can all finally realize that our President went through a living hell and
    was surrounded by these cowardly vermin…swamp creatures. Just think of all he
    has accomplished with all this dead weight on his back. I am going to rejoice to
    no end each time Biden bumbles , stumbles, and makes a laughing fool out of
    himself…it will be joyous! God bless you President Trump…no one really knows
    how much you love this country. A pox on all those who denigrated you to no end.

  14. Melanie , I am so so very sorry that this group of fermented Americans have dishonored you and you’re family on so many levels. Remember the defect is there own !!!! truly…. All of you have shown such strength and love for America and we thank you . Please continue to sparkle with all your family along side you . The Trump family has lots and lots of class and love that we see over flows . it has been a joy to see and watch !!!! White House or not , sparkle with your beautiful graciousness as a family where ever you maybe .. With love from the Americans you remembered . Thank for having the strength to stay the course with one very Smart Strong MAN .

  15. God Almighty help us your children our freedom is going down comes the chinese the iranians and russians saying hep hep hurrays!!!! we won.

    1. Unfortunately the Dems are like Teflon and everything just slides off them. They are the biggest group of criminals that never have to pay for their crimes. I thought Barr was better than that but was wrong.

      1. No weapon that is formed against Pres Trump, HIS wide, family, All GENUINE senators, Congress, Judges, attorneys, supporters , shall prosper. Trump will start HIS 2nd Term as Scheduled. It is decreed in JESUS NAME.

  16. The capital building charade was done by the demonRATS. Pence. mcconnell, and pigleosi planned this all out to get rid of trump and put the blame on trump supporters. They had secret meetings today against trump to get rid of him. Research it Americans

  17. Those spineless blobs should go down with the ship, they will be with man with a real backbone, and real bone spurs,you can see it in his golf swing, almost every day.

  18. Think this rat was a forgone conclusion, am sure she is Mitch McConnell’s chinese wife, father’s shipping business does huge business with China, and no doubt one of the collaborators with the whole leaking and scheming to get rid of President Trump along with her spineless traitor Mitch McConnell. Another swamp rat in sheeps clothing.!

  19. I’m glad they resigned ,They were not doing their best job to help our county or to help the man in the white house that was voted in by the American people.

  20. Antifa thugs infiltrated the group, and despite the efforts of the Trump supporters to stop them, started to break windows, assault police, destroy property, run rampant in the Capitol. Their garb & gear VERY indicative of Antifa, there to blacken the eye of the President in the eyes of the LYING MSM and Americans.

  21. Big nothing burger. All of the above would be gone in less than two weeks anyway, so resigning is better than getting fired by an incoming Chi-Com agent. Or having to work FOR him.
    Besides, by getting out earlier they leave no one behind to brief their replacements, just like that Muslim plant Muhammed did as Trump was coming in.
    If he was smart, Trump would have left lots and lots of microphones hidden so we can hear Chinese spoken in the White House security chambers.
    “Biden. Not MY President. Now or ever.”

  22. This means squat there out the door in less than two weeks anyway. This bait click bull is bologna. If they walk now they are scums anyway. Biden is pulling out all of the Obama spy’s anyway. Actually sounds like an Obama reassignment.

  23. They would have all been leaving at the end of the President’s term in office anyway. They are just showing how their true colors by leaving now. I guess they are worried about getting a job with the Democrats. The swamp runs deep in Washington. Ungrateful bastards.

  24. Believe it or not these are some of the same officials who had remained secure in the comfort of their government offices, often under the protection of the police, yes, the men and women in blue that the Left claimed had to be defunded.
    Now, that our DC Legislators have experienced a degree of pain and inconvenience from such violence themselves let’s see how they are going to react, speak out, and legislate to address this civil disconnect and divisiveness. Haven’t they themselves enabled much of this by their seeming indifference just as we all struggle through a Wuhan-Coronavirus pandemic? So much of this is also hinged to so many ensuing economic hardships throughout this country as the overseas Asian dragon enslaves Muslims and others while setting embers of discontent into flames of divisiveness and hate wherever Democracy thrives.

  25. This article is misleading. These are nothing more than normal resignations that take place whenever there is a change in administrations.

  26. Rats. Rats and rats again. Chao is this a wife of McConnell? Her father owns a shipyard in China building a warships. I guess her and McConnell job is done.

  27. You say that the President INCITED this shit in the White House? I would like to see where he did it. All I can see is where he wanted people to peacefully march at the White House and let the Senate and Congress know that the election was wrongfully stolen from the people by fraud. He wanted the people to let the House and Senate members know that the people are speaking and that there is too much BS going on with the election. He did not tell anyone to rush into the White House or attack the White House to get inside and disrupt anything. ANTIFA and BLM however, were the leaders of this attack and they as you all know are lead by the GD Democrats. So, who in the hell do you think masterminded the attack on the White House so that they could blame Trump for all of the turmoil? All of you who have resigned from the Trump cabinet are just puppets of the left and need to have been fired anyway. You had no loyalty to the President as we can see in the first place.

  28. For all patriots and particularly those who know God rest easy this is not the end but just the beginning of His great plan. Trump and his supporters have embraced God’s will for our nation like liberty, religious freedom defense of the unborn, most importantly defense of Israel for that alone we will be rewarded. Trump has withstood a constant barrage of arrows yet still stands wny? One reason GOD. God has a plan but it is His time, not ours for His time is perfect. Be patient believe and wait on the Lord.

    1. Absolutely correct Candy!! God is in control and He is about to use President Trump for thr greater good of our wonderful country! Praise God He doesn’t turn His back on us like some of the so-called Trump supporters have turned their backs on him (Trump) and God!! I certainly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!! President Trump and God WILL BE VICTORIOUS when all the dust clears and settles!!

  29. These are the “sunshine patriots and summer soldiers” that Thomas Paine wrote about during the American Revolution when George Washington was sacrificing everything to form our nation. Just as our President Trump is battling to preserve our nation now. I know we have proud and determined true Patriots now as did Washington. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  30. Time to plan a third party The” America First Party”. I will do some research as to how this is done. I am sure most of the 74 million will join us. Clean slate no swamp people allowed. Any ideas welcomed. How do you join Parlor” web site

  31. These subversives were gonna get caught. They all used the Capital riots (sponsored by antifa) as their excuse to bail before they were drummed out.

  32. ALL should resign if that bad esp Secret Service to NOT serve Biden
    Never call Biden President only Biden

  33. Usually, the presidential staff submits their resignations when the president’s term is ending. None of them would be kept on in a Biden administration because Biden’s puppeteer couldn’t pull their strings.

  34. I am glad all the rats in the administration are resigning. They are actually Republican in Name only.


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