This GOP Senator Opposes Trump’s Impeachment

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Republican Senator Tom Cotton is making his stance clear on Trump’s impeachment: He does not support it. The Arkansas Republican said in a statement he opposed impeachment proceedings because the Senate will not be able to begin the impeachment trial until after Trump has left office and does not believe that impeaching a former president aligns with the Constitution.

The Daily Wire reports:

“‘There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.’ Those words are as true today as when Abraham Lincoln spoke them,” Cotton said. “As I said last summer when mob violence gripped our streets, so I say again about the mob violence at our nation’s Capitol last week: those persons responsible should be held accountable in the courts to the full extent of the law.”

“The House has passed an article of impeachment against the president, but the Senate under its rules and precedents cannot start and conclude a fair trial before the president leaves office next week,” he continued. “Under these circumstances, the Senate lacks constitutional authority to conduct impeachment proceedings against a former president. The Founders designed the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office—not an inquest against private citizens. The Constitution presupposes an office from which an impeached officeholder can be removed.”

“Fidelity to the Constitution must always remain the lodestar for our nation. Last week, I opposed the effort to reject certified electoral votes for the same reason—fidelity to the Constitution—I now oppose impeachment proceedings against a former president,” the statement concluded. “Congress and the executive branch should concentrate entirely for the next week on conducting a safe and orderly transfer of power. After January 20, Congress should get on with the people’s business: improving our vaccination efforts, getting kids back to school, and getting workers back on the job.”

Last week Sen. Cotton announced that he does not support efforts from some Republicans to impeach President Trump. Yesterday, the House voted to impeach Trump a second time on the charge of insurrection. The political move made history by making President Trump the first president to ever be impeached twice.

  1. Too late Cotton…you were responsible for taking away our right to vote by allowing outright election fraud…so don’t try to put on a holier then thou hat now!

    1. Message to Cotton:
      Ya, too late big boy! Your Statement for all the wrong reasons. Your big mouth has caused appalling damage. You don’t think well on your feet, do you? … Showing us that you cannot be trusted. Lost my respect!

  2. Ok Tom Cotton, now get all the balless Repubs to start defending Trump. Lindsey Graham is such a wussie. Liz Chaney you are toast next election!

      1. Especially that SOB, McConnell!
        Next time hope they burn your house down. Ky hates you traitor along with Cheney etc…

        1. Its time for a new party, one that is truly conservative in principles, constitutionality, lawfulness, and accountability. A movement grows and grows especially for patriotism, fairness, and rights. Freedom is desired by all people. Thats why they came to America, and now the last beacon of Freedom and Hope is vanishing under Socialism.

      2. Can Dick and Lynn Cheney really approve of their daughters defection from a balanced constitutional government to become a rino? She’s from a Red State where Trump won overwhelmingly.

          1. The Chinese propaganda and Socialist propaganda has been off the charts every single day. Now they want to shut down the media to silence information.

      1. First, he DIDN’T “encourage” the storming of the capital. That is a lie, one of many told by enemies to the republic. He called for PEACEFUL protest, meaning just that. These misguided souls did what they did out of anger and a lack of personal control.
        But, again, though they did the wrong thing in the moment, they acted against a stolen election, forced compliance to standards set using a virus as a political tool, censorship, and socialist over reach. We send our troops to other counties to stop these very things all the time. The time was wrong. But, I support Trump. And, I also support a full scale take back if the socialists continue to destroy our Constitutional Republic, which is exactly what they seem intent on doing, and the eventual result of their actions. This is the fault of the criminals who are illegally seizing control and censoring our dissent. Rebellion is a natural response to this. They fear this, because they are the criminals that need to be evicted. But, Trump is not at fault for my sentiments, either. In fact, I find him lacking and submissive on the issue.

      2. Every word of President Trump’s speech encouraged walking in peace and patriotism! The Antifa and BLM thugs were first in line in front of the Capitol building.

      3. Our President DID NOT ENCOURAGETHE STORMING OF THE CABINET! Go back and READ and LISTEN to what was actually said!

    1. The Chaney’s have already caused this country endless pain. Wasn’t it her father who caused the endless war in the Middle East, by promoting fake news about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”?

    2. Those Republicans who have been influenced by greed, power, and the communist party need to find a new career. May I say you bought a line of malarkey that you and your families would be safe.

    1. I say impeach China Joe because of his treason and Kameltoes for inciting violence. Give them a taste of their own medicince.

      1. Yeah, how much violence did that plane load of cash purchase. Where is the evidence proving Trump caused or even approved of the riot. Looks to me like the dems caused the violence by not so much as a twitch of an eye for the most part of last year. Only ones prosecuted were a couple trying to protect their own lives and property.

      1. They received that power by massive corruption of the 2020 election. They will do the same for the next elections and the ones after that. Our votes will not count again until we take back our country by other means. I am not forecasted to live until the next election but for you who are here make sure you vote and then see what happens.

    2. He really hasn’t been impeached though. That is like saying because the police arrested you and charged you, then you are guilty of the crime. But when the evidence is presented in court and you are found not guilty, then that should end it. The first impeachment witch hunt didn’t bring the goods against Trump because they didn’t exist. This one is even more lame! Trump didn’t incite any violence. Now the police are saying there is evidence that is was a planned attack – can anyone guess by who? If they impeach Trump for inciting the violence, then how many democrats should be impeached for their support of the riots that occurred earlier this year?

      1. Technically, he was impeached and that’s all Pelosi cared about. Trump is in the Congressional Record now as having been the only president to be impeached twice. He was acquitted by the first trial and I have faith he’ll also be acquitted by the second trial.

        Pelosi seeks headlines and hopes her name is revered in the Congressional Record. She’ll be denied the title of president remover and history will be unkind to her. Conviction following impeachment requires a two-thirds vote by the Senate. About 16 non-democrats would be needed to remove him.

        1. Normally, the vice president presides but when a president is on trial, to avoid conflict of interest, the chief Justice presides.

    3. Yep, the President receiving multiple nominations for Nobel Peace prize, negotiating to bring peace and end endless wars. The democRAT party of death does not like peace and wants to impeach.

  3. I guess they all still think this odd behavior at a Trump protest is the result of Deplorables slipping their normal stance of non violent protest! And that also means they really believe we trust the BS of the fake news, the dim wit lunatics with Biden and Bozo and Soros. Hum? Think again. We know the Brownshits were involved!

    1. there is enough trechery to try osama, oopps, obama, on acts he’s been involved in for the past four years, including treason – IF he is a citizen…

    2. Lyndon Johnson formed the Great society, they had the blacks voting for them for generations and never did anything for their lives or their culture.

  4. This is bullshit, President (yes he’s still President, choke on that coms) never incited a riot that was Soros and MSM. Patriots do watch you as distasteful as it is.

      1. Heaven refuses him and Hell is afraid he would take over. That is his secret to long life,… he has nowhere to go!

    1. Need to impeach all the democrats, federal and state that incited the riots by antifa and blm around the country, even demaning the police allow them to burn the country.

  5. Another example of “Look over here at the shiny object” to obfuscate. You did your damage last week. You where a star until then.

    1. I have not been represented for a long time now. I just pray that they accomplish nothing that way they don’t take away any more of our freedom as they have been doing incrementally all along.

    2. The Cycle of Civilizations throughout history:

      From Bondage to Faith
      Faith to Courage
      Liberty to Abundance
      Abundance to Selfishness
      Selfishness to Complacency
      Complacency to Apathy
      Apathy to Government Dependence
      From Government Dependence back to Bondage
      Can we try to learn from History for Once!

      Educate the people, inform on what elected leaders are doing, Hold accountable elected leaders, Promote principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free market. Select candidates who are Pro-Constitution, Pro-American sovereignty, and Unity with like minded people.

  6. And he will be the first President to be RE-ELECTED after being impeached twice! The Democrats are vengeful charlatans who are not interested in unity but division! THAT is what the impeachment effort is about. That and making sure he can never run again!

  7. And History will show that both impeachment attempts were purely political by a jealous congress because President Trump could not be bought or forsed to tow the party line

  8. Good for you Senator Cotton. There is way too much division in our country and the thought of the United States giving in to the hatred that Pelosi and others have for this President is unprecedented. They should be ashamed of themselves. Our country is more vulnerable now that at any time in our recent past and our enemies around the world are being emboldened by the insanity of the past 3 months.

    Joe Biden, love him or not will be duly sworn in as our 46th President and the last thing to do on his first 100 days is deal with an unconstitutional trial in the US Senate with a PAST President.

    The nation needs to heal, the people involved in the riots need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our Nation’s laws and our 13,000 National Guardsmen should not be sleeping on the floor of the Capital.

    Lastly, Congress and the Justice Department must continue to investigate the allegations against Hunter Biden, James Biden and “the Big Guy”. To not follow through with them would be a mockery of the mountain of evidence that has been uncovered relating to Ukraine and China dealings by the Biden family.

      1. Living just outside the Swamp, I can tell you that for an outsider to have become POTUS & accomplished all that he did for the benefit of all Americans will go down in history as one of the greatest accomplishments in our storied history. To be as hated by 95% of all forms of media as he was & to have given back as much as he took, speaks to the man he was, is & will continue to be. The whole world order despised him for upsetting the status quo. Watch them one by one try to undo all the fairness he forced them into. WATCH & LEARN.

    1. I’m sorry to say too many people can be bought off, they have no principles, integrity, character or Love of Country, money and greed has become their God.

  9. Cotton cannot be trusted as a Republican as with many more of the turn coats! We need a different party. The 10 back stabbing clowns in the House who voted to impeach are a disgrace along with Sen Graham who would say (stay tuned)! What a joke! Watch out everyone next comes the brown coats with the Democrats and rino turn coats!

    1. Graydog, We have a party. It’s the Republican party. If we start at the grass roots level we can fix it. We have time to cull by 2022 and 2024 let’s get started! Separate the bad
      Players(the doubleminded that cause chaos and confusion) from the good players. It would take a huge effort to start a new party. I don’t think we could even begin to imagine what it would cost its members to get it off the ground. At least we can try first to remedy the republican party. What do you think?

        1. not the repub, but the TEA PARTY! 2. will not work until we have TERM LIMITS!!!! power corupts and they will do anything to hang on to it!!
  10. And, such a quizzing reason for not supporting impeachment. It’s not warranted because of substance not process.

  11. this house’s impeachment to our president is nothing BUT a joke; where is lawyer, where is the witness…..?
    like i said it before our biggest enemies are two person:

    1. nancy pelosi; she only care for her own dignity and power
    2. John Roberts ; is a smiling tiger, threaten those 3 new justice not to review TRUMP’s lawsuit case..
  12. Those all sound like measured and reasonable words put together in a statement of logic and facts by Senator Cotton… not sure he realizes he is delivering that message to a group of people in Congress that clearly have not shown a propensity to follow the law or the Constitution over the past 4 years so I do not think logic and reason will start working on them now.

  13. Tom Cotton we saw you turn your back on President Trump . Do you honestly think anyone believes you know? You certainly didn’t Stand Your Ground.

  14. There should be 49 others making the same statement. This impeachment is nothing more than leftist retribution because President Trump greatly damaged their radical agenda. Any who support conviction should get ready for primary opponents and removal. I will certainly work for that to occur.

  15. The political move made history as being the first time a political party hated the President of the much that it ignored the truth and impeached him twice.

  16. Matters not what the Constitution says about it, Democrats don’t pay any attention to it anyway.
    One of these days they’ll be screaming at the ‘other half’ for ignoring it just like they do. Meaning they’ll have total disregard for the safety features that Democrats think apply to them- Constitutionally.

  17. President Trump has told people that he plans on campagning for anyone who wants to primary the people who voted yesterday to impeach him again and so we will be able to see him now and then when that starts
    McConnell is a dirt bag and I pray him and all the others rott in hell

  18. I have really liked Tom Cotton. Noticed several excellent bills he bravely proposed to put through Congress. However, I am deeply disappointed that he did not show the same intelligence and bravery when it came to disapproving a fraudulent election.

  19. Seems that the SWAMP keep exposing themselves he thinks no one notice he is another coward couldn’t stand up to represent the people.
    The electoral college objection was to represent WE THE PEOPLE votes and he failed.

    This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both.
    Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, don’t wait DO IT TODAY

  20. It is totally unconstitutional to impeach a President for something he said, which was his First Amendment Right. It should be taken up with the Supreme Court as a violation of House Rules and Ethics.

  21. Go to the Supreme Court President Trump. I was informed by the Commies that they are unforgiving. See this post.

  22. Nancy the pig just wanted it on record…it will go no place! There is no cause for any action…there are lies but lies are not a basis for impeachment

  23. Another POS fence straddler, he’ll go far. Mr Cotton the fate of this man is not in your hands or that of the bible thumping Pence. But to 75Milliion Americans you are a liar and a back stabbing traitor

  24. Good to see 1 senator who has a spine and a little loyalty to the people and not to the Swamp Creatures” that have been running our country. We need term limits so those 40 year dictators remember why they are there.

    1. Do you remember January 6? He was one of the Republicans who would not allow the election fraud allegations to go forward.

  25. Wasn’t he one of the Republicans that would not stand up and allow a redo of the election results? He, along with the rest of the government can go pound sand. If they think I’ll ever support any of them again no matter if they are Democrats or Republicans. To think I went to Vietnam War to support so called “freedom “ pffft! 🥺

  26. well, mr cotton.. if all Republicans had supported our President from the very beginning when he had the opportunity to lead and was supported by majority in both houses, he might have gotten more done that he did.. many times he was fighting his own party with worthless senators like Romney and others.. on any given moment McConnell, Lindsey Graham, they and other will flip-flop until one doesn’t know what to think about them.. well the tables have flipped now and hide and watch the democrats be a united front against you weak republicans.. they won’t give you an inch now that they control all three branches of government.. they are democrats and act like democrats and you belong to the party they call republicans but you down through history will flip flop and become a democrat.. what is the problem??? are you afraid of the democrats.. Trump is by far the best this country has ever had to support what republicans say they believe & yet his party failed him in so many ways.. even the stupid Obama Care – republicans were divided and never got it put away… how disgraceful… so go play ball with the democrats and let them walk all over you.. Republicans should object to everything that comes up, bring charges against every democrat they can find with slightest of anything if need be; oppose everything, threaten to bring impeachment charges again Biden and stick with them & keep it in the news day/night… if all of you do your job, the democrats will have a more challenging 4 yrs than Trump did.. and we at the grass roots will hid and watch you mealy mouth round/about until you will agree with and become a democrat in everything but name

  27. The impeachment of President Trump has NO grounds, its political, all about lies, propaganda, deception, and trying to overthrow the Trump presidency and stop the Maga movement for freedom. The people who don’t recognize the take over of the country by communism are in for a rude awakening. You should have stood up for your country while you had the chance.


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