Tucker Carlson: Democrats are Sending a Message with DC Military Presence

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

On Monday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the Fox News host said Democrats are using the increased military presence in Washington, D.C. as a political weapon. Reports have indicated there will be over 26,000 military personnel in the Capitol for Joe Biden’s inauguration. Thousands of national guards were called to DC after a violent mob stormed the Capitol building while a Joint Session of Congress voted to certify state’s votes for Joe Biden. Carlson argues that the move to bring in massive numbers of the military has nothing to do with public safety but everything to do with political power.

Townhall reports:

He pointed to the elevated murder rate in D.C. over the last six months even as the district has “the highest per-capita law enforcement presence in the country and one of the highest in the world.”

“Instead, unmistakably, the Democratic Party is using those troops to send the rest of us a message about power: ‘We’re in charge now. We run this nation, from Honolulu to our colony in the Caribbean and everywhere in between, very much including where you and your family live. Do not question us men with guns. We control the Pentagon.’ And indeed, they do,” he said.

He argued if an “irreparable civil conflict” is what they want to stoke, this is how to do it. And Republicans aren’t even pushing back. He said his program received no calls from GOP lawmakers asking to talk about the militarization of D.C.

“The Democratic Party is using the military of the United States as a political weapon. But Republicans in Congress just can’t be bothered to notice that,” he said, adding that Pentagon officials haven’t “resigned in protest” over it, either.

As the city gears up for Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony tomorrow the city looks different from past inaugurations. Instead of thousands of supporters flying in from across the country to celebrate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the ceremony is going virtual and the guest list has been cut short.

  1. Americans aren’t turning our heads , neither are we closing our eyes or covering our ears- trust us we’re paying attention – we’ve got good memories and WE WILL NOT FORGET – RINO’s OR Demoshits . 😉 🤫


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