GOP Rep: Democrats Use Race to ‘Weaponize’ Their Argument

Florida House of Representatives, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds is calling out the left for continually using race as a political tactic to further their agenda. During a recent interview, the Florida representative said that Democrats have used race to help “weaponize” their arguments, a tactic that has worked shockingly well for the party. Donalds also took the time to blast those claiming President Trump is a white supremacist, pointing to the millions of Black and Hispanic Americans who cast votes for the Republican.

Fox News reports:

“You Black Americans and you have Hispanic Americans who voted for Donald Trump, who support Donald Trump as well, so, I think that this lying is something the left always does,” Donalds told “Fox & Friends.”

Donalds said that the rioting at the Capitol was “wrong” and to claim that President Trump is a “White supremacist” is “equally as wrong.”

“They always try to bring race into something in order to weaponize their arguments, to make people just frankly be quiet, to shut up and to sit down,” Donalds said.

In the interview, Rep. Donalds touched on the blatant double standard behind Twitter’s decision to ban President Trump saying the move was obviously political.

Donalds went on to say, “It’s very very clear that if you have a dissenting political speech from the conservative side of the aisle from the right, quote-unquote, in America, you are supposed to be quiet, you are supposed to be removed from the public square, but, the left can foment riots, they can do just about anything that they want.”

Last week, Twitter permanently banned President Trump from the platform he most used to communicate with Americans. At the time of his suspension, Trump had over 88 million followers making him among the six most-followed accounts on the platform.

  1. God Bless this Representative. Everything he said is absolutely true. But, we must stand up and hit back at the other side. If we run scared, which is what they want, we will literally become sheep.

        1. Semper Fi and amen…We need more blacks like him to stand side by side with other conservatives…Just as we stood arm and arm with our black and Spanish Marines…We had differences from time to time but we remained brothers and respected each others opinion…

          1. I absolutely LOVE our Black Patriots. These men and women are fearless and willing to put up a fight, to save our Republic. Their voices are a Beacon of Light and Hope for all Americans.

      1. Actually, I think you’re the one full of it.
        You too will suffer what’s coming.
        Oh, and if you’re one of those ignorant melineals waiting to get your student loans erased, keep waiting. Old joe has zero intentions of making that happen for you.

          1. Hahaha, sorry. I think it was auto correct. Should of double checked before sending.

      2. Jack of Twitter CEO? Did you, the master of dung statements personified, actually have the audacity to state a Black Patriot, is full of it? Racism runs deep in the veins of White Child Pornography enablers!

    1. Yes, we must fight back politically. Just don’t resort to violence of any kind (except in self-defense, of course). Listen to Dan Bongino or Dr. Steve Turley (both on Rumble and, for the time being, YouTube) for tips on how to channel this anger productively.

      1. Rosemary, first of all I don’t believe my post expressed any anger. Disappointment, sadness and frustration, perhaps!
        I don’t agree with the violence that took place in WA a few days ago, however, it’s already coming out that the peaceful protesters infiltrated. And … the President DID NOT encite any violence. He’s had many, many rallies and they were TOTALLY PEACEFUL!
        But, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Just saw a headline, where joe Manchin is now on board to use the 14th amendment to go after Senators Ted Cruz/TX and Josh Hawley/MO. What did they do but pose a question that their constituents want an answer to??? Meanwhile, the left has their reps in bed with spies (literally) NOTHING HAPPENS????? What say you????

  2. Unfortunately we have every media outlet pushing the false narrative, and no social media platforms left so the left has won for now, we are silenced

    1. That is not true. Try GAB! You can go to it right from the internet and download it from the internet. You don’t need to rely on Google Play Store to get it. Go to:! They have archived almost all of President Trumps tweets, so that they have not been lost to the trash bin of the liberal left!!!!!

    2. You can use the power of the purse by not buying products from any company that supports the news outlets that keep putting conservatives down. Post the company’s name anywhere you can too.

  3. This is a wise and astute young man . With an empathise on Man . It takes a real man to be in politics and stand up to the Democrat and leftists in D.C. these days . Would that we had a lot more like him .

  4. Strange how the FBI can identify so many from the Capitol violence on the 6th January 2021, yet they arrested so few of the majority riots and burning, looting, murders during the majority of 2020. Seems they are targeting one side yet allowing another to get a free pass.

    1. True…None of them peeped one word watching statues being torn down …or watching churches burn..or people being beat up…and police being murdered…NOT ONE PEEP FROM THEM…but let Pelosis laptop get snagged..she wants to impeach and prosecute to the max…that old woman is EVIL!

  5. The Demfks have been using this same old tactic for decades – most of my life. The demfks never fixed a thing, and only made it worse and worse by instigating racial tactics over and over and taxing us on many levels over and over to pay for reparations otherwise known as welfare from which no good has ever come. Time for change – Republicans and conservative need to get on the same page, force Rhinos to the gutter, and put together a new vision for American other than slavery – we will all be slaves to the globalists if we do not with less and less voice, and more and more higher taxes until we can never afford to overthrow them – just like Venezuela, Cuba and north Korea.

    1. Have you heard about the “slave reparations” bill? Apparently it will cost the tax payers 6.2 TRILLION dollars! It is going to be a very bad time if the Dems are able to pass all of their SJBS. I feel bad for our kids and grandkids and great grandkids, because the Dems seem ready and willing and now able to pass all kinds of crap that will do nothing but add Trillions and Trillions of debt to our already out of control debt problem. And with the cheating that they have figured out how to do, I don’t know how we EVER win another election!

      1. I see and agree with your post. However, do you honestly think that people on the government teet care about taxes?
        Absolutely not! Also, kids/grandkids, they are and will go to school/college and come home indoctrinated. Tell their parents they’re crazy and turn them in to the state police. As it happened with the 18 yr old who turned in her folks after the WA incident.
        We don’t have grandchildren, but our children must pay attention to what’s going on.

        1. Run for your local school board. Get involved…this is never going to stop without good concered parents getting involved. Everything starts on the local level..

      2. The racist Shelia Jackson has or is going to introduce her bill again very soon wanting to make it a law to give blacks money, hell I think it is they owe us Trillions for getting welfare all these years.

      3. Its time for good people to start running for local starts there…then move up to higher offices..until we’re able to get more Republican Governors…the Dem Governors are the ones to blame for job losses and businesses having to close up. The Presidents hands are tied in so many State decisions

  6. Representative Byron Donalds is absolutey spot on correct in his summation of what the Dems are always doing. Using the racial baiting as always. Yet, they are not just going after just one ethnicity anymore as their plan and goal is with the NWO to put us all on their plantation. Freedom of speech already attacked, what is their next move?

  7. I like this guy! He is spot on in his assessment of the Dems and their use of race as a weapon. I am not from Florida, is he one of the new House members?

  8. Yes they do want us to shut up and sit down. I recall Biden and Trumps debate Trump called him out and Biden told him to shut up. I despised him every sense Biden opened his mouth and Told Trump to shut up. No one tells me to shut up I will go ahead with it . I will not set back and have someone as corrupt as Biden , Obama’s puppet to try to shut me up. We still have our right for now and I will fight to the death for our rights down with the Democrats

  9. Very true sir I totally agree. I don’t have any thing against anyone. Not of color or race, we all who work hard are just out to make a way in life. It’s this big government game. This baiting game that the left wants to play for powers. They want big government and power over our lives. In this they have stolen the American dream. They wanted foreign children to have dreams. DACA gee thanks that’s great and all. What about the American People we have dreams too. They have taken them away. Giving everything to everyone else. In giving to everyone else’s cause. They get kick backs they don’t get that helping you or I that’s all it’s about now days.

  10. There are more and more patriots joining the MAGA ranks and I believe the Demomarxists are running scared. With the declassifications that President Trump released –we can easily see who the criminal element is in the USA. Hillary caused politization of the FBI in order to escape scrutiny and going to trial over her massive criminal misdeeds.They were all in on it–from Obama to Joe Biden to Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch–the Top corruptocrats in the FBI and all of the Governmental security agencies. Why did Hillary knowingly break so many Laws? Because she could and since she is the smartest one in the room she thought no one would notice. What a shame–the USA is stuck with a senile Socialist–Obama is back along with his questionable retreads and President Trump gets a vacation after working very hard for Americans–All Americans. I shall miss him

  11. If anyone really knows American history, the party of slavery is/was the Democrat party. Since the time of Andrew Jackson, founder of the Democrat party, everything they have done is to keep Black and brown people enslaved by lying about who is to blame for who has done it. My background is European and I have been and still am appalled by those who treat other people as if they were inferior simply because their complexions are different. God created one race, humankind, and we are all in the same family.

  12. I very much hope that the dems are called out for their unacceptable behaviour! They use race and colour to weaponize their arguments, which shows them to be a dishonest and deceptive cohort! Until they can bring themselves to a.repitable.cohort, there’s no.point listwnimg to.anythimg tjhey have tonsay!!

  13. Has anyone seen the headline where the senator from WV wants to go after Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley with the 14th amendment?

  14. You don’t see this type of hate and dissention comming out of China do you ??? No because they are the ultimate cancel culture …Throw a fire bomb at a building or police person and life in prison or death…Have we become so involved in hate to see we are on that path…God bless America… ( Hate speech ??)

  15. It’s a shame that the African Americans and Hispanics think that the only way to win is to use the race card. To me that says you are a racist!!

  16. In April 1864, the Senate, responding in part to an active abolitionist petition campaign, passed the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery in the United States. Opposition from Democrats in the House of Representatives prevented the amendment from receiving the required two-thirds majority, and the bill failed.

  17. In April 1864, the Senate, responding in part to an active abolitionist petition campaign, passed the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery in the United States. Opposition from Democrats in the House of Representatives prevented the amendment from receiving the required two-thirds majority, and the bill failed.


  18. Call or e-mail your internet service provider and insist they they block Twitter and Face Book for violating your right to free speech. If millions of Americans do this, we can bring them to their knees. If they want to play cancel culture, lets do that.


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