Trump Slams Capitol Attackers, Calls for Healing, Hints at Future

Gage Skidmore Fickr

When President Trump’s Twitter was restored he issued a video statement where he strongly condemned the Capitol Hill attackers while calling for peace.

President Trump also revealed his future plans.

According to Fox News:

“Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem,” Trump said, adding that he had “immediately” deployed the National Guard.

“Emotions are high now, but tempers must be cooled and calm restored,” the president continued. “We must get on with the business of America. My campaign rigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote.”

“My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition,” Trump said, acknowledging that “a new administration” would be inaugurated Jan. 20. “This moment now calls for healing and reconciliation.”

“To the citizens of our country, serving as your president has been the honor of a lifetime,” he continued. “To my incredible supporters I know you are disappointed … our incredible journey is only just beginning.”

President Trump stopped short of announcing his candidacy for 2024, but many hope that he will. Reports out Friday indicate that Democrats want to start impeachment proceedings next week, likely in an attempt to prohibit him from running again.

  1. The DemonRats sure are afraid of President Trump. Promises made & promises kept. He’s the greatest. Just think about all the accomplishments’ he will achieve in 4 more years

      1. I have a copy of a sworn affidavit that PROVES that the “deep state” at the U.S embassy in Italy (by using military-grade cyber encryption and satellites) “flipped” the votes from Trump to biden through a server based in Frankfurt Germany that would monitor the “machines” and if biden was losing, (which he WAS BIG-TIME) would “flip” the votes for TRUMP to him to put him ahead.

          1. Trump already has this. Things are in the works…..
            I did not concede and never will. He said he won’t attend Biden’s inauguration, but he will attend his own……….

          1. I posted to facebook and they removed it fast. No fact check done like normally would just removed it.

        1. Can you get that to a trusted source to have this more openly revealed? I am praying for your protection & that God’s Holy Spirit will fill you with what you need to do the things that need to be done to work towards the justice that is needed. May the wisdom & courage of God’s zeal be with you & those involved in walking in the ways of truth!👍🙏❤️

        2. I noticed they have taken down all videos of the info Italy has about how the election was stolen from the American people

          1. They had it first and then Congress got it after they voted for certification. So they committed fraud.

      2. That is why stopping this election was so important. Fraud is the new election process. We will never have another election that isn’t rigged with fraud from the dems. They will not stop until they destroy our country as founded and turn us communist. Biden is in bed with China & Russia. Watch out, Iran is thrilled with Biden taking over. It’s not looking good for the US or the world in the next few years.

    1. We need to record and remember all of the Republicans that turned on Trump and get them out on the next primary. We need REAL republicans.

      1. All the congress that voted not to investigate the fraud and certified the illegal votes committed fraud against the US. 17 States used the Dominion machines that changed the vote totals. Many elected were not really elected and will be going home in shame. That’s why the Dems are trying to get rid of Trump before he gets rid of them. Everyday more of the swamp is being exposed

      1. I believe obumer was elected by voter fraud! obama is an illegitimate president! he’s a gay muslim terrorist who was elected by voter fraud. Where are the pallets of money? you fucking traitor! When will America get justice for all the crimes liberals have committed against us and our country!

          1. At the end of Obama’s term the stock market was the highest it had ever been.
            Same thing for Clinton.
            Not for Bush.

          2. And millions of money under the mattress. I have a jackass that brays every morning . I named him Albert.

  2. I truly hope he will go out and support those politicians who were the ones who genuinely supported him and were not traitors. Trump can do a lot of good in that area. And I think he will never be out of politics now that he has been president. Some like Bush, etc just left office and never contributed to this country in any way. That will not be the case with Trump.

    1. President Trump, take a deep breath, regroup with the truly loyal Conservatives and use your considerable power to do what is called “THE NEEDFUL.” Before you leave, PARDON EVERYONE THAT NEEDS PROTECTION FROM THE EVIL LEFT!

    2. Thats rite Trump didnt even take the president pay when he got n there he used his own money to do everything.

  3. President Trump… declassify ALL the information you have on Slow Joe and on her back Kamala. Hunter, Hussein Obama and all the rest of the scum in the deep state. That includes the Rinos!

    1. I agree Lee. That is the only way to set this right. All the info on the Bidens, Clintons and others must be declassified and put before the citizens prior to 20 Jan. Otherwise, he proves he was just another swamp monster playing the game.

  4. A lot can happen in four years and we cannot see Trump running again in 2024. There will never be an incorruptible Election again. The Democrats succeeded with all their hopes and dreams and pushed through a fraudulent result. Since America proofed to be such a pushover and so easily manipulated they will do it again and again and again. Count on it!

    1. If President Trump fails to bring all this corruption forward now , there will be no more elections , just like there is no more gender identification . They will take America down and we will be worst then a 3rd world country . We all. Need to fight this demonrat thing to the very end , let America have all the information , bring charges where needed or else we will not be America any more . Every one needs to back Trump and stop this in it’s tracts and pray hard and constantly, and put a stop to the baby killing , that is one thing bringing us down . Babies is GOD creation and his alone , and we have been allowing them to be murdered . How would you feel if You were GOD . Give you a precious gift and you allow it to be distroyed ?

    2. That is sad, i pray people will wake up. Be encouraged, we the people will learn and come back strong. AND I DONT THINK THIS IS ALL OVER, POSSIBLY THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

    3. Not if the country splits into 2 countries; 1 Red, 1 blue. I am hearing more rumbles about this lately, The blue states would love to be rid of the Red states and it could be a win/win for the Red states.

  5. In a democracy, people express their preferences through votes. The integrity of our process for obtaining and implementing the popular vote must be maintained.

  6. WTF? Trump may run in 2024, in which country? Liberal Dems stole this election with voter fraud! Do you think we are ever going to have a free and fair election? That notion is gone forever!? by 2024 liberals will have destroyed this country and with voter fraud say goodbye to never having a Reub president again! I can’t believe we are not storming congress and drag those traitors out of congress and hanging them! This country is so screwed and I can’t believe how weak conservatives are! We must fight back now before they take our guns or start putting us in prison! Welcome to the dictatorship f the biden cartel!

    1. I suggest you wait till after the 20th, stand by to be flabbergasted by our brilliant President trump when God is behind him. EVERY TRAITOR has now been revealed. Preparation and monitoring Georgia has given Trump power. stock up,food and water, the shit’s about to get real- the insurrection act, firing squads, and a mass grave for traitors awaits. WE ARE NOT WEAK. Just uninformed.

  7. The DemonRats are always afraid of good solid Americans that will make America great and care for “We the People”. Look at what they did to the Republican Governor of VA 20 years ago! Then they talk about Trump! Better they start cleaning up their own back yard! We get a President that is and can be blackmailed by China and may already be and people elected to Congress that probably in normal work force would not even pass a clearance. What kind of Congress do we have? Anti-American, anti-God, anti-moral?

  8. I have acquired a copy of a sworn affidavit of HOW the votes were “flipped” from Trump to biden using military-grade cyber-warfare encryption technology based at the U.S Embassy in Italy, uploaded to satellites to a Frankfurt Germany “server, then any “voting machine ” in the U.S. that showed biden losing, more “votes” for him would be either added, or Trump’s taken away, (flipped) to make biden the winner…..HOWEVER (like all sites) it seems this one also will not allow me to post the letter. We are being censored already.

  9. Evil and its minions assassinated the character of this man and a nation.
    Blood is on the hands of communist dumbocraps and the msm. BURN THE MEDIA!

  10. The antifa and BLM attack on the capital was unacceptable but not trumps fault and mostly not trump supporters who held back anarchists in video . Let’s not jump to conclusions made up by a media who has lied to us for years.

  11. I have an idea. Since voter ID and time limits have no meaning any more let’s start voting now for 2024 and see just how badly we can screw up this once sacred process! Shame on America…

  12. I just wondered where all these people were for the past 4yrs’s riot called protest, of which we saw many of it. The level of their insincerity is a shame. If what happened recently is wrong as they claimed, then various riots in the past 4yrs from their end are as well wrong. How I wish people can be consistent in what they say. Truth can only be suppressed for awhile, but not forever. I hope they too can be matured in losing, so that we do not see the charade we witnessed in the last 4yrs bcos Trump won. Because one day again they shall be the losers too. Thanks

    1. Their day will come. They will stand for judgement and won’t like it when they are cast into the lake of fire to burn for eternity.

  13. And now the destruction of the United States will begin after the coronation of the evil king and his quirk Harris!! The weasel politicians especially the long nosed Republican weasels are all responsible for all the violence and chaos! They haven’t done a damn thing but talk and balk at everything!! Now they ALL blame President Trump for what they have caused. Now the country is on it’s last breath thanks to the traitor politicians and the Communist Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Can’t those damn Democrats leave Trump alone? Haven’t they done enough these last four years to him? They want to completely destroy him? Why? Because he beat them at their own game! Remember his achievements and being a strong barrier to all the world’s despots, no wars instigated under his administration–something no Democrat president could boast of, and the best economy EVER! We Republicans have long memories and will take up the standard again in 2024 with Trump. Good luck to all you progressives, socialists, Marxists and Communists. The socialist system of government has failed throughout the world. I only hope our America is not destroyed in the process!

  15. I don’t know for sure but Trump sounds like he quit, like its over and done. I mean the guy on tipping point tried to sell m,e on people getting arrested of 01/06/21, but no one was arrested and now Trump calls quits?

  16. Dementia Joe (a.k.a. Lyiin Bden) will NEVERr be my president and I sure as hell don’t need any lectures from the Democrat morons who did NOTHING to support President Trump the last four years.

  17. Before Trump, I thought America was the greatest place on earth. Now, I think America is worst than communist China. At least China don’t pretend you have a say w/ your vote! I will never vote again, because it is all a big fat lie and a waste of time!

    Since the liberals love the poor so much, might as well become one and let them take care of me… free healthcare, universal income, loan forgiveness… don’t it sound just lovely???

  18. Has anyone noticed that with all the rhetoric about the assault on the very foundations of our Democracy, and attempt to abrogate the sanctity of the individual’s vote by an unruly mob, as so eloquently averred by countless “outraged” Democrats and some Republicans; these very same “patriots” are calling for the impeachment of the President in his last two weeks in office, using Constitutional prerogatives, for the unspoken purpose of preventing him from running again, which has the “unintended” consequence of denying possibly 70 million Americans from voting for their preferred candidate to run this country. And there trying to do this under the guise of “Legislative procedure”. We have met the enemy and she is us.

  19. Trump needs to resign now, nothing he can say or do will not draw fire. Then Biden needs to be rejected as he has publicly threatened a sitting president several times/ inciting violence. And Kamala Harris saying protesters should not let up and much more, inciting violence. Pelosi threatened Trump saying she will drag him out by his hair, inciting violence. Schumer threatened SCOTUS Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, inciting violence. They all need to go with the rest of them.

  20. How much more tax payer money do our elected officials waste before the citizens put a stop to it. Trump only has 12 days left and yet these idiots want more. Enough is enough.

    1. The system is broken. The people will now serve the government and keep their mouths shut. We will be expected to work hard at the few good jobs that might be left after big business turns tail and runs off to any country that will bring them a bigger profit. We will pay more and more taxes that will bring us nothing except more corruption. In the hands of the government, the media will tell us what is expected of us while the morning network shows cater to Hollywood and tells us who is sleeping with who while trying to sell us anything that will make us feel that life is better. We will be good little Democrats and teach our children how wonderful it is to live in a socialist country. As the old folks song stated:”what did you learn in school today dear little bit if mine? …..I learned our leaders are the best if men , so we elected them again and again. That’s what I learned in school today. That’s what I learned in school.”


  22. I sure Trump knows on Jan 6th Italy Court has all proof of how the election was stolen from the American people. Seems how Democrats can do as they please it may not matter anymore.. Just sayin

  23. A 3rd party is the only answer ! I voted to make “Ross the boss” but he quite from the threats from both parties !!! Trump is not a quitter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Time for all of those involved in the sale or distribution of oil, gas, or food, whether meat, dairy, grain, or produce, to band together in all of those States who supply to the areas that ignored their own election laws, and/or pushed for “mail in ballots” (NOT the time tested ‘absentee ballot’ which is requested and, when returned, certified properly.), to consider a legal and peaceful protest. That protest would be to NOT transport ANY of the above goods to ANY of the Democrat controlled States, or any of those “Republican” controlled States (such as Georgia) that clearly did not make a full, open, and totally transparent attempt to verify signatures, addresses, and identities of people who voted in their jurisdictions.
    Such a boycott could, and likely would, trigger a response from a Government that does NOT have YOUR best interests at heart. The targeted areas would quickly run out of critically necessary items and be forced into considering what their so-called “Democrat” leaders are doing to those not in the crowded urban areas that use their numbers, and their ‘talents’ to artificially alter elections. (Nothing new there, they’ve been practicing their tactics for decades and have filled important agencies with their aides and agents.)
    It is entirely legal for producers to determine their markets and customers. Their are NO laws that force them into unwanted contracts, and any governmental attempts to ‘change the law’ to do so would be shot down in the courts. And any attempt to do so could easily result in what has been done in the past when suppliers chose to exercise their rights- they poured milk onto the ground, they piled produce into heaps that were left to rot (today they call it “re-cycling”), and they shut down all but locally necessary pipelines.
    A ‘government’ that has allowed, nay pushed, their educational system to intentionally (and I can assure you, it WAS intentional) drop subjects that are critical to a citizen’s knowledge (History, Civics, etc) and otherwise fill them with useless subject matter, thus effectively creating a semi-literate, low mental and reasoning product. Or, as could more accurately be labeled “useful idiots”, capable of doing little or other than what they are ‘trained’ to do.
    Heed this warning! If you don’t prepare you will be lost. Look carefully at Venezuela and how fast it went from prosperity to poverty. Look at what happened to the Russian Federation (CCCP) subjects and the Communist “(pick a number) Year Plan” to try to reverse the irreversible. The idea that you can take from those who have and give it to those who don’t (involuntarily), will cause the first to become the second… leaving no one to take from. From the times of the Roman Empire such actions have NEVER succeeded.
    Nor will they ever. For why should ANYONE produce for the intentionally NONproductive?
    Charity is a chosen action. Seizure is not.
    If you or any of your friends or families are involved in the production, collection, processing, or distribution of any of the items in any of the areas identified, make your choice and, if you value your independence, freedom, or Liberty, make the plans necessary to preserve yourself and your posterity WHILE YOU STILL CAN!
    Victory goes to the prepared and the righteous side.

  25. I have been angry because the election was stolen and said some things I shouldn’t. How I’m just pissed off and ready to fight with prayers n votes for who ever is for Trump. Now we have to worry about our safety all the time. I will never vote for anyone that tries to take our freedom, n safety. China gearing up to go to war with the US. That sorry ass Biden n Harras will do nothing but let if happen. Watch your back n sleep with one eye open. I know that’s what I will be doing at least 4 years after that we have to stop them.


  27. His own people turned against him when he needed them most to protect their future in the eyes of the Left. He was alone right from the start and didn’t know it. With all he had against him, he accomplished an amazing amount of good for America and the world. I hope that Trump doesn’t give up. We will need him to prevent America from being totally turned over to CCP, Russia, Soros and any one else with whom the sell-out Democrats will cater to. Watch your taxes go through the roof to cover their good times. You think that Cuba might become a favorite garden spot for the Left?

  28. Pelosi as evil as she is, she is shaking her old boonies of President to declassified all the docs. Paul Pelosi Jr may be on them also for his shenanigans in Ukraine. President can do it in his sleep, but old evil witch may sleep again. By the way Hell is to good place for this so call “Catholic” Lucifer said so, they close the door and put the 24 hr guard, just in case.

  29. I doubt Biden will be president for long. Biden wouldn’t last 4 years because he is on the decline and the swamp know it. The swamp will declare him unfit for office in short time, with Pelosi’s help, remove him, and Harris will move into the presidency. Then, she will conspire to appoint another socialist as VP.
    As far as future elections, the swamp will have 4 years to set in place everything they need for their victory . . . and every time in the future.
    Unless something drastically happens, it will be an Obama scenario on steroids from 1/20/2021 on.
    Shortly, none of us will recognize the America we grew up in, the younger people won’t know the difference as they receive everything for ‘free’ and continue to be taught how bad America’s history was. Finally, we will be required to speak a liberal, politically correct English that will have extreme consequences if we speak out of line.
    It would seem that Big Brother has arrived.
    The enemy is also watching . . . closely.

  30. The one thing we all fail to see, is that our freedom has a price . Because we have people that are willing to fight for our country … is why we can be freely gay , why we can be called … they … why we can buy guns , why we can pray to what ever God we want and we can believe there isn’t one .

    Freedom means different things to people . One says freedom is the freedom to choose what a woman does with her body , I agree . One thinks freedom is owning your gun as you chose , I agree . People want to defund the police , but want laws to make everyone wear a mask . Who is going to enforce this ? All these riots prove is that there is not enough law to enforce to keep peace and order if everyone got crazy . That’s why if we want to live in a civilized society we all have to respect our differences . We all have to keep the peace that so many have died for . Do we want to be the next Yugoslavia? They had a beautiful country that fought for years only to leave it in Shambles.
    Fighting and hate only leads to one thing…. sadness. We have evolved enough to be able to listen and to compromise , and the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters . When I’m need our fellow neighbor and friend will always be there to assist. Government involvement in all of our lives is not the answer . Take time to hear your fellow brother and sister and if you can make a difference… do

  31. They want impeachment because they fear him and they know he would have won in a landslide except for their crimes of fraud.

  32. First to insure integrity in the voting get rid of the machines. Have ballots printed with a verifiable water mark that can’t be duplicated just like American currency. Counterfeit ballots detectable under infrared lights. No wireless electronics.

  33. We all know Trump won and I believe the truth will come out eventually and we will find out what president trump said was the truth. Then what? Constuct a gallows and hang them all.

  34. How many from The Left has EVER spoken ANY truth?? They are famous for lies, disconnection, betrayal & shredding our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!

  35. Notice that NONE of the demonKKKrats including Biden, Harris, Piglosi, Schemer, etc. have called for healing and reconciliation.
    Fasten your seat belts – the demonKKKrats have told you who they are…

  36. Its not about Trump and bullshit “This moment now calls for healing and reconciliation.” They stole our government. THEY ARE ILLEGAL! And now Trump turns his back on us.

    Its about the Constitution and our Government now!

  37. Mr President If you read this here is my suggestion for January 20. Have a big party while the Inauguration is going on.

  38. I have seldom disagreed with you on anything, Mr. President, but in this case you dropped the ball. I agree that violence should not be tolerated. I agree that we need to show ourselves as better than Antifa and the other leftist thugs. BUT you and your supporters have tried and exhausted all legal options, constantly thwarted by a Deep State rot that runs much deeper than anyone imagined. If armed insurrection should break out it will not be surprising.

  39. This is all the demonicRATS and state legislators and federal courts and then most importantly the Supreme Courts fault if there was no fraud the demonicRATS should have pursued this. If there was nothing to fear it would have been done. Then the Supreme Court where it is crystal clear laws were violated and the constitution thrown out the window disenfranchised over 70 million voters. You fought for us this is why we love you. Also you love our God the biggest reason we love you.we love our God and Savior as well

  40. I’m not proud of America again! President Trump made me proud again and he still does But DUMBOVCRATS Kills it. We have to find a way to stop there taking our rights away. Now I want to know what going to happen with China???? There are ready to go to war with us.

  41. President Trump is the best President EVER. Biden is a joke and Harris is a witch. Evil people are the majority of the Dems. I will support President forever!

  42. Most dangerous people in Washington DC!! Mitch McConnell, Cornyn, Linsey Graham at least 70%of senate. These people let democrats committee (Treason) they are Traders to American people. They are the one who let this or more likely made it possible for this stolen election. Corrupted:
    John Roberts & all 9 Supreme Court justice Plus 300 so called constitutional judges. FBI director Wray & all agents, CIA director all her agents, DOJ Barr & all Worthless lawyers all these people working for Big Tech, Communist China 🇨🇳 Money,US Chamber of Commerce, GLOBALIST. We know what democrats will do to America!!
    Just think for the last 20 years at least all good things for Americans was stop in corrupted Senate. I voted Republican all my life. Unless Trump tells me who to vote for I will not be voting for worthless republicans.

  43. Trump must learn that the Presidency is different than being Chairman of the Board. He will have to develop political skills. Governmental politics are different from business politics. Supreme Court Justices’ , Senators and Representatives are not board members of a corporation. They are equal partners, with the President in the government.

  44. This country is controlled by the spirit of Jezebel..not only is she in our government, but also in our houses of worship. Elijah has come to break her back. God is in control. Pray over your houses, families, our country to rise up against her and run with God!


  46. Yes Donald Trump is the best president. He has helped n alot of ways an now Biden is trying to destroy the world when he gets n there

  47. Biden cheated his way thru the election an used ppl that were deceased an mail in ballots. Thats no good president to have. Hes gonna start alot of wars an killings when he gets n there. The world dont need someone like Biden in the white house as president.

  48. The only thing Impeachment proceedings will do? IS TO FIRE UP TRUMPS BASE! … Let it go and let it simmer down. OR YOU CAN HAVE TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP OVER SHADOW YOUR INAUGURATION. … No one wants that.


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