REPORT: House GOP Won’t Lobby Against Trump Impeachment

Kevin McCarthy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A new report is indicating that House GOP leaders have told their caucus not to lobby against the impeachment of Trump.

This move essentially allows any GOP member to vote for impeachment unimpeded.

A GOP source has also stated that GOP leadership[ told its members not to attack members of the GOP who vote for impeachment.

President Trump has condemned the violence at the Capitol and said that impeachment against him would be harmful to the United States. [READ NEXT: Trump Breaks Silence on Impeachment]

          1. Great idea! Stick to the Constitution with this party unlike the Republicans. It’s there and they won’t use it. Trump could be our candidate.

          2. Flynn be Trump vice president. That be an awesome team. Pence proved he is weak. Maga

          3. I’ll join, I will remember who stabs President in the back and if thom Tillis does he will NOT get my vote.

          4. The only ones that have knives in their backs are the republican party. Republicans destroyed themselves

          5. Truth is, people don’t like and are intimidated by people who are smarter than they are. Also, beta males fear alpha males (as they should be). Both parties wanted to get back to the beaurocratic state. Before Trump, there wasn’t much difference between the parties. Trump held a mirror up to their corruption. Look how dirty the FBI was? And still is!?

          6. Independent like we were supposed to be. I second that. Republican party is alive no thanks to conservatives only reason why people vote for them

          7. Of your very generous 75-85 M voters about half of them voted against Biden.
            I did not vote for Biden, I voted against Trump.
            Biden will be a bad President.
            But not as bad as Trump.

          8. REALLY ??? Then I can’t wait to see all of the things he does to make our lives better. Like,,,, oh I don’t know,,,, Open borders ? Maybe raising our taxes ?

          9. That’s exactly what’s needed! Trump starts his own party. The other 2 parties will just go away.

          10. Great idea! Please let me know how and when we can start this new party. Call it The America First Party.

          1. How can you take a party back that is weak willed and spineless? The Democrats are in control now and the Rhinos will vote with them. We will never have a fair election again because this one was not investigated to show the fraud daylight. I saw plenty of video where workers were running the same ballots through two or three times. There is evidence the votes were changed and it leads to the Vatican. Is the Church more important than us?

          2. You can not win.
            You are in the minority.

            The Vatican.
            That’s deep.
            The Church that Jesus Christ started.

          3. Wow, your ignorance is far deeper. Jesus didn’t start the Catholic Church. If you’re that stupid you need to read your Bible…. if you have a Bible.

          1. Hmm 🤔 warriors like Trump never go away. And every rhino that stab him in the back will learn the Hard way —-the difference between A warrior like Trump & being a private zero is light years apart/—-Can anyone believe the stupidity of voting for either Biden Who is mentally challenged and off his rocket or Harris who cackles her head off like a hyena And just where are these two complete nitwits going to lead you 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 to —-a Civil war you could never win

      1. The Predominate reason for McConnell refusing to call senate back early
        Like others, he’s waiting on the New Senate to be seated @ 50/50 vs 48 /52 and the change of majority leader
        I’m apt to see that as a 2022 election pr stunt
        That way
        IF/ WHEN “Impeachment Mach 2.0” concludes, proceedings to transfer to Senate for trial and likelyhood of conviction
        McConnell will try & instill that as the political stunt of the democratic Senate doings and not being able to avert the outcome

      2. Mich McConnell is in the senate……Kevin McCarthy congress Republican leader said to back off because their lives could be in danger

          1. Come on man. As old rapist Biden would you got the wrong party. Don’t give anyone directions or they would be 😠 be sure to get them lost 😡

      3. Hang them instead treat them as traitors. The democracts are laughing at this idiots. I know I am. I never liked the republican party they always been weak they prove it time after time

    1. I don’t think we will ever have to worry about “elections” in this COMMUNIST COUNTRY ever again after the corrupt communists, soros, “big tech, the fake news media, and the financiers got away with perpetrating the theft of an election by OPENLY COMMITTING ( and paying for) VOTER FRAUD BTW, there was not a “judge” that had BALLS enough to open their eyes, and stand up for our Constitutional republic, and the rule of law. Free and fair “elections” are now a thing of the past, so why bother to VOTE, if the communists can change your choice to whatever or WHOMVER they want? Welcome to your “new” communist–controlled “banana republic” COMRADES.

      1. AMEN!! Another person with 20/20 vision. We are headed for a one party government (new world order) and if anyone disagrees with these evil doers, it’s work camps or execution.

        1. We had a one party government in 2017-2018.
          The party was the Republican party.
          Did that make America Great Again?

        2. Were there work camps or executions under Obama?
          Did the stock market hit the highest it had ever been?
          Was the unemployment the lowest it had been in a decade and a half?
          I doubled my net worth under Obama.
          Less than 20% under Trump.
          i voted my pocketbook.
          Can you blame me?

          1. I never read anything so stupid! Stock market did better under that idiot Obama than trump??? Wow! What planet you on? Globalism has been SO great for usa!!!! You better use you 20% to find a safe room somewhere! Beijing Hess.

      2. Bunch of satans spores now! They are out for blood against our best president ever and next comes the American ppl. They want to throw us all out of our own country. You know this got started by ppl whom did not pay attention to whom they were voting for and what they stood for. Yes their has always but always been fraud in an election but never of the magnitude this one has. It’s going to take every last one of us to turn this around. You say how? Talk to God he has the power he is the ole Mighty . Power in prayer. Everyone pray even if you haven’t before. They hate God but God is here for us just speak to him I emplore all of you.. God bless

        1. I am praying for God to intervene. This satan’s country at the moment and his minions are bowing to his every wish.

          1. Why are u on this forum? No friends or family? That would be my guess. I find you sad and pathetic if your life has been reduced to looking for attention where you aren’t wanted

      3. I hope everyone one who voted for Biden suffers financial loss and are affected by loss of freedom of speech and the Constitution. They were told by Biden himself what was going to happen and they still voted for him.

      4. Every politician knows full well why they lost.
        The other side cheated.
        At least that is what I tell my son whenever his basketball team loses a game.
        When he graduates he wants to go into politics.
        I have trained him to keep his eyes on the referees, not the ball.
        The ball never calls a foul.

        1. Your son is in the championship game. You notice that every time the other team scores ,they give them 6 points. Your son loses by 2 points. The other side says “There was NO fraud ” So Albert just walks out and says nothing.. Correct Albert ?

      1. Lindsey Graham, another RINO, should also go ! And Mike Pence, OMG, what a traitor! I can not believe that he was a part of it! It’s time to clean house!
        I stand with President Trump!

        1. They are all jumping on the wagon cause they see no other way out. So why not just leave cuz they are offered mega bucks to stay in the Regine. Crooked is what crooked does

    2. they are they just kept their mouths shut so Trump could re- elect them , now they are standing up to be counted God is answering prayer

    1. Absolutely.
      Get rid of anyone with any political experience.
      Trump had none and we see how that turned out.
      A one term President.

      1. Go ahead genius, for the rest of us, could you list — any- accomplishments that 47 yr idiot Beijing Biden did for the American people while turning his family into millionaires. What a professional!!!



  3. Spineless POS’s

    They think their lives are in danger now?

    Wait till they see the communistic style system that they’ve allowed in, and how their (and all of our) safety will be living under this type of system.

    Hint: There is no safety.

  4. Smart move. They know that the Republicans who vote to impeach will likely end up getting Primary challenges in 2022 which would just as likely end up on them being out of office.Speaking for myself, and those I know, that is EXACTLY what would happen to them.

    HOW BLIND !!!!

    1. Your vote doesn’t count anymore so how you gonna replace them. Nope only way I see a change is from God himself. And Satan has run rampant it’s gonna be a struggle ppl

        1. Your an idiot and it shows every time you open that foul mouth. I’d like to slam it shut and I will if I ever see you.

    1. I believe what you want is the “Grand Old Party” that has been replaced by mostly NWO RINOs. These are the neo republicans who subvert the constitution and collude with the leftists (not real democrats).
      “Liberal” connotation of the left is a misnomer. libertarian is the true “liberal” party that believes in every word of the bill of rights and the constitution of our Republic.

  6. All these politicians care only about themselves and their power. America and Americans mean nothing to them.

  7. They should know that’s only gonna piss people off even more and cause more rioting in the streets. They should be impeaching Biden for collusion with our top enemies China and Iran

    1. He will get a free pass just ;like Hilary, Obama, Comey, Pelosi, Schumer, Schitf, Watters and the rest of the radical, Socialist swamp creatures. It’s all criminal.

  8. A NO VOTE will mean reelection more likely voting FOR IMPEACHMENT MEANS SUICIDE FOR YOUR POLITICAL CAREER RINO Republicans ! ! !

  9. What a bunch of cowards…..and they call themselves Senators working for the people. It’s bad enough to have to put up with the evil RINO’S but for all the cowards that are cowing down to the Dem’s….may their days in the Senate be few and some new honest one become out Senators.

  10. Gop are pos they are a bunch of spineless and useless traitors i no longer belong to these pos im independent now

    1. When was the last time an independent won the the Presidency?
      How many Republicans of 2016 have evolved into Rinos?

  11. Trump Directed no one to commit violence; no more than various senators and congressmen did in their tweets. Certainly not as much as Maxine Waters did in her directive To Democrats to ‘get in their faces, and tell them they were not welcome’ Is though they’re not US citizens? No more than Pelosi did when she said writing is good or when Kamala Harris defended those who burn down peoples businesses, shot prayer leaders in their head, or killed retired officer Dorn. The Agitation of half the population was caused by all parties in our government. All of them are to blame. All of them should be impeached. We need to get rid of our government because they are corrupt at every level!

  12. Why do you want to waste money to go to all this when this is the last election there’s not going to be another one the Antichrist is taking over and that’s the end of it? Save taxpayers money for change I think you have wasted enough of it during his presidency the whole title take your money save it and give it to the people that lost their jobs in about to lose their house. 8 Days 8 days is all just left map since Donald Trump did not try to start any wars I said she loves the United States of America so much I highly doubt he’s going to do a new clear attack. I want to stay new Democrats you think it’s okay for black lives matter and antifa to Riot burn down Village kill police officers kill each other and in and beat up the Republican but yet with your own antifa and black lives matter Easter saying routine busting into the capital you can’t see it. You know exactly who did it because y’all are the one that planned it.

  13. This will go down in History as Our First step in How we lost our Great Republic and became a socialist government . Lets pray that the good Lord will protect us from the nightmares ahead.

  14. It just goes to show gutless and spineless won’t back a president who did so much for this country we will remember them when they seek re-election TRAITORS

    1. Trump has not done squat.
      430 miles of ugly cheap fence.
      Obamacare is the law of the land.
      Iran and North Korea keep building nukes, for strictly peaceful purposes.
      But by Jesus our embassy is in a Christian city in a Jewish country.

  15. It’s really too bad there wasn’t someplace we could buy about 10 miles of backbone and send to the republicans. They really, really, really need it!

  16. There is no GOP LEADERSHIP. RINO’s are running the GOP, Any RINO voting to impeach the president should have the courage to stand up and be criticized and identified to the public. We have a long list of GOP traitors and they will be voted out in 2022. We need fresh conservative blood in the house and senate.

  17. We have a wonderful President, for a little longer, who for four years was willing to sacrifice all to save this country. All he needed from the republicans was their support and they wouldn’t even do that. They are useless! I will never vote republican nor donate to their candidates ever again. I have changed my party affiliation to non-affiliated.

  18. You RINI Maggots, we are going to vote you gutless lightweights out of office as fast as we can!!!!!!!! Get a set of b——–s against these Marxists.

  19. They can’t stand up. They spend their entire political careers on their knees begging their Democrat/Socialist overlords and the media to be kind to them. After all folks, that’s how the sausage is made in D.C.!

  20. Republicans now have NO representation , we must represent ourselves. WE THE PEOPLE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM NOW OR IT WILL BE LOST.

    1. There are no Republicans left.
      Just Rinos.
      And Trumpists.
      So many Trumpists are switching parties.
      Do you remember when Trump switched from the Democratic party?
      He went back and forth a bunch of times.

  21. I will ignore these vindictive, dishonest Demoncrats and do something more useful than watch a fraudulent inauguration. Will totally ignore it along with lame stream news

  22. The House GOP members should vote their conscience and the Republican voters will vote theirs in return. This will also impact fund giving. This is just what the Dims want to see–further division among Republicans. A false narrative has been put forth about what President said prior to the march on the Capitol. Some disagreed with his contesting of the election results in 6 or 7 states and his language saying he had been robbed. All most people who marched wanted was an investigation. The same with the congress people who wouldn’t vote for the elected electors. Six or seven state legislatures wanted 10 days to do a forensic audit. There are no grounds for impeachment.

    1. i listen to every hearing and every witness from all that were done. you would have to be complacent or blind to not suspect that something was wrong. besides all the unconstitutional law changes breaking there own laws and the utmost lack of transparence ! have ever seen plus the total disregard from the judicial, feels like a third word country.

  23. I want to know if McCarthy really sent out this memo, since if he did, he might as well kiss his elected office good by, and join the rest of the yellow snake in the grass Republicans in the unemployment line. I want know exactly the names of the individuals in Congress, that refuse to back our beloved President Trump, so we can mobilize and make sure these scum bags are defeated when they run again fir political office .

  24. Fact is that the RINO party is identical to the demoncrats. They are “esteemed colleagues” and republican conservatives are muted by the RINO party leaders. For a very long time we have had a one party system in D.C. and it is the Liberal Party. We know who the demoncrats are but the deceptive RINOs pretend to be alternative to the demoncrats in order to beg for money to fight them. We need a new political party in this country called the ‘CONSERVATIVE PARTY’ and the RINOs should all go home in shame for abandoning conservative Americans who sent them the money they were begging for.

  25. This is not a “Republican vs. Democrat” issue. That is what the media wants everyone to believe. This is about the corrupt political establishment (which includes both Democrat & Republican politicians plus the phonies in the media) verse a President who actually stood up for the people.

    President Trump did much to lessen the power of the corrupt politicians. That is why they hate him.

    The American people need to understand that a politician’s power comes from the tax dollars that are brought in. The politicians ALL want more power and that means they want HIGHER taxes. President Trump worked to have taxes reduced and he accomplished that. The politicians don’t like that.

    When all politicians run for office they always say they want to lower taxes, BUT THEY NEVER DO. Why do you think that is so? President Trump was the first President to ACTUALLY lower taxes.

    Washington DC is broken. All the elected politicians are corrupt as hell (and the career politicians are the absolute worse – can you say TERM LIMITS boys and girls). They are going to do everything they can to get rid of the best President the country has had in over 100 years. Donald J. Trump is a President OF and FOR the people and the corrupt establishment can’t stand that.


  26. We are at a make or break point in our history. We either get back on and continue the path the Founders set or we give over to the tyranny of the Aristocratic Tyrants of the Democrat Crime Cartel. You are either all in for supporting the Bill of Rights as defined by the Founders or you give over to the Anti-Bill of Rights Democrat Crime Cartel. The Republican Party needs to get back to it’s 110% Patriotic Pro America Roots. If anyone in the party is found to be a weasely linguini spined RINO they should be kicked to the curb. This is the type of moment the Great General Thomas J. Jackson refered to when he told J.E.B. Stuart, “We shall make the Black Flag as our battle banner, the flag of no quarter, we shall not retreat, we shall not give ground, we shall go at a gallop to the sound of the guns and never surrender or retreat.” The Democrats have their their true criminal roots in this election cycle. We cannot trust them to deal in good faith, as they have no conscience. No deals, no compromise, no crossing the aisle. Go toe to toe with them, throw away the gloves and slip on the brass knuckles. It will a bumpy rough ride till the Republicans get back in power.

  27. Hope they tread lightly. Watch how many will not vote at all so they can hide from the ANTIFA / BLM mobsters. Their phone calls and threats are growing daily.

  28. We wont forget this.

    Is an alternative needed since this one obviously is not for us and is preparing to punish us for using our constitutional rights?
    How does this unite? It only further divides?
    Will I be punished for using my right to free speech?
    Will they force us to line up and accept that the election was not stolen?
    90 some million not counting dams that voted for trump?
    Pelosi worries about Trump and Nukes while Biden will have to be put in bed at sundown?
    How is this possible? I must have stepped into an alternate dimension.
    Except for the clothes is it pre WWII Germany?
    Or maybe Cambodia? I have heard quite a few dams say reeducation…..
    and now the Republicans fail us again.
    We need a new party. The Conservative Party?

    In the course of human events comes to mind.

  29. Please let us know who you are so we make sure we vote your sorry asses out next term. Pathetic, you don’t speak for me or any of the faithful followers of what is right. bought out.

  30. What is sad !! We know how worthless democrats have become.
    But GOP leadership in senate plus 80 % of GOP let democrats committee (Treason ) against Trump . Most dangerous people in Washington DC are the republicans.
    They let democrats steal this election from American people & Trump. McConnell, Cornyn, Linsey Graham, John Roberts & other 8 justice plus 300 federal judges appointed by Trump , FBI Wray & all agents, CIA director & all agents and DOJ Barr & all lawyers. These people are (Traders) and committed (Treason) all work for US Chamber of Commerce, communist China 🇨🇳 & Globalist all for Money & Power.

    1. Trump is a trud.
      A rotten smelly turd.

      It seems like most everyone has turned against Trump.
      Except for that old fart bag Rudy.
      He smells bad.

      Why have all those people that Trump has been so generous to turned against him?
      They have seen his true substance?

  31. Does the Republican party forget they represent the 72 millions plus voters who voted for President Trump and are against impeachment. Who do they work for? They need to be sent packing, the useless trash.

    1. They work for the 85 million who voted for Biden too.
      They figured out Trump is a loser.
      Trump would nuke Iran if he thought it would keep him in office.
      It won’t.
      Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

    1. Trump already drained the swamp.
      Built a big beautiful wall, that Mexico paid for.
      Brought Russia, China and North Korea to their knees, they The even gave up their nukes.
      Got rid of that awful Obamacare.
      Donald J. Trump is the most fantastic leader this world has ever known!!!!

  32. Check out LIN WOOD if you can find him. He knew Mike Pence would turn his back on us n President Trump. He said so weeks ago. I was thinking what is he talking about. Pence Trump’s right hand man. I now know LIN WOOD was right. He would be a good pick for President Trump’s next Vice President. The President is not done yet. He KEEPS HIS PROMISES. What makes you think he’s not going to GET R DONE!! Keep praying there’s BIG THINGS GOING TO HAPPEN BETWEEN NOW AND THE 20TH. Everyone who supports President Trump keep cool and pray. We didn’t riot the White House PLEASE DON”T DO ANYTHING JUST LET ALL MIGHTY GOD HANDLE THIS, Just sit back and watch n pray. Don’t worry ROUND TWO OF TRUMP TO COME SOONER THAN YOU THINK. Lin Wood said Biden WILL NOT BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT

  33. you know, instead of going to the state capital’s like the leftist media says is going to happen, maybe it is CNN, MSNBC, New York TImes, and all the other Socialist media in the country that needs a visit. Shut them down, close their doors as well as Facebook, Twitter and the others that want to shut us, True Americans down! Give them all a visit and help them close their doors.

    1. Break their doors down.
      Make them fear for their lives.
      Bash in their brains with fire extinguishers.
      Handcuff them.
      Murder them.
      Trash the place.
      Teach them some respect.
      Our allies will come to your aid.

  34. Republican leaders don’t have to ask House members to avoid criticizing those who vote to impeach President Trump. Rank and file Republicans will take care of those RINOs with primary opponents in 2022. They will be prime targets to have primary opponents.

  35. My feelings are to replace everyone and star fresh.. They’re too comfortable thinking the citizens of the US will take anything they want to put down their throats… Wake Up America, while there still is one…

  36. The rhinos are now proving to be just as corrupt and dishonest as the liberal socialists. Unfortunately the American people are the ones who suffer the consequences. Between evil and corrupt politicians, the fake media, and biased judges, America doesn’t stand a chance of surviving. God please help us all. Save us from the evil agenda of the seditious and treasonous left. They have no problem praising Antifa and BLM, who are rioting, burning, looting, maiming, assaulting and murdering anyone who disagrees with their sick agenda. Now we know America’s biggest terrorist threat, comes from all of the above.

  37. Wait. What kind of reporting is this? “GOP leaders” said….
    “who” exactly told their caucus not to lobby against impeachment???? Names please. The RINOs? They do not count. Stand up and be counted. Give us their names.

  38. President Trump may not be the most personable President BUT,
    he has made many great business moves on behalf of the United States. For that, we should be grateful to our President.
    I respect the office!

    1. Please list them.
      Beyond finishing the great big beautiful wall that Mexico paid for.
      Denuclearizing Iran and North Korea.
      Overturning that awful Obamacare that every American hates.
      Bringing Russia to it’s knees.
      3 to 1 balance of payments with China.
      Inciting a riot in the Capitol.
      I know there must be more.

    1. Texas is tuning violet.
      You have very poor border controls.
      You keep letting in all those trans high tech slimes from SF to deflower your beautiful state. .
      Incumbents beat newbies by as good as two to one.
      1/3 of Texas’s house delegation is already Democratic.
      Do you want to see that go to half?
      Only a damn fool would try to primary out an incumbent Republican in Texas.

      Did you by any chance support Trump by going to his Capitol rally?
      Did you go inside?
      Did you trash anything?
      Did you steal anything?
      Did you hurt anyone?
      Did you bash anyone’s brains in?
      Did you cause anyone to stop breathing, permanently?
      Trump’s supporters did.
      Do you really support Trump?
      But not enough to put your life on the line?
      Like a true Patriot …

  39. Please stand up for President Trump!! He is our last chance for this country. People are scared to death of the Biden administration. If you don’t do something we will lose the entire Republic. People are tired of this nonsense and want who we voted for to be in office not Joe Biden and Kamela Harris.

  40. I used to give 200.00 per month to the Republican Party but Im Done they will not see a dime anymore!!!

  41. Tell Pelosi she’s guilty of putting our country
    At risk by letting Swallwell stay on the intelligence committee. She’s a disgrace to our country. Haven’t forgotten how she tore up the President’s speech. How can she be deserving of RESPECT!!!!

  42. I really don’t know or understand what is happening to the Republicans. It seems they have no integrity of values, only what can keep them in DC. If all this hooray has shown is how corrupt and biased politicians are. Our country is being lost very fast and no one really seems to give a damn. The only thing politicians understand is money, donations and I for one will not give another penny to a DC politician.

  43. any gop member congress either house or senate that does not support Pres Trump should be gone BEFORE ANY MORE ELECTIONS.THEY ARE TRAITORS BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION.

  44. Endanger their lives ??!! What about all the people in this country already suffering from the inaction of Congress and other political leaders not to silence the voices of the Democrats calling for violence against the people. The silence of Democrats not to stop their “Brown Shirts” from destroying our cities, attacking and killing policeman and other innocent civilians. No this is not a time for silence or a no vote. They re traitors to the Constitution.

  45. But then you are reading something that came out of the NY Times originally. Is that rag really printing anything truthful these days??? The other thing – if true McCarthy oughta be thrown out in 2022. He is a total flip-flopper and always has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a Californian writing this!

  46. I’m a republican and if they want my vote the GOP better do there jobs and defend president Trump! I’ll never back Mitt Romney and his anti Trump Friends. These people are just as guilty as the Dem.’s For the Capital attack!

  47. Oh,let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, But establish the JUST; For The righteous GOD tests the hearts and minds. My defense is of GOD, Who saves the Upright in heart. GOD is Just JUDGE, And GOD is Angry with the wicked everyday… Behold , the wicked brings forth iniquity; Yes, he conceives Trouble and Brings forth Falsehood. He made a pit and dug It our, And has fallen into the ditch which he made. His trouble shall Return upon his own head, And HIS violent dealing shall come down on his own crown. I will PRAISE THE LORD according to HIS Righteousness, And will sing PRAISE to The NAME of The LORD MOST HIGH.” (Psalm 7) I send these WORDS of GOD to MANIFEST HIS JUSTICE throughout the DNC-Democrats, McConnell, Hunter-Joe Biden-family members-money laundering kickbacks, lie, Obama-and Administration, Big tech owners, Dominion-Smartmatic owners ballots voting cheating stealing, Soros, Pelosi, and all connected, all who are working CONSPIRACIES AGAINST GOD’S PLANS-AGENDA for the White House Pres TRUMP-AMERICA. I loose GOD’S 12 LEGIONS of Warring Angels to protect shield The White House Pres TRUMP-AMERICA, all GENUINE Senators-Congress-Cabinet- Attorneys-supporters. No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. I decree in JESUS NAME.

  48. Arrest the entire communist socialist communist party and its affiliates with pelosi leafing them into jail.

  49. Just get rid of the liars, backstabbers, and the swamp. Those who are still trying to make this country into a bunch of mindless robots. The spineless Republicans who stand against our beloved President TrUSAmp. The brainless Media, The so call Govs. in every state. Big Tech which they consider themselves to be the law of the land with the 👿 Demon-Rat 🐁 Sewer Critters 🐁🐁🐁🐁 Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Waters.

  50. This impeachment is a travesty and would be a stain on the US. Let the poor guy alone. Four years of fighting the left yet he still accomplished much. Trying to prove he incited riots would involve lies upon lies. Who could even testify to this, except thousands of those in the streets. Would Antifa testify? Are they going to ask every participant if Trump incited them, and how many would take bribes to testify? The lefty congressscum are not to be trusted. It is time to stop the persecution. It really looks like vengeance and hatred let loose, which is extremely disgusting. The world citizenry is watching and scratching their heads.

  51. Anyone who does not stand with the greatest President America has had, I will never vote or send money ever!!!

  52. What the he££ is happening to our party and country? Obama wanted to “fundamentally change America.” Well, it’s happening before our very eyes. God help us.

  53. Politicians all of them hiding under the table he was good while still running and now he is of no use to them. It is time to vote all politicians out of office set term limits and only common country folks get elected to office and courts. STUPID ALL OF THEM!!!!

  54. <><><>This is the next path forward, first block twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both. <><><

     Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, don’t wait DO IT TODAY .

  55. Why would the illegal even be considered in Social Security? The money belongs to those workers it was taken from while they worked throughout their lives. Social Security is our dependency. Some do not have retirement.

    1. Social Security is the largest PONZI SCHEME ever. And we are forced to pay into it. It’s Run by a government that will Crucify you for running one, you will spend many years in prison. Much like other PONZI schemes the birds are now coming home to roost. And Peter is finding it harder to pay Paul. At present people who are 50 years old and are having to pay into this will get nothing from S/S , It will be broke.

  56. There will never be another honest election in this country. The country is now communist & I hope the idiots who did this love it.

  57. The Republican Party is done with Trump.
    Call them Rinos if you want.
    They are now a clear majority of the party.
    They done with Trump and his loyal tribe.

  58. Again republican party has got to be the most weakest party today. Democracts are laughing at how stupid and gullible they are. After the democracts kick them to the curd who will vote for them? Can the republican party put chicken outfit on so everyone know who you are.


  60. The GOP is despicable.
    Should be called the “Go Only Passive” party because they
    do nothing.
    Rona may be a nice person but what has she done to elevate
    the Republican party?
    And now she’s got another term?
    I’m done with the Republican Party as such.
    Go MAGA.
    Go Trump!

  61. No GOP will ever have my vote or my money ever again!
    They are cowards, with few exceptions!

    President Trump is the best, most amazing President EVER!

    He never took even 1 Cent for himself! No other politician can say that. He put Americans and our country First!



  62. first 2 years we had Ryan, who must have hated Trump and hated America.

    Then in 2nd year there were like 40 congressmen that resigned, couldn’t take winning and couldn’t get on board making America great again.

    And then we had the theft of an election that the media were complicit in by ignoring the obvious problems.

    Can’t quick but we can primary out those RINO’s and get solid conservatives in office. That would include Graham, who did nothing, Mitch, who is proving a positive for the court, but weak, and getting old, and several others such as Mittens.

  63. I hope to see the list of all who vote against the President. I can’t believe this is my country. They’re acting shamefully.

  64. After our president did so much to better our country, while under attack..they do this to him. Even tho, he wthout a doubt would serve 4 more yrs if the election wasnt rigged. What is going on? The power must have gone to their heads. What about WE THE PEOPLE!! Do they just look at us as underlings that are stupid and dont matter?😠😠😠

  65. The House Republican leaders do not represent me. If they’re concerned about the 2022 cycle, they shouldn’t waste their time. Bending over for the left will destroy any hopes they think they have.


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