Ex-Governor Charged in Flint Water Crisis

Jim Greenhill from McLean, USA via(https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en) Wikipedia Commons

Charges have officially been filed against former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for his role in ignoring the Flint water crisis. After a five-year investigation, Snyder has been charged with willful negligence for neglecting his duty to protect the people of Flint. According to reports, Snyder may face fines and up to a year in prison if convicted.

The Daily Wire reports:

Charges are expected against others in Snyder’s administration, which lasted from 2011 through 2018, including his state health director and a senior adviser.

“The alleged offense date is April 25, 2014, when a Snyder-appointed emergency manager who was running the struggling, majority Black city carried out a money-saving decision to use the Flint River for water while a regional pipeline from Lake Huron was under construction,” the AP reported. “The corrosive water, however, was not treated properly and released lead from old plumbing into homes in one of the worst manmade environmental disasters in U.S. history.

Despite desperate pleas from residents holding jugs of discolored, skunky water, the Snyder administration took no significant action until a doctor reported elevated lead levels in children about 18 months later.”

Democrats across the country blamed Snyder first and foremost for the crisis, but Flint has been run by Democrats for decades. At the time of the water crisis, the city had a Democrat mayor – and former President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency tried to cover up the issue, as the city did nothing about the poisoning until the problem became widespread. Emails between the two showed neither had any sense of urgency regarding the contamination.

The water crisis resulted in thousands of children drinking lead-contaminated water which can lead to serious developmental problems. Reports also claim the Flint water crisis also lead to an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease which killed 12.

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      1. Now there you go, making sense. Yes is the obvious answer. but as in all things there are shades of gray.

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  3. Obama knew?
    Why not bring him to trial too?
    Oh yes, that’s right. Progressive Democrat Communists are above all laws.

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  4. Expose the entire issue and let the chips fall. I have a good guess where the fault really lays. Its been existing through many administrations. Follow the money.

    1. You nailed it! Exactly correct on both sides, sadly–approx. 85 percent Republicans and 99 percent Dems. Corruption is rampant with career politicians–the only job where you can become a millionaire on a salary of 200K/year.

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      1. If I’m to judge solely by their own words, than the Obama’s are the racists!

        From my past experience on the Twitter feeds; Michelle has openly stated the white trash of racism, and Barack is in a league of his own discrimination, towards Christianity…

        However, while it’s still a free to express your own point of view, Country, believe what ever you choose to!
        …I’m not the one who’s judging!

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  7. Anyone who thinks something will ever become of this, don’t understand that politicians are never held accountable for anything

    1. I have a little more history to add as well…
      I went camping in 2015, and stopped in Silverton, on the 29th of September…

      I accidentally locked myself out of my vehicle and had to wait for lockout service to come from Montrose…
      During the 12 hours, I sat at the General store , and met an ex-employee from Gold King…

      He told me that the EPA, would not allow the geologists from the mine to help with the remediation and acid leaking out…
      Environmentalist experts always know best, not!

      …Meanwhile, the same groups hypocritically attacked and hamstrung the oil and gas industry, judging them over sour gas/methane, etc…,
      Yet they allowed the silver mine, in Ouray, Co., just an hour North, of Silverton, to reopen and sell ore to the PV /Solar industry….

      This was in spite of the fact that the mine in Ouray has a history of sour gas and methane fires/accidents….

  8. Both the Democrats and the Republicans were guilty of the water-line issues in Flint, Michigan. Do not just blame Snyder, go after Obama and the FDA, EPA, etc., and get all of the crooked politicians and bureaucrats, regardless of party connections.

  9. How many of you know that sleepy drooling Joe Biden was convicted in Ukraine for his corruption about a month or so ago? I bet very few because the democrats propaganda machine is covering it up. Think about this. Sleepy creepy drooling Joe Biden is a convicted criminal in Ukraine.

  10. There’s a bigger picture than this story too..

    These same politicians, experts, and elites, think we’re stupid and claim to know what we need, and what’s good for us!

    Meanwhile, they can’t even decide what’s healthy from one week to the next…
    Oh no, someone has the sniffles, shut down the middle-class… again!

    They blindly try to shut down the incoming flights, claiming to stop the COVID-19’ variant’, but its the same virus and is already here…
    When it matures, it will be the same variant as they’ve found elsewhere…

    …It’s just common sense!

  11. I see slinking swamp rats in the shadows… Didn’t ‘they’ choose to go after: Boeing, Tobacco, Monsanto, fossil fuel, and mines,(Gold King),?

    …They went for Snyder too, but ignore the: House/Senate, EPA, NASA, USGS, etc…, and Presidents/Administrations; unless it was the GOP….

  12. Would think that the decision on which water to use would have been the Mayor’s? Not to mention that it was the city’s water processing plant that failed to do it correctly in the first place then ignored the appeals from the public. Even the Obama EPA refused to acknowledge the problem. Seems that the only reason they are dragging the former Governor into it is because he’s a Republican.

  13. President Trump will be back bigger and stronger than ever. He’s the only president that did things right for the country and our people.

  14. Rich Snyder was not responsible, blame it on decades of democrat leadership.It just like impeaching trump for the crimes Obama and Biden committed…aka dirty swamp.


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