MURDOCK: What Happened At The Capitol Is Un-American and a Disservice to Trump

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Yesterday a group of protesters took to storming the capitol, they destroyed property, intimidated elected officials, and stole from the halls of Congress. All of this will have achieved nothing and hurt Trump and the GOP in the long run. More from Deroy Murdock in Fox News:  

 It’s hard to express my shock and sadness at seeing America’s legislative palace breached, a door to the U.S. House broken, and senators and House members hunkering down, apparently in gas masks. Most astonishing is to see those involved in this violence not waving Antifa flags but, instead, Trump and MAGA banners.

 It’s only Jan. 6, but the 2021 Nobel Prizes for Unforced Errors and a Suicidal Leap from the Moral High Ground go to the pro-Trump protesters marauding through the halls of The People’s House.

It would be bad enough if the acts of terrorism now being perpetrated by this mob were underway while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., banged her gavel and shut down any objections to Electoral College votes that many of my fellow Trump fans believe are tainted by ballot irregularities.

On the contrary, 180 degrees, the House and Senate were debating Republican objections to Arizona’s Electoral College votes. Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas, was making his case to his colleagues, with his usual eloquence.

Many are shocked by what went on yesterday and many believed that an event like this was just not possible after the security measures brought forward after September 11th were put into place. In the coming days, more information will come out related to these events, stay tuned.


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